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The Abortion Resource Handbook

Author : K. Kaufmann
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Topics include informed consent, unplanned pregnancies, avoiding phony clinics, emergency birth control, and state laws concerning abortion

The Unplanned Pregnancy Handbook

Author : Dorrie Williams-Wheeler
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Pregnancy can be one of the happiest times in a woman's life, but when that pregnancy is unplanned it can be a very tumultuous time in a woman's life. The Unplanned Pregnancy Handbook features a wealth of information and resources about pregnancy, abortion, and adoption. In addition to the factual information, women of all walks of life share their real life stories of unplanned pregnancy. The Unplanned Pregnancy Handbook includes information about abortion-an often taboo subject. This book aims to educate. This is not a pro life or pro choice book. This book lays out the facts about the abortion procedure and is not judgmental or biased. Whether a woman decides to continue with her pregnancy and raise her child, has an abortion, or gives the child up for adoption, this book can help her make her decision and educate her at the same time.

Handbook for a Post Roe America

Author : Robin Marty
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The end of Roe v. Wade is coming. How will you prepare? Handbook for a Post-Roe America is a comprehensive and user-friendly manual for understanding and preparing for the looming changes to reproductive rights law, and getting the healthcare you need—by any means necessary. Activist and writer Robin Marty guides readers through various worst-case scenarios of a post-Roe America, and offers ways to fight back, including: how to acquire financial support, how to use existing networks and create new ones, and how to, when required, work outside existing legal systems. She details how to plan for your own emergencies, how to start organizing now, what to know about self-managed abortion care with pills and/or herbs, and how to avoid surveillance. The only guidebook of its kind, Handbook for a Post-Roe America includes an extensive, detailed resource guide for all pregnant people (whether cis, trans, or non-binary) of clinics, action groups, abortion funds, and practical support groups in each state, so wherever you live, you can get involved. With a newly right-wing Supreme Court and a Republican Senate, Roe is under threat. Robin Marty observes: "When we say abortion will be illegal in half the states in the nation, we are no longer talking about some hypothetical future—we are talking about just years down the road. We have to act now to secure what access remains, shore up the networks supporting those who need care, and decide what risks we are willing to take to ensure that any person who wants a termination can still end that pregnancy—with or without the government's permission."

Our Bodies Ourselves for the New Century

Author : Boston Women's Health Book Collective
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The first major revision of the 1984 classic guide to women's health includes information on such topics as breast cancer treatment options, preventing and living with AIDS, and new developments in contraception and reproductive technology. Reprint. 100,000 first printing.

Urban resources handbook

Author : Metropolitan Toronto Transportation Plan Review
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The Yale Guide to Women s Reproductive Health

Author : Mary Jane Minkin
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This book is for every woman who has wished for an unhurried, personal conversation with a sympathetic doctor who will answer her questions about reproductive health. Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a gynecologist practicing for more than 25 years, presents a complete and up-to-date guide to a healthy reproductive system for women in their teens through middle age. With warmth and understanding, Dr. Minkin and coauthor Carol V. Wright respond to questions about the gynecological issues that concern women today, including sexual activity, contraception, and family planning. Readers of The Yale Guide to Women’s Reproductive Health will learn how the female body works, what problems may arise, and what solutions are available—in short, they will become better prepared to participate in their own health care and to make healthy decisions.

A Woman s Guide to Sexual Health

Author : Mary Jane Minkin
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A prominent gynecologist explains how to make the best choices for female reproductive health in this authoritative, easy-to-read guide This book is for every woman who has wished for an unhurried, personal conversation with a sympathetic doctor who will answer her questions about reproductive health. Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a gynecologist practicing for more than 25 years, presents a complete and up-to-date guide to a healthy reproductive system for women in their teens through middle age. With warmth and understanding, Dr. Minkin and coauthor Carol V. Wright respond to questions about the gynecological issues that concern women today, including sexual activity, contraception, and family planning. Readers of The Yale Guide to Women's Reproductive Health willlearn how the female body works, what problems may arise, and what solutions are available--in short, they will become better prepared to participate in their own health care and to make healthy decisions.

