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The Complete History of Ships and Boats

Author : Britannica Educational Publishing
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Even as airlines provide faster means of travel, ships and boats remain as important as ever in transporting passengers and cargo across the world’s bodies of water. While ship design has become increasingly sophisticated with time, everything including the luxury liners, warships, and sailboats of today owe much to the watercraft that facilitated travel, trade, and war among ancient cultures. This detailed volume examines the development of the different types of water vehicles and the design of related structures, including docks and quays.

A History of Ships and Boats of Japan

Author : J. A. Ploszajski
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The Earliest Ships

Author : Robert Gardiner
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Researching back into prehistory and into the earliest evidence provided by archaeology, this volume explores the varied lines of development from the most primitive watercraft to the first real seagoing ships, from Northern Europe, through the Mediterranean to the Near and Far Easts. It traces the most primitive forms of boats - rafts, skin boats and dugouts, for example - which developed ultimately into ships for trade, commerce and war. Apart from chapters on the craft themselves there are sections on related topics, including early pilotage and seamanship, and an evaluation of what modern reconstructions can tell us about the performance of ancient ship types. "The Earliest Ships" not only summarises existing information but has been produced by many of those whose pioneering work was responsible for the revolution in understanding in the first place.

Electric Boats and Ships

Author : Kevin Desmond
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 Electric propulsion for boats was developed in the early 19th century and--despite the advent of the internal combustion engine--continued with the perfecting of the modern turbo-electric ship. Sustainable and hybrid technologies, pioneered in small inland watercraft toward the end of the 20th century, have in recent years been scaled up to create integrated electric drives for the largest ocean-going vessels. This comprehensive history traces the birth and rebirth of the electric boat from 1835 to the present, celebrating the Golden Age of electric launches, 1880-1910.

Ships and Seafaring in Ancient Times

Author : Lionel Casson
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Ever since the earliest travelers took to the water on reed rafts or inflated goatskins, ships and boats have played a paramount role in the history of the Western world. The invention of the sail about 3500 BC resulted in ever faster and more efficient water transport, and the great civilizations of Egypt, Greece, and Rome depended on ships and seafarers for their prosperity. This entertaining book by the world's foremost authority on ancient seamanship traces the development of the boat from the most primitive craft to the powerful warships of the Greeks, the huge Roman merchant vessels, and the slender galleys of the Vikings. Professor Casson shows how the discoveries of marine archaeologists and recent experiments with full-size replicas of ancient boats have increased our knowledge of the way in which ships were built and used. Drawing upon written accounts and contemporary artistic depictions of naval battles, trading expeditions, and other voyages, he brings the world of seafaring in ancient times vividly to life.

American Sailing Ships

Author : Charles Gerard Davis
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An anecdotal, highly personal course through America's nautical history features nearly 140 images of ships from the 18th through 20th centuries: quoddy boats, fishing schooners, clippers, packet ships, frigates, and other vessels.

Ships Seafaring and Society

Author : Timothy J. Runyan
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An Entire and Complete History political and personal of the boroughs of Great Britain together with the Cinque Ports to which is prefixed An original sketch of constitutional rights etc By T H B Oldfield

Author : Thomas Hinton Burley OLDFIELD
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A Complete History of Algiers

Author : J. Morgan
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Kamikaze Attacks of World War II

Author : Robin L. Rielly
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"This book details more than 400 kamikaze attacks performed by Japanese aircraft, manned torpedoes, suicide boats and suicide swimmers against U.S. ships during World War II. Part One focuses on the traditions, development and history. Part Two details the kamikaze attacks on ships. Appendices list all of the U.S. ships suffering kamikaze attacks"--Provided by publisher.