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The Advertising Concept Book First

Author : Pete Barry
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This is the third edition of the highly successful Advertising Concept Book. As well as substantially expanded chapters on interactive advertising and integrated advertising, an entirely new chapter on branded social media has been added. This new edition contains fifty specially drawn new illustrations of key campaigns. It covers every aspect of the business, from how to write copy and learn the creative process to how agencies work and the different strategies used for all types of media. Pete Barry outlines simple but fundamental rules about how to 'push' an ad to turn it into something exceptional, while exercises throughout will help readers assess their own work and that of others. Fifty years' worth of international, award-winning ad campaigns - in the form of over 500 'roughs' specially sketched by the author - also reinforce the book's core lesson: that a great idea will last forever. Pete Barry goes straight to the essence of how to write a great ad: work out what you want to say, who you are saying it to, and how you want to say it.

The Advertising Concept Book

Author : Pete Barry
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A former advertising designer at Ogilvy London counsels advertising professionals on how to make a successful ad by focusing on its basic messages rather than its special effects, in a guide that covers such topics as copywriting, media strategies, and the qualities of the industry's most successful campaigns. Original.

Author :
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Advertising Concept and Copy Third Edition

Author : George Felton
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The new edition of a classic text about advertising creativity: how to find great ideas and express them freshly and powerfully. A classic text now in a new edition, George Felton’s Advertising: Concept and Copy is an innovative approach to advertising creativity. It covers the entire conceptual process, from developing smart strategy to executing it with strong ads—from what to say to how to say it. Part 1, Strategies, operates on the premise that the idea beneath an ad’s surface determines its success. This first section shows how to research products, understand consumer behavior, analyze audiences, and navigate marketplace realities, then how to write creative briefs that focus this strategic analysis into specific advertising objectives. Part 2, Executions, explains how to put strategy into play. It discusses the tools at a copywriter’s command—creating a distinctive brand voice, telling stories, using language powerfully and originally—as well as the wide variety of media and advertising genres that carry and help shape messages. But great executions are elusive. So Part 3, the Toolbox, gives advice about how to think creatively, then presents an array of problem-solving tools, a series of techniques that advertisers have used repeatedly to produce exceptional work. In brief, this book shows how to find strong selling ideas and how to express them in fresh, memorable, persuasive ways. The new edition features greatly expanded discussions of guerrilla advertising, interactive advertising, brand voice, storytelling, and the use of social media. Hundreds of ads in full color, both in the book and on an accompanying Web site, demonstrate the best in television, radio, print, and interactive advertising. Advertising: Concept and Copy is the most comprehensive text in its field, combining substantial discussion of both strategy and technique with an emphasis on the craft of writing not found elsewhere. It is truly a writer’s copywriting text.

The Package Design Book 5

Author : Pentawards Pentawards
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The Complete Package. A fresh batch of winning designs from the 2017 and 2018 Pentawards Attract, protect, inform, collect--good packaging is synonymous with multitasking. Each year, the Pentawards set a global benchmark for quality by scouting the cleverest and most eclectic designs in the field. Featuring more than 400 works from over 40 countries, this fifth edition of The Package Design Book presents all 2017 and 2018 winners in a celebration of packaging for what it is: the premiere league of design.

Advertising Concepts and Strategies

Author : Christopher C. Gilson
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Advertising by Design

