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Quiz Show and Bullet Catch

Author : Rob Drummond
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Quiz Show: Welcome to False!, the quiz show where there are no questions, only statements, where every statement is a lie, and where the prize is nothing less than the truth. Everyone's favourite quizmaster, Daniel Caplin, gives tonight's gifted contestants the chance to play for the ultimate prize - to discover what lies behind the Door of Truth. Newcomer Sandra has always been desperate to find out and she's more than a threat to our reigning champion. Tonight, there is even more to play for. Can the show survive what she discovers? Bullet Catch: The high-risk Bullet Catch has claimed many lives since its conception in 1613. Modern-day marvel William Wonder presents a theatre show with magic, mindreading, levitation and, if you dare stay, the most notorious stunt of them all. A unique theatrical experience exploring the world of magic, featuring mind-reading, levitation, and the most notorious finale in show business. One of Scotland's most exciting theatre-makers, Rob Drummond pushes the boundaries of popular culture in these two unique pieces of theatre.

Practical Design Solutions and Strategies

Author : Editors of Fine Woodworking
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A collection of classic, informative articles from Fine Woodworking magazine. This series is designed for easy reference and organized for quick access. All six volumes are highly practical and easy to use; together they form a cornerstone woodworking library.

The Final Four of Everything

Author : Mark Reiter
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Edited by Mark Reiter and Richard Sandomir, and featuring contributions from experts on everything from breakfast cereal and movie gunfights to First Ladies and bald guys, The Final Four of Everything celebrates everything that's great, surprising, or silly in America, using the foolproof method of bracketology to determine what we love or hate-and why. As certain to make you laugh as it will start friendly arguments, The Final Four of Everything is the perfect book for know-it-alls, know-a-littles, and anyone with an opinion on celebrity mugshots, literary heroes, sports nicknames, or bacon. Bracketology is a unique way of organizing information that dates back to the rise of the knockout (or single elimination) tournament, perhaps in medieval times. Its origins are not precisely known, but there was genius in the first bracket design that hasn't changed much over the years. You, of course, may be familiar with the bracket format via the NCAA basketball tournament pairings each March. If you've ever watched ESPN or participated in a March Madness office pool, you know what a bracket looks like. The Final Four of Everything takes the idea one step further, and applies the knockout format to every category BUT basketball. In areas where taste, judgment, and hard-earned wisdom really matter, we've set out to determine, truly, the Final Four of Everything.

The Show Won t Go On

Author : Jeff Abraham
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There has never been a show business book quite like The Show Won't Go On, the first comprehensive study of a bizarre phenomenon: performers who died onstage. From the comedy magician who dropped dead on live television to the amateur thespian who expired during a play called The Art of Murder, the book is a celebration of lives both famous and obscure, as well as a dramatic and accurate recounting of events leading to the moments they died "doing what they loved." The Show Won't Go On covers almost every genre of entertainment and is full of unearthed anecdotes, exclusive interviews, colorful characters, and ironic twists. With dozens of heart-stopping stories, it's the perfect book to dip into on any page.


Author : Milbourne Christopher
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Most profusely illustrated history of stage magic -- from ancient Egypt to Houdini. Rare photographs, woodcuts, broadsides, advertisements, illustrations of costumes, stage settings, apparatus, etc. 295 illustrations.

The Bullet Catch

Author : Lynn M. Hodges
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New Monologues for Men

Author : Geoffrey Colman
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New Monologues for Men features forty monologues from plays published by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama recently. The monologues are selected by the editor, Geoffrey Colman, on account of their suitability and relevance to drama school students and recent graduates entering the profession. Each monologue is preceded by an introductory paragraph, written by the editor, outlining the setting, character type, and point in the plot. Suggestions are offered for staging, performance decisions, points of significance in the text, and drawing on decisions made in professional production/s. This collection is the go-to resource for auditioning actors with an insatiable appetite for new, original and excellent material.

Taunton s Complete Illustrated Guide to Woodworking

Author : Lonnie Bird
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The latest edition in a series of woodworking reference books provides comprehensive coverage of woodworking fundamentals, including 1,200 easy-to-follow photographs and drawings. 12,500 first printing.

In the Craftsman Style

Author : Editors of Fine Woodworking
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Founded by William Morris in 1875 as a reaction against Victorian vulgarity, arts & crafts is still a popular style.

Rob Drummond Plays with Participation

Author : Rob Drummond
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An innovative and unique play collection that examines the relationship between writer, audience and performer and their combined incorporation into the theatrical event. Written (and occasionally performed) by Rob Drummond in collaboration with director David Overend, this play collection is a record of a long-term artistic partnership. From the award-winning magic of Bullet Catch (the Arches, 2012), to the audience votes The Majority (Royal National Theatre, 2017), these play texts open up a space for improvisation and participation, and a range of responses and reactions from the audience. The collection includes four previously unpublished scripts along with up-to-date versions of their most successful productions. With introductory essays and in-text commentary by both the writer and director, this is a valuable resource for practitioners, students, and scholars of contemporary British and Scottish theatre.