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The Afterlives of Animals

Author : Samuel J. M. M. Alberti
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In the quiet halls of the natural history museum, there are some creatures still alive with stories, whose personalities refuse to be relegated to the dusty corners of an exhibit. The fame of these beasts during their lifetimes has given them an iconic status in death. More than just museum specimens, these animals have attained a second life as historical and cultural records. This collection of essays—from a broad array of contributors, including anthropologists, curators, fine artists, geographers, historians, and journalists—comprises short "biographies" of a number of famous taxidermized animals. Each essay traces the life, death, and museum "afterlife" of a specific creature, illuminating the overlooked role of the dead beast in the modern human-animal encounter through practices as disparate as hunting and zookeeping. The contributors offer fresh examinations of the many levels at which humans engage with other animals, especially those that function as both natural and cultural phenomena, including Queen Charlotte’s pet zebra, Maharajah the elephant, and Balto the sled dog, among others. Readers curious about the enduring fascination with animals who have attained these strange afterlives will be drawn to the individual narratives within each essay, while learning more about the scientific, cultural, and museological contexts of each subject. Ranging from autobiographical to analytical, the contributors’ varying styles make this delightful book a true menagerie. Contributors: Samuel J. M. M. Alberti, Royal College of Surgeons * Sophie Everest, University of Manchester * Kate Foster * Michelle Henning, University of the West of England, Bristol * Hayden Lorimer, University of Glasgow * Garry Marvin, Roehampton University, London * Henry Nicholls * Hannah Paddon * Merle Patchett * Christopher Plumb, University of Manchester * Rachel Poliquin * Jeanne Robinson, Glasgow Museums * Mike Rutherford, University of the West Indies * Richard C. Sabin, Natural History Museum * Richard Sutcliffe, Glasgow Museums * Geoffrey N. Swinney, University of Edinburgh

Animals and the Afterlife

Author : Kim Sheridan
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Kim Sheridan grew up with animals as her constant companions. Each time she faced the death of a beloved animal, along with the pain came the same questions, to which she could find no answers. Then, mysterious things began to happen that she couldn't explain, which led her on an incredible journey to uncover the truth. Along with her own extraordinary experiences, she compiled heartwarming and meaningful true stories of everyday people around the world, and discovered compelling evidence that forever erased her own doubts about an afterlife for animals. This book provides enormous comfort and reassurance to anyone who has ever cherished an animal, and food for thought for anyone who has ever questioned the place of these beloved creatures in the larger scheme of things, both here on Earth and beyond.

We Will See Our Pets In Heaven

Author : Brian Burgess
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Biblical Evidence That Animals Really Do Go To Heaven. If you have pets or are grieving the loss of a pet then you must read this book. We love our pets and they love us. They become part of the family and it is painful when we have to say goodbye, however, you will be comforted to know that they are not gone forever as many people would believe. Inside this book you will get a glimpse of what heaven will be like and you will see that God loves and cares for his animals and there is indeed a place for them in heaven. In this book you will learn that animals are innocent and are not in need of salvation and that it was never our Heavenly Father' desire that we or his animals would suffer death. The pets that we had to say goodbye to are alive in heaven right now in their spiritual bodies and we will see them again if we accept Jesus as our Savior. Your Pet Is Not Gone Forever. I know how hard it is to lose a pet. I've had the pleasure of caring for many pets throughout my life and I am grief stricken every time one of them passes away. Dealing with the loss of a pet is difficult, especially when you've been taught as a child and led to believe throughout the years by misinformed people such as parents, family, and friends that they are gone forever and that you'll never see them again. After losing my Black Lab back in December 2009 and then my Golden Retriever in 2011 I decided to find out for myself what the Bible had to say about the subject. What I found out was very comforting and I know you will be comforted too when you read this book.

Animals in Spirit

Author : Penelope Smith
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How do animals feel about crossing over? What do they communicate to us after they die? How can we contact animals in spirit? Losing an animal companion can be a painful experience, yet by examining their transition from a spiritual perspective, Animals in Spirit explores the process of dying from the viewpoints of animals and their people. Learn how animals choose their paths in each life, and the knowledge they leave behind for their humans. As animals make their way from the physical into the spiritual realm, Animals in Spirit can strengthen the union with our beloved friends by teaching us to accept and understand the full experience of life. With true stories, insights from animals and their human friends, as well as meditations to help communicate with animals in the spirit realm, Animals in Spirit will help heal the feelings of loss and separation by connecting you to your faithful companion in spirit.

