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The Art of Ageing Textualising the Phases of Life

Author : Brian Worsfold
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The Art of Ageing

Author : Sherwin B. Nuland
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In his landmark book How We Die, Sherwin B. Nuland profoundly altered our perception of the end of life. Now in The Art of Aging, Dr. Nuland steps back to explore the impact of aging on our minds and bodies, strivings and relationships. Combining a scientist's passion for truth with a humanist's understanding of the heart and soul, Nuland has created a wise, frank, and inspiring book about the ultimate stage of life's journey. The onset of ageing can be so gradual that we are often surprised to find that one day it is fully upon us. Growing old, Nuland teaches us, is not a disease but an art - and for those who practice it well, it can bring extraordinary rewards, leading many to new sources of creativity, perception, and spiritual intensity.

The Art of Ageing

Author : Srinivas Krishna Kulkarni
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The Art of Ageing

Author : John Lane
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Despite our cultures marginalization of the elderly and its glorification of the years of youth, aging remains a natural and potentially precious part of life.

The Adam and Eve ABC Guide to the Art of Ageing Disgracefully

Author : Gaynor Spriggs
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The art of ageing is treated in a light-hearted manner but with useful insights. The book plants thoughts in your head that will help you feel empowered. It will give you tools to navigate the ageing process. Lavishly illustrated with quirky drawings that will encapsulate the text.

Breakfast with the Centenarians

Author : Daniela Mari
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Learn the art of growing old from the supercentenarians living life to the fullest. It's said that life begins at 40 - but that number is constantly revised upwards as we live longer and longer. With the number of centenarians having quadrupled in the last thirty years, more of us can now hope to reach the 100-year mark than ever before. But how can we navigate this journey with grace, dignity and style? In this charming and informative book, Daniela Mari - the Italian doctor caring for some of the oldest people on the planet - draws on her experiences as a renowned gerontologist to reveal the science behind a healthy, happy old age. It turns out that the world's centenarians can teach us a thing or two about ageing well. And the secrets are not always what you'd think. Informed by the latest medical studies and incredible stories of individual longevity, Mari shows how our lifestyles can far surpass the influence of our genetics and why a daily glass of liquor isn't the end of the world. From our sleeping habits and diet to the crucial importance of our passions and interests, Breakfast with the Centenarians is the essential handbook for a fruitful and fulfilling old age.

The Art of Aging

Author : Alice Matzkin
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A couple, both artists, take a penetrating look at aging through a series of projects that confront their fear and curiosity about growing old. They explore physical changes, sensuality and relationships, aging parents, spirituality and death. Drawing on their personal experiences and the wisdom of older mentors, they conclude that their elder years can be a time of ripening and harvest rather than stagnation and despair. The profusely illustrated book contains a wealth of inspiration, especially for those about to enter old age.

Galileo The Art of Ageing Mindfully

Author : Adam Ford
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Mindfulness is a lifelong exercise and the older we get the more appreciative we can become of the practice. Galileo & The Art of Ageing Mindfully reveals how the father of modern science introduced a new era in our mindful understanding of ourselves and our place in the universe. Adam Ford turns his telescope towards the stars to reveal a natural fusion of science and spirituality and to offer his own perspective on ageing. Questions of deep time and existence, and spiritual insights are shared alongside wise notes to his grandchildren. Add in a constellation of meditative insights, and Adam proves how our existential journey with ageing is the natural opportunity to experience the true benefits of mindfulness.

Quotes from the Art of Ageing Gratefully

Author : Sally Hewitt
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The Very Late Goethe

Author : Charlotte Lee
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Goethe's career was an unusually long and productive one: he became a literary celebrity in the 1770s and remained so until his death in 1832. The distinguishing feature of his last works is their self-consciousness, their preoccupation both with the business of writing and with personal development. In the first cross-genre study of this period of Goethe's work, Charlotte Lee traces the theme in his last major poems and autobiographical writings, before turning to the two 'giants', 'Wilhelm Meisters Wanderjahre' and 'Faust II'. All these works share a tendency to allude subtly to earlier moments from Goethe's own literary output, but to fashion them into writing which is quite new - even though (or perhaps because) he himself is old. This book seeks to understand the unique perspective of one nearing the end of a long life.

The Longevity Book Live stronger Live better The art of ageing well

Author : Cameron Diaz
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From Cameron Diaz, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Body Book, comes a fresh, personal, and authoritative examination of the art and science of growing older and a roadmap for abundant health and resilience as we age.