Author : Robin Landa
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Don't miss the new updated edition of the complete guide to the creative processes behind successful advertising design. The second edition of Advertising by Design has been developed and greatly expanded. Sill the most comprehensive text on creative concept generation and designing for advertising, the book includes a number of features that make it an effective tool for instructors, students, or anyone interested in this field. This includes a practical approach to generating and designing creative integrated-media advertising for brands, organizations, and causes that encompasses brand-building through engagement, community building, added value, and entertainment. Fully supplemented with interviews from esteemed creative directors, along with real-world examples, Advertising by Design is both a perfect text for courses that incorporate advertising concepts and design, and a valuable reference for anyone interested in the creative side of advertising. "While the blank piece of paper is exciting, it can also be a very scary place. Robin Landa has created a valuable tool for jump-starting the creative process across all platforms. This book is a must-read for beginners and seasoned veterans." -- Paul Renner, EVP Group Creative Director, Arnold Worldwide, Boston "This is still the quintessential, step-by-step textbook for anyone interested in learning or teaching the fundamentals of advertising." -- Alan Rado, IADT/Harrington College of Design "The most enlightening textbook on advertising I've ever seen. A must-read for any student of the ad biz." -- Drew Neisser, CEO, Renegade "So perfect for a creative strategist, transformational world. Very few books get it right about the evolution of creative. This one does, from strategy to storytelling to multiple media solutions. And it's still all about doing beautiful work." -- Deborah Morrison, Chambers Distinguished Professor of Advertising, University of Oregon

Advertising and Branding Concepts Methodologies Tools and Applications

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
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Effective marketing techniques are a driving force behind the success or failure of a particular product or service. When utilized correctly, such methods increase competitive advantage and customer engagement. Advertising and Branding: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is a comprehensive reference source for the latest scholarly material on emerging technologies, techniques, strategies, and theories for the development of advertising and branding campaigns in the modern marketplace. Featuring extensive coverage across a range of topics, such as customer retention, brand identity, and global advertising, this innovative publication is ideally designed for professionals, researchers, academics, students, managers, and practitioners actively involved in the marketing industry.

The Advertising Concept

Author : Brannon Driscoll
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The Advertising Concept: The Ultimate Guide on Successful Advertising, Learn Advertising Tips and Paid Advertising Secrets That Would Help Your Advertising Campaigns for Your Business All businesses need promotion. Businesses need to get the word out so they could get on the radar of customers. It is essential to always acquire new customers because, without them, your business would fail. Business owners should recognize the importance of coming up with a great advertisement. In this book, you will learn all the information about different advertisements you could create, post, purchase, and use so you could advertise your business. You will also learn about powerful copywriting techniques that would help the conversion rate for your business. You will discover different types of advertising you can buy and where you can buy it from. You will learn effective strategies on how to make sure all your advertising campaigns are profitable. Advertising has evolved through time and one cannot undermine its impact on the modern economy. Coming up with an awesome advertisement that will surely stand out might take a bit of trial and error but as long as you follow the tips you will learn in this book, you will eventually come up with a winning advertisement. If you want to learn more advertising tips that can help your business, scroll up and click "add to cart now"

Digital Marketing Concept

Author : Ryan Kristo Muljono
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Beberapa tahun terakhir ini kita dikejutkan dengan perubahan-perubahan bisnis yang sangat luar biasa. Semua berawal dari teknologi; mulai dari tutupnya beberapa pusat perbelanjaan karena kehadiran toko online, taksi online yang meruntuhkan taksi tradisional, hingga pembayaran secara digital melalui aplikasi yang menggantikan transaksi tunai. Hal ini menuntut semua perusahaan, dari yang berskala kecil hingga multinasional, untuk bersaing lebih ketat dalam meraih pasar. Digital Marketing Concept akan mengungkapkan tiga elemen penting dalam konsep digital marketing. Semua aktivitas digital marketing yang Anda lakukan hanya akan memperbesar atau meningkatkan ketiga hal ini: traffic, conversion, dan engagement. Konsep digital marketing yang dipaparkan oleh Ryan Kristo Muljono disertai dengan tips dan trik untuk meraih pasar di dunia online. Tidak hanya pengusaha, orang awam sekalipun akan mudah memahami dan menerapkannya.

Hey Whipple Squeeze This

Author : Luke Sullivan
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Format : PDF
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Revised edition of the author's Hey Whipple squeeze this!, 2012.