The Amazing Afterlife of Animals

Author : Karen A. Anderson
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What happens to our pets after they die? Is there another realm where they coexist with our departed human loved ones? Are they happy and free from pain? Award-Winning Animal Communicator and Psychic Medium, Karen Anderson, reveals tantalizing evidence that our pets communicate with us throughout their lives as well as after their physical death. Will this evidence prove that our pets continue to send us messages and signs from the Other Side? You be the judge. Discover how pets feel about death, euthanasia, cremation, reincarnation and so much more. Was it their time to die? Do the pets we had to euthanize forgive us? Included are actual sessions with departed animals sharing their loving thoughts and insightful messages. If you are grieving the loss of your beloved pet, you will also learn how to work through your grief and move into healing. The purity of the animals' messages may surprise you and they may even present new perspectives about life after death. Discover how deeply your pets love you and how the bonds of love never die as you journey into the amazing afterlife of animals. What messages await you?

After Death Signs from Pet Afterlife Animals in Heaven

Author : Brent Atwater
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Do you wonder if YOUR pet will be able to connect with and visit you after they die? World renowned Animal Medium Brent Atwater teaches you "how to" techniques to communicate and connect with your Pet on the Other Side and provides compelling testimonies and examples to convince you that Pet life goes on and After Death communication is REAL! Let's get started !

I m Home

Author : Brent Atwater
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Cats Stories about reincarnationTranslationed into other languages Is your heart struggling with being optimistic after the death of your cat? Have you questioned if animal reincarnation is real? If so, these cat stories will inspire your hope and healing! "I'm Home!" a Cat's Never Ending Love Story is a collection of deeply touching stories that show how cats reincarnated to be with their guardian multiple times. Each cat's heartwarming experiences comforts your heart, inspires your soul and expands your awareness with poignant journeys of devotion, amazing twists of fate, inexplicable coincidences and incredible joyous reunions that irrefutably prove pet reincarnation is real! More questions about pet reincarnation??The Animal Reincarnation Book is your Q & A resource!It provides information about animal transition, pet loss, pet past lives, animals afterlife, animals spirits and the process of animal reincarnation. Plus there are invaluable animal communication techniques that teach you how to communicate with your pet, how to touch your deceased cat's energy on the other side and much more!. Plus prayers to ask your cat if, how, when, where, and in what timeframe your pet will return, and how to recognize them! BELIEVE in what your heart knows, Hold on to your faith Love is Never Ending! Visit Connect with Brent Atwater's global community on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Linkedn, et all

Afterlife of Animals

Author : Candi Cane Cooper
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Connect with and honor your animal companion--the gentle guide to the other side Losing a pet can be one of the hardest things you'll deal with. Although your companion may be physically gone, their presence is still with you every day. Afterlife of Animals is your resource for compassionate grieving and building a connection to your beloved pet even after they've crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Find tools to help you process the complex emotions of your loss. Understand that however you're feeling is normal, and there's support to help you feel a sense of peace and a deeper bond with your pet. Learn to read and interpret the different ways that your pet might be communicating with you from the afterlife, and get advice on how you can reach out to and honor their spirit and presence every day. Inside Afterlife of Animals, you'll find: All animals included--No matter what kind of companion you're missing, there's advice, healing, and guidance for you. Afterlife remembrance--Learn tactics that can help you value and cherish your sweet animal with little daily rituals. Rainbow Bridge FAQs--Find answers to all sorts of questions about what happens to our pets once they transition to their afterlife. Find comfort from your wonderful pet even after they've passed on to the afterlife.

