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The 100 Deadliest British Serial Killers

Author : Mason Ryan
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Lock the doors and bolt the windows once again, it's time to countdown the one hundred deadliest British serial killers in history. What follows is a darkly fascinating parade of some of the worst and most frightening people ever to hail from Blighty...

The 100 Deadliest Female Serial Killers

Author : Mason Ryan
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The media sometimes give one the impression that violence and murder has always been the preserve of men but that's not actually true at all. As this book will illustrate, all human beings - regardless of their gender - are capable of evil and the most awful crimes. There have been many chilling female serial killers in history and they come from all backgrounds and all nations. They can be just as deadly, just as dangerous, and just as gruesome as the most notorious male serial killers. There have been necrophile female serial killers, female serial killers who use axes, hammers and knives to budgeon or stab their victims, cannibal female serial killers, sadistic female serial killers, and female serial killers who have murdered all of their relatives - including the children. One might even argue that, in many cases, female serial killers sometimes have a cunning and nous that their male counterparts don't always seeem to possess. They do say the female of the species is deadlier than the male. Well, let's put that to the test. It's time to countdown the 100 deadliest female serial killers in history...

The Vanishing of Tia Sharp

Author : Mason Ryan
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The murder of Tia Sharp by Stuart Hazell in 2012 was such a sad and grim tale that even hardened court reporters were left shaken and upset at the conclusion of the Old Bailey trial. Why was Hazell so trusted by Tia's family? How much did the police suspect Hazell? Did the support of the Sharp family make Hazell less suspicious to the police? Was he always destined to kill Tia? What actually happened the night she died? All of these questions and more will be examined and discussed in The Vanishing of Tia Sharp.

Perfect Poison A Female Serial Killer s Deadly Medicine

Author : M. William Phelps
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The true-crime story of a Massachusetts nurse with a dark secret, by the New York Times bestselling author of The Girl Left Behind. At the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Northampton, Massachusetts, Kristen Gilbert was known as a hardworking, dedicated nurse. Yet so many emergencies and sudden deaths occurred under Kristen's watch that others jokingly called her the “Angel of Death.” No one suspected the horrifying truth: that over the course of six months, Gilbert had caused the deaths of as many as forty patients. With new insight into the sociopathic mindset of nurses who kill, and the latest details on Gilbert's ongoing prison sentence, M. William Phelps exposes how one person's good intentions went so chillingly, killingly wrong . . . Praise for Perfect Poison “True crime at its best—compelling, gripping, an edge-of-the-seat thriller. Phelps packs wallops of delight with his skillful ability to narrate a suspenseful story.” —Harvey Rachlin, award-winning author of Song and System “A compelling account of terror . . . the author dedicates himself to unmasking the psychopath with facts, insight, and the other proven methods of journalistic leg work.” —Lowell Cauffiel, New York Times bestselling author of House of Secrets Includes sixteen pages of dramatic photos

Female Serial Killers

Author : Peter Vronsky
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In this fascinating book, Peter Vronsky exposes and investigates the phenomenon of women who kill—and the political, economic, social and sexual implications buried with each victim. How many of us are even remotely prepared to imagine our mothers, daughters, sisters or grandmothers as fiendish killers? For centuries we have been conditioned to think of serial murderers and psychopathic predators as men—with women registering low on our paranoia radar. Perhaps that’s why so many trusting husbands, lovers, family friends, and children have fallen prey to “the female monster.” From history’s earliest recorded cases of homicidal females to Irma Grese, the Nazi Beast of Belsen, from Britain’s notorious child-slayer Myra Hindley to ‘Honeymoon Killer’ Martha Beck to the sensational cult of Aileen Wournos—the first female serial killer-as-celebrity—to cult killers, homicidal missionaries, and our pop-culture fascination with the sexy femme fatale, Vronsky not only challenges our ordinary standards of good and evil but also defies our basic accepted perceptions of gender role and identity. INCLUDES PHOTOGRAPHS

