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The Art of Psychic Reiki

Author : Lisa Campion
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From master Reiki teacher Lisa Campion comes The Art of Psychic Reiki, a one-of-a-kind, step-by-step guide for learning the sacred art of Reiki while cultivating the psychic and intuitive skills crucial to this healing energy work. Reiki is a gentle yet powerful, hands-on energy healing method from Japan that’s been gaining in popularity over the last century—not only with bodyworkers and massage therapists in the West but also with medical professionals who can attest to its healing power. Born from the author’s decades of experience with Reiki healing and her own methods, The Art of Psychic Reiki provides everything you need to know about this healing art, including the critical psychic development and empathy training that prepares healers to go out and do the work they were meant to do. If you’re drawn to the healing art of Reiki, you might be a highly sensitive person, with high levels of empathy, intuition, and latent psychic abilities (a combination of intuition and inner knowing, plus the ability to connect with higher wisdom). And since Reiki is a form of energy healing, many new practitioners may experience what’s called a psychic opening as they learn or practice. For this reason, it’s important that every Reiki practitioner master the ability to navigate their empathic and psychic sensitivities while engaged in this work—and this book can help. Whether you’re new to Reiki or you’re a practitioner seeking to deepen your knowledge and enhance your skills, with this guide you’ll learn how to use Reiki to heal yourself and others, cultivate and trust your natural intuition, develop your empathic and psychic abilities, work with your spirit guides, and ground and protect yourself as a practitioner of this sacred healing art.

The Art of Psychic Protection

Author : Judy Hall
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Most of us are unaware that fatigue, scattered focus, and over-reactive emotions--if no physical cause can be determined--may be the result of psychic energy drain. Psychic and healer Judy Hall offers basic and practical tools for psychic protection that can be learned quickly and easily to become an automatic part of life. Illustrated.

Energy Healing for Empaths

Author : Lisa Campion
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Empaths often struggle with drawing and maintaining boundaries with others, and keeping their own energy safe and secure. From energy healer and psychic trainer Lisa Campion--author of The Art of Psychic Reiki--this healing guide will teach empaths and other highly sensitive readers the energy management skills they need to embrace their unique gifts and cope with energy vampires--those who feed off of the vitality of others, leaving them drained and exhausted.

The Only Psychic Power Book You ll Ever Need

Author : Michael R Hathaway
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A Simon & Schuster eBook. Simon & Schuster has a great book for every reader.

REIKI Usui and Tibetan LEVEL III ART Certification Manual

Author : Gail Thackray
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Reiki is an ancient healing art passed down through generations, rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan. It involves the channeling of life force energy and is a simple hands-on technique that anyone can learn. This manual may be used for teaching Reiki Level III/ART certification courses or simply by those interested in energy healing and self-development. Topics include: •Learn the Usui Master symbol and how to use it. •Learn advanced Reiki techniques such as cutting negative cords and removing energetic blockages. •How to perform a psychic surgery (invisible surgery on an energetic level) to heal emotional, spiritual, and physical issues. •Reiki meditations for enhancing spiritual connection. •Specific techniques to further enhance your psychic senses. •Using the Antahkarana symbol. •Create a Reiki Crystal Grid for healing and manifesting. •Increase your connection to your Reiki guides. •How to remove negative attachments. •How to clear spaces. •Determining which Reiki tools to use. •Using other symbols, such as the Manifesting symbol and the OM symbol.

I Don t Want to Be an Empath Anymore

Author : Ora North
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Do you feel all the feels—all the time? Are you fed up with the mainstream spiritual “love and light” scene that calls for constant positivity, even in the face of true loss, trauma, and pain? If so, this book is for you. I Don’t Want to Be an Empath Anymore is a gift for the jaded empath searching for authenticity in spirituality, and spirituality in being authentic—something beyond the clichéd, positive affirmations that seem to invalidate our anger, sadness, and pain. When we feel broken—and when real damage has been done, it’s not always helpful to ignore our feelings and tell ourselves that we are perfect and whole. In this refreshingly honest guide, shamanic practitioner Ora North offers practical exercises to help you navigate your intuition and empathic sensitivities, create much-needed boundaries, and build confidence. You’ll also learn to balance your emotions and energy, and harness the strength of your shadow side to embrace your whole self and live your best life. Like the Japanese craft known as Kintsugi—the art of repairing broken pottery using a lacquer dusted with powdered gold—the process of acknowledging and repairing our fragmented selves can make us even more beautiful than before, cracks and all. In this book, you won’t find platitudes or attempts to whitewash your experiences. What you will find are real, practical tools and guidance to help you make the most of your unique abilities.

