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The Big Leap

Author : Martina Flor
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Ditch your nine-to-five and become your own boss with this insider's guide to freelancing from Martina Flor, a leading designer, educator, author, and entrepreneur. The Big Leap covers all aspects of starting your own business, from practical skills like identifying potential clients and pricing projects to important big-picture topics like managing time and finances, diversifying income streams, and taking care of your most important tool—you! Flor demonstrates each concept with helpful case studies pulled from her own journey from freelance designer to influential, international business owner. Creatives across disciplines will benefit from this thorough and easy-to-follow career guide, including designers, illustrators, photographers, programmers, writers, and editors.

Summary of Gay Hendricks s The Big Leap by Milkyway Media

Author : Milkyway Media
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The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level (2009) by Gay Hendricks reveals one of the most common barriers to an individual's success: the Upper Limit Problem (ULP), a self-imposed, subconscious limit for how much happiness and positivity someone can feel. Using research, case studies, and personal experience, Hendricks explores how the ULP can prevent someone from taking The Big Leap, or reaching his or her highest potential... Purchase this in-depth summary to learn more.

Making the Big Leap

Author : Suzy Greaves
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Whether you’re a stressed-out executive who lives only to work or a seemingly successful professional who seeks solace in bad food and television each evening, this inspirational guide can transform your life. Newly updated for 2008, it covers everything, from identifying what you don’t want to be to making things better. The secret of waking with a smile begins with learning how to manage thought processes, and ends with the trust in limitless possibility. Divided into five big steps and several “baby” steps,” each one includes exercises to help you recognize your beliefs and break down destructive behaviors. Refreshingly jargon-free, and particularly well suited to the more skeptical among us, this wonderful self-coaching resource will help change perceptions.

The Great Leap Forward

Author : Jesse Guthrie
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The third book in a series The Great Leap Forward starts when Dave learns to deal with his past and to keep it from interfering with his dreams for the future. He returns to the Himalayas and finds himself at the bottom of Annapurna with his best friend Martin from Germany. He survives the incredible physical challenge of climbing the South Face, only to be shattered by the mental struggle of his relationship with Catherine afterwards. Aimlessly wandering the streets of Kathmandu, Dave's life takes a new turn. He meets Kena, a beautiful Nepali woman. They both learn about new languages and cultures as their love and lives become entangled and develop into a whole new level. Catherine returns to his life, along with her new lover, Andrea, Martin's old girlfriend. Together they experience life, love, adventure and the Great Leap Forward.

The Great Leap Fraud

Author : A. J. Deus
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Religious ignorance is as dangerous for societal stability as religious extremism. In The Great Leap-Fraud, author A. J. Deus shows that only through the cowardly behavior of a majority that is uneducated in religious questions can sectarian extremism and terrorism take shape and overtake societies. Modern civilizations fail to address the dangerous defect. Based on a reassessment of primary documents from the beginning of Judaism through to the Reformation, The Great Leap-Fraud evaluates the Judaic scriptures of the Jews, the Christians, and the Muslims for their potential to stir hatred, violence, and terrorism. It searches for messages in the scriptures that may alter the economic behavior of societies. While providing an overview of three major religions—Judaism, Christianity, and Islam—The Great Leap-Fraud uncovers a series of frauds and premeditated deployment of “prophets” with the goal to establish or redeem the Jewish state of Israel. It also uncovers how the vested interest of Christian historians has pushed the rise of Christianity unto Roman Emperors. Deus shows that the way humans think and act are strongly influenced by a culture driven by the norms of religious organizations, both past and present. More information at

The Greatest Leap of Your Life

Author : Richard E. Pugh
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We live in a restless world that often seems complicated or difficult to navigate with any sense of real satisfaction or peace. A myriad of influences, distractions, temptations, and responsibilities fill our lives and pull us in many directions.While most of us certainly enjoy good times, even those are measured because the foundation of stability and peace that we all crave is elusive. That missing piece of security in our own lives compromises our ability to experience a consistent joy and peace that can positively affect our entire mental outlook as well as our relationships with family and all others in our lives.This book discusses taking the greatest leap of your life to find a consistent and very real peace and joy in your life. It is a book about God's love for us as expressed through the life of Christ. It is written by a layman who wishes to convey simply and understandably the basic components of the Christian faith and the immense grace and love God has for His children.The study of theology by its very nature is complex and certainly very important. Yet it can in its depth tend to lose its focus on why Jesus Christ came to earth, thus unintentionally confusing or derailing some of us from grasping what's truly important. The author, using a number of experiences from his own life, attempts to simplify the true essence of Christianity and how it can have a powerful impact on you - once you have taken the greatest leap of your life!Richard Pugh, a native of upstate New York, worked more than 40 years in the health care field serving the last 30 years as a hospital CEO. He graduated from Ithaca College and received his MBA at the George Washington University. Mr. Pugh is married and the father of three grown children, and he is active at his local church in Woodbury, Connecticut.

The Big Leap

Author : Gay Hendricks
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“Gay Hendricks is a great role model for true success. He enjoys abundance and a deep connection with his own spiritual essence, and at the same time has lived for three decades in a thriving marriage. Now, he shows us how to do it for ourselves.” — Mark Victor Hansen, co-author of Cracking the Millionaire Code In The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks, the New York Times bestselling author of Five Wishes, demonstrates how to eliminate the barriers to success by overcoming false fears and beliefs. Fans of Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, and The Secret will find useful, effective tips for breaking down the walls to a better life in The Big Leap.

The Quantum Leap

Author : Dean Gilliam
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This update of John R. Costanza's The Quantum Leap, a worldwide bestseller, examines the impact and implications of recent industry trends, new technologies, and emerging business practices. But the focus remains the same: how to build sustainable competitive advantage by responding to customer demand in real time, every day. To remain competitive in today's dynamic global economy companies must become demand-driven. This comprehensive desk reference provides a proven demand-driven formula for success.

The quantum leap

Author : Angelo Aulisa
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The quantum leap , non fiction self help , inner guide to civilization , meditation , inner being , consciousness,non being incorporeal body , awareness , i am ness into the law of eternity , The quantum leap is a synthesis of physic and mysticism , and a unique science is unfold that bering great understand clarity about the universe outer and about the inner mystery and reality of the interiority of an organic unity which a human being is .....Angelo Aulisa

The Great Leap Forward

Author : MAO Min
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This is Topic 4 of the Selected Topics from the book entitled "The Revival of China". The full book is about the revival of China in the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century. This topic is about what happened before, during and after the great leap forward. It covers the lash advance, the anti lash-advance and the anti anti-lash-advance before the great leap forward; the process of the great leap forward and the great famine caused by it, downing with PENG De-huai by MAO Ze-dong in the Lushan meeting; and the meeting of seven thousands officials after the great leap forward and the great famine, policy adjustment by LIU Shao-qi to recover the economy, and the conflict between MAO and LIU.