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The Architecture of Diplomacy

Author : Jane C. Loeffler
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The Architecture of Diplomacy reveals the complex interplay of architecture, politics, and power in the history of America's embassy-building program. Through colorful personalities, bizarre episodes, and high drama this compelling story takes readers from scandalous "inspection" junkets by members of Congress to bugged offices at the Moscow embassy to the daring rescue of American personnel in Somalia by Marines and Navy Seals. Rigorously researched and lucidly written, The Architecture of Diplomacy focuses on the embassy-building program during the Cold War years, when the United States initiated a massive construction campaign that would demonstrate its commitment to its allies and assert its presence as a superpower.

The Architecture of Diplomacy

Author : Anthony Seldon
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Since opening its doors in 1930, the British Ambassadors Residence has been considered the premier diplomatic address in Washington, D.C. A cross between an English country house and a neo- Palladian plantation, the Residence is a compelling but often overlooked example of the work of architect Sir Edwin Lutyens. His only building in the United States, its majestic interiors and gardens in the English style have been making their mark on Washingtons social and political elite for over eighty years. In this book Anthony Seldon and Daniel Collings explore both the genius of Lutyens design and the rich history of Anglo-American relations that has unfolded within its walls. Through significant world events, and the skill of successive ambassadors, this building became the forum that helped forge and then embody the special relationship between the two countries. From Winston Churchills rambunctious visits during the Second World War, to the dark days of Vietnam, and the rejuvenation of the relationship during the Thatcher/Reagan period, this book takes the reader deep behind the scenes. The end result is an intimate and fascinating history, featuring previously untold stories about visiting royalty, Presidents, Prime Ministers, and even the Beatles.

The Architecture of Diplomacy

Author : Anthony Seldon
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'The Residence is a beautiful place ... and your ambassadors use it well. It makes a big difference if you have an Embassy that is some kind of artistic expression, which therefore recalls the country's eminence.' Dr Henry Kissinger, US Secretary of State, 1973-7 Since opening its doors in 1930, the British Ambassador's Residence has been considered the premier diplomatic address in Washington. A neoclassical English country house with influences from American Colonial architecture, the Residence was built when the great British architect Sir Edwin Lutyens was at the very peak of his powers. His only building in the United States, its majestic interiors, exteriors and gardens in the English style have been delighting Washington's social and political elite for over eighty years. In this book, Anthony Seldon and Daniel Collings explore both the genius of Lutyens' design for the Residence and the rich history of Anglo-American relations that has unfolded within its walls. The house and its extensive gardens are lavishly illustrated by specially commissioned photography, while striking images from the archives bring to life important events from its past. In 1939, the Residence bore witness to the first ever visit by a British monarch to the United States. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth hosted a garden party there, Washington's social event of the decade, which was attended by the great and powerful of American politics, finance and high society. Through such prized events, and the skill of successive ambassadors, the building helped create and then embody the 'special relationship' between Great Britain and America. From Winston Churchill's rambunctious visits during the Second World War to the dark days of Vietnam and the rejuvenation of the relationship during the Thatcher-Reagan period, the authors take the reader behind the elegant gates on Massachusetts Avenue deep into the corridors of power. This book offers an intimate and fascinating history, featuring previously untold stories of visiting royalty, presidents, prime ministers, and even the Beatles.

Jacqueline Kennedy and the Architecture of First Lady Diplomacy

Author : Elizabeth J. Natalle
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This unique rhetorical analysis of First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy's communication uncovers five forms of soft diplomacy that catapult her to the top of all American first ladies as a model of international influence. Her use of interpersonal, fashion, language, cultural, and state diplomatic strategies constitutes an architectural plan of smart power. Breaking away from the stereotype of Mrs. Kennedy as a style icon, the evidence in this monograph supports her astute awareness of how to support the Kennedy Administration's foreign policy during the Cold War era by engaging state visits to Europe and South America, receiving heads of state at the White House, creating cultural ideals of freedom through art and preservation, and using French and Spanish to speak directly to the people of other countries. Her persuasive tactics set the stage for future first ladies to excel in a role that requires creativity and sound judgment. Students in communication, political science, history, rhetoric, and women's studies will benefit from this book in their own study of first ladies, the presidency, foreign policy, and Cold War history. Written in an engaging style, Jacqueline Kennedy and the Architecture of First Lady Diplomacy will appeal to a range of scholarly interests across disciplines.