Living with Reiki

Author : Wojciech Usarzewicz
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A small, yet inspiring spiritual book about Reiki and powerful spiritual truths of the modern world. A book introducing the reader to the practice of Reiki and to the spiritual changes, to which Reiki leads. A great reading for those who are already Reiki practitioners and would like to expand their own knowledge, and a great book for everyone who is interested in spiritual growth, as the book presents great and basic spiritual truths of the Universe. In addition to explaining the nature and basics of Reiki method of healing and spiritual growth, the author teaches about spiritual truths and laws, and provides additional practical tutorial for spiritual skills and gives away tips for spiritual development. Learn about the law of attraction and practical skills of spiritual cleansing. Explore the path of Reiki with a Reiki Master!

The 300 masterpieces of art brut outsider art psychic art spirit art intuitive art illuminated art mediumistic art

Author : Maximillien de Lafayette
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Essential Reiki

Author : Diane Stein
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Reiki is an ancient and profoundly simple system of “laying on of hands” healing derived from Tibetan Buddhism. In the West, Reiki has been kept highly secret for many years. ESSENTIAL REIKI presents full information on all three degrees of this healing system, most of it in print for the first time. Teaching from the perspective that Reiki healing belongs to all people, Diane Stein breaks new ground in her classic guide to this ancient practice. While no book can replace the directly received Reiki “attunements,” ESSENTIAL REIKI provides everything else that the healer, practitioner, and teacher of this system needs. From the Hardcover edition.

The Art of Seeing

Author : Nathaniel
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Clairvoyance manual, this book will teach you how to develop and use the psychic ability of clairvoyance. Learn aura view, chakra reading and psychic reading. Learn how to receive messages through clairvoyance and how to perceive spirits, ghosts, Angels and entities.

Reiki Its History Principles Techniques

Author : Shannon Dennis
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The Magic of Crystals in Your Reiki Journey

Author : Rinku Patel
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Crystals can have an amazingly positive impact on your Reiki practice - but how do you get started using them? And what are those "grids" we keep hearing about? This book will give you the knowledge and inspiration you need to get your Reiki practice to the next level using crystals. And if you're already using crystals in your practice, it is a great reference guide and a source of new ways of blending the two techniques. This book covers the basics of using crystals, and it also contains detailed guides for the most common stones, interesting and powerful grids for abundance, relationships, protection, and other areas, and guides to using crystals for specific purposes such as weight loss, prosperity, psychic attacks, aura sweeping etc. Rinku Patel is a very passionate practitioner and teacher of Reiki who loves to incorporate crystals in her practice and in her life. She has been a regular contributor to the Reiki Rays portal in the past years and her articles are very insightful and popular. She loves sharing her experience, skill, and wisdom and does so very passionately. Rinku always finds innovative ways of blending Reiki with crystals as well as other healing modalities. To fully benefit from the knowledge shared in this book, the reader should be familiar with the healing art of Reiki. Also, some of the book chapters have been published on the Reiki Rays portal.

How to Be a Psychic

Author : Michael R Hathaway
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Discover your innate psychic ability! Take control of your future with How to Be a Psychic. You'll start by learning how to tune in to the psychic ability you already have--but never knew how to access. After mastering these easy-to-follow instructions on how to hone the sensitivity of your senses, you'll move on to the more specialized skills of a psychic, such as: Channeling spirits, including talking with people who have passed away Communicating with animals Connecting telepathically with people across long distances, using the power of your mind Looking into the future There's no prior experience or crystal balls required. With the help of How to Be a Psychic, you'll soon be able to achieve clairvoyance, determine your future, and reach the Other Side.

The Reiki Magic Guide to Self Attunement

Author : Brett Bevell
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Attune yourself to everyday Reiki with a revolutionary guide to an at-home practice. "This book will transform you. Brett Bevell teaches us how to shift every aspect of life, from the food and water we put into our bodies to the past, present, and future."—David Morehouse, PhD, author of Psychic Warrior Reiki tradition dictates that you must be initiated—or attuned—by a Reiki master before properly practicing this healing art of energy flow. In this revolutionary guide, Reiki Master Brett Bevell breaks with convention and extends the transformative powers of Reiki to all by presenting at-home rituals for self-attunement. In the true healing spirit of Reiki, Bevell encourages creativity and experimentation with the practice, allowing you to personalize Reiki for everyday use. With twenty-one symbols to empower the flow of Reiki, as well as chants for attuning candles, stones, and even the water in your bath or washing machine, this is Reiki as you've never seen it before: available to everyone, for use in all aspects of life, as Reiki was always meant to be.

REIKI Usui and Tibetan LEVEL II Certification Manual

Author : Gail Thackray
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Reiki is an ancient healing art passed down through generations, rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan. It involves the channeling of life force energy and is a simple hands-on technique that anyone can learn. This manual may be used for teaching Reiki Level II certification courses or simply by those interested in energy healing and self-development. Topics include: *Learn sacred Reiki symbols and how to use them to enhance your Reiki sessions. *Learn how to send Reiki from a distance. *Heal past life karma and early life issues. *Develop a stronger connection to your spirit guides. *Expand your psychic senses and abilities. *How to send Reiki to a future event. *Using Reiki for manifesting. *How to bless objects and events. *Learn advanced chakra balancing. *Start your career as a professional Reiki practitioner. *Using Reiki on animals. *Reiki healing for addictions.

