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The Abbess of Whitby

Author : Jill Dalladay
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Chosen as handmaid to Eostre, the Saxon goddess, Hild would spend a year serving the goddess before she was wed. Her future was mapped out - until her father was murdered, and King Edwin claimed her as kin. Hild's first love was given a key command in Edwin's forces, and vanished from her life, wed to her elder sister. That same day, the court was baptised, ending the people's fertility religion and Hild's role. Life looked bleak - even more so when the husband to whom she was given was killed, along with her child. Hild resented the compulsory baptism, but became intrigued by the Iona priests, and eventually converted. Aidan, the charismatic figure who taught, and lived, a new kind of love, persuaded Hild to help spread the new faith. In thanks for a significant victory, King Oswy ordered her to found one of his new monasteries at Whitby. She would see the men she trained appointed by the Pope as missionary bishops, carrying the faith across Britain.

Peopling Insular Art

Author : Cynthia Thickpenny
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The International Conference on Insular Art (IIAC) is the leading forum for scholars of the visual and material culture of early medieval Ireland and Britain, including manuscript illumination, sculpture, metalwork, and textiles, and encompassing the work of Anglo-Saxon-, Celtic- and Norse-speaking artists. The present volume contains a selection of papers presented at the eighth IIAC, which took place in Glasgow 11-14 July 2017. The theme of IIAC8 - Peopling Insular Art: Practice, Performance, Perception - was intended to focus attention on those who commissioned, created, and engaged with Insular art objects, and how they conceptualised, fashioned, and experienced them (with ‘engagement’ covering not only contemporary audiences, but later medieval and modern ones too). The twenty-one articles gathered here reflect the diverse ways in which this theme has been interpreted. They demonstrate the intellectual vibrancy of Insular art studies, its international outlook, its interdiscplinarity, and its openness to innovative technologies and approaches, while at the same time demonstrating the strength and enduring value of established methodologies and research practices. The studies collected here focus not only on made objects, but on the creative processes and intellectual decisions which informed their making. This volume brings Insular makers – the illuminators, pattern-makers, rubricators, carvers, and casters – to the fore.

Ruined Abbeys and Castles in Great Britain and Ireland

Author : William Howitt
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Ruined Abbeys and Castles of Great Britain

Author : William Howitt
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Women in Mission

Author : Susan E. Smith
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In matters of mission history, most major works that treat the full sweep of the church's missional self-understanding are less than helpful in understanding women's part of that narrative. Smith tries to redress the balance with a comprehensive history of mission that highlights the critical contributions of women, as well as the theological developments that influenced their role. --From publisher's description.

Whitby Vampyrrhic

Author : Simon Clark
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In wartime Britain, vampires and an ancient curse rule the night . . . - Winter, 1942. Beth, Sally and Alec are the only guests in an eerie seaport hotel in Whitby with a peculiar subterranean tunnel linking it to the ocean. It is a hotel haunted by questions. What does Eleanor Charwood, the landlady, hide in her basement, and what caused the bite-marks on her reclusive brother, Theo? Can the trio survive a Viking curse and save their very souls?

A Picture of Whitby and Its Environs

Author : George Young
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A History of the English Church

Author : George Gresley Perry
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The Monthly Repertory of English Literature Or an Impartial Criticism of All the Books Relative to Literature Arts Sciences Etc Forming a Valuable Selection from the English Reviews and Magazines Galignani s Magazine and Paris Monthly Review etc Paris 1823 25

Author :
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Whitby its abbey and the principal parts of the neighbourhood etc

Author : Francis Kildale ROBINSON
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Spiritual Traditions for the Contemporary Church

Author : Robin M. Van L. Maas
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This volume offers a comprehensive intellectual and experiential introduction to Christian spirituality. It embraces spiritual traditions from the Patristic period to the present day. Part I, "The Roots of Contemporary Western Spirituality," covers spiritual types that have been fundamental in shaping spiritual practice. Part II, "Distinctive Spiritual Traditions," offers major introductory essays on spiritual traditions formed by such notable figures as Luther, Wesley, Ignatius, and John of the Cross, as well as ecclesiastical traditions such as Anglicanism. Part III, "The Feminine Dimension in Christian Spirituality," is devoted to Marian Spirituality, holy women, and feminism. Each of the fourteen chapters is followed by a practicum which enables readers to assimilate the practice prescribed into their own devotional life .

