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The Birth of the Archive

Author : Markus Friedrich
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The dynamic but little-known story of how archives came to shape and be shaped by European culture and society

Making Archives in Early Modern Europe

Author : Randolph C. Head
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Compares the archives of European states after 1500 to reveal changes in how records supported memory, authority and power.

Conservative Economic Policymaking and the Birth of Thatcherism 1964 1979

Author : Adrian Williamson
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In this book, Adrian Williamson investigates the processes by which Thatcherism became established in Tory thinking, and questions to what extent the politician herself is responsible for Thatcherism within the Conservative Party.

The Birth of British Television

Author : Mark Aldridge
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When the BBC launched the world's first regular, high-definition television service on 2 November, 1936 it was the culmination of decades of technological innovations. More than this, however, the service meant that the principle of television had finally found its place. The Birth of British Television – A History traces the early history and development of television, from the experiments of amateurs to the institutionalised developments that led to the world's first regular, high definition television service. Author Mark Aldridge provides a clear, in-depth and accessible introduction for those either exploring the period for the first time or seeking new insights into the beginnings of the industry. In tracing the origins and development of television, Aldridge focuses on a number of important factors including the attitude of the press towards early television and examines the way that expectations of television changed over time prior to its official launch. Utilising new research, this illuminating study examines how the aims for a new television service developed, and the extent to which content and technology were linked. The Birth of British Television approaches this formative period from several perspectives, from private individuals to the BBC and government, while also examining the broader opinions at the time towards the new medium through press reports and feedback from the general public. Also included is an assessment of early programming, which helps to offer a new and profound evaluation of the development of early television. Mark Aldridge is a Lecturer in Film and TV Studies at Southampton Solent University, UK. He specialises in British television and both film and television history. His previous publications include T is for Television (2008), an analysis of the work of Russell T. Davies, co-written with Andy Murray.

The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem Revisited

Author : Benny Morris
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Benny Morris' The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem was published in 1988. Its startling revelations about how and why 700,000 Palestinians left their homes and became refugees during the Arab-Israeli war in 1948 undermined traditional interpretations as to whether they left voluntarily or were expelled as part of a systematic plan. This book represents a revised edition of the earlier work, compiled on the basis of newly-opened Israeli military archives. While the focus remains the 1948 war and the analysis of the Palestinian exodus, the new material contains more information about what happened in Jerusalem, Jaffa and Haifa, and how events there led to the collapse of Palestinian urban society. It also sheds light on the battles and atrocities that resulted in the disintegration of rural communities. The story is a harrowing one. The refugees now number four million and their existence remains a major obstacle to peace.

J Franklin Jameson and the Birth of the National Archives 1906 1926

Author : Victor Gondos
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Appraisal and Acquisition

Author : Kate Theimer
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Appraisal and Acquisition: Innovative Practices for Archives and Special Collections explores how archivists and special collections librarians in organizations of different sizes and types have approached the challenges of collection, as well as exploring opportunities to acquire new kinds of materials and conduct thoughtful reappraisal.

The Birth of Development

Author : Amy L. S. Staples
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Focusing on the evolution of post-1945 internationalist ideology, this study highlights efforts to diffuse the destructive role of the nation-state in world affairs by constructing international organisations with global agendas.

Political Archive of Paul de Man

Author : Martin McQuillan
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Taking de Man's recently published manuscript Textual Allegories as a point of departure, 13 experts revisit de Man's account of Rousseau and what he calls a 'Theotropic Allegory'. The volume is framed by an introduction by leading de Man scholar, Martin

The Unraveling Archive

Author : Anita Plath Helle
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A collection of eleven essays on Plath's writing with the archive as its informing matrix.

The Raiders and Writers of Cervantes Archive

Author : Paul Kong
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Within the context of Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and his influence on Jorge Luis Borges, Manuel Puig and Gabriel Marquez, Paul Kong analyzes the concepts of the archive and the manuscript. Questioning the apparently natural association between the two

General Nonfiction Awards 1962 1993

Author : Erika J. Fischer
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The School of Journalism at Columbia University has awarded the Pulitzer Prize since 1917. Nowadays there are prizes in 21 categories from the fields of journalism, literature and music. The Pulitzer Prize Archive presentsthe history of this award from its beginnings to the present: In parts A toE the awarding oftheprize in each category is documented, commented and arranged chronologically. Part F covers the history of the prize biographically and bibliographically. Part G provides the background to thedecisions.

The Canon and the Archive

Author : Wadda C. Ríos-Font
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Ríos-Font re-reads nineteenth- and twentieth-century Spanish texts and authors that have tested the boundary between high and low, repositioning them within Spanish critical tradition. Through these self-reflexive readings, the book explores how the definition of literature has changed in more than two centuries of modernity in Spain, and the institutional and cultural negotiations behind this change."--Jacket.

