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The Cherokee People

Author : Thomas E. Mails
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This book depicts the Cherokees' ancient culture and lifestyle, their government, dress, and family life. Mails chronicles the fundamentals of vital Cherokee spiritual beliefs and practices, their powerful rituals, and their joyful festivals, as well as the story of the gradual encroachment that all but destroyed their civilization.

A Political History of the Cherokee Nation 1838 1907

Author : Morris L. Wardell
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The Cherokee Indians

Author : Bill Lund
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Provides an overview of the past and present lives of the Cherokee Native Americans, covering their daily life, customs, and relations with the government. Includes information on the Trail of Tears.

Memorial of the Cherokee Delegation Against the Settlement Proposed by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs Under the Treaty of 6th August 1846 June 13 1848 Referred to the Committee on Indian Affairs and Ordered to be Printed

Author :
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The Cherokee Nation

Author : Charles C. Royce
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This volume, presents the succession of treaties between 1785 and 1868 that reduced the holdings of the Cherokee Nation east of the Mississippi and culminated in their removal to Indian territory. Each document is accompanied by a detailed description of its antecedent conditions, the negotiations that led up to it, and its consequences. The events described here ended more than a century ago, but the motives and actions of the participants and the effects of the compromises and decisions they made are sadly familiar. The story presented here needs to be understood by everyone concerned with the survival of diverse ways of life and the quality of the relationships among peoples. The impersonal style of Royce's presentation enhances the poignancy of the Cherokee experience. Repeated declarations of peace and perpetual friendship contrast with repeated violations of treaties approved by Congress and the impotence of a people to defend their ancestral lands. The Cherokee "trail of broken treaties" has left us with a heritage of guilt and frustration that we have yet to overcome. The Native American Library, in which this volume appears, has been initiated by the National Anthropological Archives of the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution, to publish original works by Indians and reprints selected by the tribes involved. Royce's work, which was included in the Fifth Annual Report of the Bureau of American Ethnology, is republished at the request of the Governing Body of the Cherokee Nation. The original text is prefaced by an evaluation of Royce and his work by Richard Mack Bettis and contains several illustrations not included in the earlier edition.

The Geography of the Cherokee Country of Oklahoma

Author : Leslie Hewes
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The Cherokee and Their History

Author : Mary Englar
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Discusses the origin, history, daily life, customs, and future of the Cherokee Indians.

Art of the Cherokee

Author : Susan C. Power
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"In addition to tracing the development of Cherokee art, Power reveals the wide range of geographical locales from which Cherokee art has originated. These places include the Cherokee's tribal homeland in the southeast, the tribe's areas of resettlement in the West, and abodes in the United States and beyond to which individuals subsequently moved. Intimately connected to the time and place of its creation, Cherokee art changed along with Cherokee social, political, and economic circumstances. The entry of European explorers into the Southeast, the Trail of Tears, the American Civil War, and the signing of treaties with the U.S. government are among the transforming events in Cherokee art history that Power discusses."--BOOK JACKET.

Myths of the Cherokee

Author : James Mooney
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Gathers folklore about the creation of the world, the characteristics of animals, the first fire, and Cherokee history and culture

The Cherokee

Author : Rennay Craats
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In 1830, U.S. troops removed nearly 17,000 Cherokee from their homes in the southeastern United States. Many were forced to move to Oklahoma in a journey called the “Trail of Tears.” Learn more in The Cherokee, one of the titles in the American Indian Art and Culture series.