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The Age of Disruption

Author : Bernard Stiegler
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Half a century ago Adorno and Horkheimer argued, with great prescience, that our increasingly rationalized world was witnessing the emergence of a new kind of barbarism, thanks in part to the stultifying effects of the culture industries. What they could not foresee was that, with the digital revolution and the pervasive automation associated with it, the developments they had discerned would be greatly accentuated, giving rise to the loss of reason and to the loss of the reason for living. Individuals are now overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of digital information and the speed of digital flows, resulting in a kind of technological Wild West in which they find themselves increasingly powerless, driven by their lack of agency to the point of madness. How can we find a way out of this situation? In this major new book, Bernard Stiegler argues that we must first acknowledge our era as one of fundamental disruption and detachment. We are living in an absence of epokhē in the philosophical sense, by which Stiegler means that we have lost our path of thinking and being. Weaving in powerful accounts from his own life story, including struggles with depression and time spent in prison, Stiegler calls for a new epokhē based on public power. We must forge new circuits of meaning outside of the established algorithmic routes. For only then will forms of thinking and life be able to arise that restore meaning and aspiration to the individual. Concluding with a dialogue between Stiegler and Jean-Luc Nancy, this book will be of great interest to students and scholars in social and cultural theory, media and cultural studies, philosophy and the humanities generally.

Leading and Managing Change in the Age of Disruption and Artificial Intelligence

Author : Mathew Donald
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This book explores disruption and artificial intelligence in an organisational context to inform and prepare those that are in management positions now and into the future.

Clusters of Innovation in the Age of Disruption

Author : Engel, Jerome S.
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This book is about innovation ecosystems, Clusters of Innovation (COI) and the Global Networks of Clusters of Innovation (GNCOI) they naturally form. What is innovation and why is it important to us? Innovation is nothing less than the ability for constructive response and adaptation to change. The cause and catalyst for that change is frequently identified as technology and its unceasing pressure to improve on existing solutions and address unmet needs. The last decade has painfully demonstrated that exogenous environmental shocks are also sources of change that call for innovative responses, ranging from the obvious challenges such as global warming and Covid-19 to the more subtle social and political perturbations of our time.

The Next Age of Disruption

Author : MIT Sloan Management Review
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Management experts discuss the innovation challenges that lie ahead, building on Clayton Christensen's famous theory of "disruptive innovation." Clayton Christensen's groundbreaking theory of "disruptive innovation" has proven to be one of the most influential management ideas of the last several decades. In this book, business and management experts--many of them Christensen's colleagues and former students--discuss the innovation challenges that lie ahead. Building on Christensen's work, they offer companies a guide for navigating a new world of disruption--a future in which artificial intelligence is a business tool, the speed of innovation increases dramatically, and capital is more easily accessible. The book also includes one of the last interviews with Christensen before his death in January 2020.

Powering a Learning Society During an Age of Disruption

Author : Sungsup Ra
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This open access book presents contemporary perspectives on the role of a learning society from the lens of leading practitioners, experts from universities, governments, and industry leaders. The think pieces argue for a learning society as a major driver of change with far-reaching influence on learning to serve the needs of economies and societies. The book is a testimonial to the importance of learning communities. It highlights the pivotal role that can be played by non-traditional actors such as city and urban planners, citizens, transport professionals, and technology companies. This collection seeks to contribute to the discourse on strengthening the fabric of a learning society crucial for future economic and social development, particularly in the aftermath of the coronavirus disease.

Adoption and Disruption

Author : Richard P. Barth
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First Published in 2017. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an Informa company.

The Philosophy of Disruption

Author : Alexander Manu
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The Philosophy of Disruption provides a structural understanding of how disruption differs from regular change, presenting methods for conceptualizing beneficial responses into products, services, or experiences.

Marketing in the Age of Digitalization and Disruption

Author : Prof. Niharika Mishra
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Leading Educational Systems and Schools in Times of Disruption and Exponential Change

Author : Patrick Duignan
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This book provides an analysis of the impact of disruptive environments on education and closely examines national and international research-based literature on how educational systems in a number of countries are successfully transforming educational delivery processes to better prepare students for an increasingly disrupted world.

Working It Disruption Rules

Author : Greg Hutchins
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Are you Future Ready? McKinsey, the global consulting firm, estimates that between the present and 2030, 75 to 375 million workers need to switch jobs that will require new skills and new education just due to automation and tech disruption: “In terms of magnitude, it's akin to coping with the large-scale shift from agricultural work to manufacturing that occurred in the early 20th century in North America and Europe, and more recently in China. But in terms of who must find new jobs, we are moving into uncharted territory. Those earlier workforce transformations took place over many decades, allowing older workers to retire and new entrants to the workforce to transition to the growing industries. But the speed of change today is potentially faster. The task confronting every economy, particularly advanced economies, will likely be to retrain and redeploy tens of millions of midcareer, middle-age workers.” In this book, we explore the Future of Work and how it’s going to affect all of us in critical ways. We look at Disruption Rules through the lens of paradigm shifts, disruptive forces, and VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity). We look at what causes these changes, why it matters to you the reader, how it impacts you, and most importantly, what you can learn and do as a result of these disruptions. The main title of this book is Working It. As the title implies, Working It can be what you do to earn a living or what you do to have fun or how you live your life. In other words, Working It is all the stuff you do that have meaning and value for you. So when you go through this book, you’ll notice that many of the stories go beyond what you do at the place that provides you income. We focus on the meaning and things that are important to your Working It - Disruption Rules. When there’s a disruption, most of us find a job or career book to find answers and encouragement. Most old-school job books provide life, career, or job road maps. Follow these steps and you’ll get to where you want to be. If you believe these principles and follow these practices, you’ll find a satisfying job and enjoy a substantial salary with guaranteed yearly increases. In this book, we want to get real, provide insights, and tell it like it is! The Future of Work impacts people on a daily basis since it deals with our human needs, wants, and expectations. The Future of Work is now! So, we’d say that the Future of Work is important and relevant to the vast majority of people worldwide.