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The Brothers Ashkenazi

Author : I.J. Singer
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In the Polish city of Lodz, the brothers Ashkenazi grew up very differently in talent and in temperament. Max, the firstborn, is fiercely intelligent and conniving, determined to succeed financially by any means necessary. Slower-witted Jacob is strong, handsome, and charming but without great purpose in life. While Max is driven by ambition and greed to be more successful than his brother, Jacob is drawn to easy living and decadence. As waves of industrialism and capitalism flood the city, the brothers and their families are torn apart by the clashing impulses of old piety and new skepticism, traditional ways and burgeoning appetites, and the hatred that grows between faiths, citizens, and classes. Despite all attempts to control their destinies, the brothers are caught up by forces of history, love, and fate, which shape and, ultimately, break them. First published in 1936, The Brothers Ashkenazi quickly became a best seller as a sprawling family saga. Breaking away from the introspective shtetl tales of classic nineteenth-century writers, I. J. Singer brought to Yiddish literature the multilayered plots, large casts of characters, and narrative sweep of the traditional European novel. Walking alongside such masters as Zola, Flaubert, and Tolstoy, I . J. Singer’s premodernist social novel stands as a masterpiece of storytelling.

The Brothers Ashkenazi

Author : Israel Joshua Singer
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The Modern Jewish Canon

Author : Ruth R. Wisse
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What makes a great Jewish book? In fact, what makes a book "Jewish" in the first place? Ruth R. Wisse eloquently fields these questions in The Modern Jewish Canon, her compassionate, insightful guide to the finest Jewish literature of the twentieth century. From Isaac Babel to Isaac Bashevis Singer, Elie Wiesel to Cynthia Ozick, Wisse's The Modern Jewish Canon is a book that every student of Jewish literature, and every reader of great fiction, will enjoy.

The Homeless Imagination in the Fiction of Israel Joshua Singer

Author : Anita Norich
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"... the most incisive study to date of the lesser-known but equally talented Singer: Israel Joshua... " -- Choice "... exceedingly well researched and written... " -- Shofar "This critical examination of the fiction of I.J. Singer is deft in its placement of the novels and short stories in historical context, but with new perspectives on that historical context." -- AJL Newsletter Although Israel Joshua Singer has existed, for English readers, in the shadow of his famous brother, Isaac Bashevis Singer, this book reasserts his rightful place at the center of Yiddish culture in Eastern Europe and America. A comprehensive bibliography of Singer's fiction, essays, and journalism is included.

Test of Courage

Author : Christopher Robbins
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A biography of the death camp escapee who became a resistance fighter and later, a hunter of Nazis.

The Oxford Book of Jewish Stories

Author : Ilan Stavans
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Presents the work of more than fifty notable Jewish writers from a dozen countries and from the mid-nineteenth century to the present, including Sholem Aleichem, Isaac Bashevis Singer, and Cynthia Ozick

Cyclopedia of Literary Characters Aaron s Rod Dem

Author : A. J. Sobczak
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Contains analyses of characters that appear in novels, plays, epics, and other classics of world literature, providing lengthy descriptions of central characters, and less extensive discussions of supporting players; and arranged alphabetically by title.

Pieces of Resistance

Author : Eugene Goodheart
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This collection of essays and reviews written between 1960 and 1985 are a deliberate response to the current, increasingly specialized forms of criticism.

A Little Joy A Little Oy

Author : Marnie Winston-Macauley
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"To me, the Jews are funnier than any other group. Why? Because they have had more trouble. And trouble is often the heart of humor."-- Steve Allen (who is not Jewish) from A Little Joy, A Little Oy Not just a slice of Jewish wit and wisdom, this collection is the whole challah*. By including over 350 entries from 200 sources, Winston-Macauley has amassed a unique cross-section of Jewish quotes, anecdotes, proverbs, history, biographies, jokes, unusual facts, "Yinglish," and much more. A Little Joy, A Little Oy showcases this rich and remarkable assembly of all things Jewish through the universal language of laughter and, yes, a few tears. A must in every Jewish household, A Little Joy, A Little Oy also makes the perfect holiday gift. *A rich twisted bread

Encyclopedia of Jewish American Literature

Author : Alan L. Berger
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Presents a reference on Jewish American literature providing profiles of Jewish American writers and their works.

Live be Well

Author : Richard F. Shepard
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Like a warm family album, this lively book heralds and documents the rich and vibrant traditions of Yiddish-speaking immigrants and their children in "the golden land," from the first arrivals to the Second World War. Meet the famous, the infamous, and the unknown--from hotelier Jenny Grossinger to mobster Jake "Greasy Thumb" Guzik to Moses Solomon, the would-be "Jewish Babe Ruth;" from anarchist Emma Goldman to entertainer Eddie Cantor. Share the struggles and the triumphs of the labor unions, of Yiddish playwrights and poets. Enter the sweatshops of New York's Lower East Side and the first Jewish settlements in Los Angeles and Chicago. Taste pastrami from Canter's Deli in Los Angeles, knishes from Yonah Shimmel's in New York City, and the famous "smookmit" of the Montreal ghetto. Lavishly illustrated with photos, cartoons, theater posters, and song sheets, here is a book to delight and inform. It is a joyous celebration of life.

