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The Baby Matrix

Author : Laura Carroll
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In the movie The Matrix, the character Morpheus offers two pills to Neo—if he takes the blue pill, he will go on with life as he has before, believing what he has always believed. If he takes the red pill, he will find out what the “matrix” really is, and many of his earlier beliefs will be shattered. When it comes to taking a hard look at a specific set of beliefs about parenthood and reproduction that has driven our society for generations, The Baby Matrix is the red pill. The Baby Matrix looks at long-held beliefs about parenthood and reproduction, and unravels why we believe what we believe. It lays out:We commonly think our desire to have children boils down to our biological wiring, but author Laura Carroll says it’s much more than that. Unlike other books on parenthood, The Baby Matrix: Why Freeing Our Minds From Outmoded Thinking About Parenthood & Reproduction Will Create a Better World takes a serious look at powerful social and cultural influences that drive the desire for the parenthood experience, and lays out why we need to be very aware of these influences to make the most informed decisions about parenthood. -the historical origins of beliefs about parenthood and reproduction -why many of these beliefs no longer work for society or were never true in the first place -why we continue to believe them anyway -the prices society pays as a result The Baby Matrix shows us how we got here, brings to light what is true, which includes knowing about the powerful influence of “pronatalism,” and explains why society can no longer afford to leave pronatalism unquestioned. “This is not a book about convincing people not to have children,” says Carroll. “I want people to be very aware of the long-held social and cultural pressures, and be able to free themselves from those pressures when making parenthood choices. This will result in more people making the best decisions for themselves, will foster a society in which those who are best suited to become parents are the ones who have children and one that knows what it means to bring a child into the world today.” This book will make you examine your own intentions and beliefs, will rile you, and might just change your mind. Whether you are already a parent, want to become a parent, are still making up your mind, or know you don’t want children, you’ll never think about parenthood in the same way. The Baby Matrix is a must-read for anyone interested in psychology, sociology, anthropology, parenting issues, environmentalism, and social justice. But most of all, it’s for anyone, parent or not, who reveres the truth and wants the best for themselves, their families, and our world.

The Matrix Ate My Baby

Author : A. Gibbons
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Parents and teachers are under increasing pressure to make decisions about the technologies that children can and should play with during their early years. The media, governments, toy companies, child advocacy organizations, and child development experts disseminate many, often contradictory, claims that influence practices of caring for and educating young children. The Matrix Ate My Baby explores these messages that adults receive regarding the values and dangers of new technologies, and of the importance of play. The book interrogates the value of play as an essential component of learning, and the essential role of play in a technological society's aspirations for progress. Drawing upon the philosophy of technology, this book provides parents, teachers and teacher educators with a critique of predominant perspectives regarding the young child's increasingly hi-tech world. It provides alternative perspectives of technology and education in order to emphasise the importance of questioning, and the value of difference, for early childhood educators, for parents of young children, and for research of the child's play with new, and old, technologies.

Matrix of Fear

Author : Barry McErlean
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Detective Jarrod O?Connor returns in this captivating novel that takes the reader on a new journey of plot twists and suspense. A frightening series of seemingly unrelated murders leads Jarrod into a deadly game of cat and mouse. Discovering that there is more than one predator on the loose, he must hunt down a killer more evil than he could ever have imagined. Facing his worse fears, Jarrod struggles to survive a matrix of deceit, bloodshed and cruelty that unravels in this action packed thriller as it spirals towards an explosive and shocking climax!