True Crime Murder by Numbers

Author : Robert Keller
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100 Chilling True Crime Cases Featuring The Most Prolific Serial Killers Worldwide Depending on which definition you read, a serial killer is someone who commits at least two (some say three) murders, in separate incidents, with a cooling off period in between. Some killers, of course, go way beyond that, evading capture long enough to amass quite staggering victim counts. This volume documents 100 such monsters, serial killers like; Alexander Pichushkin, a Russian psychopath who set out to murder 64 victims (one for each square on the chessboard) and fell just three short. Randy Kraft, the "Scorecard Killer" is believed to have killed 67 young men, subjecting them to horrific sexual torture. Ahmad Suradji, an Indonesian "witchdoctor" who slaughtered at least 40 women in an effort to increase his magical powers. Dr. Harold Shipman, the world's most prolific serial killer, suspected of over 250 murders. David Simelane, a horrific rape slayer who terrorized the tiny kingdom of Swaziland, brutally strangling as many as 45 women. Coral Watts, a psychopath known as the Sunday Morning Slasher, suspected of over 80 murders in Texas and Michigan. Irina Gaidamachuk, a unique female serial killer who bludgeoned 18 elderly victims to death to fund her boozing binges. The Lainz Angels of Death, a quartet of medical monsters suspected of murdering over 300 elderly patients. Zhang Yongming, a Chinese cannibal who kept a jarful of human eyeballs in his home. Luis Garavito, horrendously depraved torture slayer of up to 400 boys aged 8 to 12. Plus 90 more sensational true crime cases....Scroll up and grab a copy today.

Devil s Rooming House

Author : M. William Phelps
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The gripping tale of a legendary, century-old murder spree *** A silent, simmering killer terrorized New England in1911. As a terrible heat wave killed more than 2,000 people, another silent killer began her own murderous spree. That year a reporter for the Hartford Courant noticed a sharp rise in the number of obituaries for residents of a rooming house in Windsor, Connecticut, and began to suspect who was responsible: Amy Archer-Gilligan, who’d opened the Archer Home for Elderly People and Chronic Invalids four years earlier. “Sister Amy” would be accused of murdering both of her husbands and up to sixty-six of her patients with cocktails of lemonade and arsenic; her story inspired the Broadway hit Arsenic and Old Lace. The Devil’s Rooming House is the first book about the life, times, and crimes of America’s most prolific female serial killer. In telling this fascinating story, M. William Phelps also paints a vivid portrait of early-twentieth-century New England.

True Crime

Author : Hank Gatsby
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The Most Gruesome, Stomach Churning Serial Killers And True murders From The Last 100 YearYour purchase includes Free ebooks "Countess Elizabeth Bathory: The most prolific female serial Killer", and "Charles Ray hatcher: The Deadliest and Scariest Serial Killer of all time".at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. I was born with the devil in me. I could not help the fact that I was a murderer, no more than the poet can help the inspiration to sing..I was born with the evil one standing as my sponsor beside the bed where I was ushered into the world, and he has been with me since. - H.H HolmesThere are people in this world whose greatest pleasure is unleashing evil onto the world. What is it about these people that makes them do these unspeakable acts of horror? This book will take you inside the minds of history's most notorious and dangerous serial killers and take you inside their minds and their horrendous crimes.These stories might lead you to think that any person can be a serial killer even your next door neighbor. There has been a case of medical personnel finding it amusing to kill her victims. A deranged middle age regular Joe, suddenly turning crazy and shooting people. Religious leaders and cults that have killed their own followers, claiming to do the lord's work. There has even been a case of a mother killing her own children.You will see the horrendous crimes that they have committed and the things that were in their heads when it happened.Take action today and download this book for a limited time discount of only $2.99! Get into the minds of the most deranged and prolific serial killers of History.

Serial Killing for Profit Multiple Murder for Money

Author : Dirk C. Gibson
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This the first book to focus specifically on serial killers motivated by monetary gain. • Profiles 12 cases of serial murder motivated by profit • Provides ten tables of data that collectively describe salient dimensions of the sample of murderers examined in the book, and quantify their commercial motivation • Includes a selective bibliography of the resources used by the author to write the book • Offers a comprehensive index covering all aspects of the murderers, their crimes, and the profit motive behind them

Chilling True Crime Stories Volume 2

Author : Dylan Frost
File Size : 48.35 MB
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Thirty-five eclectic and chilling stories from the world of true crime. Serial killers young and old, celebrity deaths, cannibals, necrophiles, mysterious cults, online killers, and other darkly fascinating chapters in the annuals of crime. All this and more awaits in Chilling True Crime Stories - Volume 2.