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The Art of Being a Tourist at Home

Author : Jenny Herbert
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A thoughtful book that celebrates staycations at a time when the world is grappling with the future of travel. In The Art of Being a Tourist at Home, Jenny Herbert takes us on a journey through our neighborhood streets and our local parks, through museums and libraries, art galleries and bookshops. There's wonder to be found in the theatre and music-making all around us, vibrancy in fresh-food markets, new friends to meet through hobbies and clubs, and so many lifetime learning opportunities to be had-all without the stress involved in planning a holiday. After all, why do we travel in the first place? It's an urgent question in these days of climate crisis and global instability. Staying closer to home makes good sense: it's cheaper, easier, less stressful and better for our health as well as the health of the planet. But Jenny doesn't suggest that we should abandon all future travel plans. Instead, she shows travelers of all kinds how we can still harness the spirit of travel through the art of the staycation. With beautiful illustrations throughout, The Art of Being a Tourist demonstrates that travelling at home offers the greatest potential for us to discover what contributes to our wellbeing and our happiness.

The Art of Being Black The Creation of Black British Youth Identities

Author : Claire E. Alexander
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The Art of Being Black explores how young black Britons create their cultural identities. Claire Alexander rejects the common tendency to view black communities in terms of conflict, or as the focus of a problem; she offers a fresh exploration of the strengths and ambiguities of black youth representations as they are imagined and lived through, focusing in particular on community, `class', social life, and masculinity. Young black men have been typecast as hostile and culturally confused, alienated from their parents and from society; as `folk devils' (the stock images of the black mugger, the Rastafarian drug dealer, the rioter, the Yardie), creating problems for society in general. To get a truer view, Dr Alexander spent twelve months as `one of the boys' in a group of young black Londoners; the resulting highly personal, in-depth, and very readable study counters the usual image of ethnic identity as fixed and immutable. Drawing on contemporary debates about culture and ethnicity, this book offers the close observation and informed analysis needed to bring to life theories of black cultural identity.

The Art of Being

Author : Yi-Ping Ong
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In this account of how the novel reorients philosophy toward the meaning of existence, Yi-Ping Ong shows that the existentialists discovered a radical way of thinking about the relation between the form of the novel and the nature of self-knowledge, freedom, and the world. At stake are the conditions under which knowledge of existence is possible.

Bringing Travel Home to England

Author : Susan Lamb
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This study is the first to identify and examine the circulations and mutually constitutive relations among literature, tourism, and the wider culture in the 18th century. Gendering emerges as a key mechanism both for those who brought travel home and for those who were influenced by it in other ways.

The Art of Being Jewish in Modern Times

Author : Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett
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This richly illustrated volume illuminates how the arts have helped Jews confront the challenges of modernity. There truly is an art to being Jewish in the modern world—or, alternatively, an art to being modern in the Jewish world—and this collection fully captures its range, diversity, and historical significance.

The Art of Being There in Portugal

Author : David F. Jennings
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Geography and the Art of Life

Author : Edmunds Valdemars Bunkse
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"Offers a singularly courageous, personal account of learning how to pour the poetics of space into the art of life." -- Geografishe Annales B: Human Geography

The Art of Travel

Author : Philip Dodds
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First published in 1982. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

On the Beaten Track

Author : Lucy R. Lippard
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Now in paperback, an "insightful" (San Francisco Bay Guardian) look at tourism and nostalgia from the bestselling author and art critic. In Lucy R. Lippard's On the Beaten Track, essays on cultural criticism, anthropology, and community activism are interwoven to examine how tourism sites are conceived and represented, and how they transform their surroundings. Called "stimulating" and "valuable" by Newsday, On the Beaten Track is now available in paperback for the first time. With her characteristic breadth of insight and critical eye, Lippard explores the act of being a tourist in one's own home, the role of advertising and photography in defining place, antique shops as populist museums, and the commodification of indigenous cultures. She discusses the political economies of leisure spaces; the tourist's fascination with tragic destinations such as the sites of massacres, nuclear weapons tests, and Holocaust memorials; and our willingness to let national parks and heritage sites define nature and history. Finally, the author that critic Andrew Ross calls "the most sure-footed tour guide you could hope for" surveys how artists are responding to the environmental, cultural, and political issues surrounding contemporary tourism.