ARTPOOL The Experimental Art Archive of East Central Europe

Author : György Galántai
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This volume is a collection of texts and documents selected from and illustrating the history of Artpool, a non-profit artist run institution in Budapest, established in 1979 by György Galántai and Júlia Klaniczay and operating since 1992 under the name of Artpool Art Research Center. The book focuses on Artpool’s direct antecedents (among them the events at György Galántai's Chapel Studio in Balatonboglár, 1970–1973), on the foundation, development, art projects and events, as well as the preferences and issues pertaining to art research (not independent of the historical and social environment they were conceived in) that had formed throughout the course of many years and decades. "The occasion of the publication of ARTPOOL The Experimental Art Archive of East-Central Europe is a milestone in the history of art for its documentation of a remarkable period in the chronicles of conceptual, performance, installation, and video art, as well ephemeral mediums such as mail art and artists’ stamp sheets, postcards, rubber stamp imprints, artists’ writings and samizdat publications. The work represented in the Artpool archive is astonishing in its scope and quantity, quality of imagination, intellectual force, and the courage of the artists who created it. This volume presents an opportunity to reflect on the events that brought Artpool into being, to acknowledge that while originating in the context of East-Central Europe, Artpool’s community has always been international, and to evaluate its broad contributions to world culture and society." (Kristine Stiles)

Counter Archive

Author : Paula Amad
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"Counter-Archive brilliantly reflects the visual character of philosophy, geography, and historiography in twentieth-century France. Organized hermetically and crafted meticulously, this volume offers a wealth of information as it considers film theory."---Tom Conley, Harvard University Tucked Away in a Garden on the edge of Paris is a multimedia archive like no other: Albert Kahn's Archives de la Planete (1908-1931). Kahn's vast photo-cinematographic experiment preserved world memory through the privileged lens of everyday life, and Counter-Archive situates this project in its biographic, intellectual, and cinematic contexts. Tracing the archive's key influences, such as the philosopher Henri Bergson, the geographer Jean Brunhes, and the biologist Jean Comandon, Paula Amad maps an alternative landscape of French cultural modernity, in which vitalist philosophy cross-pollinated with early film theory, documentary film with the avant-grade, cinematic models of temporality with the early Annales school of history, and film's appropriation of the planet with human geography and colonial ideology. At the heart of the book is an insightful meditation upon the transformed concept of the archive in the age of cinema and an innovative argument about film's counter-archival challenge to history. "This impressive book carves out a field of interest that, prior to Paula Amad's scrutiny, did not exist. Amad displays extraordinary erudition, assembling a remarkable bibliography of primary sources. She invites us to ponder her ideas in relation to our own digital, counter-archival, image overload."---Antonia Lant, New York University, editor of Red Velvet Seat: Women's Writings on the First Fifty Years of Cinema. "Paula Amad handles technical details with flourish and mastery, and the research in the French archives is exhilarating."---Donald Crafton, University of Notre Dame "Paula Amad's book is far more than an unusually successful effort to recover and analyze Kahn's unique dream of `archiving the planet.' It stages a theoretical interrogation of the terms archive, everyday life, and modernity, arguing that the emergence of motion pictures produced a revisionist concept of the archive or what she calls the counter-archive. Her book ultimately mounts a highly original methodological exploration of the intersection of history and theory."---Richard Abel, University of Michigan

Harter s Picture Archive for Collage and Illustration

Author : Jim Harter
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Over 300 authentic, rare 19th-century engravings selected by noted collagist for artists, designers, decoupeurs. Machines, people, animals, more, printed one side of page. 25 scene plates for backgrounds.

In the Family Way

Author : Jane Robinson
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Unmarried mothers, absent fathers, orphaned children - Jane Robinson's In the Family Way is a truly gripping book about long-buried secrets, family bonds and unlikely heroes. Only a generation or two ago, illegitimacy was one of the most shameful things that could happen in a family. Unmarried mothers were considered immoral, single fathers feckless and bastard children inherently defective. They were hidden away from friends and relations as guilty secrets, punished by society and denied their place in the family tree. Today, the concept of illegitimacy no longer exists in law, and babies' parents are as likely to be unmarried as married. This revolution in public opinion makes it easy to forget what it was really like to give birth, or be born, out of wedlock in the years between World War One and the dawn of the Permissive Age. By speaking to those involved - many of whom have never felt able to talk about their experiences before - Jane Robinson reveals a story not only of shame and appalling prejudice, but also of triumph and the every-day strength of the human spirit. In the Family Way tells secrets kept for entire lifetimes and rescues from the shadows an important part of all our family histories. In it we hear long-silent voices from the workhouse, the Magdalene Laundry or the distant mother-and-baby home. Anonymous childhoods are recalled, spent in the care of Dr Barnardo or a Child Migration scheme halfway across the world. There are sorrowful stories in this book, but it is also about hope: about supportive families who defied social expectations by welcoming 'love-children' home, or those who were parted and are now reconciled. Most of all, In the Family Way is about finally telling the truth. Praise for Bluestockings 'A gem of a book. Social history of the best kind' Sunday Times 'Fascinating. Inspiring. Impassioned and wonderfully entertaining' Scotsman Jane Robinson was born in Edinburgh and brought up in North Yorkshire. After reading English at Somerville College, Oxford, she became an antiquarian book dealer, and later a writer and lecturer. In the Family Way is her ninth book, and like her previous work, including the acclaimed Bluestockings and A Force to Be Reckoned With, it confirms her as one of our most engaging and original social historians. Jane lives near Oxford with her husband and two sons.