Diaper Free

Author : Ingrid Bauer
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Most new parents think of diapers as a smelly, expensive, and unavoidable necessity. The good news is that it’s possible—even practical—to raise your kids without diapers. In Diaper Free!, Ingrid Bauer shows how you can: * Save thousands of dollars * Reduce landfill waste (single-use disposable diapers are responsible for one third of the non- biodegradable waste in landfills) * Avoid diaper rash * Use the “Four Tools for Diaper Freedom” to enhance your relationship with your baby and deepen communication. Based on extensive research, case studies, and the author’s own experience, Diaper Free! is a warm and helpful companion at every stage, from the first magical days of your baby’s life, to complete toilet independence. BACKCOVER: “The true solution to the diaper dilemma. . . . Packed with information, examples, and support. A valuable addition to the library of any pregnant or new mother.” —Teresa Pitman, La Leche League International

Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board V 335 August 22 2001 Through September 28 2001

Author : National Labor Relations Board (U S )
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NOTE: NO FURTHER DISCOUNT FOR THIS PRINT PRODUCT--OVERSTOCK SALE -- Significantly reduced list price while supplies last Includes the decisions and orders of the Board, a table of cases, and a cross reference index from the advance sheet numbers to the volume page numbers -- Labor relations attorneys, labor union attorneys, management attorneys, and human resources personnel may be interested in this volume. Some of the cited cases within this volume include the following: 9/24/2001 Issuance Date-- Mining Specialists, Inc. (Case Number: 09-CA-030680) 9/19/2001 Issuance Date -- Easton Hospital (Case Number: 04-CA-027704) 8/29/2001 Issuance Date -- BellSouth Telecommunications (Case Number: 11-CA-017906) 8/27/2001 Issuance Date-- Lakeland Bus Lines (Case Number: 22-CA-021950) 8/22/2001 Issuance Date--Intrepid Museum Foundation (Case Number: 02-CA*030347) and many more

Interpretation and Difference

Author : Alan Bass
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This book synthesizes Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Derrida on interpretation and difference in order to provide a new theory of how interpretation functions in psychoanalysis.

Hospitality of the Matrix

Author : Irina Aristarkhova
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The question "Where do we come from?" has fascinated philosophers, scientists, and artists for generations. This book reorients the question of the matrix as a place where everything comes from (chora, womb, incubator) by recasting it in terms of acts of "matrixial/maternal hospitality" producing space and matter of and for the other. Irina Aristarkhova theorizes such hospitality with the potential to go beyond tolerance in understanding self/other relations. Building on and critically evaluating a wide range of historical and contemporary scholarship, she applies this theoretical framework to the science, technology, and art of ectogenesis (artificial womb, neonatal incubators, and other types of generation outside of the maternal body) and proves the question "Can the machine nurse?" is critical when approaching and understanding the functional capacities and failures of incubating technologies, such as artificial placenta. Aristarkhova concludes with the science and art of male pregnancy, positioning the condition as a question of the hospitable man and newly defined fatherhood and its challenge to the conception of masculinity as unable to welcome the other.

The Autism Matrix

Author : Gil Eyal
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Today autism has become highly visible. Once you begin to look for it, you realize it is everywhere. Why? We all know the answer or think we do: there is an autism epidemic. And if it is an epidemic, then we know what must be done: lots of money must be thrown at it, detection centers must be established and explanations sought, so that the number of new cases can be brought down and the epidemic brought under control. But can it really be so simple? This major new book offers a very different interpretation. The authors argue that the recent rise in autism should be understood an “aftershock” of the real earthquake, which was the deinstitutionalization of mental retardation in the mid-1970s. This entailed a radical transformation not only of the institutional matrix for dealing with developmental disorders of childhood, but also of the cultural lens through which we view them. It opened up a space for viewing and treating childhood disorders as neither mental illness nor mental retardation, neither curable nor incurable, but somewhere in-between. The authors show that where deinstitutionalization went the furthest, as in Scandinavia, UK and the “blue” states of the US, autism rates are also highest. Where it was absent or delayed, as in France, autism rates are low. Combining a historical narrative with international comparison, The Autism Matrix offers a fresh and powerful analysis of a condition that affects many parents and children today.

The Cultural Matrix

Author : Orlando Patterson
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The Cultural Matrix seeks to unravel an American paradox: the socioeconomic crisis and social isolation of disadvantaged black youth, on the one hand, and their extraordinary integration and prominence in popular culture on the other. This interdisciplinary work explains how a complex matrix of cultures influences black youth.

