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Book Cooks Grades Prek 1

Author : Cheryl Apgar
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Easy-to-follow recipes (one for each letter of the alphabet) and numerous activities that include songs, poems and chants, that enhance literacy and math skills while students learn and enjoy hands-on-cooking experiences.

American Education

Author :
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The Diary of a Mad Chef

Author : Daniel DellaVecchia
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This family cookbook morphed into much more for me during the writing process. It began by contacting friends and family to collect recipes for what I thought would be a simple process. During those conversations and with my own memories, a flood of personal history evolved in my mind. What began as a repository of food recipes became much more to me, and I decided to collect the process in the form of this book, The Diary of a Mad Chef, to also include photos of those people and selected short stories. Food has always been the center of our familys common narrative thread, and I attempted to place the face and the stories of my friends and family with the recipes as I remember them. Along with the feedback and photos from my friends and family, it became a two-year-long effort to compile, edit, and publish this book. The journey has been a magnificent experience for me, and I am grateful to have had the time and opportunity to write this book.

Educating Alice

Author : Alice Steinbach
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A few years ago, Alice Steinbach, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist decided to take a break from her life. She took a leave from her job, friends and family to go on a European journey of self-discovery, and her first book, WITHOUT RESERVATIONS, was the exquisite result of that trip. But once Steinbach had opened the door to a new way of living, she found herself unwilling to return to her old routine. She left her job and went travelling again, only this time her objective was not so much one of self-discovery as it was a reaching out. She wanted to learn, by taking lessons and courses, but also by connecting to and learning from the people she would encounter along the way. Choosing exactly where to go and what to study turned out to be harder than she'd anticipated, but Steinbach found herself repeatedly drawn to the interests and fantasies of her youth. And so her lifelong fascination with writing, animals, gardening, and food led her to study dog training in Scotland, writing in Prague, gardening in Provence, calligraphy and flower arranging in Kyoto, music in Cuba, cooking in Paris and Jane Austen in Exeter. Her weeks and months spent with fellow students of all ages are, as she'd hoped, every bit as educational as her courses. And studying side by side with people preparing for careers in these various fields gives Steinbach a second chance at some roads not taken - a chance to reconnect with her past, when so many options were still open to her. In pursuing interests she's never had time to fully explore, she finds that her sense of curiosity is as strong as it ever was, and, as she discovers during the course of this wonderful trip, we are never too old to learn.

The Billionaire Chef s Baby

Author : Leslie North
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Romance is the main course, but wait till you get to dessert… A billionaire from birth, bad boy Arthur McClellan is determined to become the world’s greatest celebrity chef. After promising his dying mother to change his ways, he’s partnered with the famous Taste Network for a wedding special in the Bahamas. But to please their viewers, the network wants to smooth out his rough edges. Enter wedding planner Cassandra Kelly… Arthur and Cassandra spent a passionate night together, years ago. Now, to boost ratings, the network wants him to pretend she’s his girlfriend. That just might be the cherry on top of his showbiz cake. But soon their ratings stunt gets a little too real for comfort… When the Taste Network offers Cassandra the position of wedding planner on their new pilot, she jumps at the chance. But pretending to be the hot chef’s fake girlfriend has left her with an appetite for passion … and an unplanned bun in the oven. Now it’s getting harder and harder to figure out which kisses are real, and which ones are fake. Is it too late for this duo to whip up a recipe for true love?

The Handbook of Environmental Education

Author : Philip Neal
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Formal education is beginning to reflect an increase in environmental concern. Drawing on case studies, the authors explain how this subject can best be implemented at classroom level.

Someone to Be

Author : Michael Martin
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Life is hard for many people and is no different for Mike, the middle class college student with many problems. Learn how he discovers himself and the people around him as he tries to survive what we all know is the dreaded facts of life. With every action there is a consequence, with every consequence, there is a circumstance. Someone To Be is a fictional story based on real events that occurred in my life. Each chapter there is a moral or lesson hidden in the words, paragraphs and paper.

The Chef s Choice

Author : Susan D. Peters
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When Riley Willis, a 29-year-old Financial Services professional is humiliated by the wife of a married man playing single, she vows never to be “played” again. Determined to survive the holidays without a “Cuddle Buddy”, she vows to honor the memory of her beloved Grandma Ella, by preparing the ultimate family Thanksgiving feast. The problem is, Riley cannot cook. Aiming to debut her culinary skills by Thanksgiving, Riley takes a Learn to Cook class, where Chef Lex Mason, aware of Riley’s aggressive goal and tight timeline, agrees to provide in-home-lessons for Riley. Instant chemistry develops between the pair until Riley finds that Lex is also deceiving her. She goes on defense and casts Lex out of her life. Lex, smitten by the lovely Riley realizes that to secure her love, he must share the part of himself that he has kept skillfully hidden.

Your Future as a Chef

Author : Rachel Given-Wilson
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For those who delight in combing unusual ingredients and preparing delicious meals, a career as a chef can be a great option. This instructive resource offers readers a look at what it's really like to work as part of a team of chefs in a hectic restaurant kitchen, as a private chef in someone's home, and in many other places where chefs can be found. Readers will learn about culinary school, apprenticeships, and other training options. With sidebars on celebrity chefs and profiles of restaurant owners who have capitalized on unique concepts for restaurants, this book is entertaining as well as illuminating.

Career Opportunities in the Food and Beverage Industry

Author : Kathleen Hill
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Describes more than eighty jobs in the food and beverage industry, including position descriptions, salary ranges, employment outlook, and tips for entry.