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The Cat Who Went to Heaven

Author : Elizabeth Coatsworth
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In ancient Japan, a struggling artist is angered when his housekeeper brings home a tiny white cat he can barely afford to feed. But when the village’s head priest commissions a painting of the Buddha for a healthy sum, the artist softens toward the animal he believes has brought him luck. According to legend, the proud and haughty cat was denied the Buddha’s blessing for refusing to accept his teachings and pay him homage. So when the artist, moved by compassion for his pet, includes the cat in his painting, the priest rejects the work and decrees that it must be destroyed. It seems the artist’s life is ruined as well—until he is rewarded for his act of love by a Buddhist miracle. This timeless fable has been a classic since its first publication in 1930, and this beautifully reillustrated edition brings the magic and wonder of the tale to a new generation of readers.

The Newbery Companion

Author : John Thomas Gillespie
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Put a wealth of information about Newbery award winners and honor books (1922-2001) at your fingertips. You'll find detailed plot summaries, booktalks, updated information about the winning titles and authors, suggestions for read-alikes, and ideas for introducing the books to young readers.

My Cat Went to Heaven

Author : Debra Michelle
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"My Cat Went to Heaven" is a children's healing book! For a child, the loss of a dear pet can be especially difficult and confusing. "My Cat Went to Heaven " will help a child to work through the emotional stages of healing when faced with such a loss. Very simply written and structured as a tender poem, "My Cat Went to Heaven " explains to a child that their cat has continued on to heaven and will always be safe in God's care. The unique format of "My Cat Went to Heaven " allows photos of the child's cat to be attached to the cover of the book and inside on the "Memory" page. This will provide the comfort that their beloved pet is also safely tucked away in their memories.

World Religions

Author : Gabriel Arquilevich
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Books That Build Character

Author : William Kilpatrick
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Argues reading can develop positive values, and evaluates 300 books

The Newbery and Caldecott Awards

Author : Association for Library Service to Children
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The latest edition of the "Newbery and Caldecott Awards" guide covers the most distinguished American children's literature and illustration. Featured in this edition are: a comprehensive, annotated awards listing; Kathleen T. Horning's new essay exploring the topic of new editions and bibliographic citations for updated works; notes indicating those Caldecott Medal winners and Honor Books that have been revised and republished with new art; Bette J. Peltola's essay explaining terms and definitions associated with both awards; information on media used in the award-winning books; and a glimpse at criteria used to select the awards.

Japan and American Children s Books

Author : Sybille Jagusch
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For generations, children’s books provided American readers with their first impressions of Japan. Seemingly authoritative, and full of fascinating details about daily life in a distant land, these publications often presented a mixture of facts, stereotypes, and complete fabrications. This volume takes readers on a journey through nearly 200 years of American children’s books depicting Japanese culture, starting with the illustrated journal of a boy who accompanied Commodore Matthew Perry on his historic voyage in the 1850s. Along the way, it traces the important role that representations of Japan played in the evolution of children’s literature, including the early works of Edward Stratemeyer, who went on to create such iconic characters as Nancy Drew. It also considers how American children’s books about Japan have gradually become more realistic with more Japanese-American authors entering the field, and with texts grappling with such serious subjects as internment camps and the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Drawing from the Library of Congress’s massive collection, Sybille A. Jagusch presents long passages from many different types of Japanese-themed children’s books and periodicals—including travelogues, histories, rare picture books, folktale collections, and boys’ adventure stories—to give readers a fascinating look at these striking texts. Published by Rutgers University Press, in association with the Library of Congress.

The Cat who Went to Heaven

Author : Elizabeth Jane Coatsworth
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When Cats Reigned Like Kings

Author : Georgie Anne Geyer
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In her fascinating exploration of feline history, Georgie Anne Geyer explores the connections between the royal and sacred felines of ancient civilizations and the beloved domestic cats of today. Chasing an irresistible mystery across the globe, Geyer conducts exhaustive research into the little-known puzzle of how cats came to occupy their unique position in the lives of humans. Treated with the tenacity, resourcefulness, and narrative instinct of a seasoned foreign correspondent, the investigation yields unexpected answers and poses tantalizing new questions. It was Geyer’s curiosity about her own cats that inspired her to study the history of human-feline relations and especially the exalted status of cats among the ancients as royal or sacred beings. In Egypt, Geyer learned of the cat-goddess Bastet and of the cat’s role in the transmigration of souls. In Myanmar she saw Leonardo DiCaprio, Ricky Martin, and the other incongruously named cats of the Nga Phe Kyaung monastery, trained by the monks to jump through hoops. She even met a family who dutifully guards the heritage of the Japanese Bobtail, cultivating the line in—of all places—rural Virginia. Richly illustrated with photographs of Geyer’s journeys and historical cat images, When Cats Reigned Like Kings describes forty-one recognized modern cat breeds plus other popular cats. Every cat lover can, thus, trace his or her cat to these breeds and their many relatives. The result is a remarkable book, bound to delight and amaze cat fanciers and adventure seekers.

The Continuum Encyclopedia of Children s Literature

Author : Bernice E. Cullinan
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Provides articles covering children's literature from around the world as well as biographical and critical reviews of authors including Avi, C.S. Lewis, J.K. Rowling, and Anno Mitsumasa.