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The Book of Frank

Author : CAConrad
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A portrait equal parts hope and cruelty, this searing, compelling book is an enduring fan favorite by Philadelphia-based poet CAConrad.

The Book of Frank

Author : Simon Black
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Frank, a Manhattan civil servant turned homeless indigent, falls deeply in lust with Henrietta, violently protests the boring stagnation taking place in the arts, and finds himself anointed art's new savior by the very frauds he meant to expose

The Book of Frank and A Beautiful Marsupial Afternoon Broadside

Author : C. A. Conrad
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Author : Maria Edgeworth
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The Book of Frank Herbert

Author : Frank Herbert
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The Book of Frank

Author : Walt Browning
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"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us." - J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring ISIS captured a town in Iraq, trapping Catholic children and their caregiving nuns. Western governments were unable or unwilling to help. The children's enslavement or death was certain unless Frank and a band of ex-military warriors could bring them back. Frank Martel, an ex-Marine, had finished his first year as a Jesuit novitiate. His path to the church was littered with doubt, anger and a failed relationship. Maggie and Frank were inseparable at first, but his loss of passion caused her to leave. Now, Maggie and Frank are once again thrown together as they attempt to rescue the helpless children that had been left behind. Frank's bloodline traced back 1300 years. Charles Martel had successfully stopped the Islamic Caliphate at the battle of Tours in 732. Would Frank be able to follow in Charles' footsteps and stop the Caliphate once again? Hired by a private Catholic organization, Frank, Maggie and the Archangel Platoon take on the task of saving the innocent while struggling with their own past. The future isn't always clear, even if the cause is just.

The Name and the Book

Author : Frank J. Ewart
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The Poems of Frank O Ticknor M D

Author : Francis Orray Ticknor
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Author : Frank B. Edwards
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Frogger, an eleven-year-old auxiliary assistant to the fire chief, finds himself in the midst of some misadventures in the small town of Tichburg when a simple babysitting job gets complicated and a favor for the fire chief turns sour.


Author : Joseph Frank
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This volume, the fourth of five planned in Joseph Frank's widely acclaimed biography of Dostoevsky, covers the six most remarkably productive years in the novelist's entire career. It was in this short span of time that Dostoevsky produced three of his greatest novels--Crime and Punishment, The Idiot, and The Devils--and two of his best novellas, The Gambler and The Eternal Husband. All these masterpieces were written in the midst of harrowing practical and economic circumstances, as Dostoevsky moved from place to place, frequently giving way to his passion for roulette. Having remarried and fled from Russia to escape importuning creditors and grasping dependents, he could not return for fear of being thrown into debtor's prison. He and his young bride, who twice made him a father, lived obscurely and penuriously in Switzerland, Germany, and Italy, as he toiled away at his writing, their only source of income. All the while, he worried that his recurrent epileptic attacks were impairing his literary capacities. His enforced exile intensified not only his love for his native land but also his abhorrence of the doctrines of Russian Nihilism--which he saw as an alien European importation infecting the Russian psyche. Two novels of this period were thus an attempt to conjure this looming spectre of moral-social disintegration, while The Idiot offered an image of Dostoevsky's conception of the Russian Christian ideal that he hoped would take its place.


Author : E. R. Frank
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America, a not-black, not-white, not-anything teenage boy who has spent many years in institutions for disturbed, antisocial behavior, tries to piece his life together.


Author : Frank Caso
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The issue of censorship remains prevalent in society, taking on many different forms - from suppressing individuals' rights to speak freely and read what they choose to curtailing the independence of the media. This work examines the history and practices of censorship in five countries - the United States, Russia, China, Zimbabwe, and Egypt.

Real Frank Zappa Book

Author : Frank Zappa
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Recounts the life and career of the inventive and controversial rock musician, and includes information on his philosophies on art, his opinions on the music industry, and his thoughts on raising children.

Portrait and Figure Painting

Author : Frank Fowler
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On Frank Bidart

Author : Liam Rector
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Frank Bidart has always defied expectation and convention without ever sounding conscious of such an effort or veering into self-parody. Bidart’s poetry is often all at once deeply generous of spirit, terrifyingly beautiful, and verging on the ecstatic in its glimpse of great turbulence just beneath the surface. Rhythmically Bidart possesses an astute sense of the music of speech, both on the page and in the ear—proving again Frost’s assertion that “a dramatic necessity goes deep into the nature of the sentence.” In the process Bidart forges a unique and uniquely American voice that combines, writes Seamus Heaney in one of this book’s essays, “a Dantesque severity with an immediacy of voice and a contemporaneity of idiom that [is] as alive to the resources of the tape-deck as it [is] to the tradition of terza rima.” This collection of essays from thirty-six poets and writers puts Bidart in perspective for his numerous longtime readers and is sure to draw new adherents to one of our greatest living poets. Contributors include: Sven Birkerts Elizabeth Bishop Michael Chabon Louise Glück Donald Hall Seamus Heaney David Lehman Robert Lowell Robert Pinsky Edmund White and more

Frank and I

Author : Anonymous
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The narrator of the story, a wealthy young man, meets a youth one day -- the "Frank" of the title -- and, struck by his beauty and good manners, invites him to come home with him. He quickly discovers that his charge displays an unacceptable lack of obedience and consequently he commences to flog him in the traditional and humiliating English manner. One can only imagine his surprise when the young man turns out to be a young woman with beguiling charms.

Frank Capra

Author : Charles J. Maland
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From the early cinematic career of Frank Capra to the psychologically revealing films of Martin Scorsese, the books in this series offer an authoritative guide to the study of film and its trends by studying individual filmmakers and cinematic movements.

Julius Wild West Bananza

Author : Paul Frank
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Julius is bored with being sheriff of Matchy Patch Valley, where no one ever wants to try anything different, until the day Bob decides not to tuck his jeans into his boots and sets off a frenzy of change.

Frank The Story of a Forgotten Dictatorship

Author : Ximo Abadía
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"In order to see the future, one must remember the past." "Frank" is a biographical retelling of Spanish dictator Francisco Franco's rise to power, brought to life across the book's beautifully designed pages. Here, author Ximo Abadía approaches a subject that is still taboo in Spain: the weight of a dictatorship that left its mark on the country for over 30 years.

Black Box

Author : Frank X. Walker
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A collection of poems mostly about the African-American experience.