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The Challenge of Islam to Christians

Author : David Pawson
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The Challenge of Islam to Christians is David Pawson's most important - and most controversial - prophetic message to date. Moral decline and erosion of a sense of ultimate truth has created a spiritual vacuum in the United Kingdom. David Pawson believes Islam is far better equipped than the Church to move into that gap and it will not be long before it becomes the country's dominant religion. Based on the audio and video recordings on which he first announced his message, this book unpacks and explains the background behind Pawson's claims, and - crucially - sets out a positive blueprint for the Church's response. Christians must rediscover and demonstrate to society the three qualities that make Christianity unique: Reality, Relationship and Righteousness.

Routledge Revivals The Challenge of Islam 2005

Author : Douglas Pratt
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First published in 2005, this book addresses the challenges arising from Christian-Muslim encounter and attempts to enable outsiders to understand the religion of Islam. The author offers distinctive perspectives that compliment much other literature in the study of Islam and in particular Christian-Muslim relations and the relation of Islam and the west. The book is divided into three parts: Part I constitutes an introduction to Islam, Part II delves into aspects of the wider encounter with Islam and Part III explores issues in regard to the prospect of engaging in dialogue with Islam. The author argues that in the post-9/11 world the imperative to understand and engage with Islam is urgent and intends this work to assist the reader in doing so.

A Challenge to Islam for Reformation

Author : Gunter Luling
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As a Protestant theologian and diciple of renowned critics of Christianity, Albert Schweitzer and Martin Werner, the Author wanted since long to contribute to the breakthrough of their resolute nontrinitarian position which has throughout the twentieth century by all and every Western Christian university theology been silenced by pretending tacitly and tenaciously the non-existence of their strong argument.

Muslims Christians and the Challenge of Interfaith Dialogue

Author : Jane I. Smith
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Christian-Muslim dialogue, going on in America for many decades, has become more intentional and serious since the events of September 11, 2001. This volume looks at the history of encounter between the two religions, the types of dialogue that are taking place both locally and nationally, and the hope that conversation brings for better interfaith understanding. No book has been written on this topic before. The book combines the history of Christian-Muslim relations, the rise of Islam in America with an emphasis on groups and individuals who have participated in dialogue, and different kinds of dialogue.

Ethiopia the Era of the Princes

Author : Mordechai Abir
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Examines the religious and political evolution of Ethiopia that led to the foundation of the Christian dynastic rule now governing the country.

The Qur an in Christian Muslim Dialogue

Author : Corrie Block
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Offering an analysis of Christian-Muslim dialogue across four centuries, this book highlights those voices of ecumenical tone which have more often used the Qur’an for drawing the two faiths together rather than pushing them apart, and amplifies the voice of the Qur’an itself. Finding that there is tremendous ecumenical ground between Christianity and Islam in the voices of their own scholars, this book ranges from a period of declining ecumenism during the first three centuries of Islam, to a period of resurging ecumenism during the most recent century until now. Among the ecumenical voices in the Christian-Muslim dialogue, this book points out that the Qur’an itself is possibly the strongest of those voices. These findings are cause for, and evidence of, hope for the Christian–Muslim relationship: that although agreement may never be reached, dialogue has led at times to very real mutual understanding and appreciation of the religious other. Providing a tool for those pursuing understanding and mutual appreciation between the Islamic and Christian faiths, this book will be of interest to scholars and students of Islam, the Qur’an and the history of Christian-Muslim relations.

Islamic and Christian Cultures

Author : Plamen Makariev
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The Challenge of Political Islam

Author : Rachel Scott
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The rise of political Islam has provoked considerable debate about the compatibility of democracy, tolerance, and pluralism with the Islamist position. As The Challenge of Political Islam reveals, Egyptian Islamists today are more integrated into the political arena than ever, and are voicing a broad spectrum of positions, including a vision of Islamic citizenship more inclusive of non-Muslims. Based on Islamist writings, political tracts, and interviews with Islamists—including members of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and other important contemporary thinkers—this book looks closely at how modern, politically-oriented Egyptian Islamists perceive non-Muslims in an Islamic state and how non-Muslims respond. Clarifying the movement's aims, this work uncovers how Islamists have responded to the pressures of modernity, the degree to which the movement has been influenced by both a historical Islamic framework and Western modes of political thinking, and the necessity to reconsider the notion that secularism is a precondition for toleration.

