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The Art and Science of Hand Reading

Author : Ellen Goldberg
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A comprehensive guide to the inner psychology revealed by the hand • Details how to interpret the entire hand--the shape of the palm and fingers, mounts, lines, fingerprints, flexibility, nails, and skin texture • Reveals the personality archetypes, strengths, and weaknesses connected with each of the seven mounts and how the rest of the hand modifies these traits • Explains how lines change and the decisive influence of the person’s own mind in healing defects found on the lines Palmistry is a science and a universal language. The hand tells a story about your talents, relationships, health, and how you feel about yourself. It reveals periods of ease or challenge in your life, and it speaks about your weaknesses and the traits you need to develop. As you change, so do your hands, reflecting the progress you have made. In this comprehensive guide to hand reading, based on Ellen Goldberg’s 40 years of teaching palmistry and the Western Mystery tradition, the authors make the powerful insights of the hand accessible in an inviting and user-friendly manner. The book presents the character traits and personality archetypes associated with each of the seven mounts of the palm and shows how to determine which are most influential in the nature of the individual. The mount archetypes reveal the lifestyle, love,sex, and marriage preferences; the best career choices; and the unique strengths and weaknesses for each person. The book also examines other factors that enhance the qualities revealed by the mount types, including the flexibility of the hand, texture of the skin, and the shapes of the fingers, fingertips, and nails. The meaning of each major and minor line is described in detail as well as the influence the person’s own mind has in healing defects and obstacles found on their lines. The authors also provide accurate timing guides for each line, making it possible to locate specific events and to see how your lines change over time. Presenting the hand as a guide to self-fulfillment, The Art and Science of Hand Reading incorporates correspondences to other mystical sciences such as astrology, Kabbalah, the Hermetic teachings, and archetypal psychology. It also includes practical examples and more than 600 illustrations to show how to integrate the meanings of each part of the hand to form a complete picture of your inner psychology and your ever-changing destiny.

The Art of Palmistry

Author : Ray Douglas
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Palmistry is not a science, nor is it a pseudo-science. It is an art: the art of using the hand, or both hands taken together, to symbolise the whole person. Forming a pattern unique to the individual in every tiny detail, a person's hand can be seen to represent his or her entire life, their personality, talents, strengths and weaknesses, health, fortune and the fates which may befall them. This book starts with the basics and presents the subject in a way that is easy to learn. It will tell you all you need to know to become a successful palmist, for fun or profit.

The Art and Science of Face Reading

Author : Jennifer Lamonica
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A complete, illustrated guide to the ancient tradition of reading the face to gain insight into health, personality, relationships, and career • Details how to read the profile, front face, features, and musculature of the face to reveal temperament, personality traits, health predispositions, and mental state • Explores the history and development of face morphology from its origins in Israel and Egypt more than 4,500 years ago to its modern use in French medical schools • Examines the Foursquare diagram, developed by French occultist Papus, for highly accurate and detailed facial readings The face is a unique reflection of our genetic, inherited inclinations as well as the effects that life, nature, and relationships have had upon us. By looking at a person’s face, you can gain valuable insight into their personality, health, and how they navigate in the world. In this illustrated guide, Jennifer Lamonica reveals the sacred tradition of face morphology, an esoteric system that has been passed quietly from rabbi to student as an unbroken oral tradition for more than 4,500 years. She explores the history and development of this ancient art from its origins in Israel and Egypt to its use as the major diagnostic system in Europe until the Enlightenment and its current applications in French medical schools. Sharing the techniques of master face readers, the author details how to read the angles of the profile, as well as palm color and nose shape, to determine a person’s temperament, providing health and career insight into each of the four temperaments, including nutritional needs, digestive issues, sleep patterns, health predispositions, and ideal occupational paths. Exploring the Foursquare diagram, developed by French occultist Papus, for highly accurate and detailed facial readings, she explains how to read the front face in combination with planetary shapes, which reveal a person’s character; the major facial features, such as eyebrows, which reveal personal inclinations; and the musculature of the face, including expressions, which reveals a person’s current mental state. Providing case studies, she examines how to apply face morphology in relationships and in parenting. Exploring the meaning of each facial variation, while also honoring the intuitive impression received at first glance, Lamonica reveals how the ancient science of face reading allows you to compassionately help your loved ones, students, or clients, as well as overcome personal obstacles and better know yourself.