Elephants Are Not Picked from Trees

Author : Liv Emma Thorsen
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"Elephants are not picked from trees" are the words of Swedish taxidermist and conservator David Sjolander, spoken while he was in Angola looking for a fine bull elephant specimen in the autumn of 1948. At the age of 62 Sjolander was to satisfy his life's dream of shooting the elephant he for so long had wished to prepare and exhibit. The African elephant was to be the main attraction in the Mammal Room of the Gothenburg Museum of Natural History. Liv Emma Thorsen, professor of cultural history, has reconstructed the collection history of four mammals exhibited in the Gothenburg Museum of Natural History that attracted much attention when they were displayed to the public for the first time: The elephant, gorilla, Tonkean macaque and walrus. The book examines how the museum acquired animals for its exhibits from 1906 to 1948, and how living animal bodies became museum exhibits. Using photographs and documents from the Gothenburg Museum of Natural History, the book shows that these museums are in possession of valuable material for writing the cultural history of animals, and that the museums of natural history display a nature that is historically, socially and culturally construed.

Animal Remains

Author : Sarah Bezan
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The dream of humanism is to cleanly discard of humanity’s animal remains along with its ecological embeddings, evolutionary heritages and futures, ontogenies and phylogenies, sexualities and sensualities, vulnerabilities and mortalities. But, as the contributors to this volume demonstrate, animal remains are everywhere and so animals remain everywhere. Animal remains are food, medicine, and clothing; extractive resources and traces of animals’ lifeworlds and ecologies; they are sites of political conflict and ontological fear, fetishized visual signs and objects of trade, veneration and memory; they are biotechnological innovations, and spill-over viruses. To make sense of the material afterlives of animals, this book draws together multispecies perspectives from literary criticism and theory, cultural studies, anthropology and ethnography, photographic and film history, and contemporary art practice to offer the first synoptic account of animal remains. Interpreting them in all their ubiquity, diversity and persistence, Animal Remains reveals posthuman relations between human and nonhuman communities of the living and the dead, on timescales of decades, centuries, and millennia.

After Death Signs from Pet Afterlife and Animal Heaven

Author : Brent Atwater
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Do you wonder if YOUR pet will be able to connect with and visit you after they die? Renowned Animal Medium Brent Atwater provides compelling testimonies and examples to convince you that Pet life goes on and After Death communication is REAL!Plus Ms Atwater teaches you "how to" techniques to communicate and connect with your Pet on the Other Side.

Humans and Animals A Geography of Coexistence

Author : Julie Urbanik
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An engaging and at times sobering look at the coexistence of humans and animals in the 21st century and how their sometimes disparate needs affect environments, politics, economies, and culture worldwide. • Includes excerpts from 20 primary source documents related to animals • Offers a comprehensive look at a variety of aspects of human-animal relationships • Discusses how human actions affect the survival of other species, such as the northern spotted owl and bluefin tuna

Tails from the Afterlife

Author : Kristy Robinett
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Heartwarming, Welcoming, and Wagging Tails from the Rainbow Bridge Even when their physical bodies are gone, your beloved pets live on in spirit and in their undying devotion to you. Tails from the Afterlife shares amazing and inspiring stories of the signs, symbols, and messages that your pets send, proving that they're waiting for you and even helping you from the Other Side. From near-death experiences to witness accounts to life-saving tails—pun intended—Kristy Robinett will have you both crying and laughing as she presents an array of animals and their heavenly hellos. This comforting book also offers suggestions for dealing with grief and guidance on how to make the connection with your deceased companion. Praise: "Affirmation that our pets watch over us and join us on the other side...there is such enormous peace in that knowledge. I've always believed that Heaven could not truly be Heaven without their unconditional love. Kristy's lighthearted writing style and the stories in Tails from the Afterlife will warm your heart, ease your mind, and will have you treasuring your pets even more than you already do!"—Colleen Kwiecinski, Paws n' Think Dog Training, LLC "People love pets and accept them as part of their family, so when we lose part of that family, the grief can be immense. Kristy Robinett's book Tails from the Afterlife will give each reader great peace to know that our beloved pets are still watching out for us, visit us and communicate with us even into the Afterlife and that when our pets leave us, it is not the end."—Leslie Cirinesi, Animal Communicator/Pet Medium

Animal Modernity Jumbo the Elephant and the Human Dilemma

Author : Susan Nance
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The concept of 'modernity' is central to many disciplines, but what is modernity to animals? Susan Nance answers this question through a radical reinterpretation of the life of Jumbo the elephant. In the 1880s, consumers, the media, zoos, circuses and taxidermists, and (unknowingly) Jumbo himself, transformed the elephant from an orphan of the global ivory trade and zoo captive into a distracting international celebrity. Citizens on two continents imaged Jumbo as a sentient individual and pet, but were aghast when he died in an industrial accident and his remains were absorbed by the taxidermic and animal rendering industries reserved for anonymous animals. The case of Jumbo exposed the 'human dilemma' of modern living, wherein people celebrated individual animals to cope or distract themselves from the wholesale slaughter of animals required by modern consumerism.