Libraries and Archives

Author : Tomas Lidman
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Libraries and Archives analyses the facts and arguments behind an increasing debate as to what extent libraries and archives are fulfilling the same missions. Despite the fact that they have different legal statuses, legal frameworks, and the work-flow looks very different, some politicians and bureaucrats think that there is much to gain if the two institutions work closely together or even merge. To understand the present situation it is important to have an understanding of the role of libraries and archives and their shared history. Therefore the development up to the present day is analysed in the first chapters of the book. The book stimulates debate and brings forth valuable facts about the topic. The main focus is on national libraries and national and regional archives from an international point of view. Offers a simple but comprehensive background to explain key issues behind the current debate Provides librarians and archivists with arguments The author has more than 40 years experience on the national and international archive and library scene

Russian and East European Books and Manuscripts in the United States

Author : Tanya Chebotarev
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Gain a better understanding of the past and cultures of Slavic and East European peoples with American archival collections! Russian and East European Books and Manuscripts in the United States, the first collection of its kind, offers perspectives from leading Slavic librarians, archivists and historians on the cultural history of Russian and East European exiles and immigrants to North America in the twentieth century. Editor Tanya Chebotarev—curator of the Bahkmeteff Archive at Columbia University—and a group of leading authorities document the concerted effort to preserve Russian and East European written culture outside the bounds of Communist power. This book is a vital addition to the collections of archivists, librarians, historians, and graduate students in Russian studies and American immigrations. Russian and East European Books and Manuscripts in the United States explores the role of Russian émigrés, librarians, and scholars in the United States in providing a haven for archival collections of Russian literature, art, and historical manuscripts at the height of panic during the Cold War. This essential resource celebrates the efforts made by archivists and librarians in collecting émigré materials. This book addresses many important related topics, such as: an introduction to the life and work of Boris Aleksandrovich Bakhmeteff—financial contributor to the Archive and the last Russian ambassador to the United States before the Bolsheviks’ seizure of power the Eurasianist movement—its roles and views on science, culture, and empire reflections of Russian émigrés on Soviet nationality policies during the 1920s and 1930s American collections on immigrants from the Russian Empire the New York Public Library—its role in collecting and describing vernacular Slavic and East European language and history materials to a diverse readership Columbia University Libraries’ Slavic and East European Collections—a historical overview of these extraordinarily rich collections of materials from or about the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union, and the countries and people of Eastern Europe the Hoover Institution’s Polish émigré collections and the Polish state archives Russian archives online—present status and future prospects This book also details recent efforts to “repatriate” archival collections and libraries abroad and return them to their countries of origin. Disagreements between countries are already emerging, and Russian and East European Books and Manuscripts in the United States discusses their implications and the future of America’s Slavic archives.

Digital Archives

Author :
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In the 21st era the devastating majority of newly created information is digital. With the birth and development of information technology, use of computers in offices and institutions, private life and the preservation of digital documents, the possibility of scanning and sending of this material among Internet has produced a new reality for the work of the archives. The digital collections of collecting institutions such as archives, libraries and museums consist of either digitized or 'born digital' content. This reality and this new technology have born digital archives. This means we have to preserve lots of digital information for a long time. Doing this work is, however, fundamentally different that preserving books, papers and other traditional forms of information. Digital content can be hard to capture, difficult to organize and use and prone to going obsolete due to changing technology. Challenges and issues regarding the long-term viability of and access to digital collections are common to all collecting domains, but the Archives Domain has put particular emphasis on finding solutions to digital archiving and digital preservation. In doing so it has become a leader in the field of the long-term preservation of digital objects and is thus in a position to provide advice to the cultural domain at large. This book entitled Digital Archives provides up-to-date studies that guide for creating digital collections, including examples and real-world cases. This book aims to present and analyze concrete examples of collective intelligence at the service of digital archives. This compendium offers a wide-ranging overview of how rapid technological changes and the push for providing wide access to digitized cultural heritage holdings are changing the landscape of archives. The book serves as valuable guide for archivists and information specialists working in cultural heritage institutions, including archives, libraries, and museums, providing detailed analyses of how metadata and standards are used to manage information securely.