Basics Advertising 02 Art Direction

Author : Nik Mahon
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Art Direction examines the key techniques, approaches and 'secrets' involved in the development of creative advertising concepts. Mahon provides tips on how to use surprise, simplicity, provocation and visual drama to communicate the advertising message. The book examines the process of visualizing and exploring different ideas, and discusses the use of moving image, photography, illustration and typography to realize these ideas. It also explores the use of different advertising media, from traditional formats to new and alternative channels of communication.

Principles of Integrated Marketing Communications

Author : Lawrence Ang
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Marketing in the digital age poses major challenges for traditional and established practices of communication. To help readers meet these challenges Principles of Integrated Marketing Communications: An Evidence-based Approach provides a comprehensive foundation to the principles and practices of integrated marketing communications (IMC). It examines a variety of traditional and digital channels used by professionals to create wide-reaching and effective campaigns that are adapted for the aims of their organisations. This edition has been thoroughly revised and each chapter includes: case studies of significant and award-winning campaigns from both Australian and international brands that illustrate the application of explored concepts; discussion and case study questions that enable readers to critically evaluate concepts and campaigns; a managerial application section that illustrates how concepts can be applied effectively in a real situation; a 'further thinking' section that expands knowledge of advanced concepts and challenges readers to think more broadly about IMC.

Digital Advertising

Author : Andrew McStay
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This new edition continues to shape, interrogate, theorise, understand, connect different practices, contextualize and generate patterns from both the history and practice of digital advertising, and the ways that this connects with its environment.

Read Me

Author : Gyles Lingwood
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If you've ever struggled to craft a powerful message that really hits the spot, you'll know it's harder than it looks. Wouldn't it be helpful to have an expert on hand to explain how the professionals really do it? Better still, how about a whole range of writers ready to pass on their trade secrets? Well that's exactly what you'll find in the pages of this book. Think of it as a rocket-assisted launch for your writing career, structured over ten distinct lessons and illustrated with classic and contemporary international examples of the best copywriting. Designed to help anyone who works with words improve their writing, this book is packed with practical techniques and features effective exercises to pump up your persuasive powers. Includes inspiring contributions from professional writers, an in-depth look at the challenges involved in writing copy for brands and worked examples that cover writing for digital, brand storytelling, and packaging copy.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Author : Lawrence Ang
File Size : 54.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Explains the principles and practice of implementing an effective marketing strategy using a variety of channels and techniques.

Becoming a Successful Graphic Designer

Author : Neil Leonard
File Size : 31.94 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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As students prepare to enter the world of work, there are many decisions that they need to make about what type of career they want: Freelancing? Working in a design agency? Setting up their own business? They also need the practical advice about how to work with clients, how to organize themselves, billing, etc. Through interviews with people at all levels of design, the author provides down to earth and straight forward information that is relevant to today's students looking to start a career in design.

Advertising Account Planning

Author : D. W. Jugenheimer
File Size : 87.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Concise yet comprehensive, this practical, campaign-oriented guide follows the logical progression

Advertising Account Planning

Author : Larry Kelley
File Size : 52.95 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Concise yet comprehensive, this practical guide covers the critical role of the account planner in advertising. The new edition of Advertising Account Planning features several new topics as well as deeper content in existing areas based on feedback from students, instructors and practitioners.

Interaction Design

Author : Jamie Steane
File Size : 54.81 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Interaction Design explores common pitfalls, effective workflows and innovative development techniques in contemporary interaction design by tracking projects from initial idea to the critical and commercial reception of the finished project. The book is divided into six chapters, each focusing on different aspects of the interaction design industry. Exploring design projects from around the world, the authors include examples of the processes and creative decisions behind: – Apps, games and websites – Responsive branding – Complex, large-scale services – Interactive museum installations – Targeted promotions – Digital products which influence real-world situations Each case study includes behind-the-scenes development design work, interviews with key creatives and workshop projects to help you start implementing the techniques and working practices discussed in your own interaction design projects. From immersive tourist experiences, to apps which make day-to-day life easier, the detailed coverage of the design process shows how strategists, creatives and technologists are working with interactive technologies to create the engaging projects of the future.