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The Bach Cello Suites

Author : Steven Isserlis
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A unique Companion to J S Bach's iconic Cello Suites from internationally-renowned cellist Steven Isserlis. 'Isserlis is the master of the material, yet always able to make it accessible . . . It is an absolute treat to be led to this sublime music by such an ethusiastic expert.' MICHAEL PALIN 'The book I've always wanted: an accessible, eloquent guide to the world's greatest - and maybe most elusive - pieces of music. And written by the man I'd want to tell me about it. This is such a delight.' DERREN BROWN Bach's six Cello Suites are among the most cherished of all the works in the classical music literature. Shrouded in mystery - they were largely unknown for some two hundred years after their composition - they have acquired a magical aura which continues to attract and fascinate audiences the world over. To cellists they represent a musical bible, to listeners, scarcely less. Through what are on the surface simple dance suites, Bach takes us on a spiritual journey like no other, leading us from joy to tragedy, concluding in jubilation, even triumph. Award-winning international cellist Steven Isserlis, whose recent recording of the Suites met with the highest critical acclaim, goes deep into that emotional journey, bringing to bear all his many years' experience of performing the Suites. His book is intended as a rewarding companion for all music lovers, ranging from the casual listener to the performing musician. By offering his own very personal observations of the music, Isserlis's aim is to take the reader further into the world of the Suites in order to enhance the experience of hearing some of the greatest works ever composed. Praise for Steven Isserlis' BACH: THE CELLO SUITES 'The most wonderful cello-playing, surely among the most consistently beautiful to have been heard in this demanding music.' GRAMOPHONE 'Isserlis has done the impossible. He has given the listener something new, and indeed something outstandingly good . . . This recording can sit proudly on the shelf alongside the great recordings of Casals and Rostropovich. In fact, I may find myself picking it up as the favourite.' BBC RADIO 3

The Cello Suites

Author : Eric Siblin
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An award-winning journey through Johann Sebastian Bach’s six cello suites and the brilliant musician who revealed their lasting genius. One fateful evening, journalist and pop-music critic Eric Siblin attended a recital of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Cello Suites—an experience that set him on an epic quest to uncover the mysterious history of the entrancing compositions and their miraculous reemergence nearly two hundred years later. In pursuit of his musicological obsession, Siblin would unravel three centuries of intrigue, politics, and passion. Winner of the Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-fiction and the McAuslan First Book Prize, The Cello Suites weaves together three dramatic narratives: the disappearance of Bach’s manuscript in the eighteenth century, Pablo Casals’s discovery and popularization of the music in Spain in the late nineteenth century, and Siblin’s infatuation with the suites in the present day. The search led Siblin to Barcelona, where Casals, just thirteen and in possession of his first cello, roamed the backstreets with his father in search of sheet music and found Bach’s lost suites tucked in a dark corner of a store. Casals played them every day for twelve years before finally performing them in public. Siblin sheds new light on the mysteries that continue to haunt this music more than 250 years after its composer’s death: Why did Bach compose the suites for the cello, then considered a lowly instrument? What happened to the original manuscript? A seamless blend of biography and music history, The Cello Suites is a true-life journey of discovery, fueled by the power of these musical masterpieces. “The ironies of artistic genius and public taste are subtly explored in this winding, entertaining tale of a musical masterpiece.” —Publishers Weekly “Siblin’s writing is most inspired when describing the life of Casals, showing a genuine affection for the cellist, who . . . used his instrument and the suites as weapons of protest and pleas for peace.” —Booklist, starred review

Trills in the Bach Cello Suites

Author : Jerome Carrington
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Offers performers, teachers and students new insights into ornamentation. An important new reference work that has earned praise from America’s leading Bach scholar and an impressive list of distinguished cellists. The Cello Suites of Johann Sebastian Bach contain some one hundred trills, many open to diverse execution and more than half sparking controversy among musicians. Now accomplished cellist Jerome Carrington brings together and examines historically informed interpretations of the trills and compares them with contemporary performance practice. Carrington collects and annotates every trill in the Cello Suites, examining each ornament individually to find the most historically accurate solution for its execution. For determining the form of each trill, he offers a method that includes analysis of harmonic structure. Because no autograph copy of the Cello Suites has survived, he undertakes a detailed study of the manuscript of the Lute Suite in G minor, which Bach adapted from Cello Suite No. 5, as a reference for correcting errors and verifying harmonic and rhythmic details. Bursting with new ideas, Trills in the Bach Cello Suites offers insight for performers and music theorists alike. It will aid in the interpretation of these classic works as it renews our appreciation for Bach’s genius.