Sacred Path of Reiki

Author : Katalin Koda
File Size : 58.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Sacred Path of Reikicombines traditional Reiki techniques with chakra healing, the magical arts, and the author’s own spiritual and clairvoyant experiences. The result of this unique mix of visionary work and focused discipline is an amazing new way to practice Reiki, a holistic spiritual approach Katalin Koda calls the Reiki Warrior path, detailed in the unique Reiki book Sacred Path of Reiki. The way of the warrior has long been used by indigenous cultures to cultivate discipline and responsibility. By fusing this age-old tradition with a modern healing art and the story of her own journey, Koda offers a powerful, one-of-a-kind approach to help Reiki practitioners come into their own as skilled, compassionate, and well-balanced healers. This unique book on Reiki presents sound theories and original practices that demonstrate how to develop Reiki into an integrated healing system and transcendent spiritual path. Sacred Path of Reiki will appeal to both Reiki students and teachers.

At The Feet Of The Master Manal Reiki

Author : Madabusi Subramaniam
File Size : 73.28 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Reveals the ancient secrets of the initiation process through the oral tradition of Reiki.

Psychic Development

Author : Brandon Alexander
File Size : 26.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Have you ever had the sense that the phone was going to ring and you knew who it was? Have you ever experienced some unexplained phenomenon? Then there is a good chance that you might be psychic. No matter where you are with your psychic abilities, this collection of books was curated in order to help you develop and strengthen your abilities on six levels: Book 1: Psychic Development for Beginners - An introductory book that familiarizes you with psychic development and eases you into the practice Book 2: Chakra Healing - This book explains Chakras, how to open them and engage in chakra meditation for healing Book 3: Reiki Self-Healing - All about Reiki and how you can practice Reiki to transform your life, this book keeps you engaged and wanting more Book 4: Kundalini Mediation - Defining and explaining the ancient art of Kundalini, this book introduces you to Kundalini meditation Book 5: Third Eye Awakening - This book helps you identify and awaken your Third Eye Book 6: Mind Reading - Fun, exciting mind reading activities to try! After you have read this book, you will have the knowledge to start tapping into more of your abilities. Some people think that only certain people have psychic abilities that you have to be born with it, but that's simply not true. Everybody has the abilities to be a psychic. Some people will just need to work at it a little harder. This book will give that starting point, and you won't ever regret it. Life will become more interesting, and you will grow a connection with the universe that other people do not have. Grab your copy of this book today, and get started on your path to enlightenment.

Regaining Body Wisdom a Multidimensional View

Author : Reiki Master Silvia Casabianca
File Size : 42.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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For Silvia Casabianca most of our remedies for discomfort and disease are at odds with the body's natural responses to various types of invasion or imbalance. In her view, much of what is labeled conventional medicine overlooks and often hampers the necessary and natural communication between organs and the flow of vital energy that maintains health. The first section of the book, "The New Perspectives," surveys holistic approaches to well-being. The second section, "The Body Wisdom," explores the various bodily systems and illustrates their functions and interrelationships. She elaborates the concept of an "inner healer," which is the key to physical and psychic well-being. Finally, in the third section, Casabianca, a Reiki Master, introduces readers to "Reiki and the Art of Healing," sharing with the reader her fascination for the multidimensional human body, and current knowledge about health and illness gained through being a physician, a psychotherapist and a Reiki teacher.

Angelic Reiki

Author : Christine Core
File Size : 64.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This is a long awaited book. It always seemed that it was Kevin's task to write it. He was the mouth piece for the Archangel Metatron and the Ascended Master Djwhal Khul. Kevin left the incarnation in June 2009 without starting. The words you are now holding in your hand are a gift from Spirit; from Kevin, Metatron and Djwhal Khul. In this book there are not just words but through it flows healing and inspiration. It includes channellings, meditations, mini processes and an Archangelic Horoscopes. Some of the ideas may be new and challenging. It is my prayer that it informs, inspires and above all revolutionise the way Healing, Health and The Angelic Kingdom are viewed. Christine Core Angelic Reiki is the pure joy of working hand in hand with the Angelic Kingdom of light. Angels have guided you to this place. They are around you now inviting you to be their servant on earth. Angelic Reiki is the pure joy of working intimately with the Angelic Kingdom of Light. “A loving tribute to her husband Kevin and his work, the book he was unable to write. Christine Core presents the birth, growth and purpose of Angelic Reiki with beautiful clarity, proving it to be a unique and sacred gift to humanity. This book is packed full of profound spiritual truths and gives the reader uncompromising insights into our journey on the spiritual path. A must read for all those wishing to deepen their connection to the angelic realms.” Claire, Paradigm Shift Magazine