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The A rama System

Author : Patrick Olivelle
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The lesser known and explored of the two pillars of Hinduism--=aśrama andśrama is the name given to a system of four distinct and legitimate ways of leading a religious life: as a celibate student, a married householder, a forest hermit, and a world renouncer. In this, the first full-length study of the =aśrama system, Olivelle uncovers its origin and traces its subsequent history. He examines in depth its relationship to other institutional and doctrinal aspects of the Brahmanical world and its position within Brahmanical theology, and assesses its significance within the history of Indian religion. Throughout, he argues that the =aśrama system is primarily a theological construct and that the system and its history should be carefully distinguished from the socio-religious institutions comprehended by the system and from their respective histories.

The Snake and the Mongoose

Author : Nathan McGovern
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Since the beginning of modern Indology in the 19th century, the relationship between the early Indian religions of Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism has been predicated on a perceived dichotomy between two meta-historical identities: "the Brahmans" (purveyors of the ancient Vedic texts and associated ritual system) and the newer "non-Brahmanical" sramana movements from which the Buddhists and Jains emerged. Textbook and scholarly accounts postulate an opposition between these two groups, citing the 2nd-century BCE Sanskrit grammarian Patañjali, who is often quoted erroneously as likening them to the proverbial enemies snake and mongoose. Scholars continue to privilege Brahmanical Hindu accounts of early Indian history, and further portray Buddhist and Jain deviations from those accounts as evidence of their opposition to a pre-existing Brahmanism. In The Snake and The Mongoose, Nathan McGovern turns this commonly-accepted model of the origins of the early Indian religions on its head. His book seeks to de-center the Hindu Brahman from our understanding of Indian religion by "taming the snake and the mongoose"--that is, by abandoning the anachronistic distinction between "Brahmanical" and "non-Brahmanical." Instead, McGovern allows the earliest articulations of identity in Indian religion to speak for themselves through a comparative reading of texts preserved by the three major groups that emerged from the social, political, cultural, and religious foment of the late first millennium BCE: the Buddhists and Jains as they represented themselves in their earliest sutras, and the Vedic Brahmans as they represented themselves in their Dharma Sutras. The picture that emerges is not of a fundamental dichotomy between Brahmanical and non-Brahmanical, but rather of many different groups who all saw themselves as Brahmanical. Thus, McGovern argues, it was through the contestation between these groups that the distinction between Brahmanical and non-Brahmanical--the snake and the mongoose--emerged.

The Mahabharata a Social Study

Author : Chitrabhanu Sen
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The Encyclopedia of Religion

Author : Mircea Eliade
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A comprehensive guide to the history, beliefs, concepts, practices, and major figures of religions past and present.

Religion in Social Flux

Author : Alka B. Bakre
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Sa ny sa Upani ads

Author : Professor of Sanskrit and Indian Religions Patrick Olivelle
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The first readable and accurate translation of twenty of the most authoritative Hindu documents pertaining to ascetic ideals and the ascetic way of life, this text opens to students a major source for the study of the Hindu ascetical institution and of the historical changes they underwent during a period of a thousand years or more.

Caste System and Social Change

Author : Virendra Prakash Singh
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Contributed articles, excerpts, etc., chiefly in the Indian context.

Democracy and Leadership

Author : Kenji Tsuchiya
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Social and Cultural History of Ancient India

Author : Raj Pruthi
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Classical Hindu Thought

Author : Arvind Sharma
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Introduces the texts and ideas of Hinduism, crystallized during the 4th to the 10th century BCE. This book explains their contemporary relevance and deals with the key concepts, the main gods and goddesses, and texts such as the Purusarthas. It also examines the different systems of yoga.

Reconstructing the World

Author : Amartya Sen
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Contributed seminar papers.

Wiener Zeitschrift f r die Kunde S dasiens und Archiv f r indische Philosophie

Author :
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Encyclopaedia of Hinduism Ma bhr ata

Author : Nagendra Kr Singh
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The Imperial Guptas Cultural history

Author : Parmeshwari Lal Gupta
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History of India, 4th-6th century.


Author : Indian History Congress
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Between the Empires

Author : Patrick Olivelle
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This volume is the result of an international conference organized by the South Asia Institute at the University of Texas. The purpose of the conference as to bring together the world's leading Indologists representing a variety of disciplines to discuss and share recent research on hitherto neglected period of Indian history.

The Visnu Purana

Author : Harendra Dayal (Thakur)
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Study of the socioeconomic and religious aspects of a Hindu mythological text.

International Journal of Punjab Studies

Author :
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Ancient Indian Society

Author : Vijay Kumar
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Hindu Civilization

Author : Radhakumud Mookerji
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