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Chinese Leadership Wisdom from the Book of Change

Author : Mun Kin-Chok
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For centuries, the Book of Change (or the Yijing), has been consulted for sage advice at life's turning points. It differs from simple prognostication, however, in that it demands us to cultivate an understanding of the situation, the world, and most of all, ourselves; indeed, this understanding is essential for leaders of all times. MUN Kin Chok, a marketing scholar by profession, derives a rational approach to organizational leadership from the Book of Change. The yin–yang concept is illustrated according to contexts and characters of man. The sixty-four hexagrams and each of their six possible "nging lines" are analyzed in a clear systematic manner. Skeptical of oracle predictions, the author combs through different divination methods and utilizes them as tools to calculate risks and stimulate ideas.

The Book of Change

Author : Eileen Chang
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Eileen Chang is now recognized as one of the greatest modern Chinese writers, though she was completely erased from official histories in mainland China.-- Her semi-autobiographical novels depict in gripping detail her childhood years in Tianjin and Shanghai, as well as her student days in Hong Kong during World War II, and shed light on the construction of selfhood in her other novels. --This previously unpublished semi-autobiographical novel continues the story begun in The Fall of the Pagoda, following the girl's experiences as a student at the University of Victoria in Hong Kong, including the city's 1941 fall after Pearl Harbor. Hiding in shelter to escape air raids, she vividly conveys her sense of alienation both as a sojourner in a distant land and as a displaced refugee of war.--This previously unpublished work is essential to any scholar or loyal fan of Eileen Chang.-

Seeking the Spirit of the Book of Change

Author : Zhongxian Wu
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Explaining the ancient Yijing system of prediction based on the Xiang (symbolism) and Shu (numerology) knowledge of Bagua (the eight basic trigrams), which have not previously been written about outside China, this book makes the Yijing accessible to the Western world in a new and fuller way.

The Book of Change

Author : Cyndi Haynes
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Instead of the usual self-help manual that provides theory and endless how-tos, this delightful book simply offers small bits of wisdom from the famous-and not-so famous-on making change happen in your life. Some humorous, some introspective, these quotes provide a quick, uplifting, and inspiring take on making change happen-with a good, healthy attitude firmly in hand. But in addition to the inspiring quotes, this little book is chock-full of informative facts, advice, and lists, as well as writing prompts to help jump-start the reader to make positive changes in his or her life. This is truly a handbook for taking the small steps that lead to real, lasting change.

The Book of Change

Author : John Blofeld
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This book, first published in 1968, examines the I Ching, one of the oldest books in the world and certainly the most influential in Chinese thought. This modern translation features extensive explanatory material, and is the product of the author’s great experience in the field and of close contact with Chinese scholars and experts.

The Book of Right Change Jeong Yeok

Author : Sung Jang Chung
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The Book of Right Change, Jeong Yeok 正易, was written by Kim Hang in 1885 who was a great Korean scholar and a master of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism. He saw extraordinary symbols of the coming new world in his vision after eighteen years of hard study and meditation. He is said to complete Confucianism teachings, the I Ching, the oldest Chinese philosophy book. Chung, the author of Seeking a New World: A New Philosophy of Confucius and Kim Hang, wrote commentaries to the Book of Right Change in his book. This book will be the first English version of the Book of Right Change that was originlly published in Korea, and that represents a new philosophy of Asia..

This Book Will Change Your Life

Author : Amanda Weaver
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A new adult romance from Entangled's Embrace imprint... Take a chance and change your life... College is where Hannah Gregory plans to follow in her dad's footsteps as a chemistry prodigy-except she bombs her first test. And now her future isn't so certain. Worse, she's not sure she wants it anymore. Salvation comes from an unlikely place-a used bookstore and the sexy Ben Fisher, the passionate college senior who works there. Ben is trapped in a life mapped out for him. Trapped in a future career as a lawyer to make his father happy. Trapped pursuing a girl he doesn't even like because she fits into a world he doesn't want but can't escape. But then he meets the beautiful and quirky Hannah. And for the first time, he knows what it means to truly want something. So he gives in to being her friend. Then to wanting her. Then to kissing her. But freedom comes with a cost, and it isn't long before their carefully planned lives begin to fall apart...

Change Your World

Author : John C. Maxwell
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Whatever the desires of your heart, Change Your World will guide you through the entire process to take action and start making an impact today right where you are. You can bring about positive, lasting change in the world and you don’t have to be rich and famous or lead a big organization to do it. Global leadership icons and bestselling authors John C. Maxwell and Rob Hoskins provide the inspiring and practical roadmap to get started being the change you want to see – in your community and beyond. Learn from the firsthand experiences shared by the authors from their work helping to transform communities, businesses, and millions of lives around the world. In Change Your World, Maxwell and Hoskins will show you how to: Identify your cause Live out the values that make a difference Become a catalyst for change Join the right team or recruit one of your own Work together with others to make a difference Measure your impact and keep improving For many of us, the world we live in feels broken yet change is easier than we think. You’ll not only be encouraged to make a difference based on the needs you see around you, but you’ll be equipped to implement change immediately.

Write a Book Change the World

Author : Vanessa Lowry
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Write a Book--Change the World presents reflections and insights from 20 business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals, each of whom wrote a book. You will enter into the stories of their individual journeys and learn the challenges and frustrations they faced. They share their joys and victories as well and speak of the impact that becoming an author has had on their lives. The interviews here represent the 10 best shows of the 2011 season for "Write Here, Write Now," a weekly internet radio presentation from Business RadioX. Beyond offering personal stories of the impact that becoming an author can have on one's profession, "Write a Book - "Change the World" serves as a solid resource for entrepreneurs and business executives who have thought of writing a book someday.

The Change Your Life Book

Author : Bill O'Hanlon
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Making dramatic life changes can be difficult. The true secret to life-long transformation, according to certified professional counselor Bill O'Hanlon, is to take baby steps; small, subtle changes will yield profound and lasting results when added together. In this concise book, O'Hanlon shares his simple formula for making the small changes that lead to big shifts: Change the Doing, Change the Viewing, and Change the Setting. Each simple concept is illustrated with examples of everyday challenges with easy-to-implement experiments for affecting transformation, as in this example from "Change the Viewing": Don't expect, be happy: Ken Keyes developed a simple strategy to be happy: Expect everyone and everything to be exactly as it is. When you are upset, he suggests, it is only because your expectations haven't been fulfilled and you are demanding that reality be as you want it to be, rather than how it is. So expect things to be as they are, and you'll be happy. For the next day or so, every time something happens within you or out in the world that could upset you, shift into expecting it to be exactly as it is. Tell yourself it is exactly as it is supposed to be. As a licensed marriage and family therapist and the author of more than thirty books, O'Hanlon understands that it often takes only simple adjustments to create a better life. With a therapist's keen understanding of what works, O'Hanlon offers straightforward advice that is reminiscent of chatting with a dear friend for achieving simple yet significant life changes.