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The Blue Wonder

Author : Frauke Bagusche
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An intimate account of the beauty, mystery, and amazing science of the ocean. In The Blue Wonder, marine biologist and diver Frauke Bagusche brings readers on a fascinating and beautiful deep-sea dive into the ocean. Drawing on scientific discoveries and her own research, she uses photographs and playful prose to reveal: deep-sea reefs that glitter like glass fish that converse with each other by singing––loudly an octopus that imitates more than fifteen other animals the secret behind why the sea glows at night “weddings” that happen amongst the coral underwater “drugstores” and even fish that clean her own teeth! Humans know more about the moon’s surface than we do about the ocean. There is so much to be discovered, under the sea. With the heart of a poet and the mind of a scientist, Frauke Bagusche re-awakens our love for the sea and ignites a desire to protect this vital habitat.

Captain Blue Wonder

Author : Cheyene Montana Lopez
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The Wonder Book One

Author : James Devo
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In some Worlds, Society depends on Technology to expand its horizons. In the Victorian world of the Wonder, Magic is the leading light. It powers an Empire through an Industrial Revolution towards boundless possibilities, including the invasion and colonisation of any neighbours who may have reserves of Magic themselves. But the Wonder has been plumbed before, by past civilisations, and may have caused their collapse. Can a disparate group of accidental heroes made up of burnt-out dragoons, cynical mercenaries, a college professor and a nurse-cum-landlady from an Imperial backwater colony take on an entire Empire to save a world?

The Blue Wonder

Author : Ursula Renate
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United States Plant Patents

Author : United States. Patent and Trademark Office
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A Draught of the Blue An Essence of the Dusk

Author : Francis Bain
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A Draught of the Blue Together with An Essence of the Dusk

Author : F.W Bain
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Reproduction of the original: A Draught of the Blue Together with An Essence of the Dusk by F.W Bain

Safety of historical stone arch bridges

Author : Dirk Proske
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Historical stone arch bridges are still a major part of the infrastructure in many countries. Although this type of bridge has proven to be an efficient construction type, it often poses the problem of insufficient numerical models of the load bearing behavior. Therefore the book introduces methods to adapt life loads and introduces different types of numerical models of the load resistance respectively. The book continues with the introduction of specific damages and strengthening techniques. The book particularly focuses on the probabilistic safety assessment of historical arch bridges, for which often only limited material and structural data is available.

Blue Biophilic Cities

Author : Timothy Beatley
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There is a growing recognition of the contact we need with nature to be happy, healthy and to lead meaningful lives. We need that nature daily, if not hourly, and so it must be nearby to where we live and work. This is central to the concept of ‘biophilic cities’ which is emerging as a global movement and guiding framework for city design and planning. Blue Biophilic Cities is about the promise of this movement and a kind of biophilic urbanism that is possible for cities perched on the edge of harbours and seas. In blue biophilic cities, much of the nearby nature is to be found in the marine realm. This book explores the efforts underway in a number of cities to foster new marine connections through a variety of innovative programs and initiatives. It also discusses a number of design ideas, from dynamic shoreline edges and floodable parks to living breakwaters, in order to emphasise the possibility of designing for resilience while also supporting marine biodiversity and strengthening biophilic connections to the marine world.


Author : Renate Hochheimer
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What about this book? . An amusing, bare, honest travel story of life's ups and downs during her one-year sabbatical. . A diary of her spiritual quest. . An educator's tales of success and frustrations. . Educational chapters for peace-education and cultural sensitivity training. . A critical examination of the teaching and medical professions. . Interweaved with situational poetry and meditation. . A celebration of life's Inner and Outer journeys. . A celebration of friendship and understanding that the world's common denominators are, or could be: Love, Peace and Harmony.