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The Battle of Hades in Marathi

Author : Ashok Kumawat
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This book is bilingual (Marathi & English). लालपूरचा राजा शत्रुदेव संपूर्ण जगावर राज्य करू इच्छित आहे. तो एक अतिशय सामर्थ्यवान राजा आहे आणि सर्वसामान्यांना अनेक प्रकारे छळ करतो. त्याच्या मोठ्या सैन्यामुळे कोणताही राजा त्याला युध्दात पराभूत करु शकत नाही. त्याने युरोप आणि आशिया खंड व्यापला आहे. अखंडराज हा किशोरवयीन मुलगा आहे जो सुमेरपूरचा राजा आहे. राजा शत्रुदेव यांच्या अत्याचारांपासून सर्वसामान्यांना मुक्त करायची त्यांची इच्छा आहे, जरी त्यांची सेना फार मोठी नसली तरी. कथेची सुरुवात अखंडराजांच्या संघर्षातून होते. कथेचा प्रत्येक भाग आपल्याला हेतू देईल.

The House of Hades

Author : Lars Albinus
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This detailed scrutiny of the ancient Greek perception and understanding of life after death is principally concerned with how the Greeks communicated their beliefs. The first part of the book examines the Greek cult of the dead through Homer's works, such as in the presentation of Patroclus' funeral, the hero's `psyche' and the underworld. Albinus secondly looks at the Orphic mystical tradition which originated in the 7th and 6th centuries BC and offered a more positive view of an individual's fate. The final section briefly examines other mystery cults, such as the Eleusinian cult. The argument, largely based on linguistic details, is aimed more at specialists in Greek mysticism than at a general readership.

Mr Trill in Hades Other Stories

Author : Iain Crichton Smith
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Author : Herbert Achternbusch
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The Oxford Dictionary of Allusions

Author : Andrew Delahunty
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Explains the meanings and usage of allusions commonly known in the English language, including the Cheshire Cat, Helen of Troy, Rambo, and Zorro.

Hades in Manganese

Author : Clayton Eshleman
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Inspired by cave art Clayton Eshleman encountered in France, his poetry acts as a journey through his discovery process of what these paintings are to him, as well as a study of prehistory towards the Paleolithic and subsequently a study of Hell, and the Greek Underworld.

Classical Mythology

Author : Mark P. O. Morford
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An excellent primer on classical mythology for readers who have little or no background of classical knowledge.

Gods in Our Midst

Author : Christine Downing
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In a remarkable series of books Christine Downing has given us "perfected" as well as ambivalent images of the great goddesses of classical antiquity. In her latest book she turns to the "gods in our midst", the gods as they appear to women, and she shows how these energies and epiphanies embodied in male gods help us to see who we are and what we might become.

Melville s Classical Allusions

Author :
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Charon and the Crossing

Author : Ronnie H. Terpening
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