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Fire A Very Short Introduction

Author : Andrew C. Scott
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Fire is rarely out of the headlines, from large natural wildfires raging across the Australian or Californian countrysides to the burning of buildings such as the disasters of Grenfell tower and Notre Dame. Fire on these scales can represent a serious risk to human life and property. But the advent of fire made and controlled by humans also represented a crucial point in our evolution, allowing us to cook our food, forge our weapons, and warm our homes. This Very Short Introduction covers the fundamentals of fire, whether wild or under human control, starting with the basics of ignition, combustion, and fuel. Andrew Scott considers both natural wildfires and the role of humans in making and suppressing fire. Despite frightening reports of wildfire destruction, he also shows how landscape fires have been part of our planet's history for 400 million years, and do not always have to be extinguished. He also considers the problem of fires in urban settings, including new ways to prevent fires. The cost of wildfire can be steep - as well as the burning, post-fire erosion and flooding can have a great impact on both humans and the environment. It can also have a lasting effect in shaping ecosystems and plant life. Scott ends by examining the relationship between fire and the climate, and considering the future of wildfire in a warming world. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

The Economics of Fire Protection

Author : Ganapathy Ramachandran
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This important new book, the first of its kind in the fire safety field, discusses the economic problems faced by decision-makers in the areas of fire safety and fire precautions. The author considers the theoretical aspects of cost-benefit analysis and other relevant economic problems with practical applications to fire protection systems. Clear examples are included to illustrate these techniques in action. The work covers: * the performance and effectiveness of passive fire protection measures such as structural fire resistance and means of escape facilities, and active systems such as sprinklers and detectors * the importance of educating for better understanding and implementation of fire prevention through publicity campaigns and fire brigade operations * cost-benefit analysis of fire protection measures and their combinations, taking into account trade-offs between these measures. The book is essential reading for consultants and academics in construction management, economics and fire safety, as well as for insurance and risk management professionals.

Double Fire Double Thunder Prayer Book

Author : Tella Olayeri
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Problems may look kernel or stony to crack, this book will make it easy for you to pray and get result. What you need is to be violent in spirit, pursue, overtake, conquer and recover all you lost in the past to spiritual robbers and attackers of destiny. You are born to rise and shine and occupy seat of glory, but, enemy build insurmountable barricades to stop you from rising. It is time you turn obstacles on your way to ladder of breakthrough. Add fire to your prayer; turn it to double fire, let thunder strike from heaven and scatter works of darkness against your life. This book will address your situation better. It is not an ordinary book but one loaded with thick and solid fire prayer. It is titled double fire, double thunder, as fearful situations are addressed prayerfully with ease. This book makes you realize that wasters of destiny are cruel and wicked. They fire arrows at will, with the sole aim to kill destiny. They are so violent and faceless, raising killing storms. They don’t think twice before they attack and destroy shining stars. Pressures and afflictions must give way. You must be violent in spirit. Soldiers don’t fold arms in the battle field. They fight with every weapon in their possession. Be trigger happy in this battle. With prayers in this book, let your vow be, “Never shall I return for a re-play match”. Let your prayer, be a knockout match with the enemy. Arise in spirit with this book; stop them before they stop you. You are fearfully and wonderfully created, therefore, you must be blessed with fearful and wonderful results. The time is now. Buy this book.

Electrician s Book FIRE ALARM SYSTEM

Author : Juliana Barbu
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Isle of Fire

Author : Christian A. Kull
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Long considered both best friend and worst enemy to humankind, fire is at once creative and destructive. On the endangered tropical island of Madagascar, these two faces of fire have fueled a century-long conflict between rural farmers and island leaders. Based on detailed fieldwork in Malagasy villages and a thorough archival investigation, Isle of Fire offers a detailed analysis of why Madagascar has always been aflame, why it always will be aflame, and ultimately, as Christian Kull argues, why it should remain aflame.

The Dark Tales of Antler Grove

Author : Rand Inskip
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A set of four campfire tales about a small mountain community. With interlocking stories, characters cross paths during their dark journeys. Cleverly written with a bit of twisted dark humor. "Though the people in town seem to appear content and happy with life in general, there are those who have experienced events that seem to have no explanation. The following are accounts of some of the activities surrounding this quiet small mountain town ... Welcome To Antler Grove."

Structural Fire Fighting

Author : Bernard J. Klaene
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Take the lead with proven techniques for incident command in Structural Fire Fighting! Working together, NFPA experts Bernard Klaene and Russell Sanders have created a landmark text for fire officers and professionals in training! Structural Fire Fighting presents complete coverage of operational procedures for working structural fires including salvage, ventilation, forcible entry, and rescue. Learn to visualize the vital steps that must be taken to implement the strategic plan--from creating the plan and choosing an offensive or defensive course, to evaluating structural conditions. You'll explore all the issues concerning life safety, extinguishment, property conservation, and special architecture. Find out how the best incident commanders get a handle on the big picture with Structural Fire Fighting.

Parliamentary Debates

Author : Victoria. Parliament
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The Thirtymile Fire

Author : John N. Maclean
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A riveting account of the deadly Thirtymile fire and the controversy and recriminations that raged in its aftermath, from our premier chronicler of wildfires and those who fight them The Thirtymile fire in the remote North Cascade range near the Canadian border in Washington began as a simple mop-up operation. In a few hours, a series of catastrophic errors led to the entrapment and deaths of four members of the fire crew—two teen-age girls and two young men. Each had brought order and meaning to their lives by joining the fire world. Then the very flames they pursued turned on them, extinguishing their lives. When the victims were blamed for their own deaths, the charge brought a storm of controversy that undermined the firefighting community. Continuing a tradition established in his previous books, and by his father Norman's Young Men and Fire, John N. Maclean serves as an unflinching guide to the rogue fire's unexpected violence—which is almost matched by the passions released by the official verdict of the blaze. Weaving together the astonishing stories told by the witnesses, the victims' family members, and the official reports, Maclean produces a dramatic narrative of a catastrophe that has changed the way fire is fought. More than anything, it is a story of humanity at risk when wildfire, ancient and unpredictable, breaks loose

Fire in America

Author : Stephen J. Pyne
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From prehistory to the present-day conservation movement, Pyne explores the efforts of successive American cultures to master wildfire and to use it to shape the landscape.