A Handbook of Resources Available to Physicians with an Appendix Containing Summaries of Sections of the Code of Iowa and the Rules of Governmental Agencies and Other Authorities Relating to Medical Practice

Author : Iowa Medical Society. Committee on Medical Service
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Contested Spaces Abortion Clinics Women s Shelters and Hospitals

Author : Lori A. Brown
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In this book, Lori Brown examines the relationship between space, defined physically, legally and legislatively, and how these factors directly impact the spaces of abortion. It analyzes how various political entities shape the physical landscapes of inclusion and exclusion to reproductive healthcare access, and questions what architecture's responsibilities are in respect to this spatial conflict. Employing writing, drawing and mapping methodologies, this interdisciplinary project explores restrictions and legislatures which directly influence abortion policy in the US, Mexico and Canada. It questions how these legal rulings produce spatial complexities and why architecture isn't more culturally and spatially engaged with these spaces. In Mexico, where abortion is fully legal only in Mexico City during the first trimester, women must travel vast distances and undergo extreme conditions in order to access the procedure. Conservative state governments continue to make abortion a severely punishable crime. In Canada, there are nowhere near the cultural and religious stigmas to abortion as in the US and Mexico. Completely legal and without restrictions, Canada offers an important contrast to the ongoing abortion issues within the US and Mexico. Researching the spatial implications of such a politicized space, this book expands beyond a study of abortion clinic and includes other spaces such as women's shelters and hospitals that require multiple levels of secured spaces in order to discuss the spatial ramifications of access and security within spaces that are highly personal, private, and sometimes secret or even hidden. In questioning what architecture's responsibility is in these spatial conflicts, the book looks at how what architecture 'does' can be used to reconsider the spaces and security around such contested places, and ultimately suggests what design's potential impact might be. In doing so, it shows how architecture's role might be redefined within social and spatial practices.

Resource Guide to Current Social Issues

Author : William M. Pinson
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Contemporary American Politics and Society

Author : Robert Singh
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`For those who still believe that politics is normally, naturally, about economics, Rob Singh has gathered the evidence and dialed the wake-up call: seven major instances of an ongoing culture war meet a common analytic framework here in a lively and informative fashion' - Byron E Shafer, University of Wisconsin

From Menarche to Menopause

Author : Joan Chrisler
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From Menarche to Menopause: The Female Body in Feminist Therapy examines the latest research on the menstrual cycle and women’s reproductive health. This timely volume focuses on women in therapy who are disconnected from—or even repelled by—their own bodies due to cultural attitudes, abuse, trauma, or the natural aging process. Experts in the fields of psychology and women’s health unite to celebrate the physical life stages of women and girls and to offer practical advice for therapists to use when addressing negativity caused by appearance, age, menstrual symptoms, or reproductive concerns. In this book, you will gain new understanding about the effects on a woman’s mental health that transitional life stages can cause, from preadolescence through the childbearing years to menopause. The suggestions in From Menarche to Menopause can help women resist the bombardment of negative messages and misleading information they receive about their bodies and their reproductive concerns. This helpful resource can also assist you in opening new lines of communication between mothers and daughter, women and men, and women and other women. From Menarche to Menopause discusses how to handle topics such as: self-loathing caused by media and cultural messages that affect women’s acceptance of their bodies overcoming a daughter’s reluctance to discuss sensitive topics of bodily maturation, menstruation, and emerging sexual development helping women, men, and couples cope with infertility assisting women in overcoming a disappointing birth experience providing therapeutic care to women and couples who experience perinatal loss addressing perimenopause in midlife women and the concerns, negative attitudes, and uncertainty of this transition This unique book fills the gap in feminist therapy literature with practical advice concerning the functions of women’s bodies that can be used within the therapy context. From Menarche to Menopause includes extensive references and several book reviews to further your research and provide reading and other resources you can recommend to your clients. This practical resource on women’s reproductive health—as it relates to mental health—is an important addition to the bookshelves of feminist psychologists, clinical practitioners, social workers, and health practitioners as well as faculty and students of these disciplines.

Arpanet Resources Handbook

Author :
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Generation Roe

Author : Sarah Erdreich
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Strong support among women was key to Obama’s reelection. At the start of his second term, it is time for Barack Obama, forty years after Roe v. Wade, to finally help lead us to demystify abortion. One-third of all American women will have an abortion by the time they are 45, and most of those women are already mothers. Yet, the topic remains taboo. In this provocative book on the heels of the Planned Parenthood controversy, Sarah Erdreich presents the antidote to the usual abortion debates. Inextricably connected to issues of autonomy, privacy, and sexuality, the abortion debate remains home base for the culture wars in America. Yet, there is more common ground than meets the eye in favor of choice. Generation Roe delves into phenomena such as "abortion-recovery counseling," "crisis pregnancy centers," and the infamous anti-choice "black children are an endangered species" billboards. It tells the stories of those who risk their lives to pursue careers in this stigmatized field. And it outlines the outrageous legislative battles that are being waged against abortion rights all over the country. With an inspiring spirit and a forward-looking approach, Erdreich holds abortion up, unabashedly, as a moral and fundamental human right.

