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The Art and Skill of Buddhist Meditation

Author : Richard Shankman
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The Art and Skill of Buddhist Meditation offers a practical guide to building a strong meditation practice by unifying mindfulness, concentration, and insight into a single, integrated approach. Mindfulness and insight—clearly knowing what is happening in one’s present moment experience—and concentration—the ability of the mind to remain steady and undistracted—are foundational elements of meditation, yet people are often confused about how these aspects of the practice fit together. Should they be doing insight meditation or concentration practices? How does concentration fit into insight meditation? To help, The Art and Skill of Buddhist Meditation offers specific guidance for cultivating both insight and concentration in meditation. This book will be of interest to both beginning and experienced meditation practitioners who wish to familiarize themselves with, deepen their understanding of, and increase their practical skills in mindfulness, concentration, and insight meditation. New meditators who want hands-on skills they can easily put into practice will find the step-by-step instructions accessible and easy to understand. Experienced practitioners will find a complete and useful guide for deepening insight and cultivating the deeper stages of concentration known as jhana. This book also discusses the most common experiences that can arise as the meditation process unfolds, and will help you find the approaches and techniques that work best for you.

Meditation for Beginners

Author : Jack Kornfield
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Kornfield explains how simple it is to start and stick with a daily meditation practice, a time-honored skill of calming the spirit and clearing the mind for higher understanding.

Buddhist Meditation

Author : Kamalashila
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This book is a comprehensive and practical guide to Buddhist meditation, providing a complete introduction for beginners, as well as detailed advice for experienced meditators seeking to deepen their practice. Kamalashila explores the primary aims of Buddhist meditation: enhanced awareness, true happiness, and liberating insight into the nature of reality. This third edition includes new sections on the importance of the imagination, on Just Sitting, and on reflection on the Buddha.

The Art of Awareness

Author : Eric Harrison
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How to meditate for a calm, clear and observant mind. This book will show you how to get the full rewards that are possible from this remarkable skill.

The Art of Happiness

Author : Mirko Fryba
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Uses techniques of Buddhist mind training to describe a way of life that will lead to happiness.

Towards Ananda

Author : Shakti Maira
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Focusing on Indian art and aesthetics which emphasize the 'glorious past' of the classical traditions, this title deals with contemporary art and its place in the emerging global art world. It also gives us an overview of Western ideologies and art movements, and their conflict with Eastern perspectives.

The Art of Central Asia and the Indian Subcontinent in Cross cultural Perspective

Author : Anupa Pande
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Proceedings of the International Seminar on the Art of Central Asia and the Indian Subcontinent in Cross-Cultural Perspective, 1st cent. CE-14th cent. CE, held at New Delhi during 12-16 March 2007.

The Fine Arts of Relaxation Concentration and Meditation

Author : Joel Levey
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Rewritten and revised for new readers, this classic manual on relaxation and meditation covers a wide range of techniques for focusing the mind and harmonizing it with the outside world. Original.

The Mindful Leader

Author : Michael Carroll
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A new generation of business leaders is turning to mindfulness as a cutting-edge leadership tool. Scientific research suggests that the practice of mindfulness (a technique for learning to live in the present moment) can help individuals to gain clarity, reduce stress, optimize performance, and develop a greater sense of well-being. In The Mindful Leader, Michael Carroll explains what mindfulness is and how to develop it in the hectic and often stressful environment of the twenty-first century workplace. He focuses on ten key principles of mindfulness and how they apply to leading groups and organizations. Along the way, Carroll addresses a range of topics, including how to: heal the "toxic workplace," where anxiety and stress impede performance cultivate courage and confidence in the face of workplace difficulties pursue organizational goals without neglecting what’s happening here and now lead with wisdom and gentleness, not just with ambition and power start a personal meditation practice to develop your innate leadership talents Full of engaging stories and practical exercises, The Mindful Leader will help leaders in any field to discover their innate intelligence, bravery, and joy on the job.

The Meditation Process

Author : Lyle Olson
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The Meditation Process is a practical study of concentration meditation for intermediate and beginning meditators. Based on many years of wide personal experience and research, this is a close look at what the meditator actually does. Concise, practical suggestions are given for questions about posture, breathing, dealing with thoughts, brain hemisphere functions, establishing one-pointed mind, turning mind inward, relaxation, non-attachment, lifestyle, mantra use, awareness, and obstacles fond in all forms of meditation. For the serious student, stages of meditation common to Raja Yoga and Buddhist Shamatha are seen as a process leading to one-pointed mind. Many professional photos give a sense of reality to the contemplative lifestyle as seen in India and Nepal.

