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20 000 Quips Quotes

Author : Evan Esar
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The Best Team to Inspire Change

Author : Benjamin Franklin Camins
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Out of literally hundreds of people who have crossed our paths, there is no doubt that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have inspired a change in our own lives best! We have written this book to pass on to you, our Readers, what we have learned about those who have been the inspirational change models in our lives - topped by the best examples of Obama and Hillary - because we think they and especially he and she can make a difference in your own lives as they have inspired us to change our own for the better! The messages of the 52+ lyrics in this book are on lifelong love, forever friendships, and deathless dreams. Obama and Hillary do not only communicate these messages; they have also lived them. They encapsulate the entirety of both their lives and experiences. Because they are universal messages, they are always up-to-date. They are the answers to 3 basic philosophical questions about human existence: Where did you come from? Why are you here? Where are you going? The respective answers to these universal questions are: I came from the life created by the union of a man and a woman in love. I am here on earth to make many friends. I am going to fulfill all my dreams!

Women and Language in Transition

Author : Joyce Penfield
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This collection of essays deals with the interplay of language and social change, asking the question: How can language and society be made gender equal? The contributors examine the critical role of language in the lives of white women and women of color in the United States. Since language pervades many dimensions of women's lives, this study takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the issues considered. The volume is divided into three sections. The first, "Liberating Language," focuses on the active role women had in altering the extent of linguistic sexism in English during the 1970s. A second section, "Identity Creation," deals with the alteration of that portion of language which serves to name women and their experiences. The final section, "Women of Color," offers a rare and timely look at the particular problems confronted by minority women. It argues that women of color have different problems and different links to language than white middle-class women.

The Stained glass Ceiling

Author : Sally B. Purvis
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The author documents the evolving leadership and day-to-day realities for two Atlanta congregations that appointed women senior pastors.

The Dictionary of Modern Proverbs

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Collects more than 1,400 English-language proverbs that arose in the 20th and 21st centuries, organized alphabetically by key words and including information on date of origin, history and meaning.

Business Builders In Sweets and Treats

Author : Nathan Aaseng
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The business of candy making is not always, well, sweet, but often highly secretive and competitive. Read the fascinating stories of Milton Hershey, Forrest Mars, and Ellen Gordon (Tootsie Rolls) and their candy companies. Other business leaders who treated customers are also featured, including William Wrigley (chewing gum), Wally Amos (Famous Amos cookies), and Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield of ice cream fame.


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Prisms Refracting Light of Women s Lives

Author : Jacqueline Dobyns De Hon Ph.D.
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Dr. Jackie De Hon "bought" the culture's prescription for women while growing up in the 40s and 50s when women were allowed to be one of four thingswife/mother, teacher, nurse, or secretary. She educated herself as her children were growing up. Through her own experiences and her observation of the treatment of other women, she raised her own consciousnessas consciousness-raising missed Louisiana. She began writing and advocating publicly for women, children, and public education in the 70s. Seeking a wider audience so she could encourage more people to work for equity, she decided to publish this collection of perceptions, ideas, and concerns about women's and their families' everyday lives. She has taught communication on the university level and art in kindergarten through 12th grade. In addition, she administered the regional office of a federal job-retraining program for the Louisiana Department of Education before turning to full-time writing. De Hon now lives in Texas with her husband, a fat tabby cat, and a houseful of plants.

Women in the Canadian Academic Tundra

Author : Elena Hannah
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Recently we have seen a heightened awareness of the unequal treatment of women in the academic community in general and, in particular, of how part-time, sessional, and contract positions are being used to exploit academics. Women in the Canadian Academic Tundra is a timely call for action. It is a brave testimony to the persistence and resilience of women who, against many odds, continue to contribute to the academy with energy and determination. Their touching stories will appeal to all working women as well as to scholars of social sciences and women studies, equity groups, human rights advocates, and agents of governments. Unlike many impersonal statistical reports on the subject of inequality, the narratives in Women in the Canadian Academic Tundra describe the personal experiences, both rewarding and frustrating, of women in the often inhospitable academic setting. Full-timers, part-timers, prominent researchers, and high-ranking administrators intersect with immigrant women, Aboriginal women, women of different cultural and ethnic groups, and women who are physically challenged and health impaired. These women come to life through these narratives and observations, offering several centuries of experience in the academy.

A Guide to Curriculum Planning in English Language Arts

Author : Ellen L. Last
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