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The Book of Angels

Author : Stephen Miller
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Both collectively and individually we have a deep and abiding fascination with angels. This book explores depictions of angels in the visual arts and in scripture and associated apocryphal and mystical writings, specifically in the Hebrew and Christian Bibles and Islamic, Zoroastrian and other ancient and latter-day accounts. It examines the visual clues, artistic conventions and attributes that have been set down to help us to recognise angels in their particular roles and functions. Certain writings have had a particularly influential bearing on our understanding of angels. This text focuses on the hierarchies and orders proposed by the likes of Pseudo-Dionysius, St. Thomas Aquinas and others. In a new age of fascination with the metaphysical and supernatural (in film, television, popular mythology and literature), are we cementing or losing our connection with the authentic meaning and purpose that such vibrant and energised beings bring to our table? This book contains more than 30 illustrations in a central colour plates section. It also includes a useful glossary of terms and will prove a rich and enduring reference resource for libraries, as well as a stimulating go-to source for those interested in the world of angels and how human sensibilities and imaginative reasoning have enriched the subject, as a starting point for interreligious dialogue.

The Book of Angels

Author : Kaya and Christiane Muller
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" When your spirit seeks the meaning of its existence, its loves and its work When you see behind the images and you hear beyond the words When you feel vulnerable and your feelings are beyond your power to control When your body hurts and you don‘t know why When you ask yourself, ‘Why live, if I have to die?’ When faced with the social inequalities and misery of this world, you wonder if God really exists You are ready for initiation You are ready to receive the Knowledge.“ Through The Traditional Study of Angels, rediscover and develop the Angelic States of Consciousness that represent the essence of the Divine qualities and virtues. By reactivating these powerful Angelic Energies in your thoughts, feelings and actions, you will awaken a new way of understanding dreams, signs and synchronicity. Reading the real-life experiences told in this book, discover that the greatest teaching is that which is received through personal experience. Become aware that every event, meeting and word contributes to our evolution. In simple language, Kaya and Christiane Muller share with us the wealth of this teaching and its application to daily life. They share their own experience and that of individuals who practice this ancient path of Knowledge. To meditate with the Angels is to experience spiritual autonomy.

The Ministry of Angels the Separate State the Book of Esther Biblical Studies

Author : George J. Walker
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The Mammoth Book of Angels Demons

Author : Paula Guran
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Despite our tendency to think of the demonic as evil and the angelic as good, our own legends don't always bear this out. Angels can be the incarnation of light and salvation, but they can also fall - Satan himself is a fallen angel. Demons can be truly demonic, but these unearthly creatures can also, on occasion, lend humankind a hand. Temptation can lead to revelation, supernatural messengers who bring true justice may not be welcomed, and beings seeking redemption can be blind to mortal needs. Stories from world-renowned authors of science fiction and fantasy - including Neil Gaiman, George R. R. Martin and Joyce Carol Oates - and rising stars portray angels in all their glory, demons at their most dreadful, and a surprising variety of modern interpretations of ancient myth.

Little Book of Angels

Author : Nicole Masson
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A collection of stories, legends, poems, and prayers about angels, with color illustrations from missals and prayer books.

A Book of Angels

Author : Marigold Hunt
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Angel stories from the Bible — for kids

Modern believers may be tempted to look upon angels as one of the more fanciful elements of Scripture, but this illuminating and entertaining collection of angel stories from the Bible shows that there are just too many angels for them to be metaphorical, allegorical, or unimportant.

So that children will come to know and learn to revere angels, Marigold Hunt explains what angels are (and are not!) and gathers here in one volume most of the stories of angels in the Bible, including exciting tales of:

  • The fallen angels, beginning with the devil himself, tempting Adam and Eve
  • The angel who barred the gates of Eden so Adam and Eve could never enter again
  • The angels who announced that Sara, Abraham’s aged wife, would have a baby
  • The angels who tried to save Lot from destruction with the city of Sodom
  • The angel who stayed Abraham’s hand as he was about to sacrifice his son Isaac
  • The angels in Jacob’s dream who climbed the stairway to Heaven
  • The angels who saved Sidrach, Misach, and Abdenago from the fiery furnace
  • The angel Raphael, who shielded Tobias from death, and protected his wife Sara
  • The angels at the Ascension who chided the apostles for staring at the sky
  • The angel Gabriel, who foretold the birth of Jesus and John the Baptist
  • The choirs of angels who sang above Bethlehem when Jesus was born
  • The angel who carried food to Daniel when he was imprisoned in the lion’s den
  • The angel who freed Peter from prison, and, of course:
  • The countless angels who fill the marvelous pages of the Book of Revelation
  • Children will be charmed by these exciting tales.

