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The Atlantic Transport Line 1881 1931

Author : Jonathan Kinghorn
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In 1881, the dynamic Baltimorean Bernard N. Baker established the Atlantic Transport Line, an American–owned but British–operated steamship company with service from London to New York that became famous for shipping expensive livestock and for carrying only first-class passengers. Although moderately sized, the company remained a significant presence in international shipping until World War I caused major business disruptions, followed by changed priorities during peacetime. Finally, the Great Depression led to its closure. This volume chronicles the history of the line and its absorption into J.P. Morgan’s gargantuan and ill-conceived International Mercantile Marine Company against the background of efforts to revive the American mercantile marine. Descriptions of life on board Atlantic Transport Line vessels, individual histories of every vessel owned by the line, and biographies of key figures associated with the company make this the most complete account of this important player in the history of American trade.

The Global Challenge of Peace

Author : Matt Perry
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This book scrutinizes the events of 1919 from below: the global underside of the Wilsonian moment. During 1919 the Great Powers redrew the map of the world with the Treaties of Paris and established the League of Nations intending to prevent future war. Yet what is often missed is that 1919 was a complex threshold between war and peace contested on a global scale. This process began prior to war's end with mutinies, labour and consumer unrest, colonial revolt but reached a high point in 1919. Most obviously, the Russian Revolutions of 1917 continued into 1919 which signalled a decisive year for the Bolshevik regime. While the leaders of the Great Powers famously drew up new states in their Parisian hotel rooms, state formation also had a popular dynamic. The Irish Republic was declared. Afghanistan gained independence. Labour unrest was widespread. This year witnessed the emergence of anti-colonial insurgency and movements across Europe's colonies; in metropolitan centres of Empire, race riots took place in the UK and during the 'red summer' in the US, anti-colonial movements, as well as an important moment of political enfranchisement for women but their expulsion from the wartime labour force. 1919 has many legacies: the first Arab spring, with the awakening of nationalism in the Wilsonian and Bolshevik context; the moment (as a consequence of Jallianwala Bagh) that Britain definitively lost its moral claim to India; the definitive announcement of Black presence in the UK; the great reversal of women's participation in the skilled occupations; the first Fascist movement was founded.

The Wicked Boy

Author : Kate Summerscale
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Shortlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger for Non-Fiction 2017 The gripping, fascinating account of a shocking murder case that sent late Victorian Britain into a frenzy, by the number one bestselling, multi-award-winning author of The Suspicions of Mr Whicher 'Her research is needle-sharp and her period detail richly atmospheric, but what is most heartening about this truly remarkable book is the story of real-life redemption that it brings to light' John Carey, Sunday Times Early in the morning of Monday 8 July 1895, thirteen-year-old Robert Coombes and his twelve-year-old brother Nattie set out from their small, yellow brick terraced house in east London to watch a cricket match at Lord's. Their father had gone to sea the previous Friday, leaving the boys and their mother at home for the summer. Over the next ten days Robert and Nattie spent extravagantly, pawning family valuables to fund trips to the theatre and the seaside. During this time nobody saw or heard from their mother, though the boys told neighbours she was visiting relatives. As the sun beat down on the Coombes house, an awful smell began to emanate from the building. When the police were finally called to investigate, what they found in one of the bedrooms sent the press into a frenzy of horror and alarm, and Robert and Nattie were swept up in a criminal trial that echoed the outrageous plots of the 'penny dreadful' novels that Robert loved to read. In The Wicked Boy, Kate Summerscale has uncovered a fascinating true story of murder and morality – it is not just a meticulous examination of a shocking Victorian case, but also a compelling account of its aftermath, and of man's capacity to overcome the past.

Gunboats Empire and the China Station

Author : Matthew Heaslip
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Examining Britain's imperial outposts in 1920s East Asia, this book explores the changes and challenges affecting the Royal Navy's third largest fleet, the China Station, as its crews fought to hold back the changing tides of fortune. Bridging the gap between high level naval strategy and everyday imperial culture, Heaslip highlights the importance of the China Station to the British imperial system, foreign policy and East Asian geopolitics, while also revealing the lived experiences of these imperial outposts. Following their immersion into a new world and the challenges they encountered along the way, it considers how its naval officers were perceived by the Chinese populations of the ports they visited, how the two communities interacted and what this meant at a time of 'peace'. Against the changing nature of Britain's informal empire in the 1920s, Gunboats, Empire and the China Station highlights the complex nature of naval operations in-between major conflicts, and calls into question how peaceful this peacetime truly was.

Pacific Apostle

Author : David D McKay
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In 1920, David O. McKay embarked on a journey that forever changed the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. His visits to the Latter-day Saint missions, schools, and branches in the Pacific solidified the Church leadership's commitment to global outreach. As importantly, the trip inspired McKay's own initiatives when he later became Church president. McKay's account of his odyssey brings to life the story of the Church of Jesus Christ’s transformation into a global faith. Throughout his diary, McKay expressed his humanity, curiosity, and fascination with cultures and places--the Maori hongi, East Asian customs, Australian wildlife, and more. At the same time, he and his travel companion, Hugh J. Cannon, detailed the Latter-day Saint missionary life of the era, closely observing logistical challenges and cultural differences, guiding various church efforts, and listening to followers' impressions and concerns. Reid L. Neilson and Carson V. Teuscher's meticulous notes provide historical, religious, and general context for the reader.Blending travelogue with history, Pacific Apostle illuminates the thought and work of an essential figure in the twentieth-century Church of Jesus Christ.

