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Seeking the Spirit of the Book of Change

Author : Zhongxian Wu
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Explaining the ancient Yijing system of prediction based on the Xiang (symbolism) and Shu (numerology) knowledge of Bagua (the eight basic trigrams), which have not previously been written about outside China, this book makes the Yijing accessible to the Western world in a new and fuller way.

The Book of Change

Author : Stephen Ellcock
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A brilliant awakening to our vast shared potential and creative energy for change, from the beloved social media curator Stephen Ellcock. Featuring 240 reproductions of art, photography and objects, selected from cultures through history and across the globe, as well as from living artists such as Zanele Muholi, Kara Walker, Carrie Mae Weems, Ellen Gallagher, Shirin Neshat and Gillian Wearing, this is an extraordinary collection of powerfully inspiring imagery on the nature of challenge and change. 'Perfect for our time.' Adrian Searle, Guardian 'In compiling The Book of Change my aim was to combine fragments of the visual culture of the past - drawing upon as many different traditions, geographical locations and eras as possible - with work by contemporary artists and photographers and illustrators, extracting inspiration from the raw material of the world to create a unique patchwork that attempts to reimagine existence. 'By reassembling, repurposing and repositioning fragments of the past and combining them with new visions and fresh ways of seeing, a collage of unfamiliar, unspoiled possibilities can emerge, exorcizing the ghosts of struggles, failures and traumas past, providing glimpses of a better world, of overgrown paths in the clearing, of potential routes out of crisis into a brighter, bolder future.' 'Itinerant image-scavenging art-fugitive Stephen Ellcock returns with a new book revealing that beneath his acerbic, feral and rarefied exterior lies a large, kind and generous heart. When you get right down to it, in life and art, love is the message, and The Book of Change brings forth the codes, keys and surreal visions leading to brighter days.' Simon Armstrong, Tate Modern 'Stephen Ellcock brightens our dark world.' Kara Walker, artist

The Book of Change

Author : Eileen Chang
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Eileen Chang is now recognized as one of the greatest modern Chinese writers, though she was completely erased from official histories in mainland China.-- Her semi-autobiographical novels depict in gripping detail her childhood years in Tianjin and Shanghai, as well as her student days in Hong Kong during World War II, and shed light on the construction of selfhood in her other novels. --This previously unpublished semi-autobiographical novel continues the story begun in The Fall of the Pagoda, following the girl's experiences as a student at the University of Victoria in Hong Kong, including the city's 1941 fall after Pearl Harbor. Hiding in shelter to escape air raids, she vividly conveys her sense of alienation both as a sojourner in a distant land and as a displaced refugee of war.--This previously unpublished work is essential to any scholar or loyal fan of Eileen Chang.-

The Book of Change

Author : Cyndi Haynes
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Instead of the usual self-help manual that provides theory and endless how-tos, this delightful book simply offers small bits of wisdom from the famous-and not-so famous-on making change happen in your life. Some humorous, some introspective, these quotes provide a quick, uplifting, and inspiring take on making change happen-with a good, healthy attitude firmly in hand. But in addition to the inspiring quotes, this little book is chock-full of informative facts, advice, and lists, as well as writing prompts to help jump-start the reader to make positive changes in his or her life. This is truly a handbook for taking the small steps that lead to real, lasting change.

Chinese Leadership Wisdom from the Book of Change

Author : Mun Kin-Chok
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For centuries, the Book of Change (or the Yijing), has been consulted for sage advice at life's turning points. It differs from simple prognostication, however, in that it demands us to cultivate an understanding of the situation, the world, and most of all, ourselves; indeed, this understanding is essential for leaders of all times. MUN Kin Chok, a marketing scholar by profession, derives a rational approach to organizational leadership from the Book of Change. The yin–yang concept is illustrated according to contexts and characters of man. The sixty-four hexagrams and each of their six possible "nging lines" are analyzed in a clear systematic manner. Skeptical of oracle predictions, the author combs through different divination methods and utilizes them as tools to calculate risks and stimulate ideas.