Bach s Cello Suites Volumes 1 and 2

Author : Allen Winold
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J. S. Bach’s Suites for Unaccompanied Cello are among the most cherished and frequently played works in the entire literature of music, and yet they have never been the subject of a full-length music analytical study. The musical examples herein include every note of all movements (so one needs no separate copy of the music while reading the book), and undertakes both basic analyses—harmonic reduction, functional harmonic analysis, step progression analysis, form analysis, and syntagmatic and paradigmatic melodic analysis—and specialized analyses for some of the individual movements. Allen Winold presents a comprehensive study intended not only for cellists, but also for other performers, music theorists, music educators, and informed general readers.

The Bach Cello Suites for Guitar

Author : Johann Bach
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The complete six Suites for unaccompanied Violoncello solo (BWV 1007-1012) by Johann Sebastian Bach transcribed for guitar in standard notation and tablature. Composed between 1717 and 1723 the six Suites are some of the most frequently performed and recognizable solo compositions ever written for cello. They are considered some of Bach's greatest musical achievements. Includes: Suite No.1 in D major (orig. G major) BWV 1007 Suite No.2 in A minor (orig. D minor) BWV 1008 Suite No.3 in G major (orig. C major) BWV 1009 Suite No.4 in Bb major (orig. Eb major) BWV 1010 Suite No.5 in G minor (orig. C minor) BWV 1011 Suite No.6 in D major BWV 1012

Bach Cello Suites for Electric Bass

Author :
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(Bass). All six of J.S. Bach's essential suites for unaccompanied cello are arranged here for bass guitar in standard notation and tablature. Includes: Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007 * Suite No. 2 in D Minor, BWV 1008 * Suite No. 3 in C Major, BWV 1009 * Suite No. 4 in Eb Major, BWV 1010 * Suite No. 5 in C Minor, BWV 1011 * Suite No. 6 in D Major, BWV 1012.

Bach s Cello Suites I III Arranged for Tenor Banjo

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Bach's cello suites are among the most famous solo instrumental works of all time. The cello and the tenor banjo share the same tuning, and banjo players might be surprised at how well this great music fits on the fretboard. Rob MacKillop has provided tablature for the firstthree suites. Here is a chance for tenor banjo players to explore Bach on their instrument, which could be tuned to either regular, CGDA, or Irish tuning, GDAE.Accompanying audio is included, using three different tenor banjos: a regular tenor (Deeringr Eagle II), a gourd tenor (Jaybirdr Banjos), and a cello banjo (Gold Toner) which has the same low pitch as the cello.A `suite' is a collection of dances of varying speeds and time signatures, conceived to be performed as a whole, and preceded by a prelude. Bach's Prelude to the 1st Suite is magnificent and justlyfamous. The Bourree from the 3rd Suite is also very popular. Enjoy playing Bach on the Tenor Banjo!

Six Suites for Violin

Author : Johann Bach
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The Bach Suites for cello (BWV 1007-1012) is a standard literature for cello from Advanced Beginner to Professional. This particular VIOLIN edition is edited by Josef Ebner, and is a reprinted edition of Gebr. Hug, n.d.(ca.1913), plate G.H. 5151. Originally published simultaneously in Leipzig and Zurich. Edition Fleury 2013. Blank staff paper and notes paper is provided in the back for annotations, exercises, and general marks to be used. Very clean and easy to read. 54pps, 8.5"x11", Glossy cover, very durable.

J S Bach Cello Suite 1 Lorimer

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Bach's masterpieces transcribed for classical guitar.

J S Bach

Author : Johann Sebastian Bach
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Although Johann Sebastian Bach did not write any music for the guitar, transcriptions of his unaccompanied string music and music for lute have long been a part of the guitar repertoire. Despite the respect that this music commands among musicians and audiences, debate still exists as to what constitutes an appropriate means of transcribing, interpreting and performing this music on the guitar. It is this debate that prompted this long-awaited edition of Bach's unaccompanied cello suites by scholar and concert guitarist, Stanley Yates. This definitive work includes performance scores, comparison scores, and an invaluable 40-page guide entitled Arranging, Interpreting, and Performing the Music of J.S. Bach. Furthermore, the author offers comments on his arranging process and suggestions on using this edition including: ornamentation, slurs, fingerings, notation, and implementation of the comparison scores. Written in standard notation in guitar-friendly keys.