Robinson Family Governess

Author : Judith Burtner
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In 1911, 22 year old Hettie Belle Matthew takes a daring leap into the unknown as she sails away from her cosmopolitan life in the bustling Bay Area for the remote Hawaiian Islands to work as a Governess for the prominent and wealthy Robinson Family. Letters discovered by her granddaughter over a century later are painstakingly woven together to bring this true story to life with rare insight and authenticity. “Hettie Belle's descriptive letters from over one hundred years ago make me feel as if I know my grandparents well. Her experiences bring the family to life, and I am not able to put the book down!”-- LOIS ROBINSON SOMERS, Descendant “Hettie Belle's charming letters open a fascinating window into the world of Kaua`i and Ni`ihau over 100 years ago. Through her eyes we are introduced to the lives of the plantation elite who ran Kaua`i society and to the magnificent landscapes that surrounded them. Hettie writes with aloha for both land and people, and Judith Burtner provides the necessary context so that we can get the most out of Hetties letters.”--ANDY BUSHNELL, Emeritus Professor of History, Kaua`i Community College

Sergeant Stubby

Author : Ann Bausum
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Meet Sergeant Stubby: World War I dog veteran, decorated war hero, American icon, and above all, man's best friend. Stubby's story begins in 1917 when America is about to enter the war. A stowaway dog befriends Private James Robert "Bob" Conroy at the Connecticut National Guard camp at Yale University and the two become inseparable. Stubby also wins over the commanding officer and is soon made an official member of the 102nd Infantry of the 26th division. What follows is an epic tale of how man's best friend becomes an invaluable soldier on the front lines and in the trenches, a decorated war hero and an inspiration to a country long after the troops returned home.

Transportation Lines on the Atlantic Gulf and Pacific Coasts 1946

Author : United States. Board of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors
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Rough Waters

Author : Rodney Carisle
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This book traces the evolution of the role of the U.S. Merchant ship flag, and the U.S. merchant fleet itself, from the earliest days of the American Republic to the present. The book shows how the protection of the U.S. flag aboard merchant ships was often the cause for U.S. naval engagements, ranging from minor incidents through full-blown, declared wars. It also spells out how in the 20th and 21st centuries, the American-owned merchant fleet has "fled" from the U.S. flag to foreign registries, under flags of convenience. Many other maritime nations have experienced the same development in recent decades, and the world-wide development of this practice, as well as measures to off-set its ill effects are examined.

Transportation Lines on the Atlantic Gulf and Pacific Coasts

Author : United States. Army. Corps of Engineers
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Problems in the Regulation of Domestic Transportation by Water

Author : United States. Interstate Commerce Commission. Bureau of Transport Economics and Statistics
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Passenger Liners of the Western Ocean

Author : Charles Robert Vernon Gibbs
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Annual Report on Transport Statistics in the United States

Author :
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Transport Statistics in the United States

Author : United States. Interstate Commerce Commission. Bureau of Accounts
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Lloyd s Register of Shipping

Author :
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1960 Supplement to North Atlantic Seaway

Author : N. R. P. Bonsor
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The PLA Monthly

Author :
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Victoria Crosses on the Western Front Third Ypres 1917

Author : Paul Oldfield
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In the past, while visiting the First World War battlefields, the author often wondered where the various Victoria Cross actions took place. He resolved to find out. In 1988, in the midst of his army career, research for this book commenced and over the years numerous sources have been consulted.Victoria Crosses on the Western Front Third Ypres 1917 is designed for the battlefield visitor as much as the armchair reader. A thorough account of each VC action is set within the wider strategic and tactical context. Detailed sketch maps show the area today, together with the battle-lines and movements of the combatants. It will allow visitors to stand upon the spot, or very close to, where each VC was won. Photographs of the battle sites richly illustrate the accounts. There is also a comprehensive biography for each recipient, covering every aspect of their lives warts and all parents and siblings, education, civilian employment, military career, wife and children, death and burial/commemoration. A host of other information, much of it published for the first time, reveals some fascinating characters, with numerous links to many famous people and events.

American Documented Seagoing Merchant Vessels of 500 Gross Tons and Over

Author :
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Portrait of a Port

Author : W. H. Bunting
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Two hundred and thirty-four striking photographs of the port of Boston combine with interpretive commentary to recapture the flavor, buoyancy, and excitement of the city's years as one of the two or three great American ports. After the Civil War Boston underwent a radical and successful transformation from a declining mercantile home port to an important and competitive modern seaport. At the same time the transition from sail to steam was taking place. Photographic studies of deep water sail and steam vessels, naval ships, fishing boats, catboats, tugs, schooners, and sloops, and of the picturesque wharves--all create a kaleidoscopic visual history of these years of change. The volume offers, as well, some of the most distinguished early work in photography, including the widest selection ever published of photographs by pioneer marine photographer Nathaniel Stebbins.