Atlantic Monthly

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The Art of Connection

Author : Dillon Mahoney
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The Art of Connection narrates the individual stories of artisans and traders of Kenyan arts and crafts as they overcome the loss of physical access to roadside market space by turning to new digital technologies to make their businesses more mobile and integrated into the global economy. Bringing together the studies of globalization, development, art, and communication, the book illuminates the lived experiences of informal economies and shows how traders and small enterprises balance new risks with the mobility afforded by digital technologies. An array of ethnic and generational politics have led to market burnings and witchcraft accusations as Kenya’s crafts industry struggles to adapt to its new connection to the global economy. To mediate the resulting crisis of trust, the Fair Trade sticker and other NGO aesthetics continue to successfully represent a transparent, ethical, and trusting relationship between buyer and producer. Dillon Mahoney shows that by balancing revelation and obfuscation—what is revealed and what is not—Kenyan art traders make their own roles as intermediaries and the exploitative realities of the global economy invisible.

Zen and the Art of Local History

Author : Carol Kammen
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Zen and the Art of Local History is an engaging, interactive conversation that conveys the exciting nature of local history. Divided into six major themes the book covers the scope and breadth of local history: • Being a Local Historian • Topics and Sources • Staying Relevant • Getting it Right • Writing History • History Organizations Each chapter features one of Carol Kammen’s memorable editorials from History News. Her editorial is a “call.” Each is followed by a response from one of more than five dozen prominent players in state and local history. These Respondents include local and public historians, archivists, volunteers, and history professionals across the kaleidoscopic spectrum of local history. Among this group are Katherine Kane, Robert “Bob” Richmond, Charlie Bryan, and Cinnamon Catlin-Legutko. The result is a series of dialogues on important topics in the field of local history. This interactivity of these conversations makes Zen and the Art of Local History a unique offering in the public history field.

The Atlantic Monthly

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The Constant Art of Being a Writer

Author : N. M. Kelby
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The Fiction Writer's Guide to Creative Success From that first story idea to publication and beyond, being a novelist is an evolving process. The Constant Art of Being a Writer helps you discover the mindset and skills you need to confidently approach each aspect of writing and publishing. Award-winning novelist and short story writer N.M. Kelby explores core fiction writing techniques like idea generation, outlining, character development, and the use of black comedic moments and magic realism, as well as essential business-related topics like getting an agent, self-promotion, crafting a bestseller, the ins and outs of a successful author tour, and much more. With lively instruction, innovative writing tips, and original exercises, The Constant Art of Being a Writer is a guide you can count on every step of the way.

A Perverse Romance a Tourist Dance to Art and Satirical Provocation

Author : Pru La Motte
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A Perverse Romance is a satirical tale of artist Hephzibah Brown, who is persuaded by Cedric, the Imp of Perversity, to follow him to the recently independent Ghana, following with the temptation that they will compose a tourist book for him to write and for her to illustrate. She does follow, but knowing his unreliability, she changes it to a book about tourists—one a pragmatist and the other an idealist. And more than this, her tourists will be women. The novel becomes an examination of real life being a form of transience. How I use satire: Satire is the uncomfortable life of being disturbed but draws to our notice the human capacity of doubling our subjective thinking. This is a philosophical impact, which philosopher Thomas Nagel brought to my attention in mind and cosmos (materialism): “Subtracts from the physical world as its major object is everything mental—consciousness—meaning intention or purpose.” It is the absence known but ignored too hard. Subjectivity becomes fictive but remains to challenge through satire.

The Art of Resistance

Author : Colette Braeckman
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The Golden Books are a joint project by NTGent and the Berlin publisher Verbrecher Verlag. It is a series comprising programme articles on theatre, aesthetics and politics as well as background pieces on projects by NTGent. A series on both the theory and the practice of an engaged theatre of the future. The Art of Resistance is the fourth volume in this series. It gathers speeches, essays, interviews and manifestos, written and performed by artists, activists, journalists and lawyers. How can we practice solidarity? Fight an unjust system of imperialism and neoliberal capitalism? Give a voice to the unheard? With contributions from Colette Braeckman, Luanda Casella, Maria Lucia Cruz Correia, Aminata Demba, Douglas Estevam da Silva, Heleen Debeuckelaere, Beatrice Delvaux, Ulrike Guerot, Dalilla Hermans, Prince Kihangi, Daniel Lima, Robert Menasse, Ogutu Muraya, Yoonis Osman Nuur, Brunilda Pali, Milo Rau, Hendrik Schoukens, Yvan Sagnet, Lara Staal, Terreyro Coreografico / Daniel Fagus Kairoz, Marc-Antoine Vumilia, Harald Welzer, Veridiana Zurita. All texts in english.