The Book of Change

Author :
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The Little Black Book of Change

Author : Paul Adams
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Your go-to-guide to delivering effective and transformative change that lasts All too often, change efforts fail to deliver on their promise. However it is possible to turn an organization around quickly to create a new future — one where people think and behave differently and deliver extraordinary results together. Whether you are the chairman, a board director or an aspiring senior executive, The Little Black Book of Change provides a practical, concise and insightful guide to understanding your organization and inventing something extraordinary. It is not about ‘run of the mill' change programmes. It is about delivering extraordinary results — something that is not at all predictable. It will be your insight into creating significant shifts in the way people think and behave which can be applied in any area you wish; from improving service levels to cost reductions, innovation or increasing market share. Demystifies organisational transformation in 7 practical steps Based on real business case studies Grounded and accessible, rather than purely from theoretical models or processes The authors have 25 years' experience of implementing and facilitating transformations change Visit

The Book of Right Change Jeong Yeok

Author : Sung Jang Chung
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The Book of Right Change, Jeong Yeok ??, was written by Kim Hang in 1885 who was a great Korean scholar and a master of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. He saw extraordinary symbols of the coming new world in his vision after eighteen years of hard study and meditation. He is said to complete Confucianism teachings, the I Ching, the oldest Chinese philosophy book. Chung, the author of Seeking a New World: A New Philosophy of Confucius and Kim Hang, wrote commentaries to the Book of Right Change in his book. This book will be the first English version of the Book of Right Change that was originlly published in Korea, and that represents a new philosophy of Asia..

Energetic Invocations A Book of Vibrational Change

Author : Julie Bonetti
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This high-octane book is about changing your thoughts and beliefs, and working with the energy surrounding them, as a way to change your life. Along with “Energetic Invocations” are five parts: Self, Journey, People, Environment and World. Who is the one person you can change? We all know the answer is only you, yet we continue to look outside of ourselves for the answers. The book’s focus is in the understanding that real healing occurs when the truth, our own individual truth which lies within each of us, is revealed. “Energetic Invocations: A Book of Vibrational Change” and “Energetic Invocations Series: A Book of Vibrational Change – Volumes 1-17, with Process This™ (with real-life situations and contemplations) have been inspiring readers everywhere to do the work to quiet “out there,” analyze thoughts and beliefs, and work with the energy all around to find their own truths and make change. Now you can also hear the authors candidly discuss why they wrote this book, how powerful “Energetic Invocations” are to help you refocus your life, and the essence and energy of all five parts of the book, in their podcast episodes “Energetic Invocations and Process This – The Author’s Cut©,” in their podcast series “Let’s Talk About Energy: Ours and Yours” available on Spotify, iHeart Radio, Anchor, “Alexa,” and everywhere! Buy the book, absorb the authors’ energized discussions, invest in yourself and do the work, and be a part of your own self-empowerment journey! From the Authors: If you have any interest in things other than people’s stories, complaints and drama, and feel that there is something else out there, you’re right, there is. And that’s where we are. Social media, television, movies, other self-help books are unfulfilling. They just perpetuate an empty feeling. If you are interested in what everyone else is doing, keep supporting them. Yet, if you are interested in accessing something else within yourself and all around you, our books help to open the door to magick, science, creativity, and psychic ability. We work with energy. What does that mean? Everyone wants to talk to us or be in our conversations. So, we wrote about what we know and have experienced. If you want to be in our conversations, listen to our podcasts. Otherwise, read our books, that’s where the energy is. Find our books on our Amazon Author pages. Also visit: Find our podcast shows everywhere: “Your Presence Is Required” (NEW) “Let’s Talk About Energy, Ours & Yours” “The Kybalion: A Conversation” “Ancient Texts – The Genealogy of Energy” “Oprah! Can You Hear Me? Oprah vs. Donald 2020”

Energetic Invocations Series A Book of Vibrational Change Volumes 1 17

Author : Julie Bonetti
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Are you depressed? Frustrated with the never ending bullying, harassment and loneliness that you feel in the world as you see it? Well, you are not alone. If you have been turning to experts to find out what to do to fix your problems, even though their advice may help, you still have to do the work to reach your own clarity and truth. Relationships are a part of life, so isn¿t finding a process that works for you the real answer?This book shares a process which asks you to examine your thoughts and beliefs, and work with the energy surrounding them. Process This¿ components supply light-hearted, often funny accounts and strategies to understand interactions and the world around you with an empowering perspective.Process This¿ stories illustrate how energy appears, works, and is utilized. They also exhibit people using energy to their benefit, or not. This is not a self-help series. It is a self-empowerment journey.