American Jewish Fiction

Author : Gerald Shapiro
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A varied anthology of Jewish-American short fiction includes works by turn-of-the-century immigrant authors; famous authors such as Singer, Bellow, and Roth; and the more recent contemporary writers, all demonstrating the rich emotional breadth of the genre. Simultaneous. UP.


Author : Frank Northen Magill
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A Forgotten Land

Author : Lisa Cooper
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Based on recorded conversations Lisa Cooper’s father had with his mother, Pearl, about her early life in Ukraine, A Forgotten Land is the story of one Jewish family in the Russian Empire in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, set within the wider context of pogroms, World War I, the Russian Revolution, and civil war. The book weaves personal tragedy and the little-known history of the period together as Pearl finds her comfortable family life shattered first by the early death of her mother and later by the Bolshevik Revolution and all that follows.

The Shtetl

Author : Steven T. Katz
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Dating from the sixteenth century, there were hundreds of shtetls—Jewish settlements—in Eastern Europe that were home to a large and compact population that differed from their gentile, mostly peasant neighbors in religion, occupation, language, and culture. The shtetls were different in important respects from previous types of Jewish settlements in the Diaspora in that Jews had rarely formed a majority in the towns in which they lived. This was not true of the shtetl, where Jews sometimes comprised 80% or more of the population. While the shtetl began to decline during the course of the nineteenth century, it was the Holocaust which finally destroyed it. During the last thirty years the shtetl has attracted a growing amount of scholarly attention, though gross generalizations and romanticized nostalgia continue to affect how the topic is treated. This volume takes a new look at this most important facet of East European Jewish life. It helps to correct the notion that the shtetl was an entirely Jewish world and shows the ways in which the Jews of the shtetl interacted both with their co-religionists and with their gentile neighbors. The volume includes chapters on the history of the shtetl, its myths and realities, politics, gender dynamics, how the shtetl has been (mis)represented in literature, and the changes brought about by World War I and the Holocaust, among others. Contributors: Samuel Kassow, Gershon David Hundert, Immanuel Etkes, Nehemia Polen, Henry Abramson, Konrad Zielinski, Jeremy Dauber, Israel Bartel, Naomi Seidman, Mikhail Krutikov, Arnold J. Band, Katarzyna Wieclawska, Yehunda Bauer, and Elie Wiesel. This is the first book published in the Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies Series.

Gateway to the Promised Land

Author : Mario Maffi
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This essential reference book is must reading for mental health professionals who assess and treat children and adolescents. Comprehensive, detailed, clearly written, and innovative, it presents the approaches of the leading clinicians in their fields.

Guide to U S Foundations Their Trustees Officers and Donors

Author :
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The Rise of Abraham Cahan

Author : Seth Lipsky
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Part of the Jewish Encounters series The first general-interest biography of the legendary editor of the Jewish Daily Forward, the newspaper of Yiddish-speaking immigrants that inspired, educated, and entertained millions of readers; helped redefine journalism during its golden age; and transformed American culture. Already a noted journalist writing for both English-language and Yiddish newspapers, Abraham Cahan founded the Yiddish daily in New York City in 1897. Over the next fifty years he turned it into a national newspaper that changed American politics and earned him the adulation of millions of Jewish immigrants and the friendship of the greatest newspapermen of his day, from Lincoln Steffens to H. L. Mencken. Cahan did more than cover the news. He led revolutionary reforms—spreading social democracy, organizing labor unions, battling communism, and assimilating immigrant Jews into American society, most notably via his groundbreaking advice column, A Bintel Brief. Cahan was also a celebrated novelist whose works are read and studied to this day as brilliant examples of fiction that turned the immigrant narrative into an art form. Acclaimed journalist Seth Lipsky gives us the fascinating story of a man of profound contradictions: an avowed socialist who wrote fiction with transcendent sympathy for a wealthy manufacturer, an internationalist who turned against the anti-Zionism of the left, an assimilationist whose final battle was against religious apostasy. Lipsky’s Cahan is a prism through which to understand the paradoxes and transformations of the American Jewish experience. A towering newspaperman in the manner of Horace Greeley and Joseph Pulitzer, Abraham Cahan revolutionized our idea of what newspapers could accomplish. (With 16 pages of black-and-white illustrations.)

The Achievement of Isaac Bashevis Singer

Author : Marcia Allentuck
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Critical analysis of the style and themes of the Yiddish writer's novels and short stories

Saturday Review of Literature

Author :
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