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The Aces Revolution

Author : John Richard Trayser
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John's book does a superb job of giving hope on how to prevent ACEs and has remarkable results for EVERY FAMILY THAT READS THE SECOND PART OF THE BOOK OUT LOUD TOGETHER! Conversations will begin that are essential to heartfelt communication. The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) study details the significant impact of childhood trauma on the emotional and physical well being for the remainder of your life. John's book does a great job of showing the IMPACT of ACEs in all phases of our lives...and WE ARE ALL IMPACTED...even if you have zero ACEs yourself. This book gives hope to those who have lived in the shadows of pain and vulnerability from trauma in their childhood. His adopted grand daughter was a 7 ACE score...and after 9 years of love from the family...feels like a ZERO! You can change your stars with LOVE.

From the Industrial Revolution to World War II in East Central Europe

Author : Marija Wakounig
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The Centers for Austrian Studies - founded by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research - play an important role for the international scientific community. Their tasks are to promote studies on Austria and Central Europe, and to give Austrian students the opportunity to conduct research abroad and make contact with local scientific communities. This book contains reports on the activities of these institutions during the 2010/2011 academic year, as well as the working papers developed by some of their most promising PhD students. The research presented in this book covers various aspects of Central European history in modern times, ranging from the 17th century to the present. (Series: Europa Orientalis - Vol. 12)

A Dancer in the Revolution

Author : Howard Eugene Johnson
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A Cotton Club dancer and Communist Party leader shares the story of his life in arts and activism from the Harlem Renaissance through the Civil Rights Era. Through his extraordinary life, Howard “Stretch” Johnson epitomized the generation of African Americans who broke through boundaries to make the United States more democratic. In this lively and engaging memoir, Johnson traces his path to becoming a dancer in Harlem’s historic Cotton Club, a communist youth leader and, later, a professor of Black studies. A Dancer in the Revolution is a powerful story of Black resilience and triumph, as well as a window into Harlem’s neighborhood life, culture, and politics from the 1930s to the 1970s. Johnson thrived as a leader in the Harlem Communist Party, using his connections as a dancer to forge alliances between the party and the Black community. But Johnson also exposes another—often ignored—aspect of Harlem life: the homoerotic tourism that flourished there in the 1930s. Johnson’s journey bears witness to critical times and events that shaped the Black condition and American society in the process. It also illustrates how political activism can be a powerful force, not only for social change, but also personal fulfillment.

What Kind of Parent Am I

Author : Nicole Letourneau
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Toxic stress can occur in any home, rich or poor, regardless of age, education, or walk of life. Research has shown that adaptive, supportive parents are the best at insulating their children from all but the biggest catastrophes. Exposure to “toxic stress” in childhood can cause depression, alcoholism, obesity, violent behaviour, heart disease, and even cancer in adulthood. Parents who are less sensitive or attentive or who regularly misinterpret their children’s needs can let too much stress trickle through, or even cause it in the first place, which can carry on to the next generation. What Kind of Parent Am I? uses specially created surveys to identify problem areas for parents. With recommended resources and advice throughout, Dr. Letourneau informs and empowers parents to deal directly with their unique risks and challenges, helping them become the best parents they can be.

Revolution and the Historical Novel

Author : John McWilliams
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This book is an account of the ways the promise and threat of political revolution has informed historical novels from Walter Scott to the near present. Building off of the Marxist scholarly tradition of Georg Lukacs and Frederic Jameson, this book emphasizes the transformation of literary conventions to adapt to changing historical contexts.

The French revolution

Author : Thomas Carlyle
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The ACES bulletin

Author :
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Elements of Descriptive Geometry Surfaces of revolution

Author : Samuel Edward Warren
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Elements of descriptive Geometry etc Part 1 Surfaces of Revolution

Author : Samuel Edward WARREN
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Social Life in England from the Restoration to the Revolution 1660 1690

Author : William Connor Sydney
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Understanding the Highway Finance Evolution revolution

Author :
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This report summarizes a National Conference on State Highway Finance by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) on the subject of "Understanding the Highway Finance Evolution/Revolution." Five major highway funding mechanisms were addressed: user fees; nonuser fees; special benefit fees; private participation, and debt financing. The general issues, findings, and conclusions identified by the several workshops are presented in this publication.

The History of the French Revolution

Author : Adolphe Thiers
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Published in the 1820s, and translated into English in 1838, Thiers' work remains a significant account of the French Revolution.

Durruti in the Spanish Revolution

Author : Abel Paz
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A political biography, history of of a revolutionary era, and nonstop adventure story across three continents.


Author : Russell Brand
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NATIONAL BESTSELLER We all know the system isn’t working. Our governments are corrupt and the opposing parties pointlessly similar. Our culture is filled with vacuity and pap, and we are told there’s nothing we can do: “It’s just the way things are.” In this book, Russell Brand hilariously lacerates the straw men and paper tigers of our conformist times and presents, with the help of experts as diverse as Thomas Piketty and George Orwell, a vision for a fairer, sexier society that’s fun and inclusive. You have been lied to, told there’s no alternative, no choice, and that you don’t deserve any better. Brand destroys this illusory facade as amusingly and deftly as he annihilates Morning Joe anchors, Fox News fascists, and BBC stalwarts. This book makes revolution not only possible but inevitable and fun.