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    A Child s Book of Angels

    Author : Joanna Crosse
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    The guardian angel of a curious little boy appears to him one night to show him how every person, animal, plant and part of nature is protected by an angel.

    Sylvia Browne s Book of Angels

    Author : Sylvia Browne
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    Poetry, music, literature, and art abound with inspiring portrayals of angels. Nearly every religion includes some description of these celestial beings. Do angels really exist? Can we call upon them when we need them? What do they look like and why are they here? After more than 60 years as a psychic and 20 years of studying angels, internationally renowned psychic Sylvia Browne presents the answers to these and other puzzling questions. Sylvia Browne’s Book of Angels combines her personal experiences and extensive research with the heartwarming stories of countless contributors, and the breathtaking illustrations of Christina Simonds. Today, as the nightly news reports one disaster after another, books, TV shows, and movies are filled with stories and tales of angels. Is it mere coincidence, or are angels making their presence known? In these chaotic times, Sylvia Browne’s Book of Angels brings a reassuring message of God’s caring, compassion, and loving concern from the blessed angels who surround us each day.

    A Small Book of Angels

    Author : Eugene Stiles
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    Illustrated with exquisite artistic representations of angels from prominent nineteenth-and twentieth-century painters, this book explores the nature of angels with a thorough, fact-filled examination of their various manifestations through history and their meaning to humankind. The text by Eugene Stiles (author of A Small Book of Fairies) includes stories about and reflections on angels, and a generous sprinkling of quotations about the heavenly messengers.

    The Wrath of Angels

    Author : John Connolly
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    In the depths of the Maine woods, the wreckage of a plane is discovered. There are no bodies, and no such plane has ever been reported missing, but men both good and evil have been seeking it for a long, long time. What the wreckage conceals is more important than money. It is power: a list of names, a record of those who have struck a deal with the devil. Now a battle is about to commence between those who want the list to remain secret and those for whom it represents a crucial weapon in the struggle against the forces of darkness. The race to secure the prize draws in private detective Charlie Parker, a man who knows more than most about the nature of the terrible evil that seeks to impose itself on the world, and who fears that his own name may be on the list. It lures others, too: a beautiful, scarred woman with a taste for killing; a silent child who remembers his own death; and a serial killer known as the Collector, who sees in the list new lambs for his slaughter. But as the rival forces descend upon this northern state, the woods prepare to meet them, for the forest depths hide other secrets. Someone has survived the crash. Something has survived the crash. And it is waiting. . . .

    ANGELS The Book Of Life

    Author : Clementina Molina y Roberto Smith
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    The Big Book of Angel Stories

    Author : Jenny Smedley
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    Is there such a thing as a miracle? Have you ever seen a 'sign' that was too personal to be a coincidence? Do you believe in angels but wonder why some of your prayers go unanswered?In this book, much-loved angel author Jenny Smedley brings together a collection of her most moving and powerful stories about the angels. Filled with astonishing personal accounts from her readers and fans who have seen, heard or been helped by angels, this book will convince even sceptics of the presence of angels in our lives.Inside the pages of this book you will read incredible stories of: *Angels disguised as humans *Angels appearing in dreams to give messages *Angels physically intervening to save a person from an accident or an attack *Angels sending signs in answer to questions or prayersThe astounding stories in this book will renew anyone's faith in angels and show that they really are all around us. We are guided and protected, and never alone.

    A Book of Angels from My Imaginary World 11 X14

    Author : Jane Hankins
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    The Imaginary World becomes even more curious this adventure into the whimsical mind of artist Jane F. Hankins! Each print of Jane's original drawings tells a story and provides hours of creative coloring. So sit back, relax and join in on a delightful collaborative artistic experience!

    The Bible of Angels

    Author : Marie-Ange Faugerolas
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    The Bible of Angels is a unique reference book on angels with an index of 450 angels. You will find in this book the origins of angels and the angels in the Kabbalah and other traditions. You will discover what angels look like, how and why they appear to humans. You will learn about their missions on Earth, their relationship with God, their powers and the miracles they bring about in your life. The author tells the amazing story of her personal encounter with an angel and how it changed her life. You will also find in this Bible of Angels more than one hundred rituals directly inspired by the angels that will help you call upon them, transform your life, ask for guidance, protection, and above all, love and success. The Bible of Angels is a well-documented book, a practical and highly spiritual guide that will bring to your life a new energy for love, bliss. and prosperity.

