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The Ben Franklin Book of Easy and Incredible Experiments

Author : Franklin Institute Science Museum
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Learn about science the same way Ben Franklin did--by performing incredible experiments! Ben Franklin, the famous patriot and signer of the Declaration of Independence, was also America's first great scientist. At a time when science was a mystery to most people, he performed incredible experiments that revealed amazing facts about light, heat, sound, electricity, the weather, and other aspects of the natural world. Now the enormously popular Franklin Institute Science Museum shows you how to do your own exciting experiments Ben Franklin's way. He used common objects such as cooking oil, a glass bottle, or pieces of colored cloth to chart the Gulf Stream, predict the weather, or measure how much a molecule weighs. Using inexpensive, easy-to-find items, you'll discover how to: * Build an optical toy shop, including a prism, kaleidoscope, telescope, and periscope * Make a weather station with a working barometer, hygrometer, and other homemade meteorological instruments * Create an orchestra with flutes, water chimes, maracas, and a guitar you make yourself * Build your own printing press and print documents on paper that you make in your own paper mill * Perform these and dozens of other experiments at home, in the classroom, or as science fair projects--and enjoy the fun of it The Franklin Institute Science Museum was built in 1934 in Ben Franklin's hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The first hands-on science museum ever, it offers people a chance to learn about science by experimenting with hundreds of exhibits, including a 20-foot model of the human heart, a 350-ton steam locomotive, and a working weather station.

Amazing BEN FRANKLIN Inventions

Author : Carmella Van Vleet
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Amazing Ben Franklin Inventions You Can Build Yourself introduces readers ages 9 and up to the life and times of one of America’s greatest thinkers with over 25 hands-on building projects and activities. From his groundbreaking scientific discoveries and inventions to his career as a writer, printer, and politician, Amazing Ben Franklin Inventions gives young readers a comprehensive look at the man who gave us the lightning rod, the armonica, bifocals, the post office, the first public library, Poor Richard’s Almanac, and so much more. Amazing Ben Franklin Inventions provides detailed step-by-step instructions, diagrams, and templates for creating each project. Historical facts and anecdotes, biographies, and fascinating trivia support the fun projects and teach readers about the courage, creativity, and determination of Ben Franklin and a young America coming into its own.

Benjamin Franklin

Author : Christopher J. Murrey
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Benjamin Franklin is generally considered one of America's most versatile and talented statesmen, scientists, and philosophers. His achievements include publisher of Poor Richard's Almanac and many articles on political, economic, religious, philosophical and scientific subjects. He was the inventor of bifocals, the Franklin stove, lightening rod, he was one of the signers of the 'Declaration of Independence', and the founder of, what is now the University of Pennsylvania. This book presents a detailed and riveting review of Franklin's life based on excerpts from the renowned 1899 book on Franklin by Sydney George Fisher. This overview is augmented by a substantial selective bibliography, which features access through title, subject and author indexes.

Benjamin Franklin

Author : Jim Whiting
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Few people have accomplished as much in as many different areas as Benjamin Franklin. He became the first internationally famous American scientist. In 1752, he proved that lightning is electricity. His dozens of inventions ranged from swim fins to bifocals. He proposed daylight savings time. In the colonies, he set up police and fire departments, public libraries, and post offices. As a famous printer, he was also one of the country s most popular writers. Franklin also excelled in politics. He helped establish the United States of America: He was on the committee that drew up the Declaration of Independence, he convinced France to provide crucial assistance to the colonial army, he signed the Treaty of Paris, and he contributed ideas for the U.S. Constitution. In this book for young readers, author Jim Whiting overviews the life of one of the most famous Americans, Benjamin Franklin.

The Amazing Mr Franklin

Author : Ruth Ashby
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Everyone knows Benjamin Franklin was an important statesman, inventor, and a signer of the Declaration of Independence. But did you know he started the first public library in America? Ben Franklin was always a "bookish" boy. The first book he read was the Bible at age five, and then he read every printed word in his father's small home library. Ben wanted to read more, but books were expensive. He wanted to go to school and learn, but his family needed him to work. Despite this, Ben Franklin had lots of ideas about how to turn his love of reading and learning into something more. First, he worked as a printer's apprentice, then he set up his own printing business. Later, he became the first bookseller in Philadelphia, started a newspaper, published Poor Richard's Almanac, and in 1731, with the help of his friends, organized the first subscription lending library, the Library Company. Ruth Ashby's fast-paced biography takes young readers through Franklin's life from his spirited, rebellious youth through his successful career as an inventor and politician and finally to the last years of his life, surrounded by his personal collection of books.

Benjamin Franklin

Author : Thomas Streissguth
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Just the Facts Biographies teach young readers about some of history's most interesting people. Benjamin Franklin was one of America's founding fathers. He started the first library and fire department in North America; was the president of the first US antislavery group; ran a printing press and published a newspaper; and was elected to the International Swimming Hall of Fame. This volume uncovers the story behind these facts and more!

Benjamin Franklin Scientist and Inventor

Author : Eve B Feldman
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Benjamin Franklin: Scientist, Inventor, Printer, and Statesman describes one of America's leading figures during the American Revolution, discussing his many roles and influences throughout history. After moving to Philadelphia at age 17, Franklin began his journey ʺwithout the least Recommendation to or Knowledge of any Person in the Place, and with very little Money in [his] Pocket.ʺ Soon after, Franklin became one of the most dynamic men of the American colonies, publishing Poor Richard's Almanac as well as several other publications.

Benjamin Franklin

Author : Hal Marcovitz
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Presents a biography of the eighteenth-century printer, inventor, and statesman who played an influential role in the early history of the United States.

The Winners Handbook

Author : Judy Freeman
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Judy Freeman has developed a comprehensive handbook with thoroughly annotated lists of the 2006's best children's books, lesson plans, teacher's guides, stories, songs, and Internet resources. The Winners! Handbook starts with an extensive booklist of Judy's 100 best books of 2006, including many of the big award winners. (If you own Judy's Books Kids Will Sit Still For 3, it follows the same format. Indeed, you can consider the new Winners! Handbook the first update to that book.) Each entry includes a meaty and thoughtful annotation, a germ (a series of practical, do-able, useful, pithy ideas for reading, writing, and illustrating prompts and other activities across the curriculum); a useful list of exemplary related titles; and subject designations for each title to ascertain where the book might fit thematically into your curricular plan or program. There's also a title, author, and subject index for easy access. You find scores of useful and fun ideas, activities, lessons, and ways you can incorporate literature into every aspect of your day and your life. From story hour to school curriculum tie-ins, the many connections include strategies for comprehension, critical thinking skills, research, and problem-solving; songs, games, crafts, songs, plenty of great across-the-curriculum poetry, creative drama and Reader's Theater, storytelling, booktalking, and book discussion. Most of the books included are fabulous read-alouds, read-alones, and natural choices for Guided Reading, Literature Circles, or Book Clubs.

The ERIC Review

Author :
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Provides information on programs, research, publications, and services of ERIC, as well as critical and current education information.