Voice of Buddhism

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Christians Talk about Buddhist Meditation Buddhists Talk About Christian Prayer

Author : Rita M. Gross
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This book adopts the format of the editorsÆ previous book, Buddhists Talk about Jesus, Christians Talk about the Buddha. In that book eight scholar-practitioners--four of them Buddhist and four Christian--explored their relationship to the great religious figure of the other tradition. Then the remaining contributors, two from each tradition, addressed themselves, rebuttal fashion, to the views expressed. In the new book the subject is the differences and similarities between Buddhist meditation and Christian prayer. What can a Christian, for example, learn from the mental and physical rigor of Buddhist meditative practice? What can a Buddhist learn from traditional Christian prayer? Can one mix distinct religious identity (Christian) with practice techniques associated with another religion (Buddhist) without compromising the religious specificity of either the identities or the techniques? Christian contributors include Frances S. Adeney, Mary Frohlich, Paul O. Ingram, Ursula King, Terry C. Muck, Yagi Seiichi, and Bardwell Smith. Buddhist contributors include Robert Aitken, Grace Burford, Rita Gross, John Makransky, Ken Tanaka, Robert Thurman, and Taitetsu Unno.

Instructors Manual with Test Item File

Author : James Fadiman
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Film Video Finder

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Fighting Buddha

Author : Jeff Eisenberg
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A raucous, irreverent look into the Buddhist and Martial Arts worlds Can we be martial arts practitioners and Buddhists at the same time? Can these practices actually complement each other, in mindfulness? How do we reconcile Buddhist concepts like non-violence with a fighting practice like judo, karate or jiu jitsu? Long-standing martial arts instructor and meditator Jeff Eisenberg addresses these and other questions in his own inimitable style, employing autobiographical anecdotes, along with martial arts fighting strategies, koan and sutra teachings, and Buddhist folk stories. Fighting Buddha outlines why the true test of a martial artist’s skill and of a Buddhist’s application of mindfulness is during a situation that is the least conducive for it—usually not inside the Dojo or Zendo. Challenging the belief that fighting martial arts styles are not conducive to a meditative practice, the book discusses the difference between violence and the use of force as it relates to the Buddha’s teaching of “cause no harm”, exploring the common misunderstanding that meditative moments are exclusive to only select activities. Further topics are the struggles of beginning training and practice, the importance of identifying goals, choosing a teacher and training in support of these goals. And, far from being the often-perceived ending, Jeff concludes that enlightenment and the black belt are really only a beginning.

108 Metaphors for Mindfulness

Author : Arnie Kozak
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From the author of Mindfulness A to Z! This engaging and accessible little book is filled with both humor and profound teaching. It presents 108 metaphors for mindfulness, meditation practice, the nature of the self, change, deep acceptance, and other related concepts that Dr. Kozak has cultivated over twenty-five years of meditating, practicing yoga, and working as a clinical psychologist. Metaphors are indispensable to understanding mindfulness, and to help deeply internalize it and make it a part of everyday life. These mentally catchy images can motivate us to practice, show us how and where to bring mindfulness to life in our personal experience, and help us employ powerful methods for transformation. This book was previously published under the title Wild Chicken and Petty Tyrants.

Thawan Duchanee

Author : Russell Marcus
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Thai national artist Thawan Duchanee has spent his life creating art that deeply reflects Buddhist philosophy. He is internationally renowned, and his art is masterful both for its intricacy and for its subtle portrayal of Buddhism. Thawan expresses Buddhist wisdom with incredible versatility. His artworks depict the dangers of doubt, lust, fear, and lack of concentration, expose humankind’s pursuit of pleasure and escape from pain, and illustrate virtues exemplified in the previous lives of the Buddha. Using over one hundred images, the book succinctly examines these themes, often hidden deep within the art itself, and guides the reader through some of Thawan’s most interesting works. This is the first book to combine a focus on these works with an exploration of Thawan’s outstanding architectural and decorative achievements in Chiang Rai and Germany. Often told in his own words, this book offers insights into Thawan’s creative genius, explores his philosophy on the arts, examines his famous signature, and recounts his life story. It is fascinating reading for all those interested in Thai art and Buddhism. What others are saying “Larger-than-life Thai artist Thawan Duchanee is one of the foremost representatives of Thai and Asian art. His penchant for traditional Asian motifs and styles and his flamboyant personality have earned him popularity and renown as one of the leading lights of the international art scene.”—The Nation Highlights - The first book to examine Buddhist content in Thawan’s artworks - Features over one hundred illustrations - Explores Buddhist philosophy in relation to Thai modern art - Includes a biography of Thawan’s life - Compact overview of Thawan’s most well-loved and interesting work

Shambhala Sun

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Author : Frank Rainer Scheck
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A pocket-sized survey of the origins of Buddhism offers a brief review of its doctrines and variations throughout China, Japan, and Tibet, as well as a biography of the Indian price responsible for founding the religion, Gautama Buddha. Original.

Buddhism Today formerly Known as Metta

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