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The Abdication of Reason

Author : Roscoe Pound
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The Abdication of Philosophy The Abdication of Man

Author : G.A. Rauche
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We live in a time of functionalism, operationalism and technologism with all its levelling, depersonalising and dehumanising effects. In such an age, the question arises of philosophy as critical, reflective theory about the world, man's position and purpose in the world and the relationship between philosophy and man as a free individual. This book makes an attempt to give an answer to this question. It has been written from great concern as to the future destiny of mankind, in the light of various contemporary attempts at the abolition of philosophy and at merging it in practice, as this practice is seen by the respective thinker or school of thought. This work may be seen as representing an answer to such attempts, as they are made, for instance, by the advocates of linguistic analysis or by representatives of the so-called Frankfurt School respectively. By an analysis of Western thought in general with emphasis on the present, the author of this book seeks to show that the abdication of philosophy as critical, reflective theory leads to the abdication of man as a critical, reflective individual, one that is free to dissent and to say No to the system. Man is perverted and alienated from his true nature. He is forced to conform and to lead an "unauthentic existence" within the system.

Reasons Against the Succession of the House of Hanover

Author : Daniel Defoe
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Jacobitism was a political movement that polarized the United Kingdom in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Its supporters were in favor of re-installing King James II and his heirs to the throne. In this lengthy satirical essay, Robinson Crusoe author Daniel Defoe excoriates the movement and its followers.

The Reign and Abdication of Edward VIII

Author : Michael Bloch
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Michael Bloch gives a new twist to the oft-told story of King Edward's short reign.Drawing on a decade-long study of the King's personality, and on privileged access to his papers, he sees the King's abdication partly as the result of a plot to get rid of him by men who mistrusted his modernity and popular touch, but also explainable by the fact that he did not really want to be king or fight for his throne.

A Short History of English Literature

Author : Harry Blamires
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Surveys the main periods, movements, figures, the achievements of British literature from Chaucer's time to the 1980s, emphasizing each writer's major work and the continuity of tradition within the genres

The Owl and the Rooster

Author : Alan Brudner
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Since 1945, there have been two waves of Anglo-American writing on Hegel's political thought. The first defended it against works portraying Hegel as an apologist of Prussian reaction and a theorist of totalitarian nationalism. The second presented Hegel as a civic humanist critic of liberalism in the tradition of Rousseau. The first suppressed elements of Hegel's thought that challenge liberalism's individualistic premises; the second downplayed Hegel's theism. This book recovers what was lost in each wave. It restores aspects of Hegel's political thought unsettling to liberal beliefs, yet that lead to a state more liberal than Locke's and Kant's, which retain authoritarian elements. It also scrutinizes Hegel's claim to have justified theism to rational insight, hence to have made it conformable to Enlightenment standards of admissible public discourse. And it seeks to show how, for Hegel, the wholeness unique to divinity is realizable among humans without concession or compromise and what role philosophy must play in its final achievement. Lastly, we are shown what form Hegel's philosophy can take in a world not yet prepared for his science. Here is Hegel's political thought undistorted.

Abdication of the Sovereign Self

Author : Andrew Spano
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Language and logic are inextricably commingled in our everyday speech. What we say, particularly in the form of statements, tends not only to mirror our world, but mold it into our own image. This book looks at how much of our verbal communication can be considered “valid” from the point of view of the rules of logic. Are we saying what we mean to say? Is what we hear from the media, our peers, our leaders, and those who determine the narrative “story” of our lives meaningful, rational, and logical? Even more important than the answers to these questions is the answer to whether we are the governors and rulers of our own lives. Have we abdicated this sovereign rule to forces that may not have our best interests and wellbeing in mind? Using works of Continental and analytic philosophy ancient and modern, psychology, linguistics, religion, and literature, this book supports the thesis that we have surrendered the only thing we could ever possibly own – ourselves – for unprecedented access to consumer goods, credit, and the hope for medical immortality. Further, the argument is made that the prevailing discourse of global modern culture consists of statements which are invalid because their inner semantic structure is inherently contradictory. The argument is aimed at those who want to learn more about what makes our everyday discourse and thinking rational or irrational. At the same time, it indicts the individual of the modern industrialized state for the crime of the voluntary abdication of his sovereignty and for forcing others who have little control over their lives to do the same. This book is a call for introspection in the hope that the reader will see something of the situation described reflected not only in himself, but in the society he inhabits.

A Treatise on the method of observation and reasoning in politics

Author : Sir George Cornewall Lewis
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A Treatise on the Methods of Observation and Reasoning in Politics

Author : Sir George Cornewall Lewis
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The Abdication of Philosophy The Abdication of Man

Author : G.A. Rauche
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"A critical study of the interdependence of philosophy as critical theory and man as a free individual."--T.p.