My Neighbour s Faith

Author : John Azumah
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Nowhere else in the world have both Islam and Christianity been more instrumental in shaping the history of a people and their way of life than in Africa. African Muslims and Christians have a lot in common, including kinship ties, shared languages and citizenship. Yet, despite the centuries of deep historical links and harmonious existence between the two religions, new challenges threaten this harmony. Conflicts involving Christians and Muslims in places like Sudan, Nigeria and Ivory Coast are common. These conflicts are fueled primarily by ignorance, stereotyping and prejudice, which in turn breed fear, suspicion and even hatred, in some cases leading to violence. My Neighbour’s Faith sheds light on the beliefs and teaching of Islam by addressing matters of contemporary importance to Christians and the wider non-Muslim audience. It presents the human face of Islam—the face of a close relative, a neighbour, a teacher and even a head of state—in a balanced and critical way that gives a credible view of Islam.

The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque

Author : Sidney H. Griffith
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Amid so much twenty-first-century talk of a "Christian-Muslim divide"--and the attendant controversy in some Western countries over policies toward minority Muslim communities--a historical fact has gone unnoticed: for more than four hundred years beginning in the mid-seventh century, some 50 percent of the world's Christians lived and worshipped under Muslim rule. Just who were the Christians in the Arabic-speaking milieu of Mohammed and the Qur'an? The Church in the Shadow of the Mosque is the first book-length discussion in English of the cultural and intellectual life of such Christians indigenous to the Islamic world. Sidney Griffith offers an engaging overview of their initial reactions to the religious challenges they faced, the development of a new mode of presenting Christian doctrine as liturgical texts in their own languages gave way to Arabic, the Christian role in the philosophical life of early Baghdad, and the maturing of distinctive Oriental Christian denominations in this context. Offering a fuller understanding of the rise of Islam in its early years from the perspective of contemporary non-Muslims, this book reminds us that there is much to learn from the works of people who seriously engaged Muslims in their own world so long ago. Some images inside the book are unavailable due to digital copyright restrictions.

Psychoanalysis and the Challenge of Islam

Author : Fethi Benslama
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In this title, the author demythifies both Islamic and western ideas of Islam by addressing the psychoanalytic root causes of the Muslim world's clash with modernity and subsequent turn to fundamentalism. It reveals an alternate history of Islam and looks at its future development.

Redefining Christian Identity

Author : Jan Jacob van Ginkel
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Cultural interaction in the Middle East since the Rise of Islam - such was the title of a combined research project of the Universities of Leiden and Groningen aimed at describing the various ways in which the Christian communities of the Middle East expressed their distinct cultural identity in Muslim societies. As part of the project the symposium "Redefining Christian Identity, Christian cultural strategies since the rise of Islam" took place at Groningen University on April 7-10, 1999. This book contains the proceedings of this conference. From the articles it becomes clear that a number of distinct "cultural strategies" can be identified, some of which were used very frequently, others only in certain groups or at particular periods of time. The three main strategies that are represented in the papers of this volume are: (i) reinterpretation of the pre-Islamic Christian heritage; (ii) inculturation of elements from the new Islamic context; (iii) isolation from the Islamic context. Viewed in time, it is clear that the reinterpretation of older Christian heritage was particularly important in the first two centuries after the rise of Islam, the seventh and eighth centuries, that inculturation was the dominant theme of the Abbasid period, in the ninth to twelfth centuries, whereas from the Mongol period onwards, from the thirteenth to the eighteenth centuries, isolation more and more often occurs, although inculturation of elements from the predominantly Muslim environment never came to a complete standstill.

Passing Over and Returning

Author : Paul O. Ingram
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In Passing Over and Returning Paul O. Ingram describes his particular dialogue with the world's religions, illustrated by his experience of passing over into Hinduism, Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism, Judaism, and Islam, and by his return to his home as a Lutheran Christian. While religious diversity is not new, neither are the questions posed by religious diversity. What is new is that more and more people are actively engaged with the world's religions because more and more people are willing to be informed by insights found in religious traditions other than their own. This is particularly true among progressive Christians. But openness does not necessarily mean rejecting one's own tradition, even though persons sometimes convert to another tradition or combine their original religious identity with the identity of another tradition. Whether one returns to the home of one's own faith tradition after passing over, or assumes a dual religious identity, or converts to another tradition, all persons engaged in interreligious dialogue undergo processes of creative transformation.

