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Reading Peralta Maps

Author : Robert L. and Lynda R. Kesselring
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Reading Peralta Maps: Volume 2: The Latin Heart continues the journey that began in the previous volume of this series, which revealed the signs leading to the treasure of the Church of Santa Fe. Now authors Robert L. and Lynda R. Kesselring discuss how the maps, particularly the Latin Heart Map, enabled them to find the site of the Peralta battle, where the family had hidden their thirty-one caches of bullion as well as what may be the Lost Dutchman Mine. This volume shares the Kesselrings' scientific analysis and interpretation and shows the physical evidence that supports their claim. While providing insight into historical lore and legend, Reading Peralta Maps: Volume 2: The Latin Heart reveals the location of a cache in the Superstition Mountains and shows the underground images of bullion bars. Including GPS directions, this guide reveals the location of the sites for visitation.

The Apocrypha 1

Author : Apostle Arne
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The Biblical apocrypha (from the Greek ἀπόκρυφος, apókruphos, meaning "hidden") denotes the collection of ancient books found, in some editions of the Bible, in a separate section between the Old and New Testaments or as an appendix after the New Testament.

LAOS FOLKLORE Folk Fairy and Moral Tales from Ancient Siam

Author : Anon E. Mouse
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The 48 Folk-Tales in this book hail from the South East Asian land-locked country of Laos. Herein are stories like The Enchanted Mountain, The Spirit-Guarded Cave, The Monkeys and the Crabs, The Origin of Lightning (a tale which seems to be endemic amongst all the world’s cultures,) The Faithful Husband, The Cheating Priest and many more children’s stories which cover Romance and Tragedy, Temples and Priests, Moderation and Greed, Parables and Proverbs and The Wonders of Wisdom. There is also a small collection of Stories which went Astray. When these were first gathered by Katherine Neville Fleeson, the country was a part of the kingdom of Siam, and are uniquely South East Asian in their charm and complete novelty. Until the translator of this volume collected these stories, they were even unwritten, with a single exception which was found in an ancient Laos manuscript. They are, and have been, orally preserved in the provinces which constitute the Laos country, just as they have been handed down from generation to generation, with slight variations in words or incidents. In older times, village elders would tell the stories at their merrymakings around the camp-fires and within their primitive houses, to amuse and instruct the youth and children. However, with the advent of the electronic age, this tradition is being lost, and the more the pity for it. To the Scholar, who is a student of the world's Folk-Lore, you may be assured that you have here a small window in history with the tales of Laos, unobscured, just as they were told when this volume was published in 1899.

Kolay ve Pratik ngilizce Yeni Read Me Yard mc Kitab Kolay ve Pratik ngilizceLite zet Bilgilerle Pratik ngilizce Pratik ngilizce Kartlar

Author : Gençağa GÜNER
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3 Kitap + İngilizce Kartları bir arada + Kolay ve Pratik İngilizce (Yeni) 389 Sayfa 71 Konu - Tüm İngilizce Konuları ve Pratik İngilizce Alıştırmaları ile birlikte. + Read Me Yardımcı Kitabı 220 Sayfa Okuma Parçaları + Şiirler (Hem Türkçe Hem İngilizce) + Testler + Alıştırmalar + Oyunlar + Kolay ve Pratik İngilizceLite -Özet Bilgilerle Pratik İngilizce 96 Sayfa Günlük Hayatta Restoranda, Otelde, Otobüste Karşılaşabileceğimiz İngilizce İfadeler ve Cevapları + Pratik İngilizce Kartları (Kartlar Çıktı Alınıp Kesilebilir) 22 Sayfa 110 Kart Toplam : 727 Sayfa bir arada.

