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The 3 Ms of Fearless Digital Parenting

Author : Carrie Rogers-Whitehead
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How can we protect our kids online—and teach them to protect themselves? Do you feel overwhelmed with technology in your home? Do headlines about this app or that website make you feel anxious and undecided as a parent? Do you get advice from many experts—but still feel unclear on what to do? The book unpacks the “3 Ms” of parenting in the digital age, a proven approach used with thousands of parents through the work of Digital Respons-Ability and its founder, Carrie Rogers-Whitehead. When Carrie first started working in the field of digital citizenship, she found significant gaps in how digital parenting was taught. Not only were parents not informed enough around technology, they also didn’t understand child developmental stages. Parents’ expectations for their children were unrealistic because they didn’t know how online responsibility changes at different ages, as children’s brains change. From this realization, Carrie developed the 3 Ms—three approaches to digital parenting, based on specific age ranges: Model (ages 0-8) Manage (ages 8-13) Monitor (ages 13-18) By teaching parents how to change their approach to digital responsibility based on the developmental stage of their child, she has seen significant success in fostering happier and healthier relationships between parents and kids, as well as safer tech use by kids at all ages. This book presents Carrie’s approach in an accessible, easy-to-implement manner, giving all parents the opportunity to develop better tech use in their own homes and families, and to parent confidently and without fear.

Fearless Fighter

Author : Vera Chirwa
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Vera Chirwa's story is one of betrayal, imprisonment, torture and exile. Yet it is also a story of hope, inspiration and extraordinary bravery. This book celebrates her achievements and calls for greater awareness of the risks faced by human rights campaigners everywhere.

Index to Philippine Periodicals

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2008 Writer s Market

Author : Robert Brewer
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Incorporating all the great information writers have to come to expect for more than 80 years, this latest edition features higher profiles of its author interviews, five new market sections, and the most up-to-date market listings available to help readers find success.

The New York Times Film Reviews 1993 1994

Author : New York Times Staff
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Fearless Fosdick

Author : Al Capp
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Dr Neruda s Cure for Evil

Author : Rafael Yglesias
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A psychiatrist haunted by his violent childhood attempts a form of treatment for his patients--a sadistic tycoon and his icy daughter--that may prove worse than the evil it seeks to cure. By the author of Fearless.

Fearless Negotiating The Wish Want Walk Method to Reaching Solutions That Work

Author : Michael Donaldson
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Never fear another negotiation! Powerhouse entertainment lawyer and negotiating guru Michael Donaldson has distilled a lifetime of negotiating success into a simple, straightforward plan to get you what you want, when you want it-without the angst. If you've ever been uncertain before a negotiation, felt beaten up after, or thought you could have and should have negotiated better, Fearless Negotiating shows you, step by step, how to erase your fears and preconceptions and tap into the master negotiator that lives within you. This short and compelling guide is an essential companion to achieving more rewarding, meaningful, and mutually satisfying business and personal relationships and outcomes. Donaldson introduces his remarkably effective Wish-Want-Walk Method, which has been successfully presented in seminars around the world: WISH-set a goal for the negotiation WANT-know where the market is most likely to push the results WALK-draw the line that you will not cross “Wish, Want, Walk” will be your guide, telling you when to start the bidding, when to quit while you're ahead, and when to cut your losses. Establishing these three points beforehand will make you more comfortable at the negotiating table, reduce your stress, and even help you predict the likely outcome. Donaldson also shows you how to make the most of your time between creating your Wish-Want-Walk plan and when you go into the negotiating session. He helps you get in touch with your inner, natural-born negotiator, making it easier to make opening offers, bargain with confidence, and seal the deal you want.

Fearless Warriors

Author : Drew Hayden Taylor
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Dramatic, chilling, tragic, shocking, tender and affirmative stories of Native people caught between two cultures.

Who s who in America

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