The Baby Of Belleville

Author : Anne Marsella
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Every new mother has a story to tell - and this is Jane de la Rochefoucault's. It's a story that contains all the familiar yet magical landmarks of feeding, teething, toddling, and measuring stuff in and out of Tupperware. But, as an expat living in Paris, Jane also faces some challenges they never mention in the handbooks. Such as, how to juggle a new baby with the demands of an aristocratic husband, a competitive nursing circle, an artisan plumber, and a formidably French (and possibly law-breaking) mother-in-law... Swiftly plotted, linguistically playful and sparkling with wit, The Baby of Belleville will draw you into its unique imaginative universe and make you reluctant to leave.

Matrix Reimprinting using EFT

Author : Karl Dawson
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Matrix Reimprinting is a completely new personal development technique which dramatically improves health and wellbeing. It was developed from the popular self-help technique EFT, a meridian tapping therapy which has shown outstanding results with both physical and emotional issues. In this book you will learn: • the science behind this technique and why it works, including the latest information on the Matrix, the New Biology, the body-mind connection, and the physiology of stress and trauma • new protocols for working with trauma, relationships, addictions, phobias, allergies, birth, and the early years • new ways of accessing blocked memories • considerations for working with long-term illness or serious disease ... and much more. Whether you are new to EFT or a seasoned practitioner, this book contains a wealth of resources that will enable you to rewrite your past and transform your future – and that of your family, friends, or clients.

Stride The Music of Fats Waller

Author : Paul S Machlin
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Already known as a Wagner scholar for his work on the sketches of the Flying Dutchman, Paul Machlin has for many years taken a scholarly interest in the school of Harlem 'stride' jazz pianists. Stride: The Music of Fats Waller is a full analysis of the piano music of Waller as composer, soloist and recording artist. 38 music examples illustrate Waller's complex keyboard style and improvisatory techniques. The discussion of Waller's piano music is set in the context of a biographical study, and a discography listing all known recordings by the pianist.

Country Music Records

Author : Tony Russell
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More than twenty years in the making, Country Music Records documents all country music recording sessions from 1921 through 1942. With primary research based on files and session logs from record companies, interviews with surviving musicians, as well as the 200,000 recordings archived at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum's Frist Library and Archives, this notable work is the first compendium to accurately report the key details behind all the recording sessions of country music during the pre-World War II era. This discography documents--in alphabetical order by artist--every commercial country music recording, including unreleased sides, and indicates, as completely as possible, the musicians playing at every session, as well as instrumentation. This massive undertaking encompasses 2,500 artists, 5,000 session musicians, and 10,000 songs. Summary histories of each key record company are also provided, along with a bibliography. The discography includes indexes to all song titles and musicians listed.

The Power of the 2 x 2 Matrix

Author : Alex Lowy
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By studying the work of hundreds of the most original and effective business minds, the authors present a common architecture that illuminates exceptional analysis and creative performance. 2 x 2 Thinking is characterized by a fundamental appreciation for the dynamic and complex nature of business. The best strategists go out of their way to tackle dilemmas rather than merely solve problems. They use opposition, creative tension, iteration and transcendence to get to the heart of issues and involve critical others in finding the best solutions. The authors demonstrate how to apply the 2 x 2 approach to a wide range of important business challenges.

