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The Art of Teaching

Author : Gilbert Highet
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Explores the methods of instruction and the character and abilities which make a good professional teacher

The Art of Teaching Music

Author : Estelle Ruth Jorgensen
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A veteran teacher's practical approach to music education

The Art of Teaching Art

Author : Deborah A. Rockman
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Often the finest artists do not make the best teachers. Many frustrated college students of art know this all too well as they suffer through unstructured classes with inexperienced teachers or graduate student instructors. In these situations, it is easy to blame the teachers. But the problem is largely institutional: most students graduating with MFAs from art schools receive little if any instruction in teaching art. If you find yourself in this predicament as teacher or student, this book is for you. The first book to provide a comprehensive guide for teaching college-level art, The Art of Teaching Art is the culmination of respected artist and instructor Deborah Rockman's two decades of teaching experience. Believing that drawing is the backbone of all of the visual arts, she begins with a complete explanation of drawing concepts that apply to any subject matter, e.g., composition, sighting processes, scaling techniques, and methods for linear and tonal development. She then illustrates these concepts with step-by-step methods that easily translate to classroom exercises. Next, she applies the drawing principles to every artist's most important and challenging subject, the human figure. After an extended section on understanding and teaching perspective that explores illusionistic form and space, the focus of the book shifts to the studio classroom itself and the essential elements that go into making an effective learning environment and curriculum. From preparing materials lists and syllabi, to setting up still-lifes, handling difficult classroom situations, critiquing and grading student artworks, and shooting slides of student artworks, she leaves no stone unturned.

The Art of Educational Leadership

Author : Fenwick W. English
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"English successfully challenges the established educational community to rethink the current state of research on school leadership in the social sciences...The inclusion of theory, discourse, and stories of recognized leaders followed by chapter learning extensions that include key concepts, movie recommendations, and prompted reflective journaling makes this book a most valuable resource for the educational leadership community." —H.J. Bultinck, CHOICE "The Art of Educational Leadership provides one of the most complete examinations of leadership that I have encountered. I admire the way it urges students to think and reflect. The format allows individual learners to focus on those materials that best fit their learning style while the numerous presentations of a single topic through the different modalities strengthens the learning. This text is a fresh, new look at leadership..." —Louise L MacKay, East Tennessee State University "Fenwick W. English returns to themes of leadership he explored in more than 20 earlier books and dozens of presentation to educator audiences. He favors "re-centering educational leadership in the humanities," rather than acting on the recommendation of the business literature, and he emphasizes the use of films as a way to humanize leadership concepts." —THE SCHOOL ADMINISTRATOR "Excellent cogent analysis of key concepts of leadership are presented in a reader friendly style." —Saul B. Grossman, Temple University Moves beyond established notions of leadership to recognize that effective leading is about drama and performance—artistry! The Art of Educational Leadership: Balancing Performance and Accountability stresses the human side of leadership. No other text on this topic demonstrates so ably the importance of artistry in leadership in a field that has been lopsidedly dominated by concepts informed by science. Presenting the idea that leadership is an art, this book: Exemplifies a balance between the science and the art of educational leadership: The real improvement of practice is rooted in the art of application, which is about context and represents the key to leadership practice. Connects content material to self-discovery: Exercises at the end of each chapter include creating a personal, reflective journal to engage the reader in and reflect upon theories and practices presented in the book. Films are suggested for viewing to illustrate the interaction between context, culture, decisions, and outcomes. Portrays multicultural leadership in action: Biography boxes throughout the book share how multicultural educational and political leaders who have been recognized as "expert" practitioners learned the art of leadership in the public arena. This is the first book in educational leadership to sketch out a balance between the science and the art of the field. The text illustrates how performance and practice represent the art, while the delineation of the skills and conceptual models represent the science.

The Art and Craft of Pedagogy

Author : Richard Hickman
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The Art of Education

Author : Howerth Woods
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Unlike some other reproductions of classic texts (1) We have not used OCR(Optical Character Recognition), as this leads to bad quality books with introduced typos. (2) In books where there are images such as portraits, maps, sketches etc We have endeavoured to keep the quality of these images, so they represent accurately the original artefact. Although occasionally there may be certain imperfections with these old texts, we feel they deserve to be made available for future generations to enjoy.

Researching the Art of Teaching

Author : Peter Woods
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This book is a follow-up to Inside Schools. It reviews the position of ethnography in educational research in the light of current issues and of the author's own research over the past ten years. Starting from an analysis of teaching as science and as art, Peter Woods goes on to review the general interactionist framework in which his own work is situated, and how this relates to postmodernist trends in qualitative research. The approach is illustrated through reference to the author's own personal history and research career, and his recent research on creative teaching, critical events, and his teachers reactions to school inspections. How to represent such research is a central feature, and includes a consideration of the tools used in that task and how they relate to the ethnographer's self, whatever forms of representation are selected, however, the audiences' own concerns will guide them in their interpretation of the work. Prominent themes include: * the person of the ethnographer in research * the art of teaching and new ways of representing it, while not forgetting the science of teaching and of research * research for educational use, and the uses of educational research * collaborative work between researchers and teachers The issues covered include such matters as research purposes, research design, research careers, access, data collection, data analysis, truth criteria, the relationship between theory and research methods, writing-up, and dissemination.