Rethinking Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education

Author : New Museum
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For over a decade, Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education has served as the guide to multicultural art education, connecting everyday experience, social critique, and creative expression with classroom learning. The much-anticipated Rethinking Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education continues to provide an accessible and practical tool for teachers, while offering new art, essays, and content to account for transitions and changes in both the fields of art and education. A beautifully-illustrated collaboration of over one hundred artists, writers, curators, and educators from in and around the contemporary art world, this volume offers thoughtful and innovative materials that challenge the normative practices of arts education and traditional art history. Rethinking Contemporary Art and Multicultural Education builds upon the pedagogy of the original to present new possibilities and modes of understanding art, culture, and their relationships to students and ourselves. The fully revised second edition provides new theoretical and practical resources for educators and students everywhere, including: Educators' perspectives on contemporary art, multicultural education, and teaching in today’s classroom Full-color reproductions and writings on over 50 contemporary artists and their works, plus an additional 150 black-and-white images throughout Lesson plans for using art to explore topical issues such as activism and democracy, conflict: local and global, and history and historicism A companion website offering over 250 color reproductions of artwork from the book, a glossary of terms, and links to the New Museum and G: Class

Tourism Art and Souvenirs

Author : David Hume
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This book examines the relationship between art and tourism through the study of the material culture of tourism: tourist art and souvenirs. It thoroughly examines how to categorise the material culture of tourism within the discourses of contemporary art and cultural anthropology, and demonstrates that tourist art is a unique expression of place and genuine artistic style. The first investigation to consider the activity of souvenirs from both indigenous and settler tourist sites, it brings a unique addition to the existing, dated, research in the area. Working initially from Graburn’s definition of tourist art, as the art of one culture made specifically for the consumption of another, Tourism Art and Souvenirs sheds light on important aspects of the souvenir that have not been widely discussed. The most recent research is used to consider how the souvenir is designed and consumed, consumer expectations and influence on the character of the souvenir, how the souvenir maker is consumed by the tradition of heritage and how products become successful as souvenirs. The title also investigates the language involved in the representation of place and the recording of experience through the souvenir, developing a method that expresses the descriptive data of individual souvenir artefacts graphically so the patterns of language may be analysed. Enhancing the understanding of material culture in tourism and therefore adding to future tourism development this volume will be of interest to upper level students, researchers and academics in tourism, culture, heritage and sustainability.

The Art of Control

Author : Gerald T. Hannah, Ph.D
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The Art of Control by Gerald T. Hannah, Ph. D. We are all in control of our lives—more or less. Dr. Gerald Hannah says we should definitely opt for “more.” More control of our thoughts. More control of our feelings. More control of our behavior. That’s the only way to overcome everyday difficulties and truly lead a fuller life. It’s all here for you in The Art of Control. These are real-life stories of people starting out, starting up, or settling in. Is one of these your story? “A must-read for the 21st century executive who wants to get his head and heart in alignment for successful leadership outcomes, this book gets an ‘A’ in my book.” –Dr. Alphonso O. Ogbuehi CEO, Atlantic Executive Resources (Former Dean and Professor Emeritus, Clayton State University “Julie’s story [Chapter 2] reflects the thoughts of many young teachers today. It reminds us that we cannot change outside influences, but we can adjust our perceptions and reactions to them.” —Linda Icaza, Lifelong teacher “Mary’s words [Chapter 9] will be a comfort and inspiration to anyone undergoing a similar experience – or those who have lost a loved one.” —Vicki Arnwine Mother of three “An important resource for anyone who coaches, mentors, or develops subordinates or simply for those who wish to develop themselves. Dr. Hannah has done a remarkable job.” —William O. Blackwood, Ph.D. President, DWB & Associates

The Saturday Review of Politics Literature Science Art and Finance

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