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The Concept

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The Architecture Concept Book

Author : James Tait
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Inspired by the complexity and heterogeneity of the world around us, and by the rise of new technologies and their associated behaviors, The Architecture Concept Book seeks to stimulate young architects and students to think outside of what is often a rather conservative and self-perpetuating professional domain and to be influenced by everything around them.Organized thematically, the book explores thirty- five architectural concepts, which cover wide- ranging topics not always typically included in the study of architecture. James Tait traces the connections between concepts such as familiarity, control, and memory and basic architectural components such as the entrance, arch, columns, and services, to social phenomena such as gathering and reveling, before concluding with texts on shelter, relaxing, and working. Even in this digital age, Tait insists that "we must always think before we design. We must always have a reason to build."Each theme is accompanied by photographs, plans, and illustrations specially drawn by the author to explain spatial ideas, from the small scale to the urban.

The Advertising Concept Book

Author : Pete Barry
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A former advertising designer at Ogilvy London counsels advertising professionals on how to make a successful ad by focusing on its basic messages rather than its special effects, in a guide that covers such topics as copywriting, media strategies, and the qualities of the industry's most successful campaigns. Original.

The Concept of God

Author : Vinoth
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God – the supernatural being, the perfect, the omnipotent and the omniscient originator, and ruler of the universe – is the object of worship in almost all religions across the world. Usually, people understand God through the religions they’re born in. This way, they get to learn how and why their Gods created reality and put them in it. But is this the only possible way to understand the entity? What if one takes an alternate route to understand God? What if one first understands the reality God created – the reality that everything and everyone’s a part of – and then identifies the entity itself? Reality includes everything around and inside it, and inevitably includes us. Understanding the reality requires a metaphysical analysis of life and the universe and metaphysics reaches an incredibly new level if the knowledge of the Western sciences is merged with the everlasting ideas of the Eastern spiritual philosophies! With multiple perspectives making the reader constantly inquisitive, The Concept of ‘God’ merges the knowledge of science and spirituality to understand the nature of life and reality and then finds out who the all-powerful God is!

The Concept of Mind

Author : Gilbert Ryle
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This now-classic work challenges what Ryle calls philosophy's "official theory," the Cartesians "myth" of the separation of mind and matter. Ryle's linguistic analysis remaps the conceptual geography of mind, not so much solving traditional philosophical problems as dissolving them into the mere consequences of misguided language. His plain language and esstentially simple purpose place him in the traditioin of Locke, Berkeley, Mill, and Russell.

The Concept of Rights

Author : George W. Rainbolt
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What does it mean to have a right? Previous answers to this question fall into two groups: interest/benefit theories of rights and choice/will theories. This book proposes an alternative to these traditional views: the justified-constraint theory of rights, which avoids the pitfalls of earlier theories, and solves the puzzle of the relational nature of rights. The analysis shows that this theory applies without modification to past, present and future beings.

The Concept of Style

Author : Berel Lang
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A ground-breaking attempt at a prolegomenon to the study of style, this collection brings together eleven essays by distinguished philosophers, literary theorists, art historians, and musicologists, all addressing the role played by style in the arts and literature.

The Concept of Utopia

Author : Ruth Levitas
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Originally published: London: Philip Allan, 1990.

The Concept and Reality of Existence

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Advertising Concept Book

Author : Pete Barry
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A former advertising designer at Ogilvy London counsels advertising professionals on how to make a successful ad by focusing on its basic messages rather than its special effects, in a guide that covers such topics as copywriting, media strategies, and the qualities of the industry's most successful campaigns. Original.

History of the Concept of Time

Author : Martin Heidegger
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Heidegger's lecture course at the University of Marburg in the summer of 1925, an early version of Being and Time (1927), offers a unique glimpse into the motivations that prompted the writing of this great philosopher's master work and the presuppositions that gave shape to it. The book embarks upon a provisional description of what Heidegger calls "Dasein," the field in which both being and time become manifest. Heidegger analyzes Dasein in its everydayness in a deepening sequence of terms: being-in-the-world, worldhood, and care as the being of Dasein. The course ends by sketching the themes of death and conscience and their relevance to an ontology that makes the phenomenon of time central. Theodore Kisiel's outstanding translation premits English-speaking readers to appreciate the central importance of this text in the development of Heidegger's thought.

The Concept of Ideals in Legal Theory

Author : Sanne Taekema
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Talk about law often includes reference to ideals of justice, equality or freedom. But what do we refer to when we speak about ideals in the context of law? This book explores the concept of ideals by combining an investigation of different theories of ideals with a discussion of the role of ideals in law. A comparison of the theories of Gustav Radbruch and Philip Selznick leads up to a pragmatist theory of legal ideals, which provides an interesting new position in the debate about values in law between legal positivists and natural law thinkers. Attention for law's central ideals enables us to understand law's autonomous character, while at the same time tracing its connection to societal values. Essential reading for anyone interested in the role of values or ideals in law.

Readings in the Concept and Measurement of Income

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The Concept of Rudra iva Through the Ages

Author : Mahadev Chakravarti
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The present book throws new light on the gradual development of the concept of Rudra-Siva in his animal, phallic and human forms, since the days of the Harappa Civilization. It examines how Siva, the composite Aryan-non-Aryan Divinity, was not only admitted but was ultimately crowned with an exalted position in the Brahmanical pantheon; how the bull once identified with the deity, was regulated to the position of a vahana; how phallism was related to Saivism and also how Siva, in his different forms, was represented in early Indian Art and the Art of Further India. The wide range and depth of the author's research fills a vital gap in the subject and his treatment of the entire subject is unique. This methodical study on Siva also contains an exhaustive bibliography.

The Concept of the Employer

Author : Jeremias Prassl
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Based on the author's thesis (doctoral - Oxford University, 2012), under title: The notion of the employer in multilateral organisational settings.

The Concept of Modernism

Author : Astradur Eysteinsson
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The term "modernism" is central to any discussion of twentieth-century literature and critical theory. Astradur Eysteinsson here maintains that the concept of modernism does not emerge directly from the literature it subsumes, but is in fact a product of critical practices relating to nontraditional literature. Intervening in these practices, and correlating them with modernist works and with modern literary theory, Eysteinsson undertakes a comprehensive reexamination of the idea of modernism. Eysteinsson critically explores various manifestations of modernism in a rich array of American, British, and European literature, criticism, and theory. He first examines many modernist paradigms, detecting in them a conflict between modernism's culturally subversive potential and its relatively conservative status as a formalist project. He then considers these paradigms as interpretations-and fabrications-of literary history. Seen in this light, modernism both signals a historical change on the literary scene and implies the context of that change. Laden with the implications of tradition and modernity, modernism fills its major function: that of highlighting and defining the complex relations between history and postrealist literature. Eysteinsson focuses on the ways in which the concept of modernism directs our understanding of literature and literary history and influences our judgment of experimental and postrealist works in literature and art. He discusses in detail the relation of modernism to the key concepts postmodernism, the avant-garde, and realism. Enacting a crisis of subject and reference, modernism is not so much a form of discourse, he asserts, as its interruption-a possible "other" modernity that reveals critical aspects of our social and linguistic experience in Western culture. Comparatists, literary theorists, cultural historians, and others interested in twentieth-century literature and art will profit from this provocative book.

The Concept of India

Author : Bratindra Nath Mukherjee
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The Concept of the Positron

Author : Norwood Russell Hanson
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The Concept of Electronegativity and Structural Chemistry

Author : S. S. Batsanov
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The Concept of Knowledge

Author : Panayot Butchvarov
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