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Cargo Liners

Author : Ambrose Greenway
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For 100 years, between 1850 and 1950, the cargo liner grew to dominate the world’s trade routes, providing regular services that merchants, shippers and importers could rely on; they carried much of the world’s higher value manufactured goods and raw materials and their services spread to most corners of the world. They were the tool of the world’s first phase of globalization. This new book, evocatively illustrated with a magnificent collection of more than 300 photographs, begins with the establishment of routes around Europe and across the North Atlantic in the 1850s. Not until the Liverpool ship owner and engineer, Alfred Holt, developed high-pressure compound engines were coal-powered vessels able to steam further afield, to the Far East and Australia. The opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 cemented the dominance of the cargo liner and only with the appearance of the first container ship in the 1950s was that dominance finally overthrown. With its informative introductory texts and abundant photographs, this book will appeal to ship enthusiasts around the world and to all those who mourn the passing of the golden age of the steamship.

Steam Tramps and Cargo Liners 1850 1950

Author : Robin Craig
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The SSPA Cargo Liner Series Propulsion

Author : Åke Williams
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Cargo Liners and Tramps

Author : Mark Lee Inman
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Mark Lee Inman looks at some of the beautiful postcards used as souvenirs on some less-glamorous ocean-going ships of the twentieth century.

Ocean Liner Cargo Services Directory

Author : Mark Jerome Seidenberg
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Industrial Series

Author : United States. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce
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British Shipping and World Competition

Author : S G Sturmey
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This work is a reprint of a 1962 book, British Shipping and World Competition, by maritime economist Dr S. G. Sturmey. It seeks to explain why the tonnage of ships registered in the United Kingdom declined from forty-five percent of the world total in 1900, to sixteen percent by 1960. It presents four possible answers and proceeds to examine them in detail: changes in approaches to competition resulting in changes to the economic structure of the industry; international interference in competitive structures; unrelated factors, such as government policies that didn't directly concern shipping but still caused an impact; and the internal actions within British shipping relating to changes in industrial circumstances. It is comprised of fifteen chapters, an appendix tabling the contribution of British shipping to the balance of payments, a bibliography, comprehensive index, epilogue, and a foreword from the series editor which states that the Sturmey's arguments remain resonant in the field of maritime history in the present day. Sturmey makes a particular effort to place the activity in the British shipping industry into an international context for the sake of comparative analysis. It concludes that the decline of the industry was primarily due to internal decision-making rather than external factors - a conclusion that was considered divisive and provocative upon initial release, but has stood the test of time. The epilogue attempts to predict the future of British shipping post-1960, suggesting shipowners could improve the industry's prospects: however, few of these predictions came to be.

Tramp Ships

Author : Roy Fenton
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The tramp ship was the taxi of the seas. With no regular schedules, it voyaged anywhere and everywhere, picking up and dropping off cargoes, mainly bulk cargoes such as coal, grain, timber, china clay and oil. It was the older and slower vessels that tended to find their way into this trade, hence the tag 'tramp', though new tramps were built, often with the owner's eye on chartering to the liner companies. In this new book by the well-known author Roy Fenton, their evolution is described over the course of more than 100 years, from the 1860s, when the steam tramp developed from the screw collier, until it was largely replaced by the specialist bulk carrier in the 1980s. ??An introduction looks at the design and building of tramps before going on to describe the machinery, from simple triple-expansion turbines to diesel engines. Their operation and management and the life of the officers and crews is also covered. The meat of the book is to be found in the 300 wonderfully evocative photographs of individual ships which illustrate the development of the tramp and its trades through the last years of the 19th century, the two world wars, and the postwar years. Each caption gives the dimensions, the owners and the builder, and outlines the career, with notes on trades and how they changed over a ship's lifetime. Design features are highlighted and notes on machinery included. This will become a classic work, to inspire all merchant ship enthusiasts and historians.

Advanced Composite Materials

Author : Louis A. Pilato
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Advanced composite materials or high performance polymer composites are an unusual class of materials that possess a combination of high strength and modulus and are substantially superior to structural metals and alloys on an equal weight basis. The book provides an overview of the key components that are considered in the design of a composite, of surface chemistry, of analyses/testing, of structure/property relationships with emphasis on compressive strength and damage tolerance. Newly emerging tests, particularly open hole compression tests are expected to provide greater assurance of composite performance. This publication is an "up-to-date" treatment of leading edge areas of composite technology with literature reviewed until recently and includes thermoplastic prepregs/composites and major application areas.

Liner Shipping Economics

Author : Jan Jansson
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The importance of international liner shipping needs little emphasizing. A large majority of international trade moves by sea, and the liner shipping share in total freight revenue exceeds one-half. Notwithstanding, people in general know surprisingly little about the basic facts of the liner shipping industry, and, in particular, about the economics ofliner shipping. Perhaps because it is an international industry, where shipping lines flying many different flags participate, it has tended to fall in between national accounts of domestic industries. Even transport economists have, generally speaking, treated liner shipping rather 'stepmotherly'; besides the work of Bennathan and Walters (1969), a relatively small group of specialized maritime economists, including A. Stromme-Svendsen, T. Thorburn, S. Sturmey, R. Goss, and B. M. Deakin, have in the post-war period made important contributions to the subject, but so far no coherent and reasonably comprehensive treatise of liner shipping economics has appeared. The first purpose of the present volume is therefore obvious: to provide just that. The book is divided in three parts: Part I The liner shipping industry; Part II Liner service optimization; Part III Economic evaluation of the conference system. Needless to say, all three parts concur to fulfill the first purpose of providing a complete book of liner shipping economics. In Part II a more or less separate, second, purpose has been to develop analytical tools for liner service optimization. Thereby we use different approaches.

Cargo Access Equipment for Merchant Ships

Author : Ian Lyon Buxton
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As President of International MacGregor I am deeply indebted to the authors of this excellent book for the very considerable amount of work and scholarship it contains. It is the first authoritative work on cargo access equipment to be pubbshed and I am sure that it will be greatly welcomed by the Marine Industries. You will see from the authors' preface that the book was commissioned by the Henri Kummerman Foundation which was established in 1976 to assist and promote internationally research and development in the field of marine transportation and cargo handling. The Foundation has already made a number of grants to universities and to students but this book is its first major contribution to the furthering of education in the Marine Industries. For me, it is a rewarding fruition of a long involvement in maritime affairs. However, much requires to be done in the future and the Foundation can only succeed if it is encouraged and assisted by people who are forward thinking. I should be pleased therefore to hear from any readers of this book if they feel that they can help or be helped within the aims and objectives of the Foundation. 28 Chemin du Pommier, HENRI KUMMERMAN 1218 Geneva, Switzerland.

Cargo Centralisation in the Overseas Liner Trades

Author : R. J. Perkins
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The Log

Author :
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Author : Roy Fenton
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John Masefield’s ‘dirty British coaster with a salt-caked smoke stack, butting through the Channel in the mad March days’ has become a ship type of universal appeal, both for its simple, functional beauty and its faithful toil before the advent of universal road haulage. In this new book a collection of more than 300 photographs has been drawn together to tell the story of the development of the steam and diesel coasters, which originated mainly in the UK and the Netherlands. The term ‘coaster’ embraces a huge range of types including the steam colliers, the puffers, packets, steam flats and lighters mainly designed for inland seas, then the ubiquitous steam coaster itself, built in large numbers for use around British shores but also further afield in every corner of the world. Coastal tankers and other specialist types like chemical and cement carriers also evolved. As well as the details of the ships themselves, the book covers cargo handling and stowing, machinery, the coastal trades, the owners and builders and, not least, the crews and their jobs and their lives at sea. A hugely evocative and illuminating book to delight and inform ship enthusiasts everywhere.

Elements of Shipping

Author : Alan Edward Branch
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Since it was first published in 1964, Elements of Shipping has become established as a market leader. Now this new edition has been entirely updated and revised to take in the many changes that have occurred in the shipping industry in recent years and the increased emphasis placed on professionalism, qualified personnel and the need for the latest available technology. With new chapters on seaports and electronic data interchange, it explains in a lucid, professional manner the basic elements of shipping embracing operating, e-commerce/computerization (shipboard/trade), commercial, legal, economic, technical, managerial, logistics and financial considerations. It also reflects recent major trends including the impact of globalization, current good practice and future trends. All twenty-two chapters have been updated and over half of the content is new. Filling a gap for the discerning reader who wishes to have a complete understanding of all the elements of the global shipping scene together with the interface with seaports, international trade and logistics, it remains essential reading for shipping executives along with students and academics with an interest in the shipping industry.

The Shipping Industry

Author : Edmund J. Gubbins
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First published in 1986. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The Business of Shipping

Author : Lane C. Kendall
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T HIS VOL U M E has been written to describe the business side of a commercial enterprise whose field is the entire civilized world. Historically, the theory and knowledge of shipping management, as distinguished from the practical skills of seaman ship, have been transmitted from one generation to the next by word of mouth. Little has been put on paper, primarily because the finest exponents of the art of steamship management have been too busy with their day-to-day concerns to do so. The "working level" personnel often are superbly competent, but rarely qualify as liter ary craftsmen. It has been my aim, in preparing this analysis of the principles of the "business" of commercial shipping, to describe that which trans pires in the various divisions of a shipowning and operating organi zation. Insofar as possible, the procedures followed in the offices have been described and explained, as well as the underlying prin ciples of management by which their decisions are reached. In the process of learning the principles and practices that are set forth in these pages, I have spent ajoy-filled lifetime in associa tion with ships. It has been my good fortune to work in large and small American steamship offices, to operate a major cargo termi nal, to participate in establishing and putting into effect the policies of a world-girdling American steamship organization, and to teach young men these principles learned from experience as well as from precept.

The World s Key Industry

Author : G. Harlaftis
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Maritime transport has been the main driver of trade growth, and the emergence and development of a global economy. This collection of essays from distinguished economists and historians takes an international and comparative perspective, covering topics ranging from technological advance and the role of the state to maritime business development.

Ocean Trade and Shipping Classic Reprint

Author : Douglas Owen
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Excerpt from Ocean Trade and Shipping N der the general and very comprehensive head of Ocean Trade and Shipping come a whole host of separate industries and undertakings. Many of these, and of the rights and liabilities connected with them, have long been the subject of important treatises. To others of them, special reference may be found scattered in business publications here and there. In the case of many, however, it would be difficult to find treat ment of them anywhere. The whole, collectively, have apparently never been dealt with at all. And indeed to supply, in a single small volume, a summary of enterprises so many and so various must needs be a somewhat courageous undertaking. Still, by a process of selection, elimination and condensation, and with the kind and valuable aid of many expert business friends, I have done my best. It is of course an explanatory work, proceeding on broad lines, rather than a technical treatise. It does, however, as I hope, deal with many if not most of the subjects on which information will be useful or at any rate instructive to the naval and military officers for whom it is primarily intended. If this should prove so, I shall be content. To army officers, a knowledge of the machinery of shipping and its working must at the least be interesting, seeing that the transfer and maintenance of oversea forces involve its constant use, while in the event of war sea transport becomes for an imperial Power a military factor of the first importance. About the Publisher Forgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.

International Marketing

Author : Hans Mühlbacher
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International Marketing: A Global Perspective examines the main issues facing companies that want to compete successfully in the global marketplace. It combines extensive coverage of the relevant theories with a practical approach to the issues and broadens the way business students view international markets and marketing. Using real-world case studies and vignettes centred on contemporary problems and issues, International Marketing: A Global Perspective will be ideal for undergraduates, MBA students and students following executive courses in international marketing or strategy. Unlike many US and European texts International Marketing: A Global Perspective does not look out at the international scene from just one standpoint; rather it examines the way businesses go international from a variety of different countries and continents, for instance, from Asia to Europe, Europe to North American and Latin America to the US. The new edition has been brought completely up-to-date and has a full range of ancillary material for lecturers and students.