Animals for the Afterlife

Author :
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YOUR PETS IN THE AFTERLIFE When Your Dead Pets Return To See You For The Last Time

Author : Maximillien De Lafayette
File Size : 24.30 MB
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An extremely important book. Published by Times Square Press, New York. Possibly the best, the most informative and the most enlightening book ever written about our pets in the afterlife. It will change forever your perception of life after death, and your spiritual communications with your dead pets. Upon reading this book, you might shed some tears, but your heart will rejoice, and your spirit will be filled with consolation and comfort. Don't miss it.

Mourning Animals

Author : Margo de Mello
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We live more intimately with nonhuman animals than ever before in history. The change in the way we cohabitate with animals can be seen in the way we treat them when they die. There is an almost infinite variety of ways to help us cope with the loss of our nonhuman friends—from burial, cremation, and taxidermy; to wearing or displaying the remains (ashes, fur, or other parts) of our deceased animals in jewelry, tattoos, or other artwork; to counselors who specialize in helping people mourn pets; to classes for veterinarians; to tips to help the surviving animals who are grieving their animal friends; to pet psychics and memorial websites. But the reality is that these practices, and related beliefs about animal souls or animal afterlife, generally only extend, with very few exceptions, to certain kinds of animals—pets. Most animals, in most cultures, are not mourned, and the question of an animal afterlife is not contemplated at all. Mourning Animals investigates how we mourn animal deaths, which animals are grievable, and what the implications are for all animals.

Tails from the Afterlife

Author : Kristy Robinett
File Size : 84.16 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"[This book] shares amazing and inspiring stories of the signs, symbols, and messages that your pets send, proving that they're waiting for you and even helping you from the Other Side"

Everything You Wanted to Know about the Afterlife but Were Afraid to Ask

Author : Hollister Rand
File Size : 54.31 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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From the world class spiritual medium and author of the “compassionate yet educational” (John Edward, author of Infinite Quest) I’m Not Dead, I’m Different comes an insightful exploration into what it’s like on the other side. Is there really an afterlife? Do spirits still feel love for us? What is it like when we cross over? After more than twenty-five years of bringing comfort to tens of thousands of people, Hollister Rand brings her incredible knowledge and experience to this accessible and comprehensive book that takes you on an eye-opening journey into the afterlife. With warm-hearted sincerity, Rand offers you a clear-eyed and uplifting view into an unknown universe and teaches you how to navigate your life on this earthly plane with eternity in mind. In an increasingly uncertain world, there is only one guarantee: we all face the same outcome. Featuring her signature humor and infused with authenticity regarding her own spiritual journey, Rand provides comfort, clarity, and laughs along the way.

American Psychic Medium Magazine Economy edition

Author : Maximillien de Lafayette
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American Psychic & Medium Magazine. June 2017. Economy edition. Also available in full colors, printed on glossy heavy paper stock. June 2017. In collaboration with Revue Voyance & Parapsychologie. On the cover: Angelique van Bezouwen, and Dr. Wim Kramer. Published jointly by the American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums, New York, and Maximillien de Lafayette. From the contents: Angelique van Bezouwen, Holland's extraordinary psychic artist. Marcello Bacci, the medium who uses his radio to talk to spirits and to the dead. Love, ethics and marital obligations in the afterlife. What happens when a woman who married multiple times meets her deceased first husband in the afterlife? Should she return to him? And what are her marital obligations toward her first husband? In the afterlife, our mind sees and understands things differently; comments by leading lightworkers Is there an afterlife for our pets? Art of Ursela Rabe. Johan Borgman, pioneer of the Dutch mediumistic/occult art.