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The Big Catch

Author : Anastasia Suen
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Robot and Rico are off to the beach! While Rico is busy fishing, Robot is bored. Rico wants to catch the biggest fish, but Robot may end up with a bigger surprise.

The Big Catch

Author : A. F. Robertson
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This interactive, role-playing case book is an enormously rich and stimulating way of challenging students to think about the problems of development and how development experts go about trying to alleviate them. One of the most innovative and eloquent anthropologists of development, A. F. Robertson has drawn from his extensive field experience to construct a hypothetical scenario of the sort typically encountered by those who are making development decisions.

Mermin Book 2 The Big Catch

Author : Joey Weiser
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Despite Pete and the gang’s efforts to keep the fish-boy Mermin from making waves in their small town, he can’t help but stick out! An amateur team of paranormal investigators has their sights on Mermin, and they think he’s their chance to make it big! Meanwhile, Benni, Mermin’s round aquatic companion, is ready to spill the beans about their lives in the underwater kingdom of Mer, but perhaps things aren’t as simple as he says…

My Big Catch

Author : Sally Jenkins
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My Big Catch is a sweet tale of a ten‐year‐old heartfelt girl. She is on a fishing trip with her dad. This book is an introduction to a series of six books called the Sally Ann Tales. She has published four poems from 1994 to 2013: 1994, Victim of Society 1997, Sacred Marriage 1999, Millennium Cheer 2013, My Coors Light Wife

Spider s Big Catch

Author : Gary E. Anderson
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Just as he did in his first book, Spider’s Night on the Boom, Gary Anderson takes aim at the both the heart strings and the funny bone in this new collection of stories from one of the Midwest’s premiere humorists. With his latest batch of stories, Anderson turns his unique blend of humor and poignancy to subjects as diverse as the importance of keeping promises to children, the incredible “Don’t Boil Over” diet, the intricacies of Quantum Fishing, and how to get free if you ever find yourself hanging upside down by a boot heel from the top of an eight-foot chain link fence. The laughter and tears will flow as Anderson gently guides you through these forty tales of the silly and sublime.

Big Catch

Author : Alison Hawes
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Zach and Connor are about to land the catch of the day. Missing An and Li must find out if their cousins from China are O.K. There's been an earthquake and there is no sign of them. The Travellers series has the lowest reading level of all our reluctant reader collections - age 5-8. The stories are incredibly short - only 100-300 words each, and each book in the set of 14 titles contains 2-3 stories. Collecting the stories in this way gives more of an appearance of a 'real' book even though the stories are bite-sized, which helps to make the reader feel less self-conscious that they are reading something 'specialised'. The language level throughout this set of books is very low, and features such as short sentences, line spacing and illustrations help to create an encouraging experience for the reader.

The Biggest Catch

Author : Grammy Pammy
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The Biggest Catch is a heart-warming tale of six-year-old Jim's fishing adventure with his wonderful but accident-prone Grandpa Tim. Although Jim deals with disappointment and frustration when he is not immediately succesful as a fisherman, he responds quickly to an emergency and realizes in the end just how special this adventure, and his Grandpa, are to him.

Great Catch A

Author : Lorna Seilstad
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Suffragette Emily Graham resists her relatives' attempts to find her a husband among the guests at the Lake Manawa resort, while Carter Stockton enjoys pitching for the Manawa Owls baseball team and dreads going into business.

Winnie and Wilbur Winnie s Big Catch

Author : Laura Owen
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Winnie and Wilbur are thinking big! In 'Winnie's Knickers' they decide to market big padded pants perfect for broomstick-bruised bottoms; in 'Crash, Smash, Winnie!' they try to shift all their stuff in the local car boot sale; in 'Winnie Scores!' they join the school football team; and in 'Winnie's Big Catch' Winnie plans a birthday fishing trip for Wilbur with Captain Stinky Stan and they end up reeling in something awfully big! Four hilarious stories featuring Winnie and Wilbur and a zany supporting cast. Korky Paul's exuberant black line illustrations complement the humour, slapstick, and moments of real drama in each story. 'Funny, mischievous, silly, and exciting. Great stuff.' Giles Andrea, author of Sir Scallywag and the Golden Underpants. The spellbinding new look of this bestselling series celebrates the wonderful relationship shared by Winnie and her cat, Wilbur. Since 1987 they have been delighting children and adults all over the world and more than 7 million books have been sold.

Big Catch

Author : Cathryn Fox
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“Cathryn Fox writes with humor, passion, and gives you alpha heroes that will leave you breathless!” - Carly Phillips, New York Times bestselling author Brilliant and uptight emergency room doctor Alyssa Davenport has absolutely no desire to travel to Antigua to go cockle fishing. What the hell is a cockle anyway? But it’s time for her to fulfill a ridiculous New Year’s Eve pact with her best friends. Heck, maybe she’ll meet a hot fisherman who isn’t intimidated by her and looks at her as a woman instead of a doctor. Lord knows her body is screaming for a little attention. Former New York stockbroker Brayden Adams takes one look at Alyssa and sees that she needs to relax. He’s known the feeling himself, until he and his best friend, Tyler, left the fast life behind when they inherited a hotel and fishing business in Antigua. Now they live a relaxed island life and share everything. Stepping out of her comfort zone, Alyssa boldly goes after what she wants. Except there’s a bit of a snag, and the discovery leads her on a sexual adventure she could have never imagined. But when vacation is over, what happens next? Each book in the Dossier series is STANDALONE: * Private Reserve * House Rules * Under Pressure * Big Catch * Brazilian Fantasy * Improper Proposal