The Art of Hand Analysis

Author : Mir Bashir
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Every hand is the map of a life, revealing the past and the potential of the future. Both a science and an art, hand analysis can provide a key to assessing accurately an individual's physical and psychological nature. Mir Bashir's classic work is renowned for its comprehensive exploration of the art of hand reading. The text carefully explores and explains the two methods of analysis: cheirognomy and cheiromancy. Cheirognomy is the study of the shape of the hand, finger formations, nails, skin texture and the eight mounts of the hand. Cheiromancy is the interpretation of the lines and markings engraved on the palm's surface. Mir Bashir considers the seven major lines, as well as treating in detail the wealth of minor and unusual signs and marks. This new edition of The Art of Hand Analysis contains over 400 illustrations, providing the reader with a visual encyclopaedia to accompany this authoritative text. By combining careful analysis with experience and intuition, Mir Bashir demonstrates that divination through hand reading is neither superstition nor game, but a path to self-discovery and a wonderful way to satisfy age-old curiosity.

The Art and Science of Training

Author : Elaine Biech
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There are more similarities than differences between how artists and scientists work. Both ask countless questions. Both search in earnest for answers. Both are dedicated to reaching the best results. Not so different from today's trainers, are they? Elaine Biech, one of the most highly regarded names in talent development, has set out to identify the perfect blend of content mastery and audience insight. The result is this highly informative book.The Art and Science of Training presents the science for learning and development, but it also emphasizes that training success lies in knowing what to do when things don't go as planned. Discover how top facilitators always put learners first, even when faced with exceptions to the rule—the unwilling learner, the uninformed supervisor, the inappropriate delivery medium, or the unmanageable performance challenge. And learn why you must understand people, not only content, to ensure consistently exceptional learning experiences. Science is both a body of knowledge and a process. Art is the expression of creativity and imagination. Where they intersect is the best way to help others learn and grow.

A Guide to Palmistry

Author : Shanker Adawal
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There have been innumerable requests for writing a book on Palmistry. The author has written a book that gives the basics of this science. Palmistry has been there from the early ages and we find literature where Sanskrit language has been used in explaining issues of this science in the early Vedic ages. In this book the author has tried to explain the uniqueness of each hand and as to how it helps in deciphering characteristics. In the science of hand reading importance is given to the shape, size, lines and the marks on hand. These have been dealt in details through various chapters in the book. Palmistry is in no way related to the science of Occultism but can be divided into two parts viz the art of reading character from the shape of hands/ fingers and the science of reading the actions and habits. Also it gives an insight of the future if one is able to correlate the shape of the hand with the lines marked thereon. The author has in the various chapters tried to explain various factors like the size, shape, texture, lines and marks that help in deciphering character and the actions that a person is prone towards. This is a basic book on Palmistry which will be useful reading to all. One could develop on these basics for a greater understanding of the subject.

The Mystery of Palmistry

Author : P. Khurrana
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An ancient art with many systems of interpretation, palmistry is a subject that has enthralled mankind for ages. In this comprehensive and easy-to-read volume, P. Khurrana bestselling author and renowned exponent of astrology, tarot, vaastu provides to the reader a guide to the art and science of palm reading. Explore the mysteries of palmistry in this book. Understand the connections between your past, your present and your future. Learn not only how to interpret the lines on your own hands and those of people around you but also the ethics and methods of the practice of palmistry

The Art and Science of the Church Screen in Medieval Europe

Author : Spike Bucklow
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Fresh examinations of one of the most important church furnishings of the middle ages.

The Art of Palmistry Mini Book

Author : Mahabal
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Palm reading has been used for millennia as a means of divining a person’s past and future. And now, that knowledge can be literally in the palm of your hand! Drawing on a deep tradition of divination and interpretation of the messages found on the palms of our hands, this handy little (one might even say . . . palm-sized!) book collects expert author and scholar Vernon Mahabal’s writings alongside helpful illustrations by Belgin Wedman that will have you and your friends reading palms like seasoned professionals. This beautifully produced and highly giftable hardcover book is filled with easily deciphered illustrations and detailed information, this guide is a perfect entry into the mystic art of palmistry. Gain detailed insight into your life’s purpose, your true career calling, and your talents, abilities and potential, and more. • Deep and detailed information on the art and science of palm-reading, in 304 information-packed pages. • Blends ancient and more contemporary traditions to give an easily accessible approach that is nonetheless rooted in centuries-old traditions. • Filled with informative illustrations that clarify exactly what to look for and how to interpret the features of any hand.

Palm Reading

Author : Megan Atwood
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Young readers will find keys to their personalities and how to work on their problems with this introduction to palm reading and palmistry. Fits STEAM curriculum needs as well as being a high-interest topic. The Capstone Interactive edition comes with simultaneous access for every student in your school and includes read aloud audio recorded by professional voice over artists.

