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The Concept of Representation

Author : Hanna F. Pitkin
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This book arises out of Hannah Pitkin's doctoral dissertation and is considered by political scientists to be the gold standard in terms of a philosophical treatment of the subject. Pitkin covers the historical evolution of thinking about representation from the Greeks through the founding of the American republic highlighting diverse thinkers and politicians like Edmund Burke, Jeremy Bentham, and James Madison as well as more contemporary scholars like Robert Dahl and Charles Lindblom.

The Concept of Representation in the Age of the American Revolution

Author : John Phillip Reid
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"Americans did not rebel from Great Britain because they wanted a different government. They rebelled because they believed that Parliament was violating constitutional precepts. Colonial Whigs did not fight for American rights. They fought for English rights."—from the Preface John Phillip Reid goes on to argue that it was generally the application, not the definition, of these rights that was disputed. The sole—and critical—exception concerned the right of representation. American perceptions of the responsibility of representatives to their constituents, the necessity of equal representation, and the constitutional function of consent had diverged gradually, but significantly, from British tradition. Drawing on his mastery of eighteenth-century legal thought, Reid explores the origins and shifting meanings of representation, consent, arbitrary rule, and constitution. He demonstrates that the controversy which led to the American Revolution had more to do with jurisprudential and constitutional principles than with democracy and equality. This book will interest legal historians, Constitutional scholars, and political theorists.

The Theory of Political Representation

Author : Hanna Fenichel Pitkin
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The Concept of Representation

Author : Pitkin
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The Symbolic Representation of Gender

Author : Dr Emanuela Lombardo
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What is symbolic representation? Since Hanna Pitkin’s seminal The Concept of Representation, the symbolic has been the least studied dimension of political representation. Innovatively adopting a discursive approach, this book - the first full-length treatment of symbolic representation - focuses on gender issues to tackle important questions such as: What are women and men symbols of, and how is gender constructed in policy discourse? It studies what functions symbolic representation fulfils in the construction of gender, what social roles get legitimized in policy discourse, and how this affects power constellations, ultimately revealing much about the relation between symbolic, descriptive, and substantive representation. Emanuela Lombardo and Petra Meier draw on theories of symbolic representation and gender, as well as rich primary material about political debates on labour and care issues, partnership and reproductive rights, gender violence, and quotas. Using this original data, the authors show that reconsidering symbolic representation from a discursive perspective makes explicit issues of (in)equality embedded within particular constructions, as well as their consequences for political representation and gender equality. This important exploration raises relevant new questions regarding the representation of gender that form valuable contributions to the fields of political science, political theory, sociology, and gender studies.

The Political Representation of Women in Politics

Author : Stella Benedickt
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Seminar paper from the year 2020 in the subject Politics - Miscellaneous, grade: 1,7, Christian-Albrechts-University of Kiel, course: Representatives in Historical Perspective: From the King's two Bodies to Celebrity Stars, language: English, abstract: This paper discusses the representation of women in politics and aims to identify the consequences of their presence in politics, more concrete in democracies. Therefore the author will analyse several forms of representation. This work will discuss primarily the descriptive and symbolic representation of women as “standing for something” and resembling half of the world population. How does the representation of woman in politics affect women in the real world? And what is the value and what are the costs of descriptive and symbolic representation of women? Moreover the connection to substantive representation is explained briefly. For this work the author will use the concepts as developed by Hanna Pitkin in her book “The concept of Representation”. These will be explained now in the first Chapter before the analyses.

History of the Concept of Time

Author : Martin Heidegger
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Heidegger's lecture course at the University of Marburg in the summer of 1925, an early version of Being and Time (1927), offers a unique glimpse into the motivations that prompted the writing of this great philosopher's master work and the presuppositions that gave shape to it. The book embarks upon a provisional description of what Heidegger calls "Dasein," the field in which both being and time become manifest. Heidegger analyzes Dasein in its everydayness in a deepening sequence of terms: being-in-the-world, worldhood, and care as the being of Dasein. The course ends by sketching the themes of death and conscience and their relevance to an ontology that makes the phenomenon of time central. Theodore Kisiel's outstanding translation premits English-speaking readers to appreciate the central importance of this text in the development of Heidegger's thought.

Principal Structures and Methods of Representation Theory

Author : Dmitriĭ Petrovich Zhelobenko
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The main topic of this book can be described as the theory of algebraic and topological structures admitting natural representations by operators in vector spaces. These structures include topological algebras, Lie algebras, topological groups, and Lie groups. The book is divided into three parts. Part I surveys general facts for beginners, including linear algebra and functional analysis. Part II considers associative algebras, Lie algebras, topological groups, and Lie groups,along with some aspects of ring theory and the theory of algebraic groups. The author provides a detailed account of classical results in related branches of mathematics, such as invariant integration and Lie's theory of connections between Lie groups and Lie algebras. Part III discusses semisimple Liealgebras and Lie groups, Banach algebras, and quantum groups. This is a useful text for a wide range of specialists, including graduate students and researchers working in mathematical physics and specialists interested in modern representation theory. It is suitable for independent study or supplementary reading. Also available from the AMS by this acclaimed author is Compact Lie Groups and Their Representations.

The Retreat of Representation

Author : Martha B. Helfer
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Examines the notion of Darstellung [representation] in the critical discourse of German Idealism and Romanticism, paying particular attention to Kant, Fichte, Novalis, and Kleist.

British Multiculturalism and the Politics of Representation

Author : Lasse Thomassen
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Uses poststructuralist theory to connect inclusion, exclusion and identity, using real-world case studies from British culture, politics and lawLasse Thomassen applies a fresh, poststructuralist approach to reconcile the theoretical and practical issues surrounding inclusion, exclusion and representation. He opens up debates and themes including Britishness, race, the nature and role of Islam in British society, homelessness and social justice. Thomassen argues that the politics of inclusion and identity should be viewed as struggles over how these identities are represented. He develops this argument through careful analysis of cases from the last four decades of British multiculturalism, including public debates about the role of religion in British society, Gordon Brown and David Cameron's contrasting versions of Britishness, legal cases about religious symbols and clothing in schools, and the Nick Hornby novel How to Be Good.