Select Reviews

Author :
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Theakston s Guide to Scarborough Illustrated with twenty two engravings on wood etc

Author : Solomon Wilkinson THEAKSTON
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Theakston s guide to Scarborough

Author : Solomon Wilkinson Theakston
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Lexis and Texts in Early English

Author : Christian Kay
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These papers reflect the long and distinguished career of Professor Jane Roberts in the field of medieval English studies, and especially her pioneering work on A Thesaurus of Old English, which provides novel source material for several of the contributions to the volume. Many of the papers deal with aspects of early lexicology and lexicography, while others focus on linguistic and literary features of Old and Middle English texts and their interpretation. They will thus be of interest to researchers in many areas of early English. A special introductory article describes the interlinked development of A Thesaurus of Old English, The Historical Thesaurus of English, and the proposed Thesaurus of Middle English. Contributors include: Rosamund Allen, Janet M. Bately, Carole P. Biggam, Michelle Brown, Julie Coleman, Janet Cowen, Jodi-Ann George, Joyce Hill, Rosemary Huisman, Giovanni Iarmartino, George Kane, Éamonn Ó Carragáin, Michiko Ogura, Peter Orton, Jeremy J. Smith, E.G. Stanley, Paul Szarmach, Ronald Waldron.

Medieval Women Monastics

Author : Miriam Schmitt
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Medieval Women Monastics makes women's monastic tradition come alive in uniquely gifted women of prayer and action. It presents in English the rich monastic legacy of women religious by gathering the life stories of outstanding medieval women monastics. Written by eighteen contemporary Benedictine women authors from thirteen religious communities in the United States, England, and Australia, this work tells of the surprisingly varied accomplishments of medieval fore sisters, most of whom are rarely acknowledged by historians for their wisdom and contributions to their culture. Originating with Scholastica of Nursia (sixth century) and concluding with Gertrude More of Cambrai (seventeenth century), this book presents accounts of the multi-talented nuns and canonesses who helped Christianize Europe across twelve centuries. The focus in this volume is primarily on the Anglo-Saxon, Austrian, and Germanic monastic women since many American monasteries originated through the Abbeys of Wimborne, Nonnberg, and EichstSett. Each chapter provides a brief biographical interpretation of a particular woman monastic, a synopsis of her spirituality, and a summary of her significance for the contemporary Church, society, and the global world. The women included are St. Scholastica of Nursia, St. Hilda of Whitby, St. Frideswide of Oxford, St. Erentrude of Nonnberg, St. Walburga of EichstSett, St. Leoba of Bischofsheim, St. Thecla of Kitzingen, St. Irmengard of Chiemsee, Hrotsvit of Ganderscheim, the Holy Hildegard of Bingen, St. Elisabeth of Schönau, Herrad of Hohenbourg, St. Lutgard of Aywières, Mechtild of Magdeburg, St. Mechtild of Hackeborn, St. Gertrud the Great of Helfta, and Gertrude More of Cambrai.

Whitby Abbey Yorkshire

Author : Sir Alfred William Clapham
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Women Leaders of Europe and the Western Hemisphere

Author : Guida M. Jackson
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Women Leaders of Europe and the Western Hemisphere offers short biographical entries on women, both famous and obscure, holding the reins of power from ancient times up to the present day on three continents. In addition to these alphabetically and regionally arranged entries, two essays present often astonishing anecdotes concerning many of these forgotten women, bringing them to life and imbuing their stories with all the flamboyance and drama of an epic movie. Its companion book covers women leaders from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific.

Anglo Saxon England

Author : Frank Merry Stenton
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This book covers the emergence of the earliest English kingdoms to the establishment of the Anglo-Norman monarchy in 1087. Professor Stenton examines the development of English society, describes the chief phases in the history of the Anglo-Saxon Church, and studies the unification of Britain begun by the kings of Mercia, and completed by the kings of Wessex. The result is a fascinating insight into this period of English history.

Encyclopedia of Monasticism

Author : William M. Johnston
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First published in 2000. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.