A New System of Teaching the Art of Writing To which is added a plan of acquiring improvement in business handwriting by a peculiar movement of the pen etc With plates

Author : Joseph CARSTAIRS
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The Art of Teaching

Author : Alan Haigh
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"This is not another book of checklists or tips for teachers. The Art of Teaching is quite simply the definitive guide to effortlessly mastering the essence of good teaching practice. Concise, simple, yet motivating and inspiring, Alan Haigh's book hones in on the essential 'big' ideas behind the craft of caching, condensing them into straightforward, step-by-step rules, which you can put into practice right away."--Page 4 of cover.

The Art of Teaching

Author : Jay Parini
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In a deeply personal memoir filled with humor, encouragement, and hard-won wisdom about the teacher's craft, the distinguished critic and author furnishes valuable insights into the many challenges educators face, as well as a discussion of such topics as politics in the classroom, the importance of a disciplined approach to life, fostering relationships with students, and balancing one's teaching load with research and writing.

Love in Education the Art of Living

Author : Becky L. Noël Smith
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It is common for teachers and students of education to feel disheartened about the profession and their own aims and purposes once they become conscious of the dehumanizing tendencies of the schooling institution. As teacher educators, we have also known many students who, after studying critical perspectives aimed at exposing the power and privilege flowing through the public schools, then look to us with the question, “Where’s the hope?” Our attempt to answer our students’ questions has led us to consider what beauty and love in education look like. Where can it be seen, and how can we bring this forward so it can be instructive to those who are faced with similar questions about the incredibly important craft of teaching? This collection of narratives, essays, and poetic expressions includes the perspectives of students and educators who, in varying ways, express gratitude toward those who came before them and a deep desire to keep the faith alive. The authors share narrative accounts of someone or something in the public schools or learning experiences in general that inspired and nurtured the passionate desire to achieve goods internal to some shared practice – that is, some art at living – such that there was a transformative readjustment to the very nature of experience itself. We share with readers the stories and intellectual habits that have fueled us, inspired us, and that continue to push us to engage in the practice of cultivating educational dynamics that are meaningful and transformative for ourselves, our students, and our communities. The book concludes with an exploration into how teachers might not only root their craft, but the habit of love in general, in a sense of freedom.

The Art Of Drama Teaching

Author : Mike Fleming
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This classic edition of Mike Fleming’s The Art of Drama Teaching provides a multitude of practical ideas for teachers of drama and for those who are interested in using drama to teach other subjects. It takes the form of detailed discussion of twenty-five drama techniques including but not limited to: beginnings and endings monologue and narration off-stage action and reported action mime irony time shifts minor characters Each technique, topic or convention is illustrated by a carefully chosen extract from a play and accompanied by a commentary and practical examples of lesson tasks. This book not only demonstrates drama as an art form and provides ready-to-use material for drama teachers, but highlights how dramatic techniques can be used to inform classroom teaching and develop teacher practice. Featuring a brand new preface by the author to contextualise the book within the field today, this Routledge Classic Edition is an indispensable resource for drama teachers in both primary and secondary schools.

The Art of Teaching School

Author : Josiah Rhinehart Sypher
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The Art of Teaching School

Author : J.R. Sypher
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The Art of Teaching Russian

Author : Evgeny Dengub
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A comprehensive guide to Russian-language instruction combining the latest research, pedagogy, and practice. The Art of Teaching Russian offers practitioners current research, pedagogical thinking, and specific methodologies for teaching the Russian language and culture in the twenty-first century. With contributions from the leading professionals in the field, this collection covers the most important aspects of teaching the Russian language. The book begins with an overview of the past and current trends in foreign language education and in Russian instruction in the United States. Other topics include the effects of ACTFL's World-Readiness Standards on the field; different pedagogical approaches to teaching at various levels of proficiency; curriculum and materials development; and teaching Russian culture to develop students' intercultural competence. The collection concludes with a discussion on how to use technology in the Russian-language classroom to enhance students' learning. The Art of Teaching Russian includes practical approaches for successful teaching, supported by original research. Teachers and graduate students will rely upon this collection to enhance their instruction.

Ruskin and Oxford

Author : Professor of Cultural Policy and Leadership Studies Robert Hewison
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John Ruskin (1819-1900) was considered the greatest critic of art, culture, and society of the nineteenth century. This lavishly illustrated volume, based on an exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum, explains Ruskin's true intentions in founding the Ruskin School of Drawing at Oxford and describes his lifelong commitment to drawing and its use as a teaching school.

The Art of Education

Author : Matthew Ong
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Graphics the Art of Accurate Delineation

Author : Rembrandt Peale
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The Art of Education

Author : Adin Steinsaltz
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The Art of Interactive Teaching

Author : Selma Wassermann
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In this book, Selma Wassermann, international expert on classroom interactions, sets the stage for the relevance of the interactive teaching method, provides data and classroom examples that support its effectiveness at all student learning levels and in different subject areas, and offers detailed and specific help for teachers who are considering embarking on this approach to teaching. Coverage includes "teaching to the big ideas," preparing students, and the basics of developing good listening, responding, and questioning skills in an interactive discussion. A chapter on learning to become reflective practitioners deals with how teachers may become more aware of what they are saying and in better control of framing responses and questions in the art of interactive teaching. The book draws from the author's long experience and study of interactive teaching using the case method rooted in the Harvard Business School's approach to large class instruction.