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The Comeback

Author : Ella Berman
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A TODAY SHOW #ReadWithJenna BOOK CLUB PICK! “With nuance, wit, and humor, Berman weaves a narrative that is light and exciting, even while addressing difficult topics. At its core, this book is about redemption, grace, and pain. It is the perfect summer read.”—Jenna Bush Hager A most anticipated book of summer by ∙ Marie Claire ∙ New York Post ∙ Betches ∙ Better Homes & Gardens ∙ Popsugar ∙ Goodreads ∙ Bad on Paper podcast ∙ The Stripe A deep dive into the psyche of a young actress raised in the spotlight under the influence of a charming, manipulative film director and the moment when she decides his time is up. At the height of her career and on the eve of her first Golden Globe nomination, teen star Grace Turner disappeared. Now, tentatively sober and surprisingly numb, Grace is back in Los Angeles after her year of self-imposed exile. She knows the new private life she wants isn’t going to be easy as she tries to be a better person and reconnect with the people she left behind. But when Grace is asked to present a lifetime achievement award to director Able Yorke—the man who controlled her every move for eight years—she realizes that she can’t run from the secret behind her spectacular crash and burn for much longer. And she’s the only one with nothing left to lose. Alternating between past and present, The Comeback tackles power dynamics and the uncertainty of young adulthood, the types of secrets that become part of our sense of self, and the moments when we learn that though there are many ways to get hurt, we can still choose to fight back.

The Comeback

Author : Emma Gilbey Keller
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It's a tough economy for job-seekers, and it can be even more nerve-racking for women trying to juggle career and family. Women are used to being told that once we get off the career track, we can't get back on. In The Comeback, Emma Gilbey Keller proves that this isn't true: More and more, companies today are looking at the value of hiring returning mothers. In this encouraging book, Keller tells the stories of seven very different women from a variety of professions who sought to strike a balance between demanding careers and budding families. A new afterword looks at the personal balancing act of First Lady Michelle Obama. All of these women have complicated stories, filled with the choices, decisions, and trade-offs that all mothers face. An absorbing blend of story, insight, advice, and inspiration, The Comeback offers a positive message to mothers overwhelmed by the ever-shifting work-versus-home debate.

The Comeback

Author : Abby Gaines
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Giving up professional racing was the toughest decision Zack Matheson had ever made. But now he's back—with a vengeance—and driving his family team to victory in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. The last thing he needs is the distraction of a high-profile publicity campaign…or the beautiful, ambitious Gaby Colson. Gaby needs Zack to win…the sponsor-backed Bachelor of the Year contest. Hired to promote his sexy single-guy image, the PR rep vows to keep her professional distance. But the heat sizzling between them is hard to ignore. Gaby knows how much victory means to Zack. She also knows he'll always put racing first. Unless she can make him see that his comeback won't be complete without her.

The Comeback

Author : Geoffrey C. Ward
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Franklin Roosevelt contracted polio in the summer of 1921, resulting in permanent paralysis from the waist down. One year later, he went back to work. Noted historian Geoffrey C. Ward, winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Parkman Prize and finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, who is himself a polio survivor, investigates the courage and character of the man who became the greatest president of the twentieth century. “The Comeback,” a selection from A First-Class Temperament, the second volume in Ward’s monumental biography that began with Before the Trumpet, is the story of one extraordinary man’s struggle to regain his feet and reenter public life. Before his illness, FDR’s political future had seemed bright. He knew that pity was poison, that if the public understood the extent of his disability his career would be at an end. Roosevelt, therefore, had to teach himself the impossible: how to walk—or seem to walk—again. This is that journey, following the future president from his disastrous attempt to return to his law office to his triumphant march down the aisle at the 1924 Democratic National Convention, where, leaning on his crutches, he delivered the triumphant “Happy Warrior” speech for ill-fated presidential candidate Al Smith and was hailed as a hero. It was FDR’s new beginning. An eBook short.

The Comeback

Author : John Ralston Saul
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Once again, John Ralston Saul presents the story of Canada’s past so that we may better understand its present – and imagine a better future. Historic moments are always uncomfortable, Saul writes in this impassioned argument, calling on all of us to embrace and support the comeback of Aboriginal peoples. This, he says, is the great issue of our time – the most important missing piece in the building of Canada. The events that began late in 2012 with the Idle No More movement were not just a rough patch in Aboriginal relations with the rest of Canada. What is happening today between Aboriginals and non-Aboriginals is not about guilt or sympathy or failure or romanticization of the past. It is about citizens’ rights. It is about rebuilding relationships that were central to the creation of Canada. These relationships are just as important to its continued existence. The centrality of Aboriginal issues and peoples has the potential to open up a more creative way of imagining ourselves and a more honest narrative for Canada. Wide in scope but piercing in detail, The Comeback presents a powerful portrait of modern Aboriginal life in Canada, in contrast with the perceived failings so often portrayed in politics and in media. Saul illustrates his arguments by compiling a remarkable selection of letters, speeches and writings by Aboriginal leaders and thinkers, showcasing the extraordinarily rich, moving and stable indigenous point of view across the centuries.

The Comeback Trail

Author : Bruce Cadogan
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The Comeback Kids

Author : Joe Jacobs
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Few experts picked the Reds to win the National League Central Division Championship. Loaded with great young talent, the team was expected to move up in the standings and maybe even to break its nine-year streak of losing seasons. But win the division? Hardly. No one realized the level of heart and tenacity this team possessed, the pluck and verve this team could summon in the face of adversity. The Reds came from behind to win 45 games, and whenever they took a tough loss, they bounced back the next game. They truly were "The Comeback Kids." As baseball fans throughout the country waited for them slide back to expectations, they just kept hustling--and winning. The Reds led the league in many offensive categories, with a lineup anchored by budding superstar Joey Votto and aging veteran Scott Rolen. Though the pitching staff lacked a true ace, many pitchers contributed quality games. The bullpen did the same, until September, when heralded phenom Aroldis Chapman came up from the minor leagues and threw 100 mph fastballs, taking the staff to a whole new level. The Comeback Kids tells the remarkable story of the 2010 Reds, a team that relied on every player to achieve a stunning division championship. Featuring nearly 100 photos, this full-color book is the ultimate keepsake for every Reds fan, helping them remember a season, and a team, they never want to forget.

The Comeback Girl

Author : Debra Salonen
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Kristin Sullivan has come home to set things right. She needs to reconnect with her family and she needs to introduce her son to his father. But coming back to Gold Creek means facing another man. Deputy Donnie Grimaldo. Their history is not a happy one. The last thing she expects is a marriage proposal from Donnie, the high-school sweetheart she betrayed…but never stopped loving.

The Comeback Dog

Author : Jane Resh Thomas
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Daniel, a Midwestern farm boy, finds a battered dog in a ditch and nurses it back to health, but is disappointed when the dog doesn't immediately respond to his gestures of affection.

The Comeback Cowboy

Author : Cathy McDavid
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It isn't easy for a man to get back in the saddle after he's lost his competitive edge. But fallen rodeo star Ty Boudeau refuses to give up his shot at the World Championship. Even if it means taking lessons at a glorified dude ranch from a woman who can rope a steer better than a man. As owner of Cowboy College, Adele Donnelly makes it a rule never to get involved with her guests. Especially not a famous and footloose cowboy whose life is all about traveling the rodeo circuit. But Ty is more than just another handsome face…and getting pregnant with his baby wasn't in Adele's long-term game plan. Because men like him can't be tied down. And she's not used to family sticking around. Why should Ty be any different? Should she give the cowboy a chance to be a championship daddy?