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The American College President 1636 1989

Author : Ann H. L. Sontz
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Sontz's bibliography is the first work on this topic in 30 years. It includes biographical material on educators that has become available only during the past three decades as well as materials relevant to colonial and 19th-century academic presidencies. The "Review Essay" critically reviews the past and current role of the president and changes in function and perception from 1636 to 1988. Source materials are accessible and relevant; only those presidential writings that pertain directly to issues of education and academic governance are cited.

Transforming Campus Culture

Author : Ruth Shoemaker Wood
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At a time when football and fraternities ruled the American campus, Frank Aydelotte shaped Swarthmore College into an intellectually-charged, academically-focused institution able to command national respect and financial support.

Resources in Education

Author :
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Old Main

Author : Samuel Schuman
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This perceptive and cogent account draws on key data and firsthand observations to tell the story of the small college in America. Defined as institutions that enroll between 500 and 3,000 full-time students, small colleges number about six hundred in the United States. Many are thriving, while some—whether through low enrollment, ballooning debt, or simple misfortune—face uncertain futures. Informed by his own experiences as a teacher and administrator, Samuel Schuman sketches the history and development of these institutions; then focuses on their current conditions and future possibilities. Administrators, faculty, and researchers will appreciate Schuman's insight into institutional choices and their consequences. Old Main is an essential book for anyone who shares Schuman's conviction that small colleges occupy a central place in American higher education.

Perspectives on the History of Higher Education

Author : Roger L. Geiger
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Volume Twenty-Five of Perspectives on the History of Higher Education, the silver anniversary edition, offers three fresh contributions to the understanding of American higher education in the nineteenth century and three historical perspectives on topics of contemporary concern.The divergent paths of antebellum colleges in the North and South have long been recognized. Stephen Tomlinson and Kevin Windham discuss Alva Woods, who moved from Calvinist New England to preside over the new University of Alabama. Woods personified the commitment to evangelical Protestantism and rigid student discipline that prevailed in northern colleges of that era, but in Tuscaloosa confronted the sons of planters, raised to respect mainly independence, power, and the Southern code of honor. Adam Nelson considers geology, a crucially important science in early America that existed on the periphery of higher education but eventually exerted pressure for intellectual modernization. He portrays the small community of scientific pioneers who sought the latest scientific knowledge from Europe, surveyed the mineral wealth of American states, and advocated for science in the college curriculum.Beginning in the 1930s, the National Research Council waged an organized campaign to encourage academic patenting and centralize it within one organization. Jane Robbins explains the crosscurrents of interests that plagued and eventually scuttled that effort, but that set the stage for the contemporary practice of university patenting. Robert Hampel examines how, for more than four decades, students at Yale University took a major responsibility for learning into their own hands by publishing a Critique of courses. He analyzes these documents to determine if their aims were to identify easy or challenging offerings, and finds that this effort produced highly responsible articles. A review essay by Doris Malkmus sheds new light on the experience of co-eds in

United States History

Author : Anna H. Perrault
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This important work has been completely revised and expanded with the addition of online databases, Web sites and CD-ROM titles. It identifies and describes hundreds of reference books that pertain to American history; entries offer thorough annotations that are both descriptive and evaluative. Arranged topically, chapters cover U.S. history in terms of politics and government; diplomatic history and foreign affairs; military history; social, cultural, and intellectual history; regional history; and economic history. Introductory scope notes provide valuable expository information and suggested search strategies in such areas as automation, government documents, and genealogy. Includes works published through 2002.

No Equal In The World

Author : Joseph N. Crowley
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No Equal in the World is a comprehensive study of the literature on the American academic presidency from the middle of the nineteenth century—when the first universities, as distinct from colleges, began to emerge—to the present. The book surveys widely divergent literature on the biographies of major presidents at crucial moments in the history of their institutions. The book affords an overview of the development of both the role of the university president and the public’s perception of that role, and indicates where perception and reality diverge. At a time when university presidents must find their way through a minefield of increasingly heated debates over issues such as free speech, curriculum, faculty diversity, and the specter of “political correctness,” Crowley’s book provides a sense of history to those striving to understand the demands of the position. It is an invaluable resource for scholars.

Higher Education Handbook of Theory and Research

Author : J.C. Smart
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Middle Level Education

Author : Samuel Totten
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Comprehensive guide to literature and resources on middle level education.

Academic Freedom

Author : Stephen H. Aby
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The freedom of academics to pursue knowledge and truth in their research, writing, and teaching is a fundamental principle of contemporary higher education in the United States. But this freedom has been hard won and regularly abridged, reinterpreted, and violated. As a result, it has generated literature in a variety of disciplines. This book is a guide to research on academic freedom. Included are annotated entries for nearly 500 books, articles, chapters, web sites, and other sources of information. Entries are grouped in topical chapters and arranged alphabetically by author within each chapter. While most of the works were published since 1940, some earlier studies are also included.