Chinese Palmistry

Author : Henning Hai Lee Yang
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It was the Chinese who really developed the technique of reading palms to analyze people, and turned it into a science. This simple and practical illustrated handbook distills years of valuable information on the subject, enabling anyone to use this powerful tool to uncover details about a person's character, health, and future. Here are more than 200 extremely detailed readings, based on the five main lines and eight mounts defined on the palm; each interpretation has its own explanation and illustration. Find out how to read different types of hands, from the soft and delicate to the strong and compact; how to decipher fingerprints; and what each line and mount signifies. Figure by figure, learn what configurations of lines and bumps on the palm reveal selfishness, maturity, love and jealousy, good intuition in romance, artistic talents, a difficult old age, an impending accident, and much more.

The Art and Science of Handwriting

Author : Rosemary Sassoon
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Analysing a discipline, this text considers handwriting in its scientific and artistic contexts and reflects a decade's work in both educational and hospital settings.

The Art and Science of Technical Analysis

Author : Adam Grimes
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A breakthrough trading book that provides powerful insights on profitable technical patterns and strategies The Art and Science of Technical Analysis is a groundbreaking work that bridges the gaps between the academic view of markets, technical analysis, and profitable trading. The book explores why randomness prevails in markets most, but not all, of the time and how technical analysis can be used to capture statistically validated patterns in certain types of market conditions. The belief of the book is that buying and selling pressure causes patterns in prices, but that these technical patterns are only effective in the presence of true buying/selling imbalance. The Art and Science of Technical Analysis is supported by extensive statistical analysis of the markets, which will debunk some tools and patterns such as Fibonacci analysis, and endorse other tools and trade setups. In addition, this reliable resource discusses trader psychology and trader learning curves based on the author's extensive experience as a trader and trainer of traders. Offers serious traders a way to think about market problems, understand their own performance, and help find a more productive path forward Includes extensive research to validate specific money-making patterns and strategies Written by an experienced market practitioner who has trained and worked with many top traders Filled with in-depth insights and practical advice, The Art and Science of Technical Analysis will give you a realistic sense of how markets behave, when and how technical analysis works, and what it really takes to trade successfully.

The Art and Science of String Performance

Author : Samuel Applebaum
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In this handy reference for string teachers, Dr. Samuel Applebaum addresses the most frequently asked questions, ranging from the very basic to the most advanced. From his conversations with the greatest concert artists of our time, he covers topics such as positions, intonation, vibrato, bowings, sight reading, practicing and stage fright in a comprehensive question-and-answer format.

The Art and Science of Psychotherapy

Author : Stefan G. Hofmann
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Psychotherapy, like most other areas of health care, is a synthesis of scientific technique and artistic expression. The practice, like any other, is grounded in a series of standardized principles, theories, and techniques. Individual practitioners define themselves within the field by using these basic tools to achieve their therapeutic goals in novel ways, applying these rudimentary skills and guiding principles to each situation. However, a toolbox full of treatment approaches, no matter how comprehensive, is not enough to effectively reach your patients. Effective work can only be accomplished through a synthesis of the fundamental scientific methods and the creative application of these techniques, approaches, and strategies. The Art and Science of Psychotherapy offers invaluable insight into the creative side of psychotherapy. The book addresses the fundamental split between researchers and scholars who use scientific methods to develop disorder-specific treatment techniques and those more clinically inclined therapists who emphasize the individual, interpersonal aspects of the therapeutic process. With contributions from leading therapists, the editors have compiled a practical handbook for clinical psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, and mental health professionals.

Mystery of Palmistry

Author : P. Khurrana
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An ancient art with many systems of interpretation, palmistry is a subject that has enthralled mankind for ages. In this comprehensive and easy-to-read volume, P. Khurrana—bestselling author and renowned exponent of astrology, tarot, vaastu—provides to the reader a guide to the art and science of palm reading. Explore the mysteries of palmistry in this book. Understand the connections between your past, your present and your future. Learn not only how to interpret the lines on your own hands—and those of people around you—but also the ethics and methods of the practice of palmistry

The Occult Sciences Chiromancy Or Palm Reading

Author : Various Authors
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A republication of the 1897 edition. The illustrated contents deal with all aspects of the fascinating art, history and science of palm reading.

The Art of Hand Reading

Author : Lori Reid
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Looks at the history of palmistry, describes the various lines that are found on the hand and how they are interpreted, and tells what hand analysis is supposed to reveal about compatibility, health, occupations, money, travel, and retirement

Pascal an Introduction to the Art and Science of Programming

Author : Walter J. Savitch
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This revision brings a popular market leader in line with the trend toward integrating object-oriented methods into program design. With a greater emphasis on modern programming concepts such as ADTs, the book shows readers how to conceptualize their programs in an object-oriented fashion. This edition also offers expanded coverage of algorithm analysis and Big O notation and earlier coverage of loops.

Books for Inner Development

Author : Cris Popenoe
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