Islam and Christianity

Author : Rose Publishing
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Islam & Christianity: Compares Basic Teachings and Beliefs Islam & Christianity is a short ebook that can be read in 30 minutes or less and compares the basic beliefs of Christians and Muslims (followers of Islamic faith) on eight different topics. Using an easy-to-follow format, this bestselling ebook helps believers understand the key differences between Muslims and Christian. It looks at key issues and asks, "What Muslims Believe," "What Christians Believe," and addresses "How to Correct Misunderstandings." With this knowledge, you can reach out to Muslim without offending cultural sensitivities. More than one billion people around the world follow the teachings of Muhammad and Islam. Islam & Christianity is an excellent tool for pastors, teachers and others who are interested in discovering the beliefs that Christians and Muslims have in common and those that are different. This tool will help pastors and leaders equip missions-minded believers to avoid common witnessing mistakes and to be more sensitive about sharing their faith with Muslims. Discover what Muslims have been taught about Christianity and how to answer their questions and concerns. The Islam & Christianity ebook addresses eight key areas: •Religious History •Who God is •The Holy Scriptures •Prophets •Practices and Rituals •Salvation and Paradise •The Role of Women •Religion and Culture Here are a few of the interesting facts that teachers and their students will encounter in studying Islam & Christianity: •Muslims believe Muhammad is the final prophet, but that Jesus was born of a virgin and lived a sinless life. •Many Muslims misunderstand the concept of the Trinity. • Some Muslims are worried that Western society will corrupt their children because of the images they see on TV and magazines. •Muslims are committed to the Five Pillars of religion. •In Islam, there is no savior; Allah is supreme. Islam & Christianity also provides this insightful and helpful information: •More than a dozen Do's and Don'ts of reaching out to Muslims, including: •Do make it clear you are a Christian •Don't argue •Do be sensitive to cultural manners: men should speak with men, women with women •When sitting don't point the sole of your shoe toward anyone. •Notes and additional references on Islam •A mini-glossary of 17 words that are key to connecting with and understanding Muslims

The Challenge of Islam

Author : Altaf Gauhar
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Christian Responses to Islam in Nigeria

Author : A. Akinade
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This book examines the various Christian responses to Islam in Nigeria. It is a study of the complex, interreligious relationships in Nigeria. Using a polymethodic approach, the book grapples with many narratives dealing with interreligious competition and cooperation in Nigeria.

Islam and Christian Theology

Author : James Windrow Sweetman
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Short descritption: A ground-breaking study in four volumes of the inter-relation between the theological teaching of Islam and the theological content in the teaching of the Christian Fathers and of mediaeval theologians.

Terrorism Islam and Christian Hope

Author : James De Young
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Global Christianity

Author : Frans Wijsen
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In 2002 Philip Jenkins wrote The Next Christendom. Over the past half century the centre of gravity of the Christian world has moved decisively to the global South, says Jenkins. Within a few decades European and Euro-American Christians will have become a small fragment of world Christianity. By that time Christianity in Europe and North America will to a large extent consist of Southern-derived immigrant communities. Southern churches will fulfil neither the Liberation Dream nor the Conservative Dream of the North, but will seek their own solutions to their particular problems. Jenkins' book evoked strong reactions, a bit to his own surprise, as the book contained little new. In the United States of America, the prospect of a more biblical Christianity caused reactions of alarm in liberal circles. In contrast, conservatives were delighted by the same prospect. In Europe the book landed in the middle of the debate on Europe as an exceptional case. It was detested by those who stick to the theory of ongoing and irreversible secularisation and welcomed by those who see a resurgence of religion, also in Europe. In the present volume, scholars of religion and theologians assess the global trends in World Christianity as described in Philip Jenkins' book. It is the outcome of an international conference on Southern Christianity and its relation to Christianity in the North, held in the Conference Centre of Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

Christian Muslim Relations

Author : David Richard Thomas
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Christian-Muslim Relations, a Bibliographical History 1 (CMR1) is the first part of a general history of relations between the faiths from the seventh century to the present. It covers the period from 600 to 1500, when encounters took place through the extended Mediterranean basin and are recorded in Syriac, Arabic, Greek, Latin and other languages. It comprises introductory essays on the treatment of Christians in the Qur'an, Qur'an commentaries, biographies of the Prophet, Hadith and Sunni law, and of Muslims in canon law, and the main body of more than two hundred detailed entries on all the works recorded, whether surviving or lost. These entries provide biographical details of the authors where known, descriptions and assessments of the works themselves, and complete accounts of manuscripts, editions, translations and studies. The result of collaboration between leading scholars, CMR1 is intended as a basic tool for research in Christian-Muslim relations.