    The Big Book of Angel Tarot

    Author : Radleigh Valentine
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    Get even more depth from your angel tarot readings with Radleigh Valentine's comprehensive guide to the use of, and the in-depth symbolism behind, Angel Tarot Cards. In The Big Book of Angel Tarot, best-selling author Radleigh Valentine follows up his groundbreaking work Angel Tarot Cards with the definitive guide to the mystical art of tarot. By removing the fear, worry, and secrecy from the process, Radleigh is reintroducing the world to this language of the Divine, without diminishing any of the amazing accuracy and detailed information that tarot is known for. This fascinating book takes you card by card through the journey of The Dreamer in the Major Arcana, fully explaining all of the magical symbolism found throughout tarot. You'll come to understand the importance of each suit of the Minor Arcana and its relevance to your daily life, as well as develop a -firm grasp of the court cards by getting to know each and every one as if they're real people. Radleigh reveals the incredible insights into your questions and concerns that arise from various card spreads-and also teaches you how to create your own! (Previously published as The Big Book of Angel Tarot by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine)

    The Book of Jubilees

    Author : R. H. Charles
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    Chiefly based upon the historical narratives in Genesis and Exodus, this work probably originated as a Jewish apocalyptical work. Readers will discover a wealth of material not found in the Bible concerning the Fall, Cain and Abel, angels, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, Jacob's visions, and the Messianic Kingdom.

    The Impact of the Book of Enoch on Christianity and Other Religions

    Author : Dr. Randy Delp
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    Considered an expert about the Book of Enoch, Dr. Randy Delp has put together an analysis of this ancient book to explain why Jesus and the New Testament writers were not only influenced by the Book of Enoch, they quoted its contents, cited its texts and labeled it Scripture. The teachings of Enoch have influenced every major monotheistic religion including Islam, Judaism, Christianity and Zoroastrianism and vestiges can be found in Hinduism, and other ancient religions. The footprints of his teachings are seen throughout every generation and the finality of his message has yet to be fulfilled. Enochs influence in astronomy, history, religion, education, and para-psychology has forged how society thinks today. It is significant to note that the prophet named Enoch, who was born seven generations after Adam and Eve, may be the only person in history who has had a positive effect on every major and minor religion, while nothing negative is ever spoken about him.

    Egyptian Origen of the Book of Revelation

    Author : John H. C. Pippy
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    This in-depth treatise presents conclusive evidence for an extremely close relationship between ancient Egyptian religious beliefs and the Book of Revelation. Practically all characters, scenes and series of scenes found in Revelation have parallels in mainstream Egyptian sources, including the Book of the Dead, the Amduat, Book of Gates, Book of Aker, Books of the Heavens and others. Parallel characters include Egypt's Apophis as Revelation's Satan while situations and activities in scenes include the judgment scene and singers by a lake of fire. Parallel sequences of scenes include those found in the 2nd to 12th Divisions of the Book of Gates and most of Revelation's Chapters 15-21. Allusions to the Book of Dead are common. Finally, a key conclusion: the entire structure of the Book of Revelation can be accounted for in the organization of text and paintings on the walls and ceilings of the tomb of Ramesses VI in Egypt's Valley of the Kings. Fully referenced to enable critical review. See

    101 Questions and Answers on Angels and Devils

    Author :
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    The Hum of Angels

    Author : Scot McKnight
    File Size : 46.17 MB
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    Would you recognize an angel if you saw one? The majority of earth's inhabitants believe in Angels. Yet so few of us can claim to have seen one. Why? Perhaps it's because in order to encounter one, we first have to learn what to look for, and how to look! We live in a world where the natural and supernatural overlap. Angels are constantly on mission from God, and constantly at work in this world. From the Garden of Eden to the Book of Revelation, Scripture is filled with hundreds of references to these wondrous creatures. In this creative work, Scot McKnight explores what the Bible says - and doesn't say - about these majestic beings. And that's deeply important, because angels are still on mission today. They express God's love, confirm His presence, and even lead humans in redemptive worship. Don't just believe in angels. Learn how to recognise these messengers of God that are all around us and know how God might be using them to affect our lives.