The Palgrave Handbook of Philosophy and Public Policy

Author : David Boonin
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This book brings together a large and diverse collection of philosophical papers addressing a wide variety of public policy issues. Topics covered range from long-standing subjects of debate such as abortion, punishment, and freedom of expression, to more recent controversies such as those over gene editing, military drones, and statues honoring Confederate soldiers. Part I focuses on the criminal justice system, including issues that arise before, during, and after criminal trials. Part II covers matters of national defense and sovereignty, including chapters on military ethics, terrorism, and immigration. Part III, which explores political participation, manipulation, and standing, includes discussions of issues involving voting rights, the use of nudges, and claims of equal status. Part IV covers a variety of issues involving freedom of speech and expression. Part V deals with questions of justice and inequality. Part VI considers topics involving bioethics and biotechnology. Part VII is devoted to beginning of life issues, such as cloning and surrogacy, and end of life issues, such as assisted suicide and organ procurement. Part VIII navigates emerging environmental issues, including treatments of the urban environment and extraterrestrial environments.

The California Handbook

Author : Thaddeus C. Trzyna
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Encyclopedia of Birth Control

Author : Marian Rengel
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Presents cross-referenced, alphabetically arranged entries on topics related to birth control, including advocates and inventors, legal issues and cases, methods, countries, medical issues, organizations, religion, the reproductive system, research, and special populations.

Abortion in the United States A Reference Handbook 2nd Edition

Author : Dorothy E. McBride
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Distinctive in its use of two disciplinary lenses—sociology and political science—Abortion in the United States provides a balanced scholarly analysis of the most salient issues in the pro-life/pro-choice debate. • Traces the continually shifting landscape of public opinion, spotlighting millennial and male perspectives and the factors that shape abortion beliefs • Offers an intersectional analysis of restricted access to abortion, paying particular attention to the sociodemographic characteristics of women who have abortions and the lived experiences of making pregnancy decisions amidst the political controversy • Accentuates the role that institutions including schools, pharmacies, the military, prisons, and immigration detention facilities play in determining women's reproductive decisions • Features an analysis of movement-countermovement dynamics and relies on scientific evidence to investigate contested claims over emergency contraception, late-term abortions, and the safety of the abortion procedure and its psychological outcomes

Killing for Life

Author : Carol Mason
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How can those who seek to protect the "right to life" defend assassination in the name of saving lives? Carol Mason investigates this seeming paradox by examining pro-life literature—both archival material and writings from the front lines of the conflict. Her analysis reveals the apocalyptic thread that is the ideological link between established anti-abortion organizations and the more shadowy pro-life terrorists who subject clinic workers to anthrax scares, bombs, and bullets. The portrayal of abortion as "America's Armageddon" began in the 1960s. In the 1970s, Mason says, Christian politics and the post-Vietnam paramilitary culture popularized the idea that legal abortion is a harbinger of apocalypse. By the 1990s, Mason asserts, even the movement's mainstream had taken up the call, narrating abortion as an apocalyptic battle between so-called Christian and anti-Christian forces. "Pro-life violence of the 1990s signaled a move away from protest and toward retribution," she writes. "Pro-life retribution is seen as a way to restore the order of God. In this light, the phenomenon of killing for 'life' is revealed not as an oxymoron, but as a logical consistency and a political manifestation of religious retribution." Mason's scrutiny of primary sources (direct mail, internal memoranda, personal letters, underground manuals, and pro-life films, magazines, and novels) draws attention to elements of pro-life millennialism. Killing for Life is a powerful indictment of pro-life ideology as a coherent, mass-produced narrative that does not merely condone violence, but anticipates it as part of "God's plan."

The Handbook of Women Psychology and the Law

Author : Andrea Barnes
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The Handbook of Women, Psychology, and the Law is agroundbreaking book that presents legal and psychologicalperspectives on how society has responded to the most vital (andoften controversial) contemporary women's issues. TheHandbook covers such important topics as abortion, rape,domestic violence, sexual harassment, employment discrimination,divorce, poverty, welfare, and mental health. Written by experts inthe fields of jurisprudence, clinical psychology, feministpsychology, ethics, and public policy, this essential volume showshow crucial social issues have effected civil and criminal law.This comprehensive resource Describes the evolution of gender-related legal decisions Explores sexual harassment in the workplace from both theindividual’s and the organization’s viewpoints Explains the “invisible” aspect of women’scontributions to the workplace Describes the ambivalence of the courts in cases involvingpregnant employees Presents an update of the psychological and legal sides ofabortion Reports on the gender gap in health insurance coverage Offers a cross-cultural overview of women and depression Explores recent legal interventions for incarcerated women whokilled their batterers Gives an analysis of rape from an international perspective andexplores the use of rape as a weapon of war Presents particular issues affecting women from placessuch as southern Africa, Uganda, and China