The Marketing Matrix

Author : Gerard Hastings
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In the hands of the corporate sector, marketing has turned us into spoilt, consumption-obsessed children who are simultaneously wrecking our bodies, psyches and planet. Given the fiduciary duties of the corporation, notions like consumer sovereignty, customer service and relationship building are just corrosive myths that seduce us into quiescence, whilst furnishing big business with unprecedented power. Corporate Social Responsibility, the ultimate oxymoron, and its country cousin, Cause Related Marketing, are just means of currying favour amongst our political leaders and further extending corporate power. So it is time to fight back. As individuals we have enormous internal strength; collectively we have, and can again, change the world (indeed marketing itself is a function of humankind’s capacity to cooperate to overcome difficulties and way predates its co-option by corporations). From the purpose and resilience Steinbeck’s sharecroppers (‘we’re the people – we go on’), through Eisenhower’s ‘alert and knowledgeable citizenry’ to Arundhati Roy’s timely reminder about the wisdom of indigenous people ‘are not relics of the past, but the guides to our future’, there are lots of reasons for optimism. If these talents and strengths can be combined with serious moves to contain the corporate sector, it is possible to rethink our economic and social priorities. The book ends with a call to do just this. This compelling and accessible book will be of interest across the social sciences and humanities – and indeed to anyone who has concerns about the current state of consumer society. It will also be particularly useful reading for those marketing students who'd prefer a critical perspective to the standard ritualization of their discipline.

The Matrixial Borderspace

Author : Bracha Ettinger
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Artist, psychoanalyst, and feminist theorist Bracha Ettinger presents an original theoretical exploration of shared affect and emergent expression, across the thresholds of identity and memory. Ettinger works through Lacan’s late works, the anti-Oedipal perspectives of Deleuze and Guattari, as well as object-relations theory to critique the phallocentrism of mainstream Lacanian theory and to rethink the masculine-feminine opposition. She replaces the phallic structure with a dimension of emergence, where objects, images, and meanings are glimpsed in their incipiency, before they are differentiated. This is the matrixial realm, a shareable, psychic dimension that underlies the individual unconscious and experience. Concerned with collective trauma and memory, Ettinger’s own experience as an Israeli living with the memory of the Holocaust is a deep source of inspiration for her paintings, several of which are reproduced in the book. The paintings, like the essays, replay the relation between the visible and invisible, the sayable and ineffable; the gaze, the subject, and the other. Bracha Ettinger is a painter and a senior clinical psychologist. She is professor of psychoanalysis and aesthetics at the University of Leeds, England, and Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem. Judith Butler is professor of rhetoric and comparative literature at the University of California, Berkeley. Griselda Pollock is professor of fine arts at the University of Leeds. Brian Massumi is professor of communication at the University of Montreal.

The Columbia Master Book Discography Principal U S matrix series 1910 1924

Author : Tim Brooks
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A complete listing of the American Columbia recordings from 1901 to 1934.

Secrets of the Spiritual Matrix

Author : M. D. Harrell
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Harrell exposes the difference between fallen angels and demons, the seven stages of spiritual growth, the seven mysteries of eternal success, the judgment seat of Christ pretest, the original creation and the restored earth, hidden identity of the dragon, keys that unlock spiritual enlightenment, and other topics in this work. (Practical Life)

Opening the Matrix

Author : Chief Apostle Diana Wright
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For anyone who would like to be a gifted, holy vessel—to be among those who are chosen, set apart, and used by God in a unique way with dreams, visions, revelations, and manifestations—Opening the Matrix: A Journey Beyond the Veil is the perfect midwife to bring forth a greater calling in your life. Chief Apostle Diana Wright speaks to those who are striving to increase their faith in God, with the honest and sincere truth of an obedient servant living with the ear, eye, and heart of God. Included in this comprehensive handbook are photos of the eye of God, the handwriting of Jesus, an image of Michael Jackson appearing from the dead along with the words he spoke, and other astounding encounters and visitations. Written to help others learn how to recognize their self-worth, Opening the Matrix enables everyone to experience the favor of God through Jesus Christ, as He comforts and guides us with vivid consciousness and trust into a broader perspective of the kingdom. “When we are stagnated in our spiritual growth and face difficulty defining our purpose, we hunger for testimony from one whose walk and experience reflects the courage and strength we need in our faith.” -Elizabeth Lang Arthur “This book is a phenomenal literature for those seeking a greater understanding of God’s mysteries in the kingdom. It awakened my heart to pray more, and intercede for the nations.” —Linda Leverette, House of Hope Ministries

Health Matrix

Author :
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