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Register and Chronicle of the Abbey of Aberconway

Author : Conway abbey
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The Abbey of Cluny

Author : Giles Constable
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The essays published in this volume cover many aspects of the history of Cluny from its foundation until the end of the twelfth century. Four of them are published here for the first time, and others appear in a revised form. The three articles on Cluny in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth centuries constitute a brief survey of Cluny at the height of its prestige and influence. Others, such as the articles on Cluny and the Investiture Controversy and the First Crusade, deal with the influence of Cluny outside its walls. Yet others are concerned with the relations between Cluny and other orders, between Cluny and its dependent houses, and between the abbey and town of Cluny. The remainder study the internal history of the abbey, the administration, legislation, and finances of the order, and its development and problems, especially in the twelfth century.

The Children of the Abbey

Author : Regina Maria Roche
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The Abbey Psalter

Author : Eudes Bamberger
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The book of Psalms is presented in calligraphy, with photographs of stained glass windows and architectural details from European abbeys

The Abbey Theatre 1899 1999

Author : Robert Welch
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A century ago this year, productions of W. B. Yeats's iThe Countess Cathleen/i and Edward Martyn's iThe Heather Field/i inaugurated the Irish Literary Theatre, which was to take its name from its home in Abbey Street, Dublin. Despite riot, fire, and critical controversy, the Abbey Theatre hashoused Ireland's National Theatre ever since: at once the catalyst and focus for the almost unprecedented renaissance of drama witnessed by Ireland in the twentieth century. This is the first history of the Abbey to discuss the plays and the personalities in their underlying historical and politicalcontext, to give due weight to the theatre's work in Irish, and to take stock of its artistic and financial development up to the present. The research for the book draws extensively on archive sources, especially the manuscript holdings on the Abbey at the National Library of Ireland.Many outstanding plays are examined, with detailed analysis of their form and their affective and emotional content; and persistent themes in the Abbey's output are identified - visions of an ideal community; the revival of Irish; the hunger for land and money; the restrictions of a societyundergoing profound change. But these are integrated with accounts of the Abbey's people, from Yeats, Martyn, and Lady Gregory, whose brainchild it was, to the actors, playwrights, directors, and managers who have followed - among them the Fays, Synge, O'Casey, Murray, Robinson, Shiels, Johnston,Murphy, Molloy, Friel, McGuiness, Deevy, Carr, and many others. The role of directors and policy-makers, and the struggle for financial security, subsidy, and new-style 'partnerships', is discussed as a crucial part of the theatre's continuing evolution.

The Abbey Theatre

Author : E. H. Mikhail
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The present work is a composite biography that provides a forum to most of those who have been associated with the Abbey Theatre from the beginning to the present time: actresses, actors, playwrights, men of letters, producers, directors, stage carpenters, house electricians, and supporters of the theatre. It is hoped that the method used in this book will give a different impression from that of previous histories of the Theatre, and on balance probably a truer one.

The Archives of the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds

Author : Abbey of Bury St. Edmunds
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The abbey's extensive archives, now scattered in English and USlibraries, are for the first time properly listed. Dr Thomson discusseshow the collection was formed, maintained and used.

The Abbey of Kilkhampton

Author : Sir Herbert Croft
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The Antiquities of the Abbey Or Cathedral Church of Durham Also a Particular Description of the County Palatine of Durham Compiled from the Best Authorities and Original Manuscripts

Author : Patrick Sanderson
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The History and Antiquities of the Abbey and Cathedral Church of Bristol

Author : John Britton
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The History and Antiquities of the Abbey Church of St Peter Westminster

Author : Edward Wedlake Brayley
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The Abbey

Author : Mrs. Gore (Catherine Grace Frances)
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The Abbey Papers

Author : Gareth Knight
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A series of teachings on the use of magical images in practical occultism, based around the construct of an inner plane Abbey.

The Abbey Trail

Author : Clive Newsome
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The Abbey Trail is an eight-day long-distance walk (with alternative circular day walks) through the beautiful Yorkshire countryside visiting some of England's greatest abbeys. This book provides brief histories for all the places along the trail and contains detailed maps that outline all the routes.

Leaving the Abbey

Author : Kathryn H-F
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Like life, the [Labyrinth] walk seems pretty easy at the start when we’re kids. You decide what you want to be when you grow up and head that way, toward center. Then real life begins to happen. Some of us carry the seeds of a physical, mental, and spiritual malaise, one of the “isms” like alcoholism, for example. These explode, reach the surface, and sprout. Our straight path zings away to the side, we lose sight of center, and we circle around the edge of what others seem to easily obtain. At some point on the narrow path, I suddenly recall the day of my first marriage’s divorce, and I weep but keep walking. Around another tight curve on the path, I recall my first AA meeting, while I was still in the detox in South Amboy. Teasingly close to center again, the path zags in the opposite direction. In obeying the order for this second walk, I come to understand. Now I feel again the purposeful turning away from recovery that I chose time and again, running from salvation back to the slavery of bottle or line. My choices, mine alone.

The Abbey Bishopric of Ely

Author : Edward Miller
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Tales of the Abbey

Author : A. Kendall
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A Companion to the Abbey of Saint Victor in Paris

Author :
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The authors trace the history of the abbey, but focuses on the canons’ life and ministry, theology, biblical exegesis during the twelfth century, concluding with an examination of reception of Victorine scholarship in the later Middle Ages.

New Plays from the Abbey Theatre

Author : Christopher Fitz-Simons
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This first volume in a series of drama anthologies invites readers to experience five of the best new plays being produced in 1993-1995 in Ireland's most famous theatre, The Abbey Theatre.

An essay on the abbey of Gloucester

Author : John Webb
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