Author : Paul Taylor
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The paintings we see today in museums, galleries, churches and temples are often much altered by the centuries. Pictures can split, rot, be eaten by woodworm, warp, blister, crack, cup, flake, darken, blanch, discolor, become too translucent and disappear under a centuries-old varnish; and they can also suffer from the efforts of their owners to rectify these situations: they might be transferred, relined, ironed, abraded or repainted. Anyone writing about a work of art needs to establish at the outset how much it has changed since it was fi rst made. This act of understanding is far from easy. We need to develop a knowledge of the physical and chemical processes which have brought paintings to their current state, in the hope that we can imagine their reversal. And we have to look as much as we can, at a wide variety of paintings, so we can learn to distinguish those in a worse or better state of preservation; we have to try to understand what it is about a picture that differentiates good and bad condition. Theories of art history have been built on works which are little more than repaint and decay, and the beginner needs to be warned about the many pitfalls dug by time for the unwary. A great deal has been written about conservation and restoration, but this is the first book to approach the issue from the viewer's standpoint, and to discuss changes in appearance that affect our understanding and appreciation of works of art. This book is highly illustrated so as to make its points extremely clear. It should appeal to anyone with an interest in art.

The Art of Anti ageing

Author : J. N. Govil
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Spirited Ageing

Author : Juliet Batten
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"A spiritual perspective on positive ageing, covering the body, attitude, possessions, identity, relationships, passion, purpose, the shadow, the energy body, old age, death and dying"--Publisher's information.

The Lazarus Strategy

Author : Norman Lazarus
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We are all living longer. The World Health Organisation predicts that by 2050 there will be two billion people over 60 with 434 million of those over 80 years of age. But there's a catch: the quality of those extra years of life is shockingly poor. Many of us will find ourselves living with diseases and dependent on non-curative drugs and health carers as a result. We are not ageing well nor wisely. Dr Norman Lazarus, 84, is an exception. He is an expert on the physiology of healthy human ageing and living proof that our later years can be lived well. Even now, in his eighties, he leads an active and medication-free lifestyle, regularly walking and cycling long distances. Dr Lazarus has now written a remarkable book, with the aim of helping others to stay well for longer. The Lazarus Strategy is a part how-to and part manifesto on the art of healthy ageing to guide readers along the path to a more active, productive, independent future and a medication-free life. Norman will show us that our lifestyle choices now will determine how we will age through our golden years and how fast - in the future. The three main factors crucial to keeping healthy are physical activity, food and the mind. Norman explains how each of these affect ageing and how we need to make changes to these areas of our life from the age of 50 and beyond.

The Age of Creativity

Author : Emily Urquhart
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A moving portrait of a father and daughter relationship and a case for late-stage creativity from Emily Urquhart, the bestselling author of Beyond the Pale: Folklore, Family, and the Mystery of Our Hidden Genes. “The fundamental misunderstanding of our time is that we belong to one age group or another. We all grow old. There is no us and them. There was only ever an us.” — from The Age of Creativity It has long been thought that artistic output declines in old age. When Emily Urquhart and her family celebrated the eightieth birthday of her father, the illustrious painter Tony Urquhart, she found it remarkable that, although his pace had slowed, he was continuing his daily art practice of drawing, painting, and constructing large-scale sculptures, and was even innovating his style. Was he defying the odds, or is it possible that some assumptions about the elderly are flat-out wrong? After all, many well-known visual artists completed their best work in the last decade of their lives, Turner, Monet, and Cézanne among them. With the eye of a memoirist and the curiosity of a journalist, Urquhart began an investigation into late-stage creativity, asking: Is it possible that our best work is ahead of us? Is there an expiry date on creativity? Do we ever really know when we’ve done anything for the last time? The Age of Creativity is a graceful, intimate blend of research on ageing and creativity, including on progressive senior-led organizations, such as a home for elderly theatre performers and a gallery in New York City that only represents artists over sixty, and her experiences living and travelling with her father. Emily Urquhart reveals how creative work, both amateur and professional, sustains people in the third act of their lives, and tells a new story about the possibilities of elder-hood.

The Art of Living

Author : André Maurois
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The art of loving, marriage, family life, friendship, thinking, working, leadership, growing old, and happiness.

The Art of Make up

Author : Vlastimil Boublík
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The Ageing of Materials and Structures

Author : Klaas van Breugel
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This work is an overview of the state of art on Ageing of Materials and structures in the world. Ageing of materials is a natural phenomenon. Each material we use will age. This ageing will influence the performance of the object where the materials is used. Furthermore, the ageing will be affected by the surroundings in which the object is placed. The main focus of the book is on materials used in infrastructure, energy, buildings and industry. The book in effect establishes the definition of ageing and its main research topics that are relevant for society.

Human Ageing and Later Life

Author : Anthony M. Warnes
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