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The Central Intelligence Agency An Encyclopedia of Covert Ops Intelligence Gathering and Spies 2 volumes

Author : Jan Goldman Ph.D.
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The Central Intelligence Agency is essential in the fight to keep America safe from foreign attacks. This two-volume work traces through facts and documents the history of the CIA, from the people involved to the operations conducted for national security. • Covers the history of the CIA from its days prior to World War II, when it was known as the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), supplying comprehensive, objective information in a convenient ready reference • Provides documents formerly classified as "top secret" and an extensive bibliography to allow further research by students • Includes contributions from about two dozen experts in their field of study, ranging from a psychologist describing CIA "mind experiments" to former practitioners and historians writing on covert operations during the Cold War • Provides primary documents such as the oldest formerly classified document held by the CIA (how to make invisible ink, 1918) and intelligence reports that Osama bin Laden was planning to attack the United States (2001)

History of Strategic and Ballistic Missile Defense Volume II

Author : Barry Leonard
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This is a print on demand edition of a hard to find publication. This is the second of two vol. on the history of strategic air and ballistic missile defense from 1945 to 1972. It covers 1955¿1972, and is organized into five interrelated chapters. Chapter I provides a comparison of U.S. and Soviet strategies, Chapters II and III deal with U.S. strategy and Soviet strategy, while Chapters IV and V cover U.S. systems and Soviet systems. The Executive Summary has three major groupings: one, to reflect the contextual setting of decision-making, circa 1955; the second, to highlight strategic air defense policy comparisons and contrasts, 1955¿1972; and a third, to present judgments and conclusions about the results of the play of factors and perceptions which molded air defense decisions during these years. Illustrations.

History of Strategic Air and Ballistic Missile Defense Volume II 1956 1972 2009

Author :
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US Intelligence Community Legal Reference Handbook Volume 1

Author : IBP, Inc.
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US Intelligence Community Legal Reference Book

Report on the Central Intelligence Agency s Alleged Involvement in Crack Cocaine Trafficking in the Los Angeles Area

Author : United States. Congress. House. Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
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Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency s

Author : Senate Committee on Intelligence
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Volume 1 of the Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency's Detention and Interrogation Program Report Due to the length of this report it was decided to make it into two volumes. This also allows for the inclusion of Additional Views that were also published by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in Volume 2. Volume 1 contains pages 1 through 300. Volume 2 contains pages 301 through 525 (the end of the report) and the Senate Select Committee Additional Views documents.

Ferguson Career Resource Guide to Internships and Summer Jobs 2 Volume Set

Author : Carol Turkington
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Provides details on over 550 internships and summer jobs.

Spies Wiretaps and Secret Operations An Encyclopedia of American Espionage 2 volumes

Author : Glenn Peter Hastedt
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A comprehensive two-volume overview and analysis of all facets of espionage in the American historical experience, focusing on key individuals and technologies. • Includes over 750 entries in chronologically organized sections, covering important spies, spying technologies, and events • Written by an expert team of contributing scholars from a variety of fields within history and political science • Provides a chronology of key events related to the use of espionage by the United States or by enemies within our borders • A glossary of key espionage terms • An extensive bibliography of print and electronic resources for further reading • Photos of key individuals plus maps of geographical locations and military engagements where espionage played an important role

Intelligence Specialist 3 2

Author : Terry L. Schroeder
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Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency s Detention and Interrogation Program

Author : Dianne Feinstein
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The full unabridged controversial summary put out by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence! This explosive report is over 500 pages long, including a Foreward by Diane Feinstein, Executive Summary , Findings and Conclusions. This report includes many shocking details including deaths of people who were in custody, “enhanced interrogation techniques” that were torture and the fact that some of the people were innocent! This edition is a full and unabridged (excluding the officially redacted parts), and contains content that is not suitable for minors! Please note: this edition is not designed for use on smaller devices, Kindle Fire or larger screen sizes are recommended! We have done our best to not alter this report in any way which has resulted in a large file size and need for bigger devices.