Negotiating World Order

Author : Gamani Corea
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Architectural Diplomacy

Author : Gil R. Smith
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In 1676-77 a single event revitalized the traditions of Roman design. That event, the union of the French Royal Academy and the Academy of Saint Luke in Rome, is given new significance in the present study. It has long been thought that the academies' fusion signaled the passing of artistic preeminence from Rome to France. Here, however, the author proposes a more complex interpretation. By demonstrating that Rome continued, in fact, to be the more innovative and influential of the two academies, Gil Smith is able to discern patterns of influence that cross geographical and temporal boundaries, and to portray late-Baroque architecture in international terms. For this Compelling portrait of a transitional period of European architectural trends, Professor Smith draws on the student competitions inaugurated at the Saint Luke Academy to commemorate its ties with the French academies. Far more important than mere "academic" work, these competition drawings reveal the nature of instruction in Rome, the influences of the academy's officers and patrons, and the nature of contemporary projects similar in program to the competitions. The design synthesis pursued in Rome until the end of the seventeenth century, particularly by Carlo Fontana, would become an important source of inspiration for prominent architects of the next century. Among others, the academy's design methodology influenced Fischer von Erlach, Filippo Juvarra, and Giles Oppenord in their search for a progressive Baroque language.

Diplomatic Letter from the Architectural Enclave

Author : Jie Zhang
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Seeing Architecture as a political art, this book concerns itself with boundaries: those of regimes, of culture, of law, and of social strata. In a silent crisis where sustained inscription of physical and social boundaries evacuates urban space into archipelagos of enclaves, Architecture with only ambiguous claims of public space is rendered both an accomplice and a victim, impotent against forces of capital and concerns of security. Exposing the absurdities in urban geopolitics and persistent spatial logics of exclusivity is as important as proposing to hack into them. Critical of the innocence of so-called public space and the underlying architectural impasse, the book offers an investigative commentary on the state of urban enclaves, while speculating on alternative strategies by designing an embassy, a bounded pseudo-extraterritory and the epitome of an enclave. Through absurd couplings and blatant image-making, a seemingly open US embassy is proposed for Beijing as an imploded fragment of a boundary, its incompleteness buttressed by other territories of privilege and its disparate barriers articulated as a mechanism of filtration. Away from popular strategies of conceptual and spatial blurring, the book defines an architectural porosity to orchestrate spaces of varying openness, as a nuanced response to both the embassy’s double identities and schizophrenic agendas of city-building. With an architecture that is diplomatic by function and diplomatic by disposition, one experiments with an agency beyond the single pursuit of public-ness and an escape from the ideological enclave of positivism. Ultimately, the goal is to suggest and develop a methodology of designing with oppositions, irony and latency.

Desert Design Diplomacy

Author :
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British Embassies

Author : James Stourton
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A unique and glamorous book about British Imperial and post-Imperial architecture and a lively and evocative read for anyone interested in the international projection of British power and culture. British Embassies have a special role in our history. They represent our country in bricks and stone and have often expressed – at least in the eyes of foreigners – our national character. Whether they are Lutyens buildings in Washington, grand palaces in Europe, beautiful old colonial buildings in Asia, or secure compounds in the Middle East, they all have stories to tell and reveal the changing face of British diplomacy. A mixture of history, architectural description, diplomacy and anecdote, this large format picture book covers Residences and embassies in twenty-six countries to provide an authoritative text, accompanied by newly commissioned photography.

Building Diplomacy

Author : Elizabeth Gill Lui
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Building Diplomacy is a comprehensive photographic documentary featuring the architecture of U.S. embassies. Photographed from November 2000 through November 2003, this body of work is a portrait of America's international diplomatic presence.

The SAGE Handbook of Diplomacy

Author : Costas M. Constantinou
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The SAGE Handbook of Diplomacy provides a major thematic overview of Diplomacy and its study that is theoretically and historically informed and in sync with the current and future needs of diplomatic practice . Original contributions from a brilliant team of global experts are organised into four thematic sections: Section One: Diplomatic Concepts & Theories Section Two: Diplomatic Institutions Section Three: Diplomatic Relations Section Four: Types of Diplomatic Engagement

The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Diplomacy

Author : G. Berridge
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Preface to the First Edition Preface to the Second Edition Preface to the Third Edition Notes on Using the Dictionary The Palgrave Macmillan Dictionary of Diplomacy Bibliography.

The Practice of Diplomacy

Author : Keith Hamilton
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A coherent text that tracks the historical development of diplomatic relations and methods from the earliest period to current transformations in today's post Cold War world.

Room for Diplomacy

Author : Mark Bertram
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Britain's diplomatic buildings - embassies, consulates, high commissions - come in all shapes, sizes, styles and ages. They share one purpose - to support the nation's international role. They provide its Room for Diplomacy. This is the first book to tell the story of this building type. It covers well over a hundred buildings around the world: why they were required, how they were procured and who made them happen. Their provision by one government department for another was always contentious and inevitably led to clashes between distant and impatient diplomats and providers in London with more of an eye on costs and values. It is a two-century saga of competing outlooks. Mark Bertram CBE was with the civil service for thirty years as architect, manager and quasi-diplomat and was involved in every aspect of managing these buildings.

