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Xenia Hausner True Lies

Author : Elsy Lahner
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Annie s Box

Author : Randal Keynes
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This work takes us into the Darwin family's private world to tell the story of Charles and Emma Darwin's and their first daughter Annie, who died at the age of ten. When Annie was a baby, Darwin doted on her, but also watched her with his researches in mind, and thought about man's animal origins. As Annie grew into a lively child, Darwin worked secretly on his theory of evolution, but his ideas were just one part of the family's life amid the wealth and poverty of Victorian England. Randal Keynes, Darwin's great-great-grandson and the current guardian of Annie's box, conjures up a world in which great thinkers - including Carlyle, Babbage and George Eliot - were struggling with ideas that were to shake mankind to its core.


Author : Gillian Cross
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When she begins receiving bizarre threatening messages from someone who seems to know her every move, teenage Ashley, after seeking help from the neighborhood tough guy, comes to realize that she alone can end the stalker's reign of terror.


Author : Nan Levinson
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A collection of twenty stories from the front lines of free speech captures the essence of the debate over free expression in a post-9/11 world, from a Puerto Rican journalist who is willing to risk prison to protect her sources to a fireman fighting for the right to read Playboy at work. (Current Affairs)

Dublin s Lost Heroines

Author : Kevin Corrigan Kearns
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Kevin Kearns, the acclaimed author of Dublin Tenement Life and other oral histories, has now prepared a masterly work of reminiscence, celebration and sadness. Based on interviews he has conducted during LDEPual visits to Dublin extending over thirty years, he has drawn together a unique picture of women's lives in the old Dublin slums. Tall town houses, originally built as elegant homes for the rich in the eighteenth century, fell into the hands of avaricious and pitiless landlords who filled them to bursting point with the desperate and impoverished urban proletariat. Conditions were often unspeakably vile with massive over-crowding and utterly inadequate sanitation. Yet out of these dreadful tenements families were reared, households kept together and human dignity maintained. women, the mammies and grannies of the Dublin slums whose voices course through this remarkable book. They tell of how they lived, of the difficulties they faced, of the grinding poverty, the unemployment, the fecklessness of their men folk and always of their heroic struggle to maintain the basic decencies of human life in inhuman conditions.

Annie s Soup Kitchen

Author : Lawrence R. Smith
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"With Whiskey Ed, Library Lady, the General, Roderigo, Skulford Elephant, and Perry - all soup kitchen regulars with special skills and powers - eco-warrior Annie forms the Magnificent Seven. Embarking on a campaign of inspired environmental monkey-wrenching, the Magnificent Seven attack a waste disposal plant, a cannery, and an oil refinery, inciting a media frenzy.".

She Never was Afraid

Author : Louise Watson
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Snow Angels

Author : Stewart O'Nan
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Weaves together two stories in the account of how fifteen-year-old Arthur Parkinson's family fell apart and the life and death of Annie Marchand, a young woman Arthur adored as a child

Annie Besant

Author : Rosemary Dinnage
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The Changeling Garden

Author : Winifred Elze
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Annie and Mark and their five-year-old son David move into an old Victorian house with several mysterious old gardens, and the entire family becomes embroiled in a terrifying ancient feud rooted in the garden. A first novel.