Grit Noise and Revolution

Author : David A. Carson
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The lives of the hard-rocking musicians influenced by Detroit's R&B heritage are spotlighted in the story of some of the great garage-inspired, blue-collar rock 'n' roll bands that exemplified the Detroit rock sound.

The Rhodiola Revolution

Author : Richard P. Brown
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Previously classified studies from the former Soviet Union reveal the emergence of an herbal superstar, Rhodiola rosea. From two respected physicians comes an authoritative new book that explores the amazing healing powers of Rhodiola rosea. Compelling scientific evidence about this commonly available herbal supplement confirms its ability to help: - Melt away extra pounds - Combat fatigue - Sharpen memory and concentration - Enhance physical performance - Strengthen immune function - Protect against heart disease and cancer As more people turn to Rhodiola rosea to improve their health and vitality, they will look for a trustworthy, authoritative resource to answer all their questions. The Rhodiola Revolution is that resource, providing the latest news from the front lines of research as well as clear instructions on using the herb for maximum medicinal effect.

Wild Cards IV Aces Abroad

Author : George R. R. Martin
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Soon to be a show on Hulu! Rights to develop Wild Cards for TV have been acquired by Universal Cable Productions, the team that brought you The Magicians and Mr. Robot, with the co-editor of Wild Cards, Melinda Snodgrass as executive producer. The action-packed alternate fantasy returns for a new generation, featuring fiction from #1 New York Times bestselling author George R. R. Martin, Michael Cassutt, Melinda M. Snodgrass, Lewis Shiner, and more—plus two completely new stories from Kevin Andrew Murphy and bestselling author Carrie Vaughn. Forty years after the Wild Card Virus's release, the World Health Organization decides it's time to take a delegation of Aces, Jokers, politicians, and journalists on a fact-finding mission to learn how other countries are dealing with the virus that reshaped humanity. Leading the team is Gregg Hartmann, a senator with presidential aspirations and a dangerous ace up his sleeve. Joining him is a menagerie of some of the series' best and most popular Wild Cards, including Dr. Tachyon, aces Peregrine and Golden Boy, and jokers Chrysalis, Troll, and Father Squid. From the jungles of Haiti and Peru to the tumultuous political climate of Egypt, from a monastery in Japan to the streets of the most glamorous cities of Europe, the Wild Cards are in for an eye-opening trip. While some are worshiped as actual gods, those possessing the most extreme mutations are treated with a contempt that's all too familiar to the delegates from Jokertown. New alliances will be formed, new enemies will be made, and some actions will fulfill centuries-old prophecies that make ripples throughout the future of the Wild Cards universe. The Wild Cards Universe The Original Triad #1 Wild Cards #2 Aces High #3 Jokers Wild The Puppetman Quartet #4: Aces Abroad #5: Down and Dirty #6: Ace in the Hole #7: Dead Man’s Hand The Rox Triad #8: One-Eyed Jacks #9: Jokertown Shuffle #10: Dealer’s Choice #11: Double Solitaire #12: Turn of the Cards The Card Sharks Triad #13: Card Sharks #14: Marked Cards #15: Black Trump #16: Deuces Down #17: Death Draws Five The Committee Triad #18: Inside Straight #19: Busted Flush #20: Suicide Kings The Fort Freak Triad #21: Fort Freak #22: Lowball #23: High Stakes The American Triad #24: Mississippi Roll #25: Low Chicago #26: Texas Hold 'Em At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Empowering Revolution

Author : Gregory F. Domber
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As the most populous country in Eastern Europe as well as the birthplace of the largest anticommunist dissident movement, Poland is crucial in understanding the end of the Cold War. During the 1980s, both the United States and the Soviet Union vied for influence over Poland's politically tumultuous steps toward democratic revolution. In this groundbreaking history, Gregory F. Domber examines American policy toward Poland and its promotion of moderate voices within the opposition, while simultaneously addressing the Soviet and European influences on Poland's revolution in 1989. With a cast including Reagan, Gorbachev, and Pope John Paul II, Domber charts American support of anticommunist opposition groups--particularly Solidarity, the underground movement led by future president Lech Wa&322;&281;sa--and highlights the transnational network of Polish emigres and trade unionists that kept the opposition alive. Utilizing archival research and interviews with Polish and American government officials and opposition leaders, Domber argues that the United States empowered a specific segment of the Polish opposition and illustrates how Soviet leaders unwittingly fostered radical, pro-democratic change through their policies. The result is fresh insight into the global impact of the Polish pro-democracy movement.

Ecology and Revolution

Author : C. Boggs
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Ecology and Revolution: Global Crisis and the Political Challenge is an in-depth exploration and analysis of the global ecological crisis (going far beyond the issue of global warming) in the larger context of historical conditions and political options shaped by the failure (and incapacity) of the existing political system to adequately confront the crisis.

Noble Power in Scotland from the Reformation to the Revolution

Author : Keith M Brown
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Analyses the relations between nobility, crown and state, first in Scotland and then in the first courts of the unified kingdoms.