Polish Diplomacy Art and Architecture 1918 1939

Author : Monika Kuhnke
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The Foreign Office and British Diplomacy in the Twentieth Century

Author : Gaynor Johnson
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This book examines the evolution of the Foreign Office in the 20th century and the way in which it has responded to Britain's changing role in international affairs. The last century was one of unprecedented change in the way foreign policy and diplomacy were conducted. The work of 'The Office' expanded enormously in the 20th century, and oversaw the transition from Empire to Commonwealth, with the merger of the Foreign and Colonial Offices taking place in the 1960s. The book focuses on the challenges posed by waging world war and the process of peacemaking, as well as the diplomatic gridlock of the Cold War. Contributions also discusses ways in which the Foreign and Commonwealth Office continues to modernise to meet the challenges of diplomacy in the 21st century. This book was previously published as a special issue of the journal Contemporary British History.

Architecture of Great Expositions 1937 1959

Author : Rika Devos
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This book investigates architecture as a form of diplomacy in the context of the Second World War at six major European international and national expositions that took place between 1937 and 1959. The volume gives a fascinating account of architecture assuming the role of the carrier of war-related messages, some of them camouflaged while others quite frank. The famous standoffs between the Stalinist Russia and the Nazi Germany in Paris 1937, or the juxtaposition of the USSR and USA pavilions in Brussels 1958, are examples of very explicit shows of force. The book also discusses some less known - and more subtle - messages, revealed through an examination of several additional pavilions in both Paris and Brussels; of a series of expositions in Moscow; of the Universal Exhibition in Rome that was planned to open in 1942; and of London’s South Bank Exposition of 1951: all of them related, in one way or another, to either an anticipation of the global war or to its horrific aftermaths. A brief discussion of three pre-World War II American expositions that are reviewed in the Epilogue supports this point. It indicates a significant difference in the attitude of American exposition commissioners, who were less attuned to the looming war than their European counterparts. The book provides a novel assessment of modern architecture’s involvement with national representation. Whether in the service of Fascist Italy or of Imperial Japan, of Republican Spain or of the post-war Franquista regime, of the French Popular Front or of socialist Yugoslavia, of the arising FRG or of capitalist USA, of Stalinist Russia or of post-colonial Britain, exposition architecture during the period in question was driven by a deep faith in its ability to represent ideology. The book argues that this widespread confidence in architecture’s ability to act as a propaganda tool was one of the reasons why Modernist architecture lent itself to the service of such different masters.

Architecture of Regionalism in the Age of Globalization

Author : Liane Lefaivre
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The definitive introductory book on the theory and history of regionalist architecture in the context of globalization, this text addresses issues of identity, community, and sustainability along with a selection of the most outstanding examples of design from all over the world. Alex Tzonis and Liane Lefaivre give a readable, vivid, scholarly account of this major conflict as it relates to the design of the human-made environment. Demystifying the reasons behind how globalization enabled creativity and brought about unprecedented wealth but also produced new wastefulness and ecological destruction, the book also looks at how regionalism has also tended to confine, tearing apart societies and promoting destructive consumerist tourism.

Tchaikovsky 19 A Diplomatic Life Behind the Iron Curtain

Author : Robert F. Ober, Jr.
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"Readers will discover the failures of Kissinger ́s policy of detente in the early 1970s, the mistaken departure from Carter ́s balanced policy toward China and the USSR, and the near-collapse of the embassy due to intelligence failures"-Foreign Service Journal. "Ober ́s book recounts it all, along with the personalities and events of the time now mostly forgotten: dissidents and refuseniks, Victor and Jennifer Louis, Nina and Ed Stevens, U.S.-Soviet summits, microwaves, bugged buildings and typewriters, fires, spy dust and spy mania . . . It ́s all there, the pageant of U.S. Embassy Moscow 1970-90, a place so unlike today ́s walled air-conditioned, high-rise embassy fortress a block away as to beggar the imagination."-Richard Gilbert, "You have wonderfully captured the way things were in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and ́80s. I don ́t know anyone who has done it better."-Donald Connery, former Time-Life correspondent, Moscow. "Together with much wisdom about American diplomacy, this rich memoir provides keen insight into Russian thinking and behavior"-George Feifer, "The Girl from Petrovka".

The Tragedy of American Diplomacy

Author : William Appleman Williams
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One of the first modern historians to integrate economic realities into the study of American foreign policy, William Appleman Williams has been a diplomatic historian of major influence since the first publication of The Tragedy of American Diplomacy. In this pioneering book, "the man who has really put the counter-tradition together in its modern form" (Saturday Review) examines the profound contradictions between America's ideals and its uses of its vast power, from the Open Door Notes of 1898 to the Bay of Pigs and the Vietnam War.