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The Bully Go Round

Author : Larry Swartz
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In our society, where emerging technologies unite us in new ways, bullying is reaching epidemic proportions. The Bully-Go-Round provides strategies for a better understanding of all aspects of bullying from the perspective of the bully, the bullied, and the bystander. This handbook offers more than thirty-five activities, including responding in writing, in art, and in role play; lists of resources; discussion prompts; and tips for teachers on providing a safe forum in our classrooms to explore the complexity of the bullying issue.

Dramathemes 4th Edition

Author : Swartz, Larry
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In this totally revised 4th edition, Larry Swartz digs deeply into the riches of the past three books and considers the experiences of language arts teachers who have used all three versions for almost three decades. Full of engaging new ideas, the book includes many new sources and carefully chosen strategies for exploring challenging issues with students, including identity, poverty, diversity, bullying, and immigration. Literary sources are at the root of this amazing book, and encompass picture books, novels, poetry, scripts, and photographs. Compelling strategies throughout the book are designed to enrich interactive possibilities amongst learners in the language arts classroom. By reading, writing, and talking both in and out of role, students can develop and share their responses, stories, and ideas. A bestselling classroom resource for almost thirty years, Dramathemes is an ideal book for teachers who want to put drama into literacy programs, and literacy into drama programs.

The Merry Go Round Man

Author : John B. Rosenman
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Do you believe you can shape your future, determine your destiny? One spring day in 1954, three sixth grade boys make a bet: the one who can climb first to the top of a small green merry-go-round outside their school will be “Champ for life!” For the rest of his days he’ll be “on Easy Street!” So they engage in a “mad scramble . . . clambering over each other with murderous intent,” and eventually one of them reaches the summit and stands triumphant, lording it over the others. He is the merry-go-round man. The Merry-Go-Round Man is a novel about three boys growing up in the so-called innocent days of the Eisenhower fifties. It’s about rites of passage, loss of innocence, sexual initiation, racism, and much more . Of the three boys, Johnny Roth is central. He possesses two transcendent gifts which are only beginning to emerge as the novel begins. One of them is the ability to box or fight, something he deeply fears. The other ability is artistic and mystical. He is a natural expressionistic painter of vast potential. Unfortunately, Johnny’s father, an orthodox Jew, hates both of these pursuits, and his opposition tears Johnny apart. Of the two other boys, Lee Esner grows up to be a gifted football player with what looks like a lucrative pro career ahead of him. He also has a flair for attracting beautiful girls. Is he the merry-go-round man? The third boy, Jimmy Wiggins, is black and from the ghetto. Attending an elite white school with Johnny and Lee, his naïve love for a pretty white girl is destroyed by her cruel racism. Another rite of passage. Symbols such as a burning Buddhist monk make us ask whether anyone is really The Merry-Go-Man in life.

Bed Time Stories Bully and Bawly No Tail

Author : Howard R. Garis
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Beat the Bully

Author : Alex Gadd
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When it comes to bullying, there is a vast amount of information written on this topic. Unfortunately most of the research and advice has been written with regards to bullying amongst children, within the school playground, etc. Unfortunately many bullies don't grow out of this mind-set and as such, end up as adult bullies and unfortunately, there is not much advice on how to deal with an adult bully! In Beat The Bully, you will learn what exactly a bully is and discover a simple test to see whether you are being bullied or not. Yet most importantly, you will discover the techniques that you can put in place to stop the bullying once and for all, no matter what type of bully is targeting you. Even if you don't believe that you are being targeted by a bully, the tools in this book will provide you with the resources so that if you ever are, you will not be powerless.

Take Me to Your Readers

Author : Larry Swartz
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This thoughtful book is rooted in the belief that teachers can lead their students to develop their reading tastes and grow in their love of reading at the same time as supporting and stretching students in their meaning-making experiences. This practical resource highlights more than 50 instructional strategies that invite students to work inside and outside a book through reading, writing, talk, and arts experiences. It highlights the work of guest voices that include classroom teachers, occasional teachers, special education teachers, and librarians who share their best literacy practices. Take Me to Your Readers uses 5 essential areas to structure classroom experiences through children's literature: Motivation; Theme Connections; Genre Connections; Cross-Curricular Connections; and Response. Extensive booklists, teaching tips, a wide range of activities, and reproducible pages provide practical support. Ultimately, this book is designed to take teachers to their readers and start them on a lifelong journey through great books!

No Bullying Starts Today

Author : George Robinson Barbara Maines Jane Sleigh
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The Merry Go Round of Sexual Abuse

Author : Letitia C Pallone
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The Merry-Go-Round of Sexual Abuse is a valuable guide to identifying, treating, and breaking the cycle of sexual abuse. Based on 30 years of professional experience in treating offenders and survivors of sexual assault and sexual molestation, Dr. Prendergast provides step-by-step guidelines and specialized treatment techniques most effective in producing change in this group of clients. Each technique is illustrated with pertinent case studies. This is a much-needed guide for professionals who often lack specific training in the identification and treatment of both offenders and survivors of sexual abuse. Prendergast identifies the survivors of sexual abuse, explores the “why sex” inquiry and discusses the characteristics of the abuser. Each topic is treated by first presenting a fact or principle which is then illustrated with a case study that exhibits the principle in practice. A broad range of topics essential to the treatment of offenders and survivors of sexual abuse are clearly explained in this book including: 18 factors to consider when working with survivors of sexual abuse behavioral effects of unresolved but consciously remembered sexual abuse and unidentified sexual trauma specialized interviewing techniques for survivors of sexual abuse specific treatment techniques for 4 different categories of sexual abuse--homosexual abuse (both seductive and assaultive), assaultive sexual abuse, incest, and long-term seductive sexual child abuse “self-confrontation” as a new therapy approach for survivors aftercare continuation and consistency therapist qualifications and cautions This book is an in-depth exploration of the topic, usually only touched on in college courses and graduate programs. It features treatment techniques that are not taught in schools or universities. Psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors who are untrained in working with this specific group will benefit from these insightful discussions and specific case studies. The Merry-Go-Round of Sexual Abuse can easily be used as a complete training manual for practicing therapists as well as interns, trainees, and graduate students in the field of sexual abuse. In addition, police investigators, parents of either victims or abusers, significant others of survivors, survivors themselves, and the public in general will benefit from the understanding Prendergast offers on the problem of sexual abuse.

The Magic Thought

Author : Judy Dulovic, CHRP
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The Leader’s Guide to Leadership and Personal Excellence with an Emphasis in being committed, taking responsibility and making health, safety and wellness your priority. Build a Positive Organizational and Health and Safety Culture as everyone is committed and takes responsibility in every facet of their life while being injury and illness free 24/7. TESTIMONIAL - Dear Judy, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your book! I am a retired Detective Supervisor who managed squads of Detectives. I wish your book had been available during my 25 years in law enforcement! Many of your how to ( and how not to) lead lessons I learned the hard way through OJT, observing others and trial & error. You explain in a personal, straightforward way in easy to understand language how to successfully and safely work, manage and lead. Other Leadership/Management books I have read in the past I found to be dry and impersonal, difficult to understand let alone apply. In today's economy, I would recommend this book to anyone working in the public or private sector as well as to anyone running a business with employees. Whether you are a worker bee, line supervisor, middle management or executive, you can become a greater asset to your employer. You will improve the morale and your working relationship with co-workers and others, learn early recognition, prevention, and how to deal with health and safety issues that affect and cost everyone. In this era of the "bottom line", manpower hours, performance, injuries, sick time, the need for employee counselling and company costs will improve! The only ingredients needed to succeed are integrity, willingness to self-examine and minimal effort to learn, absorb and put into practice leadership methods that are not difficult. Thanks, Detective III Rick Hoefel, Retired Los Angeles Police Department

I Have Been Bullied Now What

Author : Mary-Lane Kamberg
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Readers of this book will learn how to cope with bullying, what peers can do to help, and how schools, parents, and communities can begin to rein in bad behavior.

Mary Go Round

Author : Ken Ludden
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Merry Go Round

Author : Sherrie Hansen
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Tracy's supposedly perfect life as a pastor's wife and mother of three is turned upside down when her husband leaves her for a man. Clay Alexander's charmed existence starts spinning out of control when his father threatens to shut down Maple Valley 's woolen mill - unless Clay conforms to his family's expectations. Is Tracy and Clay's love meant to be, or will they forever be on opposite sides of the merry-go-round? Her children. His parents. Her pride. His honor. The welfare of an entire town. MERRY GO ROUND... Hang on for dear life.

The Bully

Author : Jan Needle
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'Unbidden, Simon saw a face before his eyes, a girl's face with blonde hair. Unbidden, his teeth clamped shut, ground against each other. She was the target.' Simple, lumpy Simon Mason. Of course he's a bully and a liar, even his mother thinks so. And he's picking on that nice Anna Royle, her brother and Rebekka. Or is he? Has Simon been found guilty, sentenced and condemned without a proper hearing? Simon's teacher is determined to find out just who's bullying who. Hostilities reach a head when bully and victim meet for a final confrontation. Will the truth come out in time? Or have too many lies been told?

Washington Merry Go Round

Author : Drew Pearson
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For most of three decades, Drew Pearson was the most well-known journalist in the United States. In his daily newspaper column—the most widely syndicated in the nation—and on radio and television broadcasts, he chronicled the political and public policy news of the nation. At the same time, he worked his way into the inner circles of policy makers in the White House and Congress, lobbying for issues he believed would promote better government and world peace. Pearson, however, still found time to record his thoughts and observations in his personal diary. Published here for the first time, Washington Merry-Go-Round presents Pearson’s private impressions of life inside the Beltway from 1960 to 1969, revealing how he held the confidence of presidents—especially Lyndon B. Johnson—congressional leaders, media moguls, political insiders, and dozens of otherwise unknown sources of information. His direct interactions with the DC glitterati, including Bobby Kennedy and Douglas MacArthur, are featured throughout his diary, drawing the reader into the compelling political intrigues of 1960s Washington and providing the mysterious backstory on the famous and the notorious of the era.

Fast Facts for the Clinical Nurse Manager Second Edition

Author : Barbara Fry, RN, BN, MEd (Adult)
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Clinical nurse managers face myriad challenges, including administrative, clinical, and interpersonal issues. This concise, practical resource offers wise guidance for nurses working in this complex, fast-paced role. Addressing common complaints and anxieties, it offers quick access to insights, proven strategies, and tools for effectively coping with such situations as institutional change, a multigenerational and multicultural workforce, resistance to change, and toxic behaviors. Fully updated and revised, the second edition provides sound advice addressing the changing dynamics in health care that have amplified the challenges of clinical nurse management. It offers strategies for boosting staff morale during times of fear and anxiety, explains how to reclaim professional practice and focus on quality of care, advocates for nurses at senior levels, and discusses how to maintain one’s identity in an interdisciplinary setting. Designed to assist clinical nurse managers at all levels in developing new and effective ways of leading in a rapidly changing health care environment, this resource helps foster a better quality of work life and professional practice. It features concise chapters and bulleted information for quick access and at-a-glance “Fast Facts in a Nutshell” boxes. Also included are helpful tools and worksheets for managing a variety of challenges, along with the “Top 10 Fast Facts for Thriving in a Changing Workplace.” New to the Second Edition: Completely updated and revised New chapter, “Who Stole the Art of Nursing?” New content on fostering and nurturing therapeutic relationships More information on rewards and recognition to keep staff motivated Key Features: Presents timely content ready to be applied in a professional setting Presents information in an easy-to-access format with concise chapters, bulleted lists, and Fast Facts in a Nutshell boxes Advocates a back-to-basics approach to clinical care Packed with current, useful, and accessible information that fits in a pocket Written by a noted author, keynote speaker, and facilitator highly experienced in helping nurses in leadership roles

The Bully Pulpit

Author : Doris Kearns Goodwin
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Focusing on the broken friendship between Teddy Roosevelt and his chosen successor, William Howard Taft, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian revisits the Progressive Era during which Roosevelt wielded the Bully Pulpit to challenge and triumph over abusive monopolies, political bosses and corrupt money brokers only to see it compromised by Taft. (This book was previously featured in Forecast.)

The Learning Mentor s Resource Book

Author : Kathy Salter
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Being a learning mentor means supporting children and young people and helping them deal with the problems that they face, so that they are free to learn and reach their potential. This book will be your guide to achieving this and making sure you get the most out of all the children you work with. Each chapter opens with a discussion of the topic, giving you all the information you may need, as well as examples and strategies. They also provide fantastic worksheets that can be used directly with children and young people and can be easily printed from the CD-Rom which comes with this book. New to this edition are chapters on internet safety and hate behaviour as well as the continued discussion of serious issues such as drug awareness and self-harm. Other topics covered include: - Bullying - Self-esteem - Transitions - Revision - Anxiety This is a must have for anyone supporting children and young people and is a true resource that you will come back to time and time again. Kathy Salter (now Hampson) worked for nearly six years as a Learning Mentor in a large Leeds High School and now works for the Leeds Youth Offending Service as a Youth Justice Worker. She has an M.Ed in Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, and is in the end stages of researching a PhD looking at emotional intelligence and offending patterns. Rhonda Twidle (now Mitchell) worked with young people as a Support Worker in Tyneside and a Learning Mentor in a Leeds High School before spending five years as Probation Officer, including a secondment to a Family Intervention Project. She is now working with young people and families in Leeds as a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Practitioner.

Art Imitates Business

Author : James H. Forse
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Purposes other than literary and artistic ones motivated the theatre of the late sixteenth century, especially in England. Freeing itself from dependence upon performances at Court or in the houses of aristocratic patrons, the theatre was becoming an entertainment buisness, seeking to please the tastes of a wide audience.

The Learning Mentor s Source and Resource Book

Author : Kathy Salter
File Size : 44.78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Runner-up: TES/NASEN Book Awards (Books for Teaching and Learning Category) 2005 'Excellent: it meets a real need on the part of learning mentors going into schools, who can be expected to sort out problems that staff with years of experience can't sort out and to act as a sponge for all sorts of trauma and emotion' 'This is something schools can keep on hand: not a complete training package, but useful." "The contacts sections, for example the one on bereavement, are invaluable: learning mentors are expected to know a bit about everything' - comments from the TES/NASEN book awards panel 'This practical resource, based on development work in a large high school, covers a wide range of topics and provides an excellent 'starter pack' for new mentors and anyone involved in their induction' - SENCO Update `This book landed on my desk this morning and I just had to include it! It is aimed at LMs, TAs and teachers and is a really useful resource. It comes with a CD ROM (Adobe Acrobat needed) and is part of Lucky Duck Publications, which is well-known for producing quality resources in the field of emotional literacy. There are thirteen chapters on: Emotional Intelligence, Self-Esteem, Anger Management, Bereavement, Self-harm, Drug Awareness, Bullying, Behaviour Change, Transition, Attendance, School Refusal and Punctuality, Revisions and Friendship. Many of you will recognise these themes as areas in which you work and may already have resources for these areas but these are conveniently put together in one book. It is aimed at pupils at the upper end of KS2 up to KS4. Each chapter contains information around each topic, plus photocopiable worksheets such as emotions cards, stories, ideas for games and activities and links to websites. Most of these can be adapted to suit the needs of different schools and to facilitate working within the school's policies. I would especially recommend this book to people who are new to these roles or who are setting up emotional literacy groups within schools for the first time, but established groups would also find them useful' - Teaching Assistant News Learning mentors are well established in our schools as a skilled and resourceful adjunct to the staff group. They bring a varied background of training and expertise, often adding additional accomplishments to those of the teaching staff. This publication is produced by two colleague mentors who have researched the information and produced the resources they needed to do their job well. The book provides a factual introduction to the range of special needs they encounter amongst the students they support: · Self-Esteem · Emotional and behavioural difficulties · Anger management · Self harm. In addition they include support strategies, interventions and some copiable resources based on their own experiences and good practice. This is a great book for mentors, TAs and teachers - keep it on the staff room coffee table. Kathy Salter worked for nearly six years as a Learning Mentor in a large Leeds High School and now works for the Leeds Youth Offending Service as a Youth Justice Worker. Rhonda Twidle is a trainee Probation Office in West Yorkshire. Prior to this, she has four years' experience of supporting young people with social and emotional difficulties in the roles of Learning Mentor in Leeds and as a Support Worker in Tyneside.


Author : Theodore Roosevelt
File Size : 31.69 MB
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A collection containing 3 autobiographical works by President Theodore Roosevelt, including The Autobiography of Theodore Roosevelt, The Rough Riders, and Throught the Brazilian Wilderness