Geological Survey Bulletin

Author :
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All Three Books of Adam and Eve

Author : Dr. E. Hammond
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Pirates of Borneo

Author : Mohamad Rajab Darhaman
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Captain Arman built his domain on a picturesque island near Santubong which was named Arman Island. It became the lifeblood of the small pirates community. The developing township was a buzzing centre for the pirates community. It was a community complete with daily chores like any other communities. They had their own set of laws like marriage, buying and selling goods. It was a thriving centre for the pirates activities. It became well known in the Malay Archipelago. Captain Arman continued his conquests on foreign merchant ships passing by Arman Island. He was very successful at what he was doing. He became a threat to the Sarawak Sultanate. It was because of that he was constantly being pursued by Sultan Ali and the British. But it didnt dither him from his advancement to achieve his dreams. Arman Island was close by Kuching town, a capital of the Sarawak Sultanate. Captain Arman was fortunate to tie the knot with the youngest princess of the Sarawak Sultanate, Princess Diana. They raised a family and lived happily. Captain Arman and Princess Diana were blessed with two sons and a daughter. Everything went well until Sultan Ali sent his army and the British army to destroy the settlement on Arman Island. After the island was attacked, the pirates settlement was completely demolished. What happened after that remains a question. Could it be a catastrophe or a turning point?

Trigger Warning Short Fictions and Disturbances

Author : Neil Gaiman
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In Trigger Warning, global phenomenon and Sunday Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman returns to dazzle, captivate, haunt, and entertain with this third collection of short fiction, which includes a Doctor Who adventure, the David Bowie-inspired The Return of the Thin White Duke and a never-before published American Gods story, Black Dog. The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains was serialised on BBC Radio 4's Book at Bedtime in November 2015. 'We are all wearing masks. That is what makes us interesting. These are stories about those masks, and the people we are underneath them.' Neil Gaiman, writing from a cabin in the dark woods. Make sure you secure your own mask before reading. Before being transported to worlds filled with witches, watchers and big black bees, with deathless Kin and pirate girls, with things that prowl in the darkness beyond the circle fire, to find the Shadder lurking at your journey's end. But then what happens? There's always something waiting for you. There's always more. Just keep turning the pages. 'We each have our little triggers.' Literary alchemy from 'a writer of rare perception and endless imagination' (William Gibson), TRIGGER WARNING is a cornucopia of storytelling: horror and ghost stories, science fiction and fairy tales, fabulism and poetry. It will open your eyes to the inexhaustible supply of darkness around you, the magic and the monsters, the myths and the miracles, and to finding truths in the most extraordinary of places.

Lost Texas Treasure Sunken Ships Rawhide Maps and Buried Plunder

Author : W. Craig Gaines
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Track pirate gold and misplaced riches across 168 counties in this comprehensive guide to the lost treasures of Texas. Countless fortunes have disappeared into the vast expanse of the Lone Star State. The history of the coast is cluttered with shipwrecks like that of the 1554 Spanish fleet. Even when pirates such as Jean Laffite managed to get their ill-gotten gains ashore, their loot vanished just as completely as if it had sunk beneath the waves. Entire mines, including the ventures of Jim Bowie and San Saba Presidio, have been reclaimed by the earth. The unmarked caches of bandits like Jesse James and Pancho Villa still bedevil the dreams of treasure seekers today. W. Craig Gaines reveals what has been lost, what has been found and what remains to be recovered.

Wicked Branson

Author : Edward L. & Karen J. Underwood with John Pinney
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Branson’s wholesome brand of entertainment made it the nation’s destination for family fun, but the vacation wonderland can’t claim a spotless past. Murder and mischief dogged the town’s efforts at respectability from the very beginning. The founder’s own brother, Galba Branson, was a prominent member of the notorious vigilante gang the Bald Knobbers. He died in a picnic shootout that originated in a church prank. Branson’s transformation into a showbiz mecca brought quarrel and scandal in its wake, from provoked orangutans to wire-tapped dressing rooms. Three comedians and authors—Ed and Karen Underwood and John Pinney—offer this backstage pass to the seamier side of Branson’s history.