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The Concept of the Goddess

Author : Sandra Billington
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The Concept of the Goddess explores the function and nature of goddesses and their cults in many cultures, including: * Celtic * Roman * Norse * Caucasian * Japanese traditions. The contributors explore the reasons for the existence of so many goddesses in the mythology of patriarchal societies and show that goddesses have also assumed more masculine roles, with war, hunting and sovereignty being equally important aspects of their cults.

The Concept of the Goddess

Author : Sandra Billington
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This volume is an up-to-date, highly readable study of the female aspects of religion both in past and present mythologies. It explores the function and nature of goddesses and their cults in many cultures.

The Virgin Goddess

Author : Stephen Benko
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The contemporary search for the feminine face of God requires a re- examination of the relationship of Christianity to the pagan world in which it was born. This study inquires into extra-biblical sources of Marian piety, belief and doctrine. This publication has also been published in hardback, please click here for details.

Roles of the Northern Goddess

Author : Dr Hilda Ellis Davidson
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While much work has been done on goddesses of the ancient world and the male gods of pre-Christian Scandinavia, the northern goddesses have been largely neglected. Roles of the Northern Goddess presents a highly readable study of the worship of these goddesses by men and women. With its use of evidence from early literature, popular tradition, legend and archaeology, this book investigates the role of the early hunting goddess and the local goddesses who were involved in all aspects of the household and the farm. What emerges is that the goddess was both benevolent and destructive, a powerful figure closely concerned with birth and death and with destiny of individuals.

Embracing the Witch and the Goddess

Author : Kathryn Rountree
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Embracing the Witch and the Goddess is a detailed survey of present-day feminist witches in New Zealand. It examines the attraction of witchcraft for its practitioners, and explores witches' rituals, views and beliefs about how magic works. The book provides a detailed portrait of an undocumented section of the growing neo-pagan movement, and compares the special character of New Zealand witchcraft with its counterparts in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia. Kathryn Rountree traces the emergence and history of feminist witchcraft, and links witchcraft with the contemporary Goddess movement. She reviews scholarly approaches on the study of witchcraft and deals with the key debates which have engaged the movement's adherents and their critics, and ultimately presents what Mary Daly declared was missing from most historical and anthropological research on witchcraft: a 'Hag-identified vision'. Based on fieldwork amongst witch practitioners, Embracing the Witch and the Goddess is an important contribution to the emerging profile of present-day witchcraft and paganism.

Goddesses in World Culture

Author : Patricia Monaghan
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This collection of accessible essays relates the stories of individual goddesses from around the world, exploring their roles in the cultures from which they came, their histories and status today, and the controversies surrounding them. * 63 essays cover more than 100 goddesses and goddess-like figures from world culture, with volumes organized by geographic area * Many original translations of prayers, sagas, and other sources not otherwise readily available in English * 60 illustrations include ethnographic photographs, depictions of ancient artifacts, and original artwork * An extensive list of bibliography of sources about the figure and culture discussed accompanies each essay

Encyclopedia of Goddesses and Heroines

Author : Patricia Monaghan, PhD
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More Than 1,000 Goddesses & Heroines from around the World Groundbreaking scholar Patricia Monaghan spent her life researching, writing about, and documenting goddesses and heroines from all religions and all corners of the globe. Her work demonstrated that from the beginning of recorded history, goddesses reigned alongside their male counterparts as figures of inspiration and awe. Drawing on anthropology, folklore, literature, and psychology, Monaghan’s vibrant and accessible encyclopedia covers female deities from Africa, the eastern Mediterranean, Asia and Oceania, Europe, and the Americas, as well as every major religious tradition.

Aztec Goddesses and Christian Madonnas

Author : Joseph Kroger
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The face of the divine feminine can be found everywhere in Mexico. One of the most striking features of Mexican religious life is the prevalence of images of the Virgin Mother of God. This is partly because the divine feminine played such a prominent role in pre-Hispanic Mexican religion. Goddess images were central to the devotional life of the Aztecs, especially peasants and those living in villages outside the central city of Tenochtitlan (present day Mexico City). In these rural communities fertility and fecundity, more than war rituals and sacrificial tribute, were the main focus of cultic activity. Both Aztec goddesses and the Christian Madonnas who replaced them were associated, and sometimes identified, with nature and the environment: the earth, water, trees and other sources of creativity and vitality. This book uncovers the myths and images of 22 Aztec Goddesses and 28 Christian Madonnas of Mexico. Their rich and symbolic meaning is revealed by placing them in the context of the religious worldviews in which they appear and by situating them within the devotional life of the faithful for whom they function as powerful mediators of divine grace and terror.

Ritual Journeys With Great British Goddesses

Author : Susie Fox
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Ritual Journeys with Great British Goddesses answers the question, who is the great British goddess? It provides thirteen rituals for development and growth, one for each of the thirteen different great British goddesses who were worshipped by our British ancestors. The goddesses are described in both historical and mythological terms, with rituals, meditations, and poems to help readers form a relationship with the goddess. The rituals are linked to the modern months of the year and the Celtic fire festivals, solstices, and equinoxes. The rituals can be followed word for word or used as the starting point for personal creative rituals. Suggestions for creating unique rituals and how to do so with focus and in a safe environment are given. Enjoy a year of discovery with the great British goddess and explore the Celtic heritage of the British Isles. Susie Fox writes poetry, songs, and music in the British folk tradition; teaches music, Reiki, and Seichem; and is involved in two local pagan groups. She follows a Celtic-British path of paganism, focusing on healing.

Teen Goddess

Author : Catherine Wishart
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This positive and hip guide to beauty and spirituality shows girls how to unleash the inner goddess with simple messages and tasks that will illuminate mind, body, and soul.