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The Big Five for Life Paperback

Author : John Strelecky
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The Big Five in SLA

Author : Ewa Piechurska-Kuciel
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This book also focuses on analyzing each trait from the point of view of its higher and lower order structure, as well as from the affective, cognitive, behavioral, social and academic perspectives, apart from outlining the field of personality psychology. Personality traits are important in daily interaction, and are a significant factor in achieving educational goals also for second and foreign language (L2) learners. Consequently, studying the role of personality in the field of second language acquisition (SLA) appears to be of primary importance, especially because there has been little research on this subject. Moreover, general results pertaining to the role of personality in L2 are inconclusive. This book’s primary objective is to present a concise and updated picture of personality on the basis of the Big Five model, which is accessible for non-psychologists. The middle part of the book focuses on discussing potential merits and drawbacks of each trait for the purpose of the process of SLA, both from the formal and informal, theoretical and empirical points of view. The next part includes a description of an empirical study, whose main aim is to sensitize the reader to direct and indirect influences that personality may exert on L2 learning. The book closes with a concluding chapter aiming at clarifying directions for further empirical study of personality as well as issues in research methodology.

The Job Coach

Author : John Vinson
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The Big Five Whoopee Moments

Author : Connor Whiteley
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Great moments exist for all of us. From a simple taste of a cookie to meeting the love of our life. Hunter Carter lives through five of those special moments. Hunter considers himself lucky to experience five. Many people never get any. Bestselling writer Connor Whiteley peeks inside Hunter’s life and his special moments. BUY NOW! Also available in Mystery Short Story Collection Volume 2.

The Big Five

Author : Sanjiv Chopra
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The underlying promise of every exciting medical discovery, diet, and exercise program is the same: do this, buy this, or eat this and you will look better, live longer, and be healthier. But few books can make the promise of this one: if you adapt these five simple, virtually-free suggestions you will live a longer and healthier life, guaranteed. This is no fad study. Each of the recommendations outlined in this book has been proven by an overwhelming number of tests, trials, and studies to increase health and lifespan. There are no gimmicks, no catches, no ifs, ands, or buts. Presented by a trusted expert, Dr. Sanjiv Chopra's The Big Five includes easily digestible data and startling results from real studies conducted by reputable universities and involving thousands of subjects. Readers of The Big Five can see for themselves that, without a doubt, these five simple actions offer many more proven benefits than the latest expensive supplements, fad diets, jazzy exercise programs, and state-of-the-art gym equipment.

The Five Factor Model of Personality Across Cultures

Author : Robert R. McCrae
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The Five-Factor Model Across Cultures was designed to further an understanding of the interrelations between personality and culture by examining the dominant paradigm for personality assessment - the Five-Factor Model or FFM - in a wide variety of cultural contexts. This volume provides a comprehensive overview of contemporary research and theory about personality traits and culture that is extremely relevant to personality psychologists, cross-cultural psychologists, and psychological anthropologists.

The Oxford Handbook of the Five Factor Model

Author : Thomas A. Widiger
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The Five Factor Model, which measures individual differences on extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability, and openness to experience, is arguably the most prominent dimensional model of general personality structure. In fact, there is now a considerable body of research supporting its construct validity and practical application in clinical, health, and organizational settings. Taking this research to the forefront, The Oxford Handbook of the Five Factor Model showcases the work of expert researchers in the field as they each offer important insight and perspective on all that is known about the Five Factor Model to date. By establishing the origins, foundation, and predominance of the Five Factor Model, this Handbook will focus on such areas as construct validity, diagnosis and assessment, personality neuroscience, and how the Five Factor Model operates in business and industry, animal personality, childhood temperament, and clinical utility.

The Big Five

Author : A. G. Savelʹev
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The first book anywhere to go inside the Soviet arms control decision-making process, this book reveals information previously known by no more than a handful of people, in the USSR and the U.S.--written by two of the players.

The Big Five in Japanese Banking

Author : Herbert Max Bratter
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Africa s Big Five and Other Wildlife Filmmakers

Author : Jean Hartley
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Jean Hartley, born in Kenya, is acknowledged as being the first to legitimise fixing for wildlife film crews. Over the last 25 years, she has worked on over a thousand films, the vast majority being about wildlife and nature. She features five of the great film makers who all started their careers in Kenya in the1950s, legends whom she is proud to call personal friends. Watching all of their films, and many more, she became fascinated by the history of film making in Kenya and determined to find out when it all started. In this insightful book, she traces the roots of wildlife film back a hundred years, drawing on accounts of the original film makers and the professional hunters who guided those early safaris. She tracks the changes from those grainy, speeded up, silent films through to